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Lip Service


My prescription had run out and I had to go see my doc to get a refill.

What a pain. And his skinny, nasty, prune of a beige receptionist was always acting like she was going out of her way to say "Hi, the doctor will see you soon." I mean, it's her job!

When I got to the office the prune was gone and in her place a delicious piece of chocolate ass.

Immediately I wanted to fuck her big black lips when she said "Hello!" Big, puffy, 3-D lips with reddish purple lipstick on them.

There's nothing like seeing my hard white cock slipping between a black woman's big lips. The contrast of colors turns me on. And then there's the big soft lips on my cock. Seeing the deep black and white of her eyes looking up to me is a thrill too.

That and bobbing her head on my member so my whole cock disappears down her throat is wonderful.

Having a pink tongue coming out of a black mouth and lick my hard cock up and down with saliva so her brown hand can jerk off me as she sucks me off aint bad either.

....Meanwhile back at the the antiseptic smelling office....

Her smile was very welcoming, warm and showed white teeth against her mocha skin. She also had a heavy musky odor that many black women try to hide with cheap, loud, nose offending perfume. She didn't. Her heavy scent turned me on.

She was about 45 and busting out all over. Her white receptionist uniform was stretched to the limit. Yeah, about 30lbs overweight and all the weight was in her tits, ass and lips. I wanted to fuck her mouth but I'd settle for her cunt. Or ass. Or tits.

She had a very friendly, pretty face with hair pulled back into a small bun. Touches of grey in her hair looked sexy too.

I asked her where the Prune was.

"On vacation." she replied. Thank God.

Told her she was a refreshing, warm and a welcoming sight compared to the Prune.

She leaned in and whispered "I hear that a lot!" I inhaled her every word. She lingered near me for a second.

She smiled big as she pulled back. "Does your wife come here, too?" she asked as she looked me up and down.

"Divorced. One kid", I said. "You?"

"The same", she said.

"It's almost 1:30, but...hey, have you had lunch?" I asked.

"Why?" she smiled.

Seeing her stretch those big juicy lips over her white teeth almost made me cum.

"Because I'd like to talk with you while we do something to keep our hands busy, like eat." I quipped.

She had a little laugh. "2 o'clock, you should be outta here by then. I'll meet you at the diner across the street. I have 45 minutes." She smiled again.

Saw the doc right then and told him how wonderful Ms. Chocolate was. Crap. I didn't even know her name!

"I've been hearing that all week, now bend over and cough."

"Sheesh, you got big knuckles, doc."

"Since you're over 50 you need to have your cholesterol checked again." said the doc.

I got the form for a blood test from Ms. Chocolate.

I said "See you soon" to Dark and Lovely before I left.

She showed up at 2:05.

We gave each other a slow, safe "Grandma" hug and smelled each others pheromones. And grinned at each other.

"I'm sorry, but I don't even know your name."


"Nice Italian sounding name. Let's order."

Menu. Conversation. Water. Her history, my history. Laughter. Order. Banter. Laughter. Eat. Laughs! Check. Hahaha! We're having a good time now.

"Let's get together real soon" she says putting her hand on mine. The sex part of my mind explodes.

So Mr Quippy says, "How about in my minivan after I pay the check?"

She laughs: "Ohh, you're so funny....but OK, let's go. It'll be an quick adventure."

"But we're not going anywhere." I say.

"Nirvana is somewhere." she smiles big.

The sex part of my mind explodes again and goes limp.

I hold the door open to let her out of the diner. "It's the dark blue Honda minivan over there." I point.

She leans into me. My arm goes around her full hips and pulls her tight to me.

She stops. I think, "Shoot, too far, too soon."

She licks her lips and kisses me lightly on the lips. We separate slightly looking in each others eyes. I lick her lips slowly, softly, moistly. My tongue slips between her plush lips and into her warm, wet, succulent mouth.

My tongue wanders around and licks everywhere in her mouth it can. Then hers strongly goes into mine and slurps me up. Oh yeah!

I open the sliding door, "Ladies first."

"Thank you." she says. We both get in. I lean into the front and insert the keys and turn on some alternative music.

I sit down next to her on the bench type seat. She starts to say something but I slip my tongue into her mouth and our tongues tango with each other. We only have a few minutes.

