tagIncest/TabooLisa’s Summer Vacation Ch. 04

Lisa’s Summer Vacation Ch. 04


Everyone's over 18, blah, blah, etc... Oh, and anyone who starts reading a tale in the middle (Chapter IV) without knowing who the players are deserves to struggle.

It occurred to Lisa that it had been several hours since the last time she had said a single word. She didn't care. She was also aware that she was dead tired. She didn't care about that, either. She was content just walking... and occasionally sitting... and intermittently licking the mostly melted remains of her fourth gelato... but always, always holding hands with Jason as they walked the streets of Bellagio.

There was a streetside bench outside an all night apothecary and Jason seated her there as he went inside. He emerged with a hairbrush with which he began to brush her hair as she sat with her eyes closed. A full ten minutes later they resumed walking, again holding hands.

Lisa was aware that Jason was leading her down a rather steep concrete lane. They turned a corner and there before her was a Rosso Scuderia F430 Ferrari Spyder. He broke the silence. "Pretty, isn't it?"

Lisa gazed at her new car for the first time. She said, "It's the second most beautiful thing I've ever owned."

He turned and looked at her as she added, "You're the first."

Jason didn't argue but simply asked, "Oh, you own me?"


"That's nice." The two of them sat on the concrete facing each other while leaning up against the passenger side of the red metal coachwork. There they fell asleep, the little Prince and his whore.

Liz became aware of the sound of conversation coming from the next room. She gently lifted Bruce's arm from across her breasts and got up from her bed. After a trip to the bathroom she headed for the kitchenette where she poured herself a cup of coffee and wandered out onto the balcony to refresh the cups of Philippe and her husband. She liked the fact that Philippe's eyes never left her naked body.

She asked, "Anyone know where the lovebirds are?"

Philippe said, "Good morning! They said something about seeing the town when they wandered off several hours ago. The Ferrari keys are still on the bar, so they're on foot."

Liz sat on Rick's lap and said, "I still remember what first love is like, don't you?"

Rick leaned over and kissed her breast. "Umm, most definitely. I was just thinking that our Lisa might be the most sexually experienced girl with a case of puppy love anywhere."

"She's come a long way since I led that sweet virgin down the companionway of the Fantasia!"

Philippe looked puzzled so Liz and Rick went on to explain the history of the Fantasia cruises, including Lisa's sexual awakening. She concluded with, "...so she left the Fantasia in Caracas where she apparently boarded a plane to Bermuda to join Jason's family on their boat. I guess they dropped her off in Monaco."

Philippe continued, "Where she was met by Louis Reynard who traded her to me for a young lady who I was thinking about ending a relationship with anyway. Sometimes you just get lucky, as you Americans say!"

Rick asked, "So should I come to this morning's meeting or make love to my wife?"

Liz grinned, "I have no idea what you're talking about but I know which way I'd vote!"

Philippe said, "I think we should treat you as my secret weapon. They don't think I'm in a position to take both the food chain and the cable network, so they're being overly aggressive with pricing. Perhaps we'll wind up with both and we'll each save a few lira!

Why don't we invite Sr. Maroni and his agent to a luncheon here and gain a home field advantage?"

Rick turned to Liz, "Hey Babes, it looks like we've buying the cable network that supplies service to your father's factory in Toulon!"

Liz didn't want the conversation diverted, "So to make the most of this home field advantage am I going to get to fuck someone?"

Rick answered, "I think that's entirely up to you Sweet-tits but with you, Angie, and Lisa here as persuaders I feel confident we'll get a deal done."

Philippe spoke softly, "Mes ami, technically Lisa is in my possession for the next six days. I think her assistance would certainly be helpful but I feel the decision as to whether she lends it must come from the young lovers, oui?"

Liz got off Rick's lap and sat in Philippe's. She said to him, "You know, you really are a lovely man." She kissed the top of his balding head.

Lisa felt someone shaking her shoulder. "Umgh... wha?..." She opened her eyes and looked into the bluest blue eyes of... a security guard?

"Mi scusi."

Lisa thought, "God, those are beautiful eyes!" but she said, "Is something wrong?"

The security guard switched from Italian to perfect English. "I beg your pardon, young Miss, but you and your friend are sleeping against one of our guest's automobiles."

Lisa struggled to her feet. "It's all right, it's my car."

The guard persisted, "Mi scusi. I didn't realize you were guests. If I could just see your Hotel keycard, the vehicle registration or keys," any sort of identification?"

Lisa untied the sash which held together the wraparound dress she was wearing revealing her naked body. She said, "I think you can see that I possess no keys, keycards, registrations, or even pockets or purses to keep them in! So what do I do now?"

The guard was struck dumb. He could only stand there mouthing soundless words which wouldn't steal breath to add volume and substance to themselves.

Lisa said, "My friend really needs his rest. I could sort of watch over him if you'd go back to my friends' suite and get my wallet and keys! Of course I'd need to thank you." Lisa folded her dress and kneeled on it as she unzipped the guard's fly.

