tagBDSMLisa James - The Party

Lisa James - The Party


The Party - Chapter 1

Lisa James drove home from work with butterflies in her stomach. Usually on a weekday evening she did as she pleased. On Saturdays and Sundays she had to do exactly as she was told. The weekends were reserved for her punishment regime and chores. Any slight misdemeanour or mistake was rewarded with a whole variety of humiliating punishments most of which resulted in a fiery red and very sore bottom; And then there were the blushingly awful situations that Mrs Henderson and her friends liked putting her into. It was all incredibly embarrassing but mind numbingly exciting at the same time. It wasn't an arrangement one would normally expect to find an attractive twenty seven year old office manager in, but then Mrs Henderson couldn't be described as a "normal" landlady. Worryingly today was Thursday....

"You'd better come straight home from work tonight Lisa. I've been invited to a party and offered your services for serving drinks and things, you're going to be on your best behaviour my girl or you'll be sorry!" From the tone of Mrs Henderson's voice at breakfast Lisa knew it would be no ordinary party so her nervousness and excitement had been increasing throughout the day.

Her hand was shaking as she turned the front door key in its' lock. Mrs Henderson was already waiting in the hallway.

"Where have you been young lady? Get up those stairs, take a shower and be quick about it. When you've dried yourself you'll find your clothes laid out on my bed. As a special treat I ironed your party dress this afternoon." At the mention of the dreaded party dress Lisa's face dropped. She looked quite ridiculous in it. It was the sort of thing a ten year old would wear. To make matters worse it was tiny. The hem only just covered the lower curves of her bum cheeks and her boobs spilled out if she leant over even slightly. It was so humiliating, but that's exactly what Mrs Henderson wanted. As Lisa reached the bottom step the older woman suddenly slapped her across her tightly clad bottom as hard as she could.

"Get a move on young lady!" Watching the immaculately dressed young woman scampering up the stairs she chuckled and thought what an enjoyable evening lay ahead for herself and her friends. Lisa might not agree of course.

The hot shower did little to calm Lisa's nerves but it did feel good and refreshed her. After thoroughly drying herself she put on some deodorant and her makeup then padded into Mrs Henderson's bedroom in her dressing gown. On the bed was the awful party dress, ankle socks, white cotton knickers and a pair of black patent shoes with big buckles. No bra but she hadn't expected she'd be allowed one anyway.

"Did I tell you to wear your dressing gown young lady? Take it off at once!" No matter how many times Lisa had to remove her clothes in front of her landlady she never got used to it. The incredible feelings of embarrassment always remained the same. Mrs Henderson sat down on the edge of the bed directly in front of her.

"Come along we haven't got all night." Lisa undid the belt and slid the offending garment off her shoulders, automatically she covered her pubis with her hands. Mrs Henderson roughly slapped her hands away.

"Uncover yourself you silly girl I need to see if you're properly clean!"

Red faced and blushing hotly Lisa felt the woman's fingers slide slowly over her smooth pubic mound. The landlady stared intently at the hairless pussy and noted how the tightly closed pink lips projected most invitingly out from the central crease. Since her first week as Mrs Henderson's lodger Lisa had been regularly shaved between her legs by Mr Blake, their next door neighbour. He was about sixty and knew Lisa intimately as he was often invited to help with her punishments. Mrs Henderson loved the appearance of the woman's shaven vagina, it really made her look like a little girl. She reached up and cupped the warm breasts, pleased to find that the nipples were already becoming hard. She couldn't resist squeezing them firmly which brought a gasp of alarm from Lisa.

Once dressed Lisa looked a bit like Shirley Temple but with breasts. Her landlady carefully adjusted the hem of the dress so that it just covered the bulge of her pussy in the white knickers. They were so tight that it was possible to see the outline of the lips and the central divide quite clearly. The white ankle socks and shiny black shoes set off the ensemble delightfully. Lisa was concerned about the shortness of the dress. It left her thighs, both front and back, totally exposed. But she was even more worried about her boobs which were barely contained at all by the flimsy material. She could do nothing about the two obvious hard points which stood out from her chest. If she kept her arms at her sides everything would remain covered, but if she lifted them anyone present would get a perfect view of her knicker-clad bum and pussy.

