Liquid Lumber Daters


She could not believe he had pulled it off, so to speak, and looked forward to that fourth show appearing and all the publicity they would get. But he pressure was on surely on to produce the next show, and the third one too, but they got lots of ideas and inputs for the second and subsequent shows, and even had to set up office hours to limit distractions so they could keep the actual production on schedule, and had to start hiring production assistants left and right. Rowdy turned out to do a killer Andy Rooney imitation, and was added as a regularly featured dirty old main doing commentaries about some aspect of the modern sex scene. The number of prospective candidates expanded and then exploded, until they were coming at them from all directions. Several of the new PA's were hired at Rowdy's suggestion just to do initial screening on the huge crop of new contestants.

The first show vaulted into the top 100 as soon as the ratings came out, and the girls were inundated with long lost relatives, groupies, and would be hangers on. The boys were so focused on Tide football, big rigs, and bass boats that none of them seemed to have noticed the show.

The girls managed to pull off the second and third shows just fine and the ratings grew each week, and Lurleen's major problem was to referee the fights over who got to do the final "Unknown Hand Job' segment, which had become incredibly popular and the most recognized and talked about part of the show. She enforced a strict rotation, her turn not coming up again until the fifth episode, which it surely seemed there would be that and many more after the initial four. Martha Diane would do the honors for the fourth show, and then it would be her turn again. They suffered their first lawsuit when a gay group sued, saying that it was only female producers that got this important 'career opportunity' and that constituted illegal employment decimation against a protected class: gay males. Rowdy lent a hand, getting it thrown out of court by saying that it was a casting and therefore a creative decision, not a matter of employment and promotion. The female judge somehow turned up in the studio audience for the next show, sitting with Rowdy.

Lurleen found herself more and more in need of relaxation at the end of each busy day of production, and she also that found Sweetness Howell was very capable of helping her out. That boy had staying power, and he could eat pussy better than she had ever dreamed. He told her that her little pussy was sweeter than Red Doll watermelon at the Bay Minette Watermelon thump, which made her giggle, and he seemed to have quite an appetite for watermelon. She developed quite an appetite for him too, noting that ingesting so much of his sweetness improved her mood, cleared up her skin, and made her titties a little bigger. Not that Earl showed any interest, but all the girls did ask if she had had some work done.

Brett really outdid his self one day when he turned her over on her tummy and announced that he wanted to taste her other sweetness, and proceeded to kiss her ass like she had never dreamed possible. Why she hadn't really thought about that since watching Sex and the City a few years ago, and back then she didn't think she would like it. But she did, a lot, and was even further amazed when Brett managed to slowly but surely get his big cock in her butt. It was tough at first, but he was very patient and kept tellin' he liked it white and tight and pretty soon it didn't feel so bad. In fact she began to look forward to it.

At the end of the third show, they announced on the air that Johnny football would be appearing in the next episode, and the news eventually rippled throughout Lower Alabama. She was excited about all the possibilities, and hurried home to take a shower and get some sleep.

Earl was unhappy, and he was going to have it out with Lurleen tonight once and for all. He wondered about all those women's club meetings, and her dressing up and using more makeup, and acting sexier recently. She had even started calling him 'Little Earl' and she knew that wasn't right. He was actually Earl the third; his daddy had been Earl Jr., but everybody called him 'Big Earl' even though wasn't any taller than Earl the third. Then he heard the rumors at the booster club tonight. At first he dismissed it as impossible: Lurleen would never do something like that behind his back. But when he heard it from the third source, he made up his mind. There were some betrayals a man just could not tolerate.

He took a shower before getting ready for bed, something he had never done before, even after a long drive. He used 14 pumps of Androgel, the 6.25% good stuff, smeared all over to get himself pumped up to demand that Lurleen do the right thing. He put on his most manly pajamas, the crimson and white Bear Bryant footies, and had pounded 8 or 9 beers by the time Lurleen's El Camino, their fancy car, finally pulled under the corrugated metal car port.

He screamed at her just as she entered the front door: "When were you going to tell me about him, you bitch? Going around behind my back, sneaking around the office, God knows what else you are doing!"

Lurleen stopped dead in her tracks. She did not need this kind of shit tonight. "Whatever do you mean hon?"

"Everybody in town knew about it before I did! You're takin' on the biggest and hottest man in town and you're not even letting me shake his hand?"

Now Lurleen was really confused. Surely he could not mean Sweetness! "What in the world are you talking about?" She tried not to laugh at him in those pajamas.

"There are some things a man just can't take lying down, Lurleen! If Johnny Football is coming on your show, I want to drive him around town and spend some time with him!"

Was this for real? She felt a flood of relief, but it still wouldn't do to laugh at him, so she just clenched her jaw and said nothing.

"A man has his pride Lurleen! I know you are going to jack him off, but I am not gonna watch!"

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