Lisa and Al


The image staring back at me in the full length mirror was startlingly revealing. Taller than most women, I still looked every bit the blushing bride, awaiting the night of her deflowering.

A flimsy veil hung in front of carefully made-up eyes, partially covering the rouged cheeks and light pink lipstick. My shoulders were bare, showing a bit of skin, yet not too revealing. A long, flowing, white dress seemed spectacular in its presentation. A lovely corsage fit comfortably into my hand as though I was accustomed to holding one.

To all appearances, I was the typical blushing bride. But beneath the lovely gown a different story was told. At first glance, once the beautiful dress was removed, it would seem I was every bit the excited bride, eager to show her wares. It was apparent that the underwear chosen was selected for one reason only—to entice a lustful lover. Scantily and provocatively attired, I wore around my slim hips a white garter belt. Attached to the sexy straps were sheer, white nylons. A matching white-laced bra and crotchless panties were added reminders of the events to occur later on that evening. But hidden beneath the sexy panties was just the slightest, tiniest hint that something was amiss.

A touch of nerves hit me as I was summoned. The proceedings were about to begin. The wedding was on.

Why was I so nervous? Why, then the peculiar nerves? The event was my dream come true, right? The day I had looked forward to ever since I met my beloved Lisa.

What, you ask? You noticed that I am in love with a woman. Am I a lesbian then? No, I'm not, certainly not in the usual sense.

The explanation lay beneath the sexy, crotchless panties. The strange fit told a bizarre twist in the proceedings, one that not everyone was privy to.

It seemed that tucked underneath, between the legs, entirely hidden from view and frankly, completely useless, was a small but influential penis. That's right—the bride—me—is a man.

Or, I should say, I used to be a man, once upon a time, before Lisa came into my life and took charge.

As I walked down the aisle, by now accustomed to high heels, I tried to put the minor irregularities aside and enjoy the ceremony. The day I waited for so long, had arrived. Finally, it looked as though my dream of marriage was here at last. Ordinarily, you would think, the occasion should be the happiest moment of my interesting yet slightly perverted life. But I sensed something yet to come.

As I stood at the altar, I glanced over at my wife-to-be, Lisa. What a sight to behold. Of course, considering the solemn occasion, she was also beautifully dressed in an expensive, flowing, full-length wedding gown.

As my adoring eyes washed over her absolute perfection, I noticed that Lisa wore a very satisfied, almost smug, look on her face.

Alas, my heart breaking in two, she didn't return my adoring gaze. Instead, her eyes were riveted on the best man—Al, standing to her immediate right. Dressed in a smartly tailored black tuxedo, Al adjusted the cuffs of his white shirt, pulling them down so the diamond cuff-links twinkled in the light.

Even though a touch of jealousy still lingered in me, I had to admit that there was something very appropriate about the choice of Al as the best man. It certainly was the position he held in our relationship. Beyond doubt, Al was the best man, but we'll get into the details of that later.

My eyes left Al and settled on the love of my life. The smile on her face, the glow in her cheeks, there seemed to be no question that Lisa was happy—extremely happy. After all, why shouldn't she be? Hadn't everything turned out the way she wanted? In fact, hadn't everything turned out exactly the way she wanted?

What was wrong with me? Why wasn't I bursting with joy? Here I was about to be married, something I desired from the day I met Lisa, the one true love of my life. But for some reason something seemed wrong.

Why? Lisa was here—the perfect bride. I was here, another perfect bride. Al was here, as the best man. Why did it seem that something had gone wrong then?

The three of us stood on the altar, Al and Lisa to my right, sort of close together, and then me. Suddenly, I was aware of another presence to my left. Just as Al stood to the right of Lisa, someone was standing next to me.

What was this? Two brides and two best men?

Could this be? Two brides and two grooms?

The answer to the strange event can only be understood by studying the past. Frankly, the reasons for my reluctant good cheer are difficult to explain, even now. Don't get me wrong, there was never any question of my devotion to Lisa. It's just that I had a somewhat different ending to the fairy tale than the one that was about to take place. Of course I wanted Lisa—I'm just not certain I wanted her this way. You're probably asking yourself, what in the hell am I talking about? Why the pre-wedding jitters? Well, trust me, it's a long story but one worth listening to, if you're interested in these sort of perverted things.

