tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLisa’s Excursions into Exhibitionism

Lisa’s Excursions into Exhibitionism


This is my story on how I got started in the thrills and excitement of exhibitionism. Please also read part 2 in this mini-series on my education into sex.

It all started innocently on a dare in high school. I was a junior and a varsity cheerleader at the time of my first introduction into exhibitionism. Five of my friends and fellow cheerleaders were at Christy's house one Saturday night and decided to play truth-or-dare. We had all been asked about 5 or 6 'truth' questions and started doing 'dares'. When it came my turn Christy said she had a dare for me but it was a three-part dare and if I did it, I would be excused from any more dares that night. I thought that there had to be a catch to it but feeling daring after drinking a couple beers, I told her "OK". She said she would be right back, and when she returned she had a short bright pink stretch skirt. She said it belonged to her 10-yr.old sister and that since I was so little, she wanted to know if I could wear it.

I was only 4ft. 10 in. high and weigh 80lbs. at the time. I had been real sick when I was in third grade, which the doctor thinks might have stunted my growth a bit. And because of that, I missed a lot of school and also because of my birth date and having to redo 3rd grade, I was a 1 to 2 years older than most of my classmates. I turned 18 when I was in my junior year of school.

I said I could try. So I removed my shorts and put on the skirt. It fit but it just barely covered my ass. Christy said," Good; that's part 1 and for part 2, take off your panties." I started to protest but everybody said I agreed to the dare, so I said all right and removed my panties. All I had on now was that very short tight skirt and a short cut off t-shirt. I said, "OK, now what is part 3." Christy removed 10 dollars from her purse and told me walk to the store 1 block down the street and get everybody some Pepsi and chips. I decided not to let them see how panicky I was at that suggestion, so I said 'fine' and turned and walked out the door.

I was as nervous as hell; I reached behind me to see if I could feel my ass hanging out. I didn't feel it was so felt a little calmer and started to walk to the store. This was a rather busy street, even at 9 PM but it was well lit by the lights of cars, porch lights, and street lights. I have never gone without panties under a skirt before and I was a little worried and excited at the same time. There was a light breeze and I kept feeling it blow across the barely covered lips of my pussy. It was a strange but erotic filling. I was actually beginning to enjoy the way the wind tickled my nakedness as I walked.

As I reached the store I reached around one more time to make sure my butt was covered. There was nobody in the store but for a young male salesclerk. I went to the back of the store and noticed I could see my refection in the cooler doors. So I checked myself out and noticed just how really short the skirt was. My cheerleader skirt was longer than this skirt. I checked out the backside and bent over a little. It didn't take much bending before the lower cheeks of my ass were visible. I also noticed that the salesclerk was watching me. So I got a 6-pack of Pepsi and was getting a couple bags of chips. I had my back to the clerk when I dropped one of the bags; I bent over to get the bag and then remembered my skirt. I stood quickly and looked at the clerk. He was smiling at me. I thought to myself, "Oh my God, I wonder if he seen my pussy." The strange thing was I wasn't upset. I kind of liked the idea of letting the guy see.

I walked to counter with my stuff and the guy looked right at me with cutest grin on his face. I smiled right back as I reached the counter. As he rung out the stuff he said he liked my skirt. Surprisingly I wasn't embarrassed and told him the reason I was wearing it was because my friends dared me to.

He smiled and asked did they also dare me not to wear underwear.

Oh my God! He did see. As calmly as I could, I said yes it was.

He said he likes it when girls didn't wear underwear and that his girlfriend goes pantyless once in awhile for him. When I started to leave, he told me that I come back and put on another show anytime I want.

I surprised myself when I smiled and said I just might.

While we were talking, two guys about my age had come in and as I was leaving I looked at them, they were just standing there staring at me. Halfway across the parking lot, I remembered I hadn't checked my skirt after bending over to get the chips. I reached back and felt a couple inches of bare skin. Those two boys had been staring at my ass; I giggled to myself as I remembered the looks on their faces. I actual felt a little satisfaction in the fact that I had given them a thrill that night. I left the skirt just like it was; I got a thrill every time a car drove by, and thinking that maybe someone else might notice the bottom of my ass as I walked back to Christy's. I was definitely enjoying this walk a lot more than I had planned. A car horn blew behind me just as a turned off the sidewalk towards Christy's house.