The honking of a car horn indicated the arrival of their lift. Mrs Henderson put on her winter coat and pushed Lisa out of the front door. In just her party dress the cold air stiffened Lisa's nipples even more, if that were possible. She hurried down the path towards the car and gratefully scrambled into the back seat as Mrs Henderson climbed into the front beside her friend Mrs King.

"Hello Jean, we've got to pick up the wine then we'll go straight to Alison's. How's our naughty little girl tonight?" Lisa answered with a quiet "Very well thank you." As the autumnal landscape sped past the two women chatted about nothing in particular. Lisa knew Alison, Mrs King's twenty seven year old daughter, because she'd been invited to join in one of her punishment sessions, the memory brought a fresh burst of colour to her cheeks.

Three quarters of an hour later they arrived in Broughton. Mrs King drove straight into the town centre and pulled up outside an off licence. Light flooded from the brightly lit interior.

"Out you get young lady, the wine's paid for so just help Mrs Scott put it in the boot and hurry up!" Both women laughed as Lisa literally ran into the shop in the hope that no one would see her. Luckily there wasn't anyone inside except a man behind the counter who looked up and smiled.

"Well, well, if it isn't the naughty Lisa who we've heard so much about. Had your bum spanked this evening you bad girl? He turned towards the back of the shop.

"Helen, your friends are here." The immaculately dressed woman that appeared looked about thirty five and had a stunning figure. Her appearance made Lisa even more aware of the ridiculous party frock that she was wearing and her face burned. She couldn't look either of them in the face.

"Please Sir, I've been sent to carry the wine for the party out to Mrs Henderson's car." It was almost whispered.

"Well yes but first I think it's only fair you show my wife and I what that fat bottom of yours looks like, don't you think?" The man came around the counter.

"Come over here." Lisa's heart began to hammer, she didn't know if she was supposed to show herself to these people or not. If she did as she was told and Mrs Henderson was cross she'd be punished. She shuffled forwards, her boobs threatening to spill out of the front of her dress.

"Well come on girl we haven't got all night, lift your skirt up." Lisa stared as hard as she could at the floor as she slowly raised the front of her party frock to her waist. Her plump pussy outlined in the tight white cotton pushed insolently towards them. She jumped when the man suddenly shouted at her.

"You've got knickers on you stupid girl how are we supposed to see anything, take them off!" Lisa dropped the hem of her dress and slid the knickers down her legs and off as quickly as she could.

"Lift it up girl come on, we're waiting!" This time there was nothing covering her shaven mound, she kept her legs tightly pressed together trying to hide her pussy lips as much as possible. The Scott's smiled and then began laughing.

"She really is a little girl isn't she, look at that not a single hair on her, turn around let's see the rest." As Lisa turned she saw Mrs Henderson and Mrs King shaking their heads as they sat in the car waiting. Her heart sank but she felt the telltale wetness spreading between her legs. She prayed the Scott's wouldn't notice.

"Spread your legs and bend over you little slut," it was the woman. Lisa did as she was told. Her boobs fell forwards out of her dress, her stiff nipples pointing down and slightly forwards. The couple enjoyed the spectacle that she was making of herself and because she was fully shaved nothing was hidden. She knew they were looking directly at her bumhole and at the spread lips of her now wet pussy. Her face burned with embarrassment. She jumped as she felt a hand glide over her bum cheeks then slip between her legs. The fingers traced her pussy lips, pausing to tease her already swollen clitoris, then slipped easily inside which caused her to gasp and rise up onto her toes.

"Stand up and put your knickers back on girl." Mr Scott turned to his wife,

"She's absolutely soaking, you're a dirty little girl aren't you Lisa?"

"Y...Y...Yes Sir," she said. Her legs felt like jelly.

"Sometime this evening ask Jean if we can have Lisa here to help us in the shop for a day. It's quite appalling that she drops her knickers so easily, imagine what would have happened if we'd had some customers, she's a little tart but we can teach her how to behave properly in public." They smiled knowingly at each other and kissed.

"See you later darling. This is the wine young lady," said Helen Scott indicating a case of Claret on the counter, "come on and don't drop it!"

With the wine stowed carefully in the boot they set off. Needless to say Mrs Henderson was very angry.

