tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLip Service, Cum Facial

Lip Service, Cum Facial


Excitement ran through the girls as they arrived to the parking lot with a perfect view of Half Moon Bay. They were part of the Debate Team and were having lunch at a fancy hotel for a strategic planning session. Some went inside to explore the building. Others took a moment to enjoy the view.

Emily Whitmore remained outside with the team leader; a sexy and smart hispanic girl named Magda. As they spoke, Emily could hardly believe her ears. She had just received the news she had been expecting.

"You're almost in," Magda said in a hush-hush manner. "We all agree that you should take the vacant spot. There are some hurdles though, but if everything works out, then the official announcement will be made during lunch."

Emily's heart soared and she tried to remain composed. She fixed her thick-framed glasses and tossed her hair back, which had been blown around by a gust of wind.

"That's excellent news," she replied, containing herself.

"All that's left is the traditional Lip Service performance," Magda added. "I'm sure you realize that a Debate Team is a tightly-knit group. We're like sisters, and because we're like sisters, there must be high standards."

"I agree. Although I'm a bit surprised, since I hadn't read or heard about this being part of the official tryouts."

Magda shook her head. "The key word is official. This is very unofficial, and for good reason."

Not wanting to be a prude, Emily held her chin high and pushed her chest out. Being part of this particular debate team had been a dream of hers for many years. One day, she hoped to become a politician and this would help her in so many ways.

And for the past few weeks, she had gone through the rigorous tryouts of giving speeches, showcasing her talents as a debater, and doing numerous interviews with members of the team. Sure, Emily had plenty of friends on campus, but these girls were on another level of amazing. She could have so much joy being on a team with them, and she was willing to do whatever it took to secure that role.

"Sounds interesting," Emily said boldly. "What do I have to do?"

Magda gave a purposeful and overly dramatic sigh. "You might not like it. But then again, maybe you might."


"You see, Emily, teams work best when there's unity and a strong sense of identity. This is NOT an individual sport. It's very much a team sport. Without that unity, each member will be at a huge disadvantage. Why do you think our team is ranked #1 in the nation?"

Emily nodded. "It makes sense. The sisterhood aspect is beautiful and I really, really want to be a part of that."

"You're close to joining. Believe me, you're close."

"I'm glad to hear it," Emily smiled. "Can you tell me what the task is now?"

"Sure you're ready?" Magda asked with an eyebrow arched.


Magda surveyed the area for privacy. "First, you'll need to remove your panties."

Surely, this was a joke. Looking into Magda's eyes, Emily wasn't so sure. Emily was no stranger to the inner-workings of sororities or clubs. Especially at the college level. Her ex-boyfriend from a year ago was in a fraternity, and she had heard all about the strange rituals.

Overall, she wasn't ignorant, despite her goody-goody appearance. What was mildly shocking, however, was that these crazy rituals would take place for a team so prestigious. For God's sake, these girls were the best in the nation!

"Hmm?" Emily mumbled.

"You heard that correctly. Panties off."

Emily clenched her thighs. "Umm... why?"

"I understand you're apprehensive. I was too. We all were. The truth is, you speak well, and you're really brainy. You're ultra pretty too. You have a lot of talent and we want you on the team."

"What does that have to do with my panties?"

"As I was saying," Magda continued. "It's one thing to speak and debate. It's entirely different to debate in front of a much larger audience in a high pressure situation. Basically, we need to know what kind of fortitude you have and that you won't fold under pressure. That sort of thing."

Emily gestured to her crotch. "These panties? The one under my skirt?"

"Yes, Emily, those panties. I know it's scary, but this is a tradition on our Team. Unless of course, you think you're better than the other girls?"

There was a questioning gaze on Magda's face, and it immediately caused Emily to fall back. The Debate Team was serious business. So are the national debates which the team is used to winning. It made sense.

"Just my panties?" Emily asked in a squeaky voice.

"For now."

"Then what? I just walk around pantiless and I'm on the Team?"

Magda winced. "Well..."

"What else is there? Tell me!"

"The good news is that you'll be on the team if you finish your tasks," Magda said happily. "The more difficult news is, first, you'll be expected to do some risque assignments while pantiless."

Emily sighed harshly. "And the second difficult news?"