The tale starts a while back, maybe six months ago, before all the changes took place, before I became something somewhat less than a man.

The first time I met Lisa was at work. At the time, I had no idea of the drastic results of such an innocent encounter.

From the very first time I laid eyes on her, I was smitten by her stunning appearance.

A short, busty brunette, with hair curled down over her forehead, Lisa looks a little like Jennifer Love Hewitt—the cute little nose, the dominant bust, and the thin waist. The main difference was that Lisa was by far the sexier of the two. Jennifer is cute, Lisa is stunning.

Dark brown eyes that could penetrate into your very soul turned me to jelly whenever she cast them on me. A body that is very curvy in all the right places, Lisa is blessed with full breasts, a knockout ass and great legs.

There is absolutely nothing sexier than watching her strut down the hallway, her sensual legs striding smartly, as her gorgeous fanny rotates in a hypnotic manner, drawing all eyes to the desirability of this perfect asset. To add to the delicious image, fortunately, for all of us drooling after her, Lisa usually wears short, tight skirts that cling to her incredible rear end and at the same time expose her sexy legs, clearly illuminating all of her womanly assets.

In high heels, a tight mini and a revealing blouse—Lisa is the ideal fantasy for every man, if not the ultimate wet dream. Certainly I was no exception.

After noticing her arrival I quickly found out everything I could about her. Not too experienced, Lisa started in the company as a secretary. Unfortunately, she worked in a different department than mine but from my office, if I stood up, I could watch her work away at her computer.

It turned out that this incredible beauty was somewhat shy and so it took a while before I could make my presence known to her. At first, my flirtations were subtle and not too overt—always complimenting her simple yet effective outfits and the way she looked. Mostly, I was trying to establish eye contact with her. When she did return a glance, her gaze seemed to search my very soul as if seeking some secret revelation, looking for the hidden essence in me that even I didn't know existed. Even though I held the position of manager and she was only a secretary, I was always the one who looked away first.

Our relationship began slowly, as I schemed different ways to get her alone. In the beginning, I included her in groups, inviting a few of the employees out to lunch as a reward for good performance. Actually, the meal was entirely self-serving. It was merely a pretense so I could be near this goddess. Eventually, the lunches went from groups of five or six to smaller gatherings of three and four. Finally I whittled the meals to just Lisa and another co-worker.

One day, the three of us headed out to a Mexican restaurant. Unfortunately, the co-worker jumped in the front with me forcing Lisa to the back. Watching her in the rearview mirror, I waited until she buckled up before moving. She glanced back at me with a sort of inquisitive look as I smiled.

With the car in reverse, I decided to take advantage of the situation. As I turned to back out of the parking space, my eyes were drawn to Lisa's curvaceous legs. The little guy started to wake up.

While slowly backing out, my lustful gaze remained glued to those delicious limbs, too obvious for her to miss. As I gave those luscious gams the once over, my hungry eyes lingered on her creamy stems. It took every bit of restraint for me to not lick my lips in appreciation.

"Nice scenery," I commented suggestively, my eyes barely able to stray from the incredible view. Unaware of the flirtatious exchange, the employee in front wrongly assumed I was merely talking about some vista outside the window. Only Lisa and I knew the truth. I was referring to the sight of her great legs as they sloped down from the backseat. Even now, thinking back at that scene causes my mouth to water, my heart to skip a beat, my manhood to stir and my throat to constrict. If I had any doubts about how strongly I was attracted to her and how much I desired her, they ended with that simple glance.

Somehow, lunch went off without a hitch—I even made her laugh once or twice. But I still wasn't making the kind of progress I wanted.

Things soon changed. After weeks of persistent yet frustrating efforts, the relatively immature flirtations finally developed into something much more.

The opportunity to take a big step forward arrived. Since the lunches seemed to work—Lisa was accustomed to accompanying me—I invited her and another female employee out to dinner. The invitation was given under the auspices of a minor celebration for a particularly good month of business. To my great pleasure, they both agreed to come.

