This tale was inspired by one of the avatars on the Lit Forum. I was so awestruck by its simplicity and promise, that I wrote this. My thanks go to Wings27 for her beautiful lips.


She walked into the crowded room and looked for somewhere to sit. Shy and conscious she looked for a dark corner as was her custom, from which she could watch the world go by, the beautiful people mingling, talking, laughing, interacting with one another, both singly and in groups.

Men and women kissing the air as they passed each other, greeting and moving on, laughing with smiles both false and true. Making her way to her decided seat in a corner she made herself comfortable, her favourite pastime of people watching now coming to the fore.

She scruitinized each person one by one, small and tall, large and thin, male and female, sexuality oozing, body language giving people away, conversation loud and soft surrounding her.

Skimming back and forth she noticed the same people time and time again, the girl with the flame red hair, the man with the loud ridiculous laugh, the tiny old lady with the shock of white hair who was talking the tall curvy girl.

Each sweep of the room brought someone new coupled with the ones she had already seen but each time her eyes rested on the tall girl and the small white haired lady. The tall girl had a dress that was elegant and fitted her curves well, her long legs and well turned ankles accentuated by high strappy peep toe shoes, her toes painted neon pink, possibly the only indicator to the nature of the girl inside.

She sat fascinated by the girls features, soul searching eyes, she was certain they saw more than she ever gave acknowledgement to, expressive eyebrows above them. The thing that captured her the most though was her lips. The most sensual lips that she had ever seen moved softly as she watched. It only took a short time for her to become completely mezmerised by them.

She continued to watch as in turn the lips were pursed seriously, then again as they stretched into a smile, outlined in pale pink, her make-up natural, her hair as elegant as her dress, captured and held, leaving tiny whisps around the nape of her neck, small curls daring fingers to twirl them, play with them, caress them.

She watched as the tall girl suddenly looked up, excusing herself from her conversation with her tiny companion to smile broadly at a tall, dark young man. It was evident from that moment that they only had eyes for each other, hers searching his soul, piercing it as he opened to her. He grinned at the unspoken welcome, her eyebrow raised cheekily in reply.

She watched as the young man endured polite introductions to the tiny white haired lady and she smiled as he tried to show interest in thier conversation, watching as her eyes watched him, her lips in a mischevious smirk.

The white haired lady, her conversation finished, moved on and the pale pink lips broke into a broad smile, laughing as her companion chastised her, eyes diverted demurely, her lips still turned up at the corners, the promise of mischief on them.

She watched the interaction between the couple and it grew evident that her face was the reason he fell in love with her, his every reason for living was standing in front of him now. The tall girl watched him, her soft words unheard around them, perfectly formed words from perfectly formed lips, floating, voices mingling around them as the sparks flew unseen by all around but clearly visible to the watcher in the corner.

She watched the couple as the bubble grew around them, still drawn to watching her face, her lips speaking words only he could hear, sensual, sexual, as he replied in kind, making a smile form once more on those perfect lips, as they moved again, a myriad of different shapes until finally, the couple began to move across the room.

So captivated by the lips, the watcher stood to find out where they were going and continued to watch as he helped her get ready to leave. A wave of loss flowed over her at the realisation that she would never see them again and never know who they belonged to.

The couple left, the tall curvy girl and her tall dark man, into the night. The most sensual lips with words whispered and promises as yet unspoken.

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