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Lip Sink


Friday night at the local pub wasn't looking too promising. Sure the place was packed and I was getting tanked but there was nothing too exciting going on. I was bouncing around from group to group as always. Being 25, 5'10", thin but muscular, the chicks really seem to like me. I have this funky kind of stoner look about me with my long red hair and goatee. I get groped and fondled all night long sometimes. There is one group especially. They come down off and on. I kind of have a thing for Amber, the shorter, quieter one of the group. She is usually with Jayde and Linda. Tonight I noticed she was alone with a guy friend of theirs. I went over anyway just to say hi and be social. The way she grabbed me I knew she wasn't really "with" this guy so I kept stopping back over. As the night wore on I got drunker and drunker and so did Amber.

Around about midnight I was on my way to the can when Amber grabbed me. "Where ya goin?" she asked as her hand found its way down to my ass.

"I gotta take a leak," I answered not at all minding the groping she was giving me. "Wanna help?" I asked slyly.

"Of course," she replied jumping down off her bar stool. She escorted me back to the bathrooms leading me into the ladies room as we got there. Now I have been in the ladies room here often enough. No big deal. There are two stalls, both with doors so you never get to see anything anyway. NORMALLY.

As we walked in there were two women in one of the stalls. The stall door was open so I could see one of them sitting on the back of the stool with hardly any clothes left on. The other one was sitting backwards on the stool facing her, nibbling her way up the inner thigh. "OH MY GOD!" Amber gasped and turned to leave. I would have followed but the one on the back of the stool called me over. Turns out she is the wife of an acquaintance of mine.

"Toby?? What's up?" I asked trying to sound nonchalant. In reality I was hard as hell. I wasn't sure WHERE this was going but just what I had seen so far was the stuff of wet dreams.

"MMMMM!! Come here stud muffin. Rachael here is good but I am going to need some nice hard cock before we are done," she purred into my ear as her tongue reached out and flicked the lobe back and forth.

Rachael looked up from her vantage point and ran her fingers up my thigh. "He's got one for you too Toby, dear," she announced as her hand reached my throbbing cock. I guess not wearing underwear was a good plan tonight.

"Now girls," I tried to protest but to no avail. Toby pulled me close and drown out my objections with deep French kisses and Rachael went back to nibbling. I couldn't see with Toby kissing me like she was but from her reaction I could tell when Rachael made it to the top of her thigh.

Toby almost bit my tongue as she screamed into my mouth. Toby grabbed two fistfuls of my shirt and threw her head back. "Damn, Rachael, but you do that good," she announced. I took advantage of the broken lip lock to catch a peek for myself. Rachael was flicking Toby's clit back and forth like my ear lobe was getting earlier. Toby's tits were bouncing all around in the commotion so I figured; in for a penny in for a pound; and grabbed one. "Oh yeah!! That's it baby, suck my titty!" Toby moaned. I was glad the pub was loud. I hoped no one could hear us. I did take the precaution of kicking the door shut so visitors wouldn't see what was going on. They might just think it was a little chat in the ladies room if we could keep Toby quiet.

Rachael looked up to see what Toby was talking about and then dropped back down to her work. It wasn't long before Toby was clutching me tight and tensing up. I was surprised she didn't scream out loud as hard as she seemed to be cumming but when I was able to break free and look up, I saw the blood trickling down her lip and understood.

As she relaxed Toby let loose of me and patted Rachael's head. Looking down at her oral lover she spoke in a muted tone, "Now its time for a ride. Drop your drawers and take a seat boy," she ordered in my direction. "Rachael, you can go first if you like." I was in heaven and wasn't even thinking of arguing as I did what I was told. I took my place on the toilet seat facing the normal way as Rachael let her jeans fall to the floor. I was treated to the sight of a smooth shaved beaver just before Rachael came over and impaled herself on my raging hard-on. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in close for a passionate kiss as she started grinding her pubic bone against me. I could taste the sticky sweetness of Toby's pussy juice on Rachel's lips as she let her tongue probe my mouth. I sucked her tongue and lips to get every drop.

I tried to keep pace with Rachael's grinding but it was soon evident that she intended to have it her own way so I settled in and enjoyed the ride. I had forgotten about Toby until Rachael left my lips to give her a loving kiss.

The whole scene was about to make me shoot my load when I felt Rachael's pussy walls clamp tight around my raging cock. She took a deep breath and let loose a barely audible high-pitched squeal. I felt the convulsions rack her body as her cum ran across my hard cock. No sooner had it started than it ended and she stood up without warning. My hard, wet cock thumped against my stomach, reminding me of who was in charge. I looked up to see the girls locked in an embrace, their tongues entwined.

I wasn't sure what to do with myself. I sat for a moment watching the girls kissing and fondling each other's tits. With a mind of its own my hand reached up to start stroking my cock. The girls must have seen the movement out of the corner of their eyes because they broke their embrace.

"Looks like someone still needs some attention," Toby teased as she stepped over to me and threw her leg over my lap. She reached between her legs opening her pussy for me to see as she lowered herself onto my aching cock. Her pussy walls felt like velvet enveloping my cock in a vise like grip. Once she had impaled herself fully she just rocked back and forth. I grabbed her hips to give myself leverage and thrust my cock up and down as best I could.

I was watching Toby's hips rock back and forth when I looked up to see the two girls lip locked once again. It was more than I could take. I blew my load deep into Toby's convulsing snatch. The force of my cum sent her over the edge too. I was glad Rachael had her mouth occupied or the whole bar would have known what was going on in the ladies' room.

Once we came back to earth, Toby stood and got redressed. "Rachael & I are going home now, stud. Thanks for the ride." She winked and then they turned and walked out. I got myself back together and walked out into the pub trying to act as if nothing had happened. Truth be known my legs were wobbly. I could hardly believe what had just happened.

When Amber caught up to me I was still in a daze. "WHAT HAPPENED!?" she gasped grabbing my arm to get my attention.

I turned to her saying, "You'll never believe it. I'm not sure I fucking believe it." We went to the bar and ordered a drink. I gave her as many details of the evening as she wanted. Some things she would rather not know she kept telling me but still hung on every word. I don't know how she feels about what I did but I hope she is intrigued by it.

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