"The tradition is called Lip Service, what do you think that refers to?"

"Well, we debate using our mouths, obviously. Also, it's a tradition, which means it's probably something weird. So it might mean that I'll have to talk someone into doing something. Or I'll have to say funny stuff to people, like they do on certain reality shows."

"Not quite. Actually, not even close."

"Then? What?"

Magda flashed a mischievous grin. "Promise you won't freak out?"

"It already feels like a long day. Just tell me already."

"Okay, Emily, you're going to suck a dick."

It felt like a slap in the face. Emily was stunned beyond belief. Here she was, so close to her dream. So close to a spot on the Debate Team, where she'd be on a national stage with some of the brightest young women in the country.

Naturally, it was a massive insult that, in order to get on the team, she'd have to take a man's phallus into her mouth; from whoever that may be.

Was Magda serious? The girl's face had no trace of joking... No. This was real. Emily swallowed hard. It wasn't fair. She couldn't degrade herself like that no matter how much she wanted to be a part of the team.

"I---I can't...."

"What's wrong," said Magda. "Not willing to do what it takes?"

The familiar rush of blood colored Emily's cheeks. The old fear had returned. Emily stopped and had flashbacks of the person she used to be; a quiet nerdy girl who struggled to speak in front of strangers. She even remembered the torment in high school from another boy on the team: 'You'll never be a good debater because you won't do what it takes to win.'

"Hey, you alright, did I lose you?" Magda said, peering at her.

Emily snapped back, the memory gone. An unexpected surge of energy straightened her spine. She studied her friend. There had been too much hard work to throw away now.

"Fine, let's do this. What do I need to do?"

Magda's lips parted in a smile. "That's my girl. We'll make a kickass debater out of you in due time. Now, here's what you need to do, or rather, who you need to do."

"Do I know him?"

"Professor Woodruff, who else?" Magda said with a faint grin, referring to the team's organizer and coach.

Emily's jaw dropped. "You're kidding?"

"Nope. Competition to be on this team is fierce. Dozens of talented women are vying for a spot and all of them are equally qualified. How else do you think the Professor makes the final decision?"

It made sense when Emily thought about it, in a sick and perverted way. She was saddened by his moral character, or lack thereof. And she was even more saddened by the thought of all the other girls on the team having to do such a thing.

"I never thought the Professor would be like a certain Hollywood producer that's in the news," Emily said judgmentally.

"Not at all. He's very kind, highly intelligent, and loving. However, the man likes having his dick sucked. Who can blame him? I mean, he's got to make a final decision on a candidate's oral abilities somehow. Catch my drift?"

"So what am I supposed to do?" Emily huffed. "Walk up to him and ask to suck his you-know-what? Because that's degrading."

"If you put it like that, it's degrading. It's more subtle though."

"A subtle way of asking to give a blowjob?"

Magda shook her head. "Don't ask. Offer. That's how it works. For legal reasons, the Professor is going to decline. The burden is on you, the would-be recruit, to offer your Lip Service abilities to him."

"God, what a fucking asshole."

"Fucking asshole? That's a great idea. It'll work. If you let him fuck your asshole, he'll probably mentor you for years to come."

"No way!" Emily scoffed, holding her hands behind her butt. "That area is off limits."

"Then your mouth will have to suffice. Are you good at sucking dick?"

Emily tensed. "I guess so. I've never had a complaint."

"Guys don't complain about blowjobs. The question is, how do they react? How fast do they cum? Are they moaning loudly and do they cum quickly when you suck? Or is it a long process and they watch tv while you're doing it?"

"Ummm... not that it's any of your business, but it depends. I can make a guy finish quickly if I worked hard enough."

Magda smiled. "I knew you had a naughty streak in you. The faster you go, the less chances you'll get caught."

"You mean..." Emily's eyes narrowed as her voice trailed off.

"Yes, that's what I mean. You have to suck him off in a public place. Any girl can suck a dick indoors. The test is if you can do it outside. Again, this is about your confidence and ability to perform under stress."

Emily's throat clenched. "Really?"

"Someplace you won't get caught. Yet someplace where the rest of the girls can see from the restaurant window. I know, it's kind of embarrassing, but some of the girls think you're super cute and they really want to watch you suck."

"But... but... I could go to jail if I get caught."