"What? She took her knickers down just because your husband asked her to! Well young lady when we get to the party you're going to be severely punished. And don't think I'll forget about it because I won't. You're going to be sorry, I've told you before about showing yourself off to strangers. My goodness I can hardly believe it!" Mrs King and Mrs Scott agreed wholeheartedly and were soon enthusiastically discussing the various punishments, amid much merriment and laughter, that a disgusting little girl that showed her pussy and bottom to strangers might expect. An overwhelming wave of humiliation and shame swept over Lisa as she shrank back into the seat, but her pussy was getting wetter and wetter by the moment.

Alison greeted them at the door of a modern detached house that stood in a very large garden. Lisa was curtly told to take the wine into the kitchen and wait there. A whole array of nibbles and sandwiches was laid out on one of the work surfaces. Sounds of conversation and laughter filtered through from the next room. She stood fiddling with the hem of her party dress dreading the moment when she'd have to go through and face whoever was there. Alison suddenly opened the door from the hallway.

"Well, well. I hear you've been a dirty girl again Lisa and that's why my guests have been waiting for their drinks. You're going to be punished in front of everyone." She laughed.

"I can hardly wait." At this news Lisa's face reddened even more and her heart once again began hammering in her chest.

"There's a bottle opener there next to you, I suggest you get a move on. The glasses are on the tray." Left alone again and with shaking hands Lisa quickly opened a couple of the bottles and filled the glasses. Picking up the tray she took a deep breath before opening the door.

"At last, what on earth have you been doing girl?" Lisa stood rooted to the spot as Mrs Henderson berated her. Besides the four women that she already knew there were another three women in the spacious lounge, one of them much younger than herself. They turned to look at her as she entered. Susan Sellers was eightteen, she'd been invited along with her friend Joanne Coleman. Joanne was a twenty five year old secretary that Alison had known for several years. The third woman was middle aged and very smartly dressed. She was busily unpacking numerous items from two cases and arranging them on the highly polished surface of a large dining table that stood at one end of the room. Mrs Henderson continued.

"Well come on, everyone wants a drink." Lisa began serving them. Several of the women laughed and began asking why her dress was so short. She ought to be ashamed, did she realise that everyone could see her knickers? She was doing her best to keep the hem of her frock down but it was impossible. It was also impossible to keep her boobs inside the top of her dress, every few moments her nipples came into view. They were very stiff, poking and rubbing against the thin material, a fact that several of the ladies were only too pleased to point out. At that moment the doorbell rang. A few minutes later Alison returned with a very severe looking woman in her fifties. Lisa was mortified when a red faced schoolboy followed the two women into the room. He looked very nervous and embarrassed.

"Everyone I'd like you to meet Christine Cooper a very dear friend of mine. Christine used to teach with me at Bomere School. She's very kindly brought along her nephew Timothy who's going to help in our demonstration later," she smiled knowingly at the boy. The ladies began laughing and giggling as the older woman stood him in front of them.

"Clothes off young man, it'll be much more interesting for the ladies if you serve them without much on. Hurry up!" He slowly undressed under the fascinated gaze of the women until finally he stood very red faced in only his underpants. Miss Cooper ushered him out to the kitchen. On his return he carried a tray full of sandwiches and savoury bites that he began to offer to the select group of guests.

The furniture had been arranged in a large semicircle across the room. Most of the women were comfortably ensconced in settees and armchairs. In the middle of the semicircle was a long low wooden coffee table that provided them with a convenient place for their glasses and plates. When Lisa had given each of the women a drink Mrs Henderson made her stand in front of them with her hands on her head.

"Well ladies as you can see I've brought my naughty little girl Lisa along tonight. As you've already heard she can't be trusted, even on the way here tonight she showed her fat bottom and pussy to Helen's husband. I think she needs to be taught a lesson so after we've seen the presentation I suggest we all discipline her!" She produced a leather strap from behind her back.

"Look Lisa I've brought your favourite." Lisa eyed the strap fearfully and swallowed nervously.

"You'll be feeling more than this across your backside tonight young lady!" Lisa was incredibly ashamed to be spoken to in this way in front of the ladies but the presence of the boy made things ten times worse.

"Has the girl been properly cleaned?" asked the ex school mistress.

"Well I made sure she showered before we left home but please feel free to check her yourself." All the women laughed.

"Lisa, go with Miss Cooper, she's going to make sure your personal hygiene standards are up to scratch."