When I got back to Christy's front door, I pulled down the skirt then opened the door. I put down the drinks and chips, picked up my shorts and panties, and told the girls that I had to go to the bathroom to pee. As soon as the door was closed I sat on the toilet and masturbated. I decided to put my panties in the pocket of my shorts and put on my shorts without them. Once I came out they all asked about my walk. I told them there was nothing to it and that they had better worry because it was my turn to 'dare'. I looked at Trish and dared her to take off everything but her large t-shirt and go buy us some gum.

I regularly started going without underwear after that night. I already had quite a few short skirts and dresses but just had to buy me a couple of super short skirts. The first I bought was a very short and tight jean skirt. Whenever I sat in this skirt, there is no way not to show my crotch. I usually wore some small and sexy panties to show. Another short skirt was a light blue flare tennis skirt. I might have had 2 inches of skirt covering my ass and pussy. I have worn this skirt on quite a few occasions. It didn't take much bending or wind blowing to show what was under that skirt, if anything. I loved wearing sheer white bikini panties or thong panties and riding up the escalators at the mall. I always waited until I knew that some cute guy was getting on behind me.

Like I said earlier, I was a cheerleader and they bought us new uniforms right after I got into showing off. Our school colors were red, black, and white. We had black bloomers to wear under our cheerleader skirts. I never put mine on; I always wore just plain black 4in. wide at the side underwear I bought a K-mart. The funny thing is nobody said anything until the last game off the school year. That night I wore the regular black bikini underwear again. No one said anything until almost the end of the 3rd quarter. When Allison asked where my bloomers were. I her them I couldn't find them so I had to put these on at the last minute.

Jeannie said I should have called her because she had a spare pair. I told them I was alright with it, it was no biggie and that it was actually kind of fun knowing that everyone in the stands could see my underwear but that they didn't know it. Christy said that was kind of freaky. I told all of them to not make a big deal of it. If it didn't bother me, why should it bother them? Donna, who was the head cheerleader and my best friend, said I didn't have to do anything that showed my underwear if I wanted. I smiled and told her that it was kind of weird but that I was actually having fun and didn't really want to stop. So I finished the game as if everything was normal but all the squad knew I was flashing the crowd my panties.

Everyone knows that girls gossip, well by Monday I think everyone at the school knew what I did Friday night. Some of the guys I knew started to ask if I would show them my panties again. At first I was saying "NO" but I was beginning to get a bit annoyed by it all and told one of the guys that it would cost him. He pulled out his wallet saying, "How much?"

I don't know what made me say it but I blurred out, "A dollar for a quick flash or 5 dollars for 15 seconds."

He pulled out a '5'.

I knew I had put my foot into it. I also knew I wanted to do it too! I led him around the corner of the building and lifted my skirt with one hand as I took his 5 with the other. I didn't even think of telling him to keep it quiet. I was just thinking of what I was doing at that time. Word got around and I went home with 29 extra dollars in my pocket. That was how I got into making some extra cash that year. But all I would show the rest of that year were my panties.

That summer my father wanted to go up north to visit his family for a couple of weeks. I didn't want to go because I didn't know anybody up there and all my friends were down here. They finally gave in and let me stay but I had to stay with my aunt and uncle nearby, even though I had just turned 19 in January. I didn't mine that at all because Uncle Chris was a hunk! They had a nice house out of town with a pool and they were only about a few older than me. Aunt Val is the youngest of 4 kids and my mom is the oldest.

I drove our other car to my Uncle Chris and Aunt Val's house. Uncle Chris was cutting grass when I arrived. Boy! He was looking good; he was wearing a pair of faded, old, tight cutoffs. He had a flat stomach, nice tan, and a full head of blond hair. He said he would give me a hug later; he was all sweaty right now and didn't want to get me nasty. (Like I would have really cared, that's one hug I was looking forward to.)