I put one hand on a big boob, massage it, and the other grabs one of her butt cheeks hard. She moans.

She puts one hand on my crotch and gently squeezes. I moan.

I slip my hand beneath her uniform skirt, under her lacy panties, to bare butt. I can feel her cellulite texture, and stretch mark indentations, feels great. And I squeeze. So soft and firm.

She fumbles and unzips my pants, reaches in and pulls down my boxer briefs. My cock straightens up and she puts her hand around it.

My hands quickly begin to unnbutton her white uniform blouse. I want to see and devour her big tits. Her big brown boobs pop out of her purple lacy bra easily. I stare at her dark brown oval nipples. They're erect. I squeeze and lick them like I'm hungry. She closes her eyes and smiles.

A few minutes later: "Suck my cock!" I order. Or plead. I forget.

She kneels on the minivan carpeted floor, pulls my pants down and looks up into my eyes for approval.

"Put your big fucking lips on my cock!" is all I say. She begins bobbing her lips on my cock.

Watching her tits jiggling with the bobbing motion makes me harder.

"Slow down! I want to see my white cock go slowly into your plump big brown lips." I hold her head and move at a speed that feels and looks good.

"That's it." I say.

"Now swallow me, all 7 inches!" I say. She does.

"Now cup my balls gently, oh yeahhhh, baby"....

I love mouth fucking mocha women.

She grabs my bare ass and pushes my cock deeper into her mouth. When she took my cock out of her mouth, she began flicking her tongue firmly on the underneath, near the top part of my cock. My most sensitive body part. Ohh, baby....

Then she worked down and swallowed my balls, licking and slurping them in her mouth.

I pulled her off me and had her lay down on the soft bench seat. Taking off my pants I straddled her stomach, she smiled looking at my cock.

"I want to fuck your lips and cum on your big fat beautiful lips."

"OK" she smiles.

So with my balls between her big black tits, and my cock head on her big black lips she began rubbing my wet cock quickly over her lips. She used her pink tongue intermittently. Her black hand was jerking me off at the same time. Ohhh yeahhhh, baby....

My cock felt sooo wonderful on her soft, soft lips.

Having my pink hard cock on and in a beautiful brown woman's mouth is a recurring fantasy of mine.

She's passionately working to make me cum.

"Oh yeahhh, baby, baby, baby..." I whimper.

My load shot all over her lips and face. She licked some and swallowed. Then she smiled at me. There was my cum between her thick beautiful lips and teeth.

Before I could get tired I went south and lifted her white skirt over her dark, hairy black pussy. Her thick brown legs and curvy hips looked like they belonged to a woman I could fuck again and again.

Then I slid my tongue deep into her very willing and wet pink insides. Black hairy pussy on the outside, juicy pink pussy on the inside. Yum!

I got pussy juice up my nose. Came up for air. Felt like I was drowning in her sopping wet pussy for a sec.

She moaned.

I licked faster, She moaned faster and louder.

I slowly put one finger then a second, deep into her pussy as I flicked her clit with my tongue. I pumped my fingers in and out for a minute.

I pulled out my fingers and explored for her asshole as I kept licking. Finding it, already wet from the overflow of her pussy juice, I put pressure on her hole until she relaxed, opened, and one wet finger slid partially in.

Her moans got higher pitched. She began bucking as I wiggled my finger deeper into her relaxing asshole and I flicked her clit faster and lighter with my tongue.

Inserted 2 fingers from my other hand into her drenched cunt. Wiggled them in and out and licked faster.

"AAArrrrgggghhhh!" she climaxed. My face was all wet. I ended up with two fingers deep in her ass. That's what pushed over into nirvanaland.

We cleaned up with lots of unscented wet wipes I keep handy. Her uniform was a little wrinkled. But the way she filled it out the wrinkles didn't last.

"You look beautiful." I said.

"You're a sexy man." she replied.

"Gina, I loved cumming all over your plump, sexy lips and beautiful face. Thank you...."

"I've got a smile for the rest of the day. Thank you." she whispered and kissed me.

I fucked her lips every chance I could for the next 2 months. Other body parts, too.

But besides great sex, we didn't have enough in common to keep seeing each other.


So looking for a brown woman who I could have a real relationship with continued.

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