"Then don't get caught. Emily, there's not many people around. If you suck hard and fast, and choose the right location, you should be fine."

Emily held her chin high again. "If that's what it takes, then let's begin."

"Panties please," Magda said, holding her hand out.

Emily's eyes widened. "Here? Now?"

"Where else, silly? That's the point of all this. Haven't you been listening?"

The extra politeness in Magda's voice was slightly disconcerting to a girl like Emily. Of course this was a big deal. It was a huge deal! This isn't something debate girls are supposed to do.

Yet here she was at this monumental crossroad.

Emily's eyes scanned the area. It was almost noon, mildly cloudy, and time was of the essence. She refused to back down, not after everything she had gone through. All those endless hours of studying and academics were for a reason. How bad would it be to actually do this? If anything, it may even be enjoyable, she thought.

Taking a quick look around the coastal view of the quiet city to ensure privacy, Emily reached below her skirt, hooked a finger inside, and pulled her panties down.

"There," she said, putting the warm panties in Magda's hands.

Magda leaned forward to whisper something in Emily's ear. Emily's eyes widened as a result.


With Emily's panties in Magda's purse, they brisked down the street together for a little adventure.

"Where are we going?" Emily asked with her right hand on the side of her skirt, praying a sudden gust of wind wouldn't expose her goods to any passersby.

"Don't talk. Just do what I say. We still have enough time before lunch starts to complete this initiation. You're almost there."

Emily nodded, but her insides started churning.

Magda placed her hand below Emily's back and pushed her to the door. "It's a good thing that you're wearing an elastic top. It will make this easier."

Downtown Half Moon Bay was not as bustling as usual. But as Magda suspected, some of the local guys were hanging out in the small town square having a beer.

The two girls crossed the street heading towards the square. A blond man in his 30's let out a low appreciative whistle at their direction. Magda hooked her arm into Emily's, leading them to the man who sat in a group of four men.

Magda smiled. "You guys working for Doug's Auto Body?"

"I guess Doug's Autobody on our T-shirts gave it away," laughed the man. "I'm Doug, by the way, and this is my crew. What do you tender young things need?"

The men all wore wolfish grins.

Wide-eyed, Emily clenched Magda's side.

"My sister and I are both artists," Magda fibbed, biting her lower lip to look innocent. "We are chronicling public art in some of the coastal towns for a paper we're writing for a college newspaper. We've been asking locals to help us."

"Well, I guess this is your lucky day." Doug turned to the men. "Sam, Pete come with me. Jason, get back to the shop and finish up that brake job. Follow us, ladies. On the side of this building is a full-size surfing mural."

The men stood and they all went to check out the full scale artwork outside. The mural was massive and only a few cars were in the lot, but the best part was that it sat in plain view of the main street. Doug was droning on about the mural.

Magda pulled out her phone. "I need to take some pictures. Do you mind? I'd like all of you in the photos. My sister too. She goes in the middle."

The men gladly obliged and assembled in front of the mural. Magda, who had her phone ready to snap a pic, shoved Emily in the middle of the group.

Magda pointed her phone at them. "Ok, please get closer to her... that's good... a little more... perfect. Now Emily, pull your top down."

The men shot their glances to Emily's chest, wondering if this exposure would actually happen. And of course, Emily stood frozen for a second. She budged and pulled her top down a bit more to reveal the top of her small breasts. The men grinned at the sight.

"Not like that," Magda chided. "Do it like all the other times. Here, since you're nervous around all these nice men, I'll do the honors."

Magda took a few steps forward and casually yanked Emily's top down, freeing those perky upturned breasts with pink nipples, which seemed to have stiffened immediately from the exposure.

Like a deer in headlights, Emily stood with a dumbfounded expression on her face, even as the group stared at her tits and cars were driving by. Had any of the drivers seen? Emily shuddered to think.

Doug gawked at her. "What kind of picture..."

"I told you, we're art students," Magda explained. "If you don't want to participate in these photos, please step away."

One of the men pulled at Doug's sleeve. "She is fucking fine, I'm in."

None of them moved away. Instead, they all took a long, hard look at those upturned perky tits, then struck a pose for the camera with big grins.

Magda stepped back and instructed, "Doug, cradle one of Emily's boobs for the camera. Emily, try to smile for this one."