The guard was still mostly dumb except for the humming sound which was issuing between breaths as Lisa's head began bobbing at an ever faster rate. She interrupted her actions to ask, "I know you're having trouble speaking but I think it only fair that I know your name before you cum in my mouth, don't you?"

"Pie... Pietro, in English... Peter."

Lisa stepped up the pace of her ministrations, slowing down only every third or fourth stroke to deep throat him. "Thank you Pietro. Oh, and please cum in my mouth; I don't want it in my hair!"

Pietro was getting into it. Suvvia, suvvia, suvvia..." He leaned back against her car as he exploded down her throat.

As Lisa was retying her dress she said, "Oh and Pietro that wallet and car keys are on the bar in Suite 1240." She gave him a peck on his cheek. "We'll wait for you here." She lowered herself back to the concrete and leaned against Jason.

Liz answered the door when the buzzer sounded. Before her was one of the Hotel security people who just stood there without saying anything. She asked, "Can I help you?"

"Mi scusi. I was sent to get a wallet and car keys by a guest, but she didn't give me a name!"

Liz laughed. "So you just keep going from room to room looking for stray wallets and car keys?"

That got a smile from Pietro. Liz started focusing on those bluer than blue eyes as he said, "Auburn hair, 1.7 meters tall, high cheek bones, and she was sleeping in the garage with a boy leaning against a new 430 Ferrari. She may have failed to give me her name but she told me this room number and said her wallet and keys were lying on the bar."

"Did anyone ever tell you your eyes look like glacial pools?

Come on in. I'll get Lisa's things."

Liz came back and said, "Since she didn't have her things she obviously wasn't able to tip you so here's fifteen Euros. I hope that's enough."

Pietro handed the bills back to Liz. "Grazie but the young lady tipped me already."

Liz' puzzlement lasted only a second. "Oh, of course, that lucky slut!

Could you please ask the young man she's with to call me at this number?" She wrote the number on a hotel pad and returned the Euros.

Pietro bowed as he left. "Grazie."

"In about three kilometers you're going to go through a small village. At..." Jason leaned over to reread the car's speedometer. "...at one hundred and forty kph the sheep which were there on my way in won't have a chance."

Lisa backed her bare foot off the accelerator. "You never want me to have any fun! You just keep me around as the sexual toy which is always at your call and beck and call and... by the way, have you ever been blown in a Ferrari?"

"Slow down but keep driving. We're late for lunch and from what Liz was indicating earlier your cocksucking talents would probably be called for at Philippe and Rick's big business meeting this afternoon.

Besides, I'm starving and... Stop the car!" Lisa jammed on the brakes and the car screeched to a halt. Jason leaned over and opened her dress so he could kiss and suckle her breasts. "Okay, you can continue now."

After opening the door to the suite, Liz squealed when she saw Lisa standing there. "Oh goody, come in, come in, I've got a surprise for you!

Don't say a single word, just get naked. I'll be right back."

Liz quickly returned with a pillow slip and placed it over her Lisa's head. Lisa had already undressed. "Guess who, you guys!"

Lisa reached out and felt the breasts of a nude woman, definitely not Liz, also wearing a pillowcase, tight ass, very wet pu... and then she felt the other girl grab her tits and say,

"Oh Wow! These tits are Lisa's!"

Lisa recognized Angie's voice and yanked off their pillowcases before hugging the girl. "What are you doing here?"

Angie kissed her and said, "Louis got a text from Philippe saying 'seven cocks and only two cunts... can u help?'. So he sent me!"

Lisa looked puzzled and turned to Liz. "Seven?"

Liz answered, "Philippe and Rick are buying some properties from some Italian Count! He and his advisor partied with us earlier and it's a good thing Angie was here 'cause a certain Redhead was out playing with her new toys!

No offence, Jason."

Jason squeezed Lisa's ass as he said, "None taken, and the car was fun too!"

Lisa asked, "So when's the next time I'm likely to see action?"

Liz smiled, "That's up to you and Jason."

"No, I mean with these business dudes?"

Liz stroked Lisa's hair. "Like I said, that's up to you guys.

Hey, Philippe's French! All he needed was one look at your eyes and he knew how much in love you guys are, so for him any control he had over your pussy had expired. It was he who said that it was up to you guys whether you kept partying with us."

Lisa squeezed Jason's hand as she said, "Jase and I talked about this. My contract isn't over, so in good faith, I'm still on the payroll. Besides..."

She held both Liz' hands. "Besides, this is fun! This is the best summer I've ever had!"

Liz laughed, "Andrea Hardy Discovers Sex!

Well Jason, three beautiful women have you trapped in a hotel suite. I'm afraid we can't materially add to your education today; experience certainly but not education! Girls, bring him to the bedroom and I hope he has every drop of his youthful energy!"

Lisa and Angie had Jason stripped and on his back on the bed in a matter of seconds. Next thing he knew, Angie was kissing him deeply while Liz and Lisa were blowing him and licking his chest and nipples.

Jason's left hand was draped over Lisa's shoulders while his right quickly found its way to Angie's pussy. He slowly began stroking her slit, feeling her moisture but in no apparent hurry to enter her. His thumb had collected her wetness and began coaxing her clit to come out and play. Angie groaned.

