tagIncest/TabooLisa’s Early Years of Sex

Lisa’s Early Years of Sex


I hope you enjoyed my story of how I got started in exhibitionism. If you haven't read it yet please do! Go to 'LISA'S EXCURSIONS INTO EXHIBITIONISM' and enjoy.

This story is how I got started into another love of mine, SEX! If you read my other story, you'll remember how I said that at 19 years old I was still a virgin, well that didn't last too long after I started running around naked with my Aunt Val and Uncle Chris. Aunt Val was the youngest child in my mom's family, with my mom being the oldest. Aunt Val is only seven years older than me and Uncle Chris a year younger than Aunt Val.

That first afternoon we got naked around the pool, Aunt Val noticed me watching Uncle Chris closely. She asked me point blank if I had ever seen a naked man up close before. When I told her I hadn't, she called Chris over and told him to stand right in front of me and let me get a good look at a naked man. I was now sitting on the edge of my chair and Uncle Chris was standing just two feet in front of me. I was nervous as hell! I was completely naked with my legs apart in front of him but never gave that one thought. There directly in front of me was the first cock I had ever seen this close up. He wasn't even hard and he was about four inches long and about an inch thick.

Aunt Val asked him to turn all the way around slowly as she pulled up a chair next to me. He did a slow 360 degree turn and then Aunt Val directed him to turn halfway around and stop. She then told me to go ahead and reach out and feel his ass.

I turned and looked at her and said. "DO WHAT?"

She smiled and said it was alright with her and that she would enjoy seeing me touching my first man and that Chris would love it. Then she said, "Do this." She reached out and put her open palm flat on his ass cheek and rubbed it around.

I reached out and touched him. Wow, my heart must have been beating a thousand times a minute. After a few seconds of rubbing his fine ass, she told him to continue turning around. When he did I was in for a 'big' shock. His dick was sticking straight out and it wasn't any 4 inches anymore. Aunt Val told me later that when his dick is hard it is 9 inches long and about 2 inches thick.

She them took my hand and placed it around his dick. With her hand around mine, she began to slowly slide it up and down the shaft. It felt wonderful; I never expected a man's dick could be so hard, yet smooth, and hot at the same time.

Val said to me, "Let's have some fun with him." She removed my hand from that beautiful dick and pulled a cushion from the lounge chair, then tossed it on the ground and told Chris to lie on his back on it. He looked strange with his dick sticking straight up like that. She got on one side and told me to get on the other and told me I could touch him anywhere I wanted. I when straight back to his dick and balls as Val started kissing him on the mouth. Chris was rubbing her tits as I got inches from his dick and very closely examined his package.

Val then asked me to move aside as she slid down to where I was. I remember gasping with surprise as she took almost all his dick into her mouth. Uncle Chris was moaning and saying how great it felt as Aunt Val seemed to take more and more into her mouth each time she went down on it until every inch was her mouth and throat. I have heard of blow jobs from many of my friends and I knew I wanted to try one day. And watching Val give Chris one was getting me horny! I now couldn't wait for the day I got to try that. She then released him and Chris asked her to not stop. She told him, "Don't worry honey, I'm not done with you yet."

Then she looked at me and told me to give it a try. I couldn't believe my luck, I didn't think twice. I could only get about half in my mouth. Val told me to take my time because it took her months of practice before she could take it all. All of the sudden Chris said he was going to cum. Val told him to go ahead. I felt the first shot hit the back of my throat and let him go. The next shots hit my face and chest. I automatically swallowed and was happy to fine it wasn't that bad of a taste; definitely sometime I could get use to. Then Val reached over and scooped his cum off my face and chest with her fingers and licked them clean, saying she hated to see good cum go to waste. She then bent over and licked Uncle Chris's dick clean.

Val took my hand and said we needed to get in the pool to rinse the cum off me. Chris jumped in the pool right behind me and the next thing I knew he was rubbing his hands across my chest wiping his cum away. We all started play grab ass after that; I had my hands around his dick one second and the squeezing Val's tits the next. I felt Chris's hand on my ass one second and between my legs the next. This went on for 10 to 15 minutes until we were all worked up and Chris was hard again. Val told me she knew what he needed and lead him out of the pool as she held on to his hard-on.

She lead him back to the cushion and put him his back again and told me to come close because she knew I wanted to see this. She motioned for me to get behind his head as she took hold of his dick again and put it against her pussy as she straddled him. She then lowered herself as his dick disappeared in her pussy. She looked at me and said she loved the was his cock completely filled up her up and that she was going to let me fuck him before I went home so I could enjoy the feeling too, if I wanted too.

Hell yea! I thought to myself. I definitely wanted some of that cock. I just smiled and Val said, "I thought you might like that idea, now come here and straddle his head and feed him some of your pussy. Oh My God! I bet I came almost as soon as his tongue touched my pussy. I came three more times before I collapsed on the ground next to them as Val continued to ride her stallion. I watched in awe at how beautiful sex can be.

After more swimming, we took a shower outdoors at a shower Uncle Chris put on back of the house. He built about a 6 ft. concrete pad to stand on and the shower had hot and cold water from it. I loved the warn sun beating down on me as I showered. I now prefer the roominess of showering outdoors as to the tight confining space of a small shower and take advantage of it every chance I get when I visit them.

Before going to bed, we were in the kitchen and Val was cleaning the dishes and Chris pulled me into his lap as I walked past him. He asked if I had enjoyed myself today. I told him I didn't think I could explain how much fun I have had. He then asked if I was ready for a little more fun before bed. I asked what he had I mine. He turned me away from him so that his dick was in the crack of my ass and spread my legs so that both of his were between mine. Then both his hand went to my pussy. I just melted into him as he rubbed my pussy. A minute later first one finger, then two entered me. I've masturbate quite a few times over the years but none ever felt this good, it was the most powerful orgasm I had ever had to this date. I must have passed out because I was in bed when I awoke in the morning, he must have carried me to bed because the last thing I remember was having a massive orgasm on his lap in the kitchen.