We met at a popular restaurant. It had a bar that was a hangout for lively crowds. After a good meal, we drifted into the bar. Conniving to the end, I managed to sit between the two at a round table.

As the evening wore on, the three of us did our best to consume a goodly amount of beer and wine. Consequently, as I intended, the conversation became more and more ribald and suggestive, especially with my subtle references to Lisa.

Emboldened by alcohol, enthralled by her beauty, I finally made a move. As I was regaling some humorous story, I leaned toward the beautiful Lisa as the punch line neared. As I did, I reached under the table with a brave and noble hand and gently touched her on the thigh with the tips of my fingers.

Lisa was wearing some sort of orange skirt/shorts outfit. At the time, I didn't know what it was called. This was before my introduction into female garb.

Conveniently, it revealed most of her legs, including a good portion of her sensual thighs. Of course, my naughty fingers lingered on the fabric, pressing softly, as though merely emphasizing a significant point in the tale.

The first time I touched her under the table, a very daring move I might add, I was tentative and fully prepared for an immediate withdrawal if she was in the least bit offended. In fact, I was more than a little worried that she would haul off and slap me right across the face. Fortunately, the only reaction I received was an unreadable glance as she sipped on her drink.

As she didn't resist or complain I felt emboldened to try again, barely touching her leg once more, stressing another crucial point. Only this time I added a tiny caress at the end before withdrawing in respect. Another enigmatic gaze was given. She didn't resist my caresses, but there was no encouragement either.

The woman was simply too fascinating.

The third time I dared to fondle her incredible body, I let my hand remain on her soft thigh, momentarily resting, until the story was finished. As my fingers lingered on her soft thigh, I caressed the fabric softly.

At this point, it seemed fairly obvious, at least to me, that my lustful intentions were out in the open. The prolonged gesture could only be interpreted one way—suggestive.

Lisa allowing me the honor of fondling her leg gave me a great deal of hope.

A half hour later, more alcohol consumed, I persuaded them to come to my house. A new CD by a popular group was just out so I used the flimsy pretext that they should hear it to lure them into my lair. Once inside, the two women sat on the couch while I entertained them with different songs.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, the other woman had the decency to leave us alone and excused herself to use the facilities.

Alone at last!

With the subtly of a hormone-driven teenager, I grasped the opportunity. Almost as soon as the other woman disappeared around the corner, I jumped up from my position on the couch and advanced to the shocked and rising Lisa. My sudden and daring move obviously caught her off guard and the mysterious aloofness disappeared from her face. Unfortunately, it was replaced by an alarmed look but I never hesitated, pulling her into my arms and kissing her passionately.

Incredibly, her sensual mouth opened as soon as our lips met. My lustful tongue invaded eagerly, twisting around and tasting her, savoring the rich flavor of her mouth. Her tongue fought back against mine as though her desire to possess my mouth was as strong as mine was for hers.

Her soft, voluptuous body melted into mine and I ground against her groin feverishly, rubbing myself to a state of rampant hardness. Desperately, finally, I was able to grab the object of so many nights' dreams—her voluptuous, very soft and sexy ass—and as I did, I squeezed hard, pulling her into me as tightly as I could.

Alas, all good things must end and unfortunately, within minutes, we were interrupted by the return of her friend. Our brief encounter was ended.

Having broken the ice, so to speak, my pursuit from then on shifted into a higher gear after that night, which ended at her car with a few more passionate kisses. Every day after work we met to have a drink at different places as I tried to impress her with expensive outings. To my delighted surprise, each occasion ended the same way—making out feverishly, usually in hidden parking lots.

At first we snuck around so no one would know we were seeing each other but eventually I needed her so much that I broke down and begged her to move in with me. Bored and frustrated with her existing life, she accepted my invitation. My house and living style was a big step up from her meager existence and it took little to get her to agree to join me.

Before she moved in, surprisingly, Lisa demonstrated another side to her personality, one that so far had not been seen—she took charge.

The first sign that she wasn't totally satisfied with me happened after another intense make-out session. So far, I was intimidated by her beauty and had not done anything more than sneak a hand under her bra. Frustrated with me getting her warmed up and not finishing the deal, she said she wanted the whole package.

