tagInterracial LoveLisa Has Longings Ch. 01

Lisa Has Longings Ch. 01


Lisa was looking through the Craigslist's postings again. "Casual Encounters" had been secretly attracting her for the last few months- why this was, exactly, she wasn't quite sure. Lisa was 35, and happily married to a kind man- a good man. Though Bob was away on business frequently, he always was courtly to her when he was home. He was gentle, considerate, sweet...

So why would Lisa be attracted to Casual Encounters postings offering to get her raped? It seemed to her that men were offering services to women that amounted to violent mistreatment! Not only that, but women were placing ads looking for gang-bangs- weren't they afraid of getting hurt? Lisa found all this mysterious- but secretly, she understood.

This was because of how she had spent her earlier years. Her father had left her mother and Lisa back when she was just 16. Soon after her father was gone, Lisa was relocated to an aunt's house, only returning to live with her mother in her last year of high school- soon after her 18th birthday. Lisa soon learned that her mother was a very sexual woman- more sexual than Lisa remembered her from when her mom had still been married to her dad. Her mother now lived in an apartment, and Lisa's new bedroom adjoined her mother's through a shared bathroom. The curious- and sexually inexperienced- Lisa was able to watch and hear her mother as she satisfied herself with the men who visited her.

Lisa soon learned that her mother chose men who liked to make love roughly. The first time she had heard the noises through the wall, Lisa had been startled. Were they having a fight? The bathroom door at her Mom's room was seldom shut very tightly. It was simple for Lisa, if she was quiet, to sneak over and observe. For an inexperienced eighteen year old who had never imagined her mother this way, it was a little shocking at first.

Time and time again, Lisa saw her mother, Elsa, take a fat cock into her mouth. The man's erect thing would force her mouth open, slide deep into her face, and stay deep until it was practically choking her. Elsa's gagging sounds were what had first attracted Lisa's curiosity. The look of pleasure on the man's face as his cock slid deeper and deeper down Elsa's throat was easy for her to understand- after a while. What took a bit more time for Lisa was to see that her mother liked it as much as her lover did. Elsa liked the challenge, liked to attempt to breathe around the black hard-ons (most of Elsa's lovers were black) of her 'friends' while they fucked her face. But what took Lisa even longer to comprehend was that her Mom loved the feeling of being sexually used, loved being forced to take cock in her mouth, which only made her want to take that cock into her pussy. And if her man wanted to force his fat, shiny penis into Elsa's asshole, she wanted that, too.

Lisa soon became Elsa's confidante as she went from lover to lover. Elsa had always encouraged Lisa to be frank and open about whatever she was interested in. She knew that her daughter listened and occasionally watched when her fuckers (so she called them to herself) came to visit. She tried to explain to her daughter why she liked to be used so roughly, but she didn't quite understand it herself. Elsa just knew that she liked seeing a jet-black cock swell and grow, liked to touch it and feel it get firmer and harder... and she was turned on by doing whatever the owner of that cock wanted her to do. Elsa's favorite thing, she explained to wide-eyed Lisa, was to feel owned, used by her black lover, and, in the end, to be the one who received his white, hot cum into her asshole or all over her face...

As Lisa became more used to her new life, Elsa's 'friends' started to become more intriguing to her. After a few months, she confided to Elsa that black men 'interested' her. Taking the time a good mother should give to her daughter, Elsa explored with her what she meant exactly. When Lisa told her mother that she wanted to watch a black man's penis grow and swell, Elsa had arranged that for her. Then she wanted to hold one, and her mother made sure that she got to do that too.

Even though Lisa liked black men with BIG penises, she herself was petite. The only thing about her that wasn't tiny was her breasts. Her tits had grown rather plump, and her nipples stuck out, often clearly visible even through a brassiere. The first time Lisa jerked a big black cock off onto her erect nipples, her mother made some good money from it. And Elsa also got off on her daughter bringing the John to orgasm, and the sound of the Negro's semen splatting onto her daughter's flesh- and then there were the juicy sluicing noises as Lisa spread the cum all over herself with her little white hands...

It was only a matter of time before daughter Lisa had wanted to go the next step.

When it finally came out that Lisa wanted her mother to pimp her—but only to black men- her mother was not too surprised. Like mother, like daughter, she thought. Elsa had made sure her daughter's wish came true repeatedly- and Elsa got off on it just as much as the men did. She got off on training Lisa to look up into her fucker's eyes as he orgasmed, to not look away or flinch if he was cumming on her face. And Elsa got charged up seeing those big cocks somehow fitting into Lisa's little holes. Lisa always told her mother that she really enjoyed the way those cocks made her feel- and the men certainly were willing to pay for the privilege- so what was the harm in it? It was a simple arrangement, good for everyone concerned.