As hard as it was, Emily forced the fakest smile imaginable while Doug cupped her tit. It was her first foray into public exhibitionism and already she was swimming in the deep end. If she were honest with herself, and her rapidly beating pulse, this was extremely exhilarating and gave her a rush like nothing before.

Magda against instructed, "Emily, turn your back to me. Put your hands on the mural on the wall. Doug, lift her skirt and pretend like you're going to spank her."

"With pleasure," Doug grinned, waiting for the next move.

Again, Emily was in a state of shock. She had already bared her tits, why not her bottom? But the problem was, she wasn't wearing any panties. Her heart raced faster, and the sooner she finished this, the sooner it would be done.

She turned and put her hands on the wall, bending forward and arching her butt upwards, letting her tits hang down freely. When Doug lifted her skirt, she felt a cool gust of wind brushing against her bare ass and pussy lips. The fact that she was already wet gave a cool tingling feeling with the breeze. It felt... nice.

As she got in position, she heard a few remarks from the guys:

'Shit, the ass on this chick.'

'No panties. My kind of girl.'

'Those fucking pussy lips. There's a bonus too. I can sort of see her asshole at the right angle.'

The remark about Emily's asshole caused her to clench her cheeks together. Luckily, Magda called for the group photo to continue and the men took their places and pictures were taken. Two car horns blasted on the street and Emily was thankful that at least her face was hidden. She took a quick look at the street and noticed that traffic had slowed down. Was this because of her? The shame made her turn her head away.

Doug whispered to Emily, "You know I just love a shaved pussy. Yours is porn star quality. Your tits and ass too. If you ever need car work, let me know, and it's on the house."

"Thanks, I guess," Emily whispered back.

Finally, the moment Emily had waited for had arrived. She heard the magic words.

"Well done, guys!" Magda exclaimed. "We've got all the artwork we need for this area. You guys are the best. Much appreciated."

As the men expressed their gratitude for the free strip show, Emily yanked her skirt back down and tucked her pert boobs back inside her top. She held her head down so drivers wouldn't see her face and she marched towards Magda's direction and pulled her away.

Quickly, they headed back towards the direction of the hotel restaurant.

"How do you feel?" Magda giggled as they made their escape.

"Like I just robbed a bank," Emily sighed. "Jesus."

"You can pray later. Hey, look over there. Right on time."

There was glee in Magda's voice, and Emily could see why; the Professor had just pulled into the public parking lot, near the place where they'd all be eating.

"Oh god," Emily moaned. "I've already showed my tits and p-word to those guys back there AND you took pictures of it! Isn't that enough hazing for one day?"

"Afraid not, Sister. You're solo on this one, by the way."

"No way! Can't you at least, you know, make the introduction so it won't be so painful?"

"Nope. Like I said, this is about what kind of fortitude you have. We need to make sure you have nerves of steel, otherwise how can we rely on you in tough competition?"

Emily huffed. "Okay, fine."

"Great," Magda beamed. "I'll be inside with the other girls to analyze your oral performance. Remember, Lip Service. That's the name of the game."

Emily nearly fainted and she was like a zombie when Magda pushed her from behind towards the Professor's direction.


With newfound confidence, and a very wet pussy, Emily now had the courage she needed to get her first facial. A public one at that. And with the Professor of all people.

As expected, the Professor was punctual, arriving at 12 pm exactly, parking in the lot near the beach. He was your average "cool" teacher, which meant he wore tightly fitted jeans along with a plaid buttoned-up shirt and a thin jacket.

In truth, Emily didn't necessarily mind doing this with him. They always had good chemistry and she found him attractive. Her wet pussy was becoming more drenched by the second as she approached him after he locked the door on his car.

"Hey Professor," Emily smiled, walking towards him with shaky legs.

He smiled and waved at her. "Hey Emily. Glad to see you've made it. Has the rest of the team arrived yet?"

Now, they were face to face in the parking lot, with enough privacy to talk about more important things...

"They're inside," she said. "But... umm.... can we talk for a moment?"

"Sure, anything."

They took a short stroll on the sidewalk. There weren't many people around this time of day. The tourists who were walking either went straight to the beach or headed directly to any of the nearby restaurants. Eventually, they found a path between buildings while they made small conversation.

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