tagLoving WivesLisa Meets an Old Friend

Lisa Meets an Old Friend


A few months back I was out shopping on the weekend and I ran into an old girlfriend of mine. Jane and I used to go out quite frequently a couple of years before I met Bill. Just before I met Bill she had taken a job in Chicago and had moved away. We communicated about twice a year just to stay in touch so I was very surprised to see her. Jane is a year younger than I and absolutely gorgeous. She is about 5' 4", maybe 120 pounds, a double D, natural, dark shoulder length hair, blue eyes and the face of an angel. Guys always drooled over her. I can't say I blamed them, hell she turned me on. She had moved back to Florida, but near Miami, and was here visiting family. We were both excited to see one another and decided to take a break and have lunch together.

She still looked incredible. She had just ended a 3 year relationship and was in no hurry to start a new one. I found out she was still the sexy playgirl I remembered. After catching up on what had happened in her life she wanted to know all about mine? One of her first questions was how was my married life. I told her all about Bill, she had never met him. Knowing me as she did she wanted to know if I missed the party life we shared. I told her there was nothing to miss because Bill and I partied together and we included others. I went on to explain that he was not only a hunk of a man but the most wonderful understanding man I had ever met. He knew I was a slut and embraced it because he was too. I told her how we met and how I loved him more the longer I was with him. She had all kinds of questions so I told her we were very much into swinging and that we also played separately but always told each other about our experiences. That we both loved seeing and knowing our partner was having a good time. After listening for a while, with the look of amazement, she asked if I had a picture of him. When she saw the picture, she looked at me and told me that it looked like I had won the lotto. We continued catching up for another half hour and then she said she needed to meet her cousin. I asked her if she had any plans for the evening and she told me she was free. I told her she had a date with me tonight. I gave her directions to our home and invited her to diner. As she was leaving I told her to wear her favorite party clothes. She knew exactly what I meant.

I finished my shopping and I called Bill to let him know we were having company for dinner and I guaranteed he would absolutely love dessert. He knew exactly what I had up my sleeve and he tried to press me for more details. I told him he would just have to wait, but assured him it would be worth the wait. Then I went home made the house ready for company and made dinner preparations. Knowing we would be playing I decided on a light dinner, broiled grouper, yellow rice and a salad. It was now 5:30 so I changed outfits and touched up my hair and makeup. Bill came home as I was finishing up and he showered and put on some casual clothes.

Jane arrived at 6:30 and after I introduced her to Bill we shared some wine while I finished dinner. At one point Bill gave my ass a squeeze and told me I was right, she was worth the wait. Once dinner was served we ate and talked about all kinds of things. Jane wanted to know more about our open relationship and how it worked for us. I told her how we were both very sexual people and loved being sexual with other partners but we only had emotional loving ties to each other. She asked if either of us ever got jealous and I told her no. Bill joined in and told her it was just the opposite because we both got excited watching the other enjoy other partners. He went on to say that watching me with a group of guys was one of the hottest things he ever watched. Jane then looked at me and said "so you are still a gang bang girl". I told her I was and damn proud of it.

Then we started finding out about her sex life. She admitted that the physical side of her past relationship left a lot to be desired so she had had several brief affairs and quickies. She told us since moving to Miami she had visited a couple swing clubs but really wanted to meet a guy like Bill so she could have a relationship and still enjoy being a slut. We assured her it would come but she had to be patient. Jane was going to be in town through the weekend so I asked her if she wanted to go out and play on Friday or Saturday. She had committed to Saturday plans but said she would be sure to free up Friday night.

After helping me clean up after dinner Jane, with my blessing, began exciting my husband. She went and sat on the couch next to him and while looking him in the eyes she told him that I had told her all about the pleasure package he carried around and as she reached over and felt it she asked if she could see it. Bill being Bill looked back at her and asked what she had to trade. This brought a big smile to her face and she began opening her blouse to show him her tits. When they were completely open to his view she asked if these would do. He took his time admiring them and then fondling them before he told her they were just fine. Jane then unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and freed his now hard cock. She took her time admiring it as she stroked it. Then she told him that his cock was impressive and asked if she could taste it. He just helped guide her head to his cock and she did the rest. After sucking him for a while she looked around for me and told me I really did well. That is when I suggested we all go to our bedroom so we could all play.

The three of us went to the bedroom and Jane and I both helped Bill out of his clothes and he in turn helped us. Jane wanted to suck on his cock some more so while she sucked I started eating her pussy. Bill was enjoying getting his cock sucked but after a while he was eager to fuck Jane. He gently started pulling Jane up so she could ride him cowgirl. As she straddled him I took his cock in my hand and guided it into her pussy. Helping Bill enter another woman is extremely exciting to me. As Jane began riding him I kneeled alongside her and asked her if he felt good in her pussy. She was in slut heaven and told me it felt wonderful. Then I bent down and gave Bill a big kiss and told him to fuck her real good. Jane came a couple times before Bill finally filled her with his cum. As he filled her pussy she just slumped down on him, weak from her orgasms. When both of them regained some strength I guided Jane onto the bed next to Bill. As she lay on her back I kissed and sucked her tits and then moved my kisses toward her cum filled pussy. I gently spread Jane's legs so I could lie between them and then I started cleaning up the mess my husband made. I absolutely love eating his cum out of another woman's pussy. Jane loved my tongue in her pussy and as I savored my husband's cum she added more of her pussy juices as she came a few more times.

Jane was in a state of bliss and lay motionless on the bed. Bill knew I had to be very horny so he did what every good husband would do; he started making love to me. He kissed me passionately while playing with my sensitive nipples and slowly worked his way down to my throbbing pussy. His pussy eating skills are great and it wasn't long before I had my first cum. He continued eating me and after I had a couple more orgasms he mounted me and began fucking me. By this time Jane had regained her strength and watched us make love to each other. For about the next 15 minutes Bill fucked me and told me how much he loved me and that I was his sex goddess. Then we both had body shaking orgasms and slumped into each other's arms. After a few minutes I rolled over onto the bed and lay on my back. Jane got up and came over to my side of the bed and kissed me. Then she told me that she was so happy for me because she could feel the love between us. Then she whispered in my ear that she had sucked Bill and fucked him, but she still hadn't tasted him. Then she moved between my legs and started eating me. After a couple licks she told me how good he tasted.

We continued playing with each other until well after midnight and then Jane had to go. Bill and I both saw her out and we all agreed Friday night was going to be a great night. Before falling asleep that night Bill and I talked and he thanked me for introducing him to my friend. We cuddled for awhile and fell asleep in each other's arms.

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