After breakfast, Val and I put on little dresses 'only' and went shopping for a bikini for me. The only little bikini we could find was in the girls section. [Remember I was a small 19 yr. old. I weighed only 80 lbs. and stood only 4 ft. 10 in. high. I had no tits to speak of, so I never wore a bra, even to school.] The top of the bikini fit pretty well but I didn't care for the bottoms but Aunt Val had an idea. We went to the women's lingerie section and she found what she was looking for, a pair of stretch black cotton thong panties. She said I could wear these as bottoms and no one could tell the difference. She was right so we bought them.

It was a lot of fun running around in just my thong bikini underwear on a public beach that afternoon. Chris convinced me into removing my top right after we arrived at the beach. I was essentially naked but for my panties and I was very worked up when we left. We hit the pool as soon as we got home. I fingered myself as I watched Val get fucked by Chris as they stood in the shallow end of the pool.

During supper Val got a phone call and they needed extra help at the hospital, Val is a surgical nurse. That left Chris all alone with me. Val told me to try and behave myself and if I couldn't, have fun. She smiled and winked at me as she left.

I walked in the TV room with Chris and got on my knees between his legs and told him I want to practice on him because practice makes perfect. He got hard in a hurry and try as I could, I still could not get all of him in my mouth. I finally stood up and straddled his lap facing him. I kissed him for the first time. I then took his dick and placed it at my virgin pussy's opening. Chris stopped me and reached into the TV stand and took out a condom. He said, "If you're not on the pill, we need this."

I placed his dick back at my opening. I was so wet I felt his cock's head start to slide in. I could feel myself stretching to accept that big piece of meat. Slowly, ever so slowly it went deeper in to me. Nether one of us was pushing; it just naturally was easing its way in. I finally seem to stop, so pushed forward a bit until I felt resistance and pressure.

Chris told me to slide it in and out a few times before going deeper. It felt wonderful moving in and out of me. I could wait no longer so I lifted myself nearly out and pushed in quickly. It was over in a flash. Quick shape pain and then Chris was getting deeper in me. I remained still a while until the pain subsided and pleasure started to build. I started to move again slowly until I could take no more cock. I felt so full and it felt wonderful. I started bouncing on Chris's lap like a wild woman, which I guess I was. I felt my orgasm building to and unbelievable level. I started to tremble and my mouth opened to scream. All I did was give a loud moan and collapse on Chris's lap.

He held me tenderly in his arms as he remained hard inside for at least 15 minutes. Then I remembered he hadn't cum and I said I was sorry I didn't get him off. He said, "Not to worry and that we needed to go get me cleaned up." He stood up and carried me with my legs around his hips and him still inside me to the bathroom. He placed my ass on the counter and slid out of me. He got a washrag got it hot and soapy and cleaned me up and then himself. He was still hard as he slid that beautiful hard cock back in my pussy after putting on another condom and carried me to his bed.

He told me I was so small he was afraid to get on top of me so that I was going to have to be on top. He sat on the edge of the bed and slowed leaned back and put his head on his pillow. He was now flat on his back with me sitting straight up and him cock was very deep in me. I slowly started moving around enjoying the feeling of being fucked and loving it. I finally could take no more and came. But kept on riding I began riding harder, driving that cock into me harder and harder. Chris said he was cumming and as I felt him pulsating inside me I came again.

I lay on his chest with him still in me for at least 10 minutes until I told him it was time for me to clean him up. I got some Kleenex and put his used condom in it and tossed it in the trash then got between his legs and lick his cock and balls clean. He started to get hard again so I kept it up until he came in my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could. Chris said I was a natural born cocksucker and I was going to make many men happy.

Over the next two weeks, I took full advantage of Uncle Chris's cock ever chance I got. Val and I practical got Chris hard every chance we got. We were grabbing each others ass everywhere we went. Chris never missed a chance to lift my or Val's skirt in public and expose our bare, pantyless ass to some guy or guys. And I was always looking for the opportunity to grab his crotch in front of women. I even got the chance to give him a good grope in front of a couple of girls on my cheerleading squad one night at the movie theater.

We kept each other in a sexual height of readiness. Every time we went out we seemed to be partially undressed and ready for sex as soon as we got in the front door. I even experimented with female sex but it really isn't for me. I need cock!

My breast started to develop quickly that summer and by the time I graduated high school, I was a nice "B" size. I got on birth control and regularly had sex my senior year.

. I am now 21 and attending the 'University of Florida'. I've met a lot of men through my photo modeling adventure and usually after posing nude for a short amount of time, I am usually be horny and ready for a little sex. I will even let them photograph our sex too, for a little extra cash of course.

I'm going to a party this weekend and I am in the middle if altering an old tight t-shirt dress to wear there. I've cut 6 in. slits down both sides from top to bottom and cut a long slit between my breasts from neckline to waist. I'm sure there will be some heavy drinking there, so if some drunken guy grabs and pulls at one of the holes in my dress, it just might get ripped off. Wouldn't that be a shame? Ha ha! I might end up naked with nothing to wear back home. My pussy is getting wet right now just thinking of all the possibilities. I'm sure I'll get fucked before I leave the party, I just don't know who or how many right now. The most guys I've had sex with in one night has been two and am hoping do a lot better than that. I have a feeling my pussy, ass, and mouth are going to be sore later this weekend. I'm a little nervous but excited about my hopeful wild and slutty weekend. Every gal should try it at least once in her life, right?

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