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Liquid Fantasy


Rozonna walked out of the daycare center she worked at holding down her hood so it wouldn’t blow off in the cold winters wind. Her red hair blew fiercely in her face as she struggled against the wind to make it to her car.

“Hey Rozonna wanna go ice skating with us? ”Said Nesha her best friend

“It sounds like fun, but honestly I’m not up for it. It’s way to cold. After the day I had I just want to go home warm up and relax.”

“Come on Rozonna there should be some really cute guys there! You really need to get over Preston and move on!”

“I’m over him I’m just really tired and cold. You know I hate winter.”

“Suit yourself but your never going to find that special someone sitting at home all day! I’ll catch ya later then.”

Nesha walked off and Rozonna shivered her way into the car. She drove home and went inside. “What a long day what I long day” she thought. She checked her messages. “Hey Ro its me mom just calling to let you know that your dad’s birthday party is on the 23rd. Don’t tell him it’s a surprise.” “Rozonna its Ashley guess what happened to me today you’ll never believe it! I moved up and I got a raise. Hey I got a office and everything. Its has a view!!! Omg I am so excited call me back ok?” “Hey Ro guess what I saw your soul mate today! I told him about you and here is his number 292-7051.” “You’ve got to be kidding me” thought Rozonna shaking her head.

She was tired and had the chills and decided to take a nice hot bubble bath. That always relaxed her and soothed her aching body. She went into the bathroom and starting filling the tub with water. She poured in some bubble bath and lit some scented candles all around the bathroom. She turned on some soft sexy slow jam music the kind you make sweet love to. It was only her that was going to be enjoying the bath, but she enjoyed the romantic mood.

She slowly undressed in her full-length mirror. She unbuttoned her shirt and let it slide off her shoulders. She then unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped them and pulled them down over full round ass and curvy hips. She then reached back behind her and unclasped her bra. She slowly took it off one strap at a time. Her nipples quickly harden. After a quick rub over them she took off her panties. She looked in the mirror at herself. She looked at her firm 34 C breast and her hard huge pink nipples. To her they were her favorite assets. Moving down she had a nice flat toned stomach. As she continued to look down and she saw neatly trimmed pussy she kept shaved except for the triangle at the top. Her pussy lips were engorged and her clit was peaking threw. She was extremely horny and wet. She hadn’t had sex since she broke up with Preston, which was 3 months ago. She would touch her self, but it just wasn’t the same as having man hands caress her.

Seeing the tub was full she turned off the water then the lights. She put one leg in and shivered. The water had sent shivers threw her whole body like she had never felt before. She then put her other leg in and slowly submerged her self into the water. She twisted her hair up and grabbed her bath pillow placing it at her neck. She laid back, relaxed, and closed her eyes. The water was nice and warm and felt so good against her body. Taking a bath has never felt so good. It was like there was shocks vibrating all threw the water. Rozonna sighed softly as she listened to the music. She lost her self in the words. It was about a man caressing a woman and making nice long sweet love to her.

As she listened she imagined Preston was there with her. He was kissing her neck gently then he slowly kept going down her body. He seemed to kiss every inch of her breast with his soft warm lips. Then while massaging one with one hand he sweetly sucked the other into his mouth. Rozonna moaned pushing her breast into his face. “MMMMM that feels so good” she thought in her head “Don’t stop”. She then imagined Preston switching places and moving to her other breast flicking her hard nipple with his tongue. Then sucking on it. “Omg this feel so damn good” she thought. “Wait ”she thought “This feeling is to amazing for me to be imagining” She slowly open her eyes and what she saw made all her muscles tense.

She saw what looked to be a man made out of water. He was kissing slowly down her stomach. Rozonna was horrified, confused, and unbelievable turned on all at the same time. She was so freaked out and was about to run out screaming. She changed her mind when he spread her legs and planted kisses all over her pussy. He then spread her lips and licked her with his long liquid tongue. It felt like nothing she has ever felt. It was warm and wet and felt as if gallons of electrified water was being poured onto her pussy.

Rozonna moaned loudly and grabbed onto the shower curtains. She didn’t know how much more of this she could take. He continued licking her from her ass to her clit. She threw her head back roughly panting as the sweat rolled off her forehead. Next he started French kissing her pussy deeply. He stuck out his tongue licking her as he sucked her into his mouth moving up and down and all around. His tongue seemed to split in half. One part snaked out to the full length of her pussy tonguing her deeply. The other part licked her clit in fast circles roughly. He worked his split tongue like a pro. What he was doing to her was amazing and she couldn’t take it much longer. He licked her clit again and that was it. As if thousands of bolts of pleasure washed threw her like a tidal wave Rozonna screamed as she went over the edge. Her muscles tensed up, her toes curled under tightly, and she grabbed hard onto the shower curtain pulling it completely off the rod. She was shaking violently as the waves of pleasure washed over her. She closed her eyes tightly. She felt like she couldn’t catch her breath. The feeling was so unreal and so intense she couldn’t take anymore but it kept going. Rozonna continued to shake until it finally slowed down.

She was finally able to breath again and catch her breath. She couldn’t move at all though. It took for what seemed like forever for her muscles to loosen because she had them flexed so tightly. She opened her eyes and her liquid fantasy was gone. She couldn’t believe that just happened to her. She ran her hand threw the water calling “liquid man” but he was gone. She let unplugged the drain and watch the water swirl down. “Will he ever come back?” she thought.

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