He said that after he finished with the grass he was going to get in the pool to cool off. Aunt Val showed me to my room and told me that as soon as I unpacked for me to grab my suit and join them in the pool. I put on my old bikini and noticed how faded and ragged it looked, I needed a new one. When I got to the pool Uncle Chris climbing out, he was wearing a tight red 'Speedo' bikini. I never have been a fan of men's bikinis but DAMN! Uncle Chris looked good in his. He walked over and gave me my hug. I held on maybe a little longer than maybe I should have but I was hugging an almost naked hunk. Aunt Val came out in a few minutes in a red thong. I told her how good it looked on her and how I wish I had the body to wear one.

I said I was 'little' earlier but I didn't tell all. At that time I was 4' 10" tall and weighted all of 80lbs. My tits, if you could call them that, were barely an 'A'. I was definitely a member of the itty-bitty-titty club. But I was now 19 and would be a senior next year. I guess it was the way I looked as to why I wasn't dating that much and still a virgin. But I had been nude with a 'boy' once, but he lost it before anything happened.

Chris told me that she hadn't worn that suit in a long time. I looked at him with a puzzled look and he said that all she usually wears around the pool is just the bottoms of her white g-string if that much. I looked at my aunt and she said that they didn't want to embarrass me so they went conservative for me.

I asked her what they usually wore around the pool and she said "not a thing."

I said "Cool, that sounds like fun, maybe I'll give it a try too, if you don't mine."

She said she didn't care but that my parents had better not find out that she let me go naked around them.

As soon as she said that, I just had to take my suit off. I was in the pool so took off my top and tossed it towards Val. I watched as she stripped naked right in the middle of the back yard, although it was full fenced in, it still surprised me a bit.

Chris had done got back in the pool by this time and he asked if he could take his off too. I had forgotten about him. Was I was going to see a naked 'MAN' for the first time? Then Val said not yet. It still might me too early for me. She told him to wait until I was naked first. I told him not wait on my account. I then removed my bottoms and tossed them out off the pool, soon followed by Chris's suit.

This was my first time swimming naked, walking around naked outside, and laying in the sun naked. [I wonder if I could move in for good, I could get use to this.] Val told me that they were nudist and rarely wore clothing around the house and that if their nudity ever bothered me to let them know and they would cover up. I told her that lately I also started enjoying being naked whenever I had the chance and that I would like to give nudity a try. We stayed naked the rest of the day, (YES! I could definitely get use to this.)

Chris asked me that night, if it was all right to give me a hug before we went to bed. I told him sure, (truth be told, I was hoping he would give me another hug while we were still naked, I wondered what his dick would feel like against my body. And being as short as I was, his dick came to just below my itty-bitty-titties.)

The next day (still naked) Val and I got talking about all kinds of stuff and I ended telling her about my 'truth or dare' episode and how I had gotten into enjoying exposing myself and she told me that she also enjoyed exhibitionism and that Chris knew and encouraged it. She also had noticed my ragged bikini and said that we should go shopping for a new one. Val slipped on a short tank-dress only and I put on only a short halter dress. We finally found a little bikini that fit me; I wanted a thong but could not fine one small enough to fit me. The one we got was solid black bikini from the children's section of the store. The top was small but fit me well. Aunt Val came up with an idea and we went to the ladies lingerie section of the store and she found what she was looking for. A pair of black stretch cotton thong underwear, she said I would be able to wear them for my bikini bottoms and no one would notice. I modeled it for Chris when we got home he told me to leave it on because we should all go to the beach.

Chris wore his red Speedo and Val wore her red thong and I my black thong panties, after we got set up Chris said that since I seemed to enjoy being naked that I should remove my top and walked around topless. I thought topless on a public beach, is he crazy? Then Val said that if anybody said anything that we would just say that I was 12yr. old. Chris added that he doubted if the police would be willing to do anything to a 12yr. old. I thought you know he's right; I could probably get away with it. So I took off my top and walked around topless until we left. How may other high school girls do you know that could walk around topless on a public beach and not get in any trouble?

I did run into a couple of boys I knew in school and we talked for a few minutes while they stared at my little titties. They were surprised to see me topless, but it also surprised them when I turned around and showed them my thong bare ass. There were some stories about me being practically naked at the beach at school that next year, but they weren't any problem.

As soon as we got in the car to head home foe the beach, Val removed her top tossing it on the dash saying it wasn't fair for me to have all the fun.