Tired of the hugging and kissing, Lisa instigated our initial sexual experience.

Like a general leading reluctant troops, she marched to the supermarket, selecting the brand of condoms we would use. Purchase in hand, and after some liquid courage, she led us into the physical act for the first time. Apparently, Lisa was not the shy, wallflower type I assumed her to be. Seems she had her own urges and wanted to get down to business.

Even though I spent many a night dreaming of bedding Lisa, I was more than a bit tentative with going all the way.

My reluctance was primarily based on the fear of failure. Once I had the opportunity to see her naked I wasn't certain my performance would live up to her standards. I figured a gorgeous woman like her was accustomed to the services of the best studs out there.

And I knew that I was a far cry from one of the best studs.

It wasn't because I was an inadequate lover, quite the contrary. It was just that Lisa had become the ideal woman and I was afraid my humanly endeavors would not match her goddess-like requirements. Being with her was like meeting the supermodel of your dreams. Imagine coming face-to-face with the most gorgeous woman you have ever jerked off to. Imagine Cindy Crawford. Fantasize about that nude that's on the background of your computer. Now picture a situation where you are granted the supreme honor of seeing that incomparable beauty naked. It's easy to see what happens next. The second after you see her naked, you're so turned on that you shoot your wad. You can't help it. Then imagine the utter humiliation as she shakes her head in disgust at your pathetic performance.

You see my problem.

My eagerness was my worry. Lisa was so incredibly sexy that part of me wondered if I would be able to please her. Frankly, part of me wondered if I could even hold it together once I was with her. Besides, I rationalized, with her stunning looks she was probably a lot more experienced than I was. Undoubtedly, she has known many lovers. A beauty of her stature was without question accustomed to being properly satisfied. What if I fell short? (Pun intended)

Despite my initial concerns, the moment of anxiety finally arrived. During the initial attempt, I fumbled and stumbled, clumsily and nervously trying to undress her luscious body. With a gulp, a moan, and an arousal in my pants that I thought would explode, I proceeded with the task.

The all important act of consummation was about to begin.

My awkward hands felt inept as I battled with the stubborn buttons of a recalcitrant blouse. Finally, displeased at my feeble attempts, Lisa pushed my fingers away and tore off the offending article. Pawing at reluctant clasps, I struggled with an uncooperative bra until she batted my hands away and undid the pretty garment for me.

Suddenly, there she was in all her naked beauty.

She was as gorgeous as I expected. No, she was even sexier.

All of my fantasies came true in that one instant. Seeing her naked was the single highlight of my pathetic existence. Everything prior to this point meant nothing.

Alas, heaven disappeared as I tried to consummate our relationship.

Just as I suspected, the excitement of seeing her naked strained my self-control passed its limits. The stirring in my pants, no the desperate urging to be free, indicated a sense of excitement that I had never had before.

The mere sight of such an unbelievable beauty and exquisite representation of sensuality made me start leaking. The command center moved immediately from my brain to the southern post. The orders issued informed me that if I didn't attack soon, the artillery would commence. The main cannon was primed to shoot and wasn't going to wait much longer.

Stripping, I fell on top of her incredible body and with one quick plunge, entered her eagerly. As though anticipating my assault, Lisa was already warm and moist and offered no resistance to my frenetic attack.

At a fever pitch, driving like a mad, impassioned, inflamed piston, I thrust a few, frantic times and unfortunately, quickly achieved an overpowering orgasm.

The lovemaking, brief as it was, was fantastic—at least for me—but I wasn't sure how Lisa felt about it. Part of my uncertainty was that although I may be bigger that Lisa, regrettably, I am not big everywhere. Unluckily for me, the part of the anatomy that women seem most interested in was the one area I was a little bit lacking.

How lacking you ask? Well, put it this way, most junior high kids, even prior to puberty, show more development.

Despite the paltry performance, Lisa seemed contented with our relationship and settled into my home.

Nagging at my conscience was the thought that even though she seemed happy, she couldn't have been as satisfied with the arrangement as I was.

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