But time passed. In the way that daughters do, Lisa grew up making the inner commitment to be different from her slutty mother. In good time she moved out, went to university in another state, earned her college degrees, married well, eventually making herself into a classy woman who socialized with the best people. Bob was proud to be seen with her. Lisa was willowy and fair. She had inherited her mother's good looks and naturally blonde hair. She learned that a few layers of material inside her bra cup could keep the big nipples of her sumptuously shaped teats from being too obvious when they got hard. She looked good in tennis whites as well as a black cocktail dress and heels. And Lisa's university education had given her an almost patrician sensibility, which she employed to impress. None of her friends had ever met Elsa, who had died before even Bob had had a chance to know her well.

Bob, Lisa knew, would have been shocked by those posts on the internet. If he had known of the sexual openness of Lisa's earlier relationship with her mother, he would have been very surprised. If he had been told that his wife had spent her high school years as a whore and her mother as Lisa's pimp, he would have never allowed himself to accept it. Unbeknownst to himself, Bob was racist. The idea (if he had ever imagined it) of a thick, wet, black penis slowly sliding up his beautiful wife's tight cunt or a negro's cock convulsing onto her upturned teenage face would have made him feel sick.

In bed, Lisa was compliant with Bob and tried to please him, but there was something missing in their sexual rapport. Bob assumed that his wife wanted to be treated like a lady. Lisa, for her part, had no way to share her deeper needs. She had suppressed them, hiding them even from herself. Hadn't her mother simply been a slut? Lisa was better than that, she told herself. Yes, Lisa had put all that behind her.

But on weeks like this one, when Bob was overseas, it was a little more difficult for Lisa to maintain her sense of self-control. As the afternoon drifted into evening, the time came when she would have expected her husband home. She might have had some food on the table for him... but with Bob away, her obligations were few.

And so she clicked on yet another sex ad. Her computer screen filled with a photo of a man holding his erection towards the camera. Lisa scrolled down, and the next picture showed that penis in mid-ejaculation. The timing of the photograph was lucky indeed- a thick rope of white cum was shooting from the cock-tip into the darkened room. The sight of it sent a jolt to Lisa's clit. With a guilty sigh, she leaned back and slid open the desk drawer where she kept Jimmy.

Lisa's secret life had been getting a little out of hand as late. On Bob's last trip, Lisa had purchased Jimmy from an online sex-store, had him overnighted to her at home. Now, weeks later, Lisa felt the draw again- the draw to use Jimmy. As she lifted the black dildo out of the drawer, she reminded herself that there was nothing wrong with taking care of her little needs... Still, her hands shook and her heart was pounding as she covered the thing with lube. Without taking her eyes from the screen where that big black cock was still and forever in mid-cum, Lisa leaned back in her office chair. She spread her knees apart.

Jimmy had that wonderful soft-on-the-outside, firm-under-the-surface feeling that felt so realistic to Lisa. She held the glans to her clit through her thin panties. She applied pressure, released, pushed again, released again. Her panties were getting wetter, and there was a sopping sound as her genitals responded to that familiar feeling. After a minute of this, she pulled her panty-crotch to one side and slid the head of Jimmy up and down, up and down her labia.

Lisa slid off her panties completely. She worked the first few inches of the dildo into her snatch with her right hand as she spread open her lips with the other. Now she was working Jimmy in and out, getting wetter as she frigged her clitty.

Lisa, getting nearer to her first orgasm, was looking for that extra bit of stimulation to really send her into orbit. Suddenly she remembered the interracial fuck video she had downloaded the month before. As she fumbled for the mouse with her left hand, she continued to fuck her distended pussy with her right. The video was starting- the photo of the shooting prick was replaced with a movie. A woman was bent over, her head against the floor. Lisa watched intently as the woman was penetrated in the ass- first by fingers, then by a thick, shiny negro cock. The man was going in and out forcefully. Through her gag, the woman was moaning...

When the phone rang in the middle of all this, Lisa considered not answering. But instead of ignoring it (What if Bob was calling? What time was it, anyway, in Europe?), she muted the speakers on the computer. Onscreen, the fuck session continued in silence.

With her damp left hand, Lisa uncradled the phone. Her right hand held the dildo steady and still, deep in her cunt. Any sexy sluicing noise, Lisa knew, might be heard by whoever was on the other end.

Lisa steadied her voice for the phone. "He—hello?"

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