I said, "Oh yea. Try this." I slid my bottoms down and tossed them on the dash next to her top.

"No problem." she said, and pulled down her bottoms and tossed them on the dash.

We were laughing and carrying on like nuts. A couple times I put my ass against the side window as we drove by people walking along the beach and Val would sit up and shake her tits at them.

Once we were on the highway Val made a statement that someone seemed a bit overdressed and leaned over to pull Chris's suit off as he drove. One she had him naked, she started to play with his dick.

I remember Chris saying, "I can't believe I'm saying this but please stop. As much as I'm enjoying what you doing, I can't concentrate on driving when you're doing that."

We went straight for the pool when we got home and Val had sex with Chris in the pool as I watched. She is definitely an exhibitionist. She said that having me watch her having sex just made her hornier.

My breast finally started to developed and caught up with the rest of my body. I got a lot of enjoyment flashing my tits. I still do! I started doing a lot more dating my senior year. I loved to wear sexy, maybe even slutty clothing on dates. The guys just loved it, I did too. Almost all guys wanted to see my tits or pussy. I almost always was willing to give a show.

I still go over to Chris and Val's often, Val and I love to go to town and flash. One day while we were just soaking up the sun naked at the pool, Val told me to follow her. We got in the car naked and rode around town and up and down the interstate naked for about 4 hours. I bet at least a hundred people seen us naked. It was the wildest thing I had done up to that time. We've done it about a half-dozen times since then. I've gotten so excited a couple of times that I've even had to masturbate while some trucker watched. I really enjoyed that part.

At the start of my senior year, one of my ex-boyfriends who knew of my enjoyment of showing my panties and told me he wanted to take pictures of me in various stages of undress. Even though he had seen me nude, I was skeptical at this idea at first, but went ahead anyway. He took a few Polaroid's of me undressing for him and a couple of me nude. For some reason I was just starting to enjoy it when he said he was done. I looked good in a couple of the shots. I really liked the one of me nude with my back to him, twisting around at the waist smiling. It was a good picture of my ass. He said he wouldn't show anybody else those pictures, but he did. This was all right because a lot of guys started asking me if they could photograph me.

I came up with the idea of charging them per photograph. I started with just mild nudity but did end up having pictures taken of my pussy. I use to get totally turned on while pictures were being taken, my pussy would get very wet. I loved watching the guys rub their bulges in their pants as I slowly moved my naked body around for them, spreading my legs, or bending over and giving them a pussy shot. I had sex with a few of these guys and a couple wanted pictures of that too. I let them but for and extra charge. I ended making over five thousand dollars before the end of my senior year. I have seen a couple of these pictures on the Internet. I don't know how many pictures still exist out there but I really don't care.

I'm in college now and am still a big fan of exhibitionism. I still do my nude modeling pastime for extra cash. I picked a big college down south (go Gator's) where it is warm most of the year so I can have many days of fun. I hardly ever wear bras or panties anymore with anything I wear. There have been many times I have caught myself showing my ass or pussy and not knowing it. About 90 percent of my skirts are minis and most of my shirts are thin. I do have a couple long dresses but they are almost sheer. One of the ways I show-off is to ride my little motor bike from class to class in my short skirts or dresses. You can almost guaranty exposure every time I ride that bike. Just last night I needed to go to the store to buy a pen to finish some homework. I rode about a mile to the nearest convenient store wearing just an upper-thigh length school color (blue & orange) tank top.

Since I now am only 21. I still have a lot of flashing ahead of me. I want to walk naked across campus in the middle of the day, but I don't want to get arrested. So I'll probably never do that. I'm going to a party this weekend and I am in the middle if altering an old tight t-shirt dress to wear there. I've cut 6 in. slits down both sides from top to bottom and cut a long slit between my breasts from neckline to waist. I've also made it very short also. There will be drinking there, so if some drunken guy grabs and pulls at one of the holes in my dress, it just might get ripped off. Wouldn't that be a shame? Ha ha! I might end up naked with nothing to wear back home. I might have to walk across the campus naked after all, but it will be dark so I might be able to get away with it. My pussy is getting wet right now just thinking of all the possibilities.

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