"Can I come too?" Susan was desperate to see everything that was going to happen to the young woman. She was tremendously excited at the prospect of seeing her spanked and humiliated. Before Lisa's arrival the women had been freely discussing her forthcoming punishment with much hilarity. Apparently she was going to be stripped naked before they spanked and strapped her, but best of all everyone would have a turn. Susan was thrilled and things were getting better all the time. She stared excitedly at the boy.

"Of course my dear you can help me if you'd like." Lisa was aware of the boy's eyes on her as she was led out of the room into the hallway where Miss Cooper picked up a black leather bag. She just knew he would be present when she was punished. The women seeing her would be bad enough. The thought of the young boy seeing all of her most private places produced an incredible surge of shame. She felt quite light headed at the thought.

"Upstairs young lady."

The Party - Chapter 2

Once upstairs Lisa was pushed into the bathroom. It was large and spacious with a separate toilet cubicle. The two women followed her inside and closed the door.

"Everything off girl!" It was an order. Susan's eyes were sparkling with excitement. She sat down on the edge of the bath to watch. Lisa tried to avoid looking at them both as she unzipped her frock. She crossed her arms in front of her, grasped the hem and tugged it over her head. Her boobs sprang out towards the very interested women, her hard nipples pointing out and slightly upwards. She stepped out of the horrid thing.

"Pick it up girl! You don't want to spoil it!" The older women smiled wickedly, "Get those knickers off". Lisa pushed her knickers slowly down to her ankles, stepped out of them and put them on a chair with her dress. Now she was totally naked and exposed to them. Susan had started giggling and laughing at the girl's bare pussy,

"I can see her lips and everything, this is so cool!" Lisa didn't know where to look or what to do, her face was absolutely scarlet but much worse was to come. Miss Cooper reached out and grasped each of her nipples in a vice like grip,

"Hands on your head girl!" Lisa did as she was told, "Feel these Susan, they're like little pebbles!" Tears sprang into Lisa eyes as the young girl eagerly joined in, pulling and pinching them at the same time.

"Oohh! Ouch! Please don't! It hurts! Ow! Please stop!" Somehow she managed to keep her hands on her head as she twisted back and forth.

"Stop making such a fuss you little slut!" said the ex-teacher giving the nipples a final hard twist, "Get down on your hands and knees and put your head on your hands, hurry up!" Lisa did as instructed.

"Spread your legs and dip your back girl, I need access to that naughty bumhole of yours!" Susan Sellars had a superb view of the young woman's genital anatomy, she could see every detail. Lisa kept her forehead pressed to the carpet caught in a sea of humiliation. But such a shameful display was making her pussy leak clear fluid and she was sure they would notice. Miss Cooper produced a tube of lubricant and a large plastic sachet from her bag. Two tubes, one twice as long as the other, protruded from one end.

"Susan, would you like to get her bumhole ready for me?" she said, passing the tube to her, "make sure you get it well inside."

Susan needed no further urging. She quickly put a glob of the lubricant on her fingers and approached the spread buttocks. The older woman laughed at Lisa's wail as the young girl's finger slid into her bottom. Susan was having a lovely time, she'd never been able to do anything like this to another girl before, and certainly not to a fully grown woman. Pushing her finger in as far as she could brought forth a quite delightful moan and she couldn't help giggling as the bumhole squeezed her finger. Lisa's hips rotated this way and that and she groaned as the finger worked itself more forcefully into her bottom.

"She can take more than that Susan, don't be frightened, use a couple of fingers and you can afford to be a bit rougher!" Susan began to wedge two fingers into the stretching bumhole, pushing them in and out as hard as she could. By curling them when they were deeply embedded inside the rolling bottom she was able to make Lisa cry out and beg her to stop,

"I'll be good please stop. Ooooh! No! Oh please don't! Aaahhhh!" Her bum was rolling around all over the place and she was shaking her head from side to side. Susan was very excited by the time Miss Cooper smiled and motioned her to step back.

"You're a really dirty little girl. I can see what's going on here. You're getting turned on you little slut!" She ran her fingers along Lisa's slippery vaginal lips from front to back causing her to gasp and wriggle her hips in response. Suddenly she felt the tube pushing into her bottom, much further in than the girl's fingers had gone. The woman squeezed the sachet until all of it's contents had gone. Lisa's insides immediately caught fire. Slipping the tube from the puckered bumhole Christine Cooper replaced it with a rubber plug which sealed the girl tight. Lisa began to moan more urgently and roll her hips around wildly,

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