Lisa raised herself to her knees and grabbed Angie's right leg so that she could position her pussy over Jason's ready cock. Liz reached for his tool and began rubbing the sensitive head across Angie's labia. Angie had been continuing with her assault on Jason's lips until his cock began to enter her pussy. Then Lisa pulled Angie into a cowgirl position saying, "If you get the cock, then I'm taking over his face and those luscious lips!"

An hour later Lisa was in the shower washing cum out of her hair, ears, and everywhere she could find it. Her mind started to wander over her illogical life. College girl turns prostitute and winds up in a hotel with six current and former clients, people who paid her money for the use of her body, none of whom did she know at the end of the school term, and it turns out that she's among six out of her ten favorite friends in the world. What are the odds? She knew without any doubt that when she returned to school she'd miss them all. At least all but Jason because she vowed that she was going to continue seeing him. She knew he was completely in love with her and she suspected the same feeling might be growing in her.

The only thing she hadn't quite figured out yet was how he could have grown emotionally so much in the last six weeks. He had seemed a typical nervous insecure teenager then but somehow he had morphed into an adult with so much self-confidence that he honestly didn't seem to mind the fact that the use of her mouth and pussy was probably going to be offered to a business contact as a party favor that evening.

After drying herself she went out on the balcony to catch some sun. Bruce was already out there reclining on a pile of pillows. Lisa sat in the lounge and used his chest as a footrest. It didn't take him long to awaken and begin sucking her toes. Lisa looked down at him as she said, "You know, you're only average looking."

Bruce laughed. "I'm not sure, should I thank you? Was that a compliment?"

"I wouldn't think so. I just don't want you to get too large a head."

Bruce chuckled, "Translation, please?"

"It's just that you can't help but be aware that, technique-wise, you're the best lover I've ever come across. You can make me feel parts of my pussy I wasn't aware that I had! Places I've never even found masturbating and you don't have the biggest cock in town."

Bruce was still grinning as he replied, "Now that one I'm pretty sure was a compliment!

You fallen in love yet?"

Lisa rotated her big toe in Bruce's mouth. "Maybe, I'm not sure yet."

"He sure as Hell is off the deep end over you!"

"Well he's supposed to be isn't he? I'm a professional whore so I'd better be able to captivate an eighteen-year-old boy shouldn't I?

I must admit I'm awfully impressed by him."

"You going to continue whoring after you get back to school?" Bruce's lips began traveling up the inside of her thigh.

Lisa would have purred had she been capable. "Hmmmm, another good question. Probably not, I never really needed the money. Think Rick'll invite me back for next year's cruise?"

"If he doesn't, then call me. My wife and I will hire you for the entire summer."

A voice from the doorway said, "Oh Lisa'll be invited for sure but after what I just heard I don't know about you, Bruce. I don't like competition.

Anyhow, it's time we all started getting ready if we want to get to the restaurant on time to meet Carlo and his entourage."

"Me first in the shower!" Lisa jumped up.

Rick turned to join her, "You were just in the shower!"

"Yeah, before Bruce started eating my pussy and making me cream myself."

Bruce, Rick, Philippe, and Jason were starting on their second round of drinks when the girls appeared. The three of them made their entrance together and some wood was certainly growing.

Philippe finally said, "Mes ami, now we depart."

When they entered the restaurant Lisa immediately needed a lady's room and Angie showed her the way. As they touched up their make-up Angie said, "If you get the opportunity, flirt with the business manager as opposed to the Count. Liz wound up with Carlo and she said he was 'just alright' but I can attest from firsthand experience that the manager can fuck all night and he knows what he's doing."

As Angie and Lisa approached the table someone apparently said something funny because the entire group erupted with laughter. Lisa stopped in her tracks as she began muttering, "Shit, shit, shit, motherfucker, asshole, sonofabitch, shit..."

"Are you feeling alright?" Angie had returned to check on her friend.

Lisa had her fists clenched and was muttering to herself, "Gotta think, gotta think..." She looked at her friend. "The guy on the left in the blue suit, that's the one you fucked all night?"

Angie's one word answer had a question mark built into it. Yeah?

Lisa nodded and said, "He's mine." as she walked on toward the table. She came up to the business advisor from behind and leaned over to kiss his cheek as she whispered in his ear. "Act moderately surprised to see me but don't create a scene if you don't want to lose face and embarrass yourself. After five minutes excuse yourself for the men's room and we'll talk."

Lisa stood and rounded the table to her chair which Philippe was holding for her. As she sat she said, "Arthur you can't just keep surprising me like this." She turned and said to the table, "This is the second time this summer I've run into Arthur. The last time we were together he was a very naughty boy. Later on this evening I'm going to have to punish him."

Angie pretty much knew Lisa's schedule since she had joined the agency and couldn't figure out where Lisa and Arthur might have met. From the look on his face it wasn't an enjoyable coupling. His teeth were clenched and his facial muscles were locked as he muttered a barely civil, "Good to see you again."

Angie also picked up on the fact that three minutes after Arthur had excused himself from the table Lisa felt compelled to revisit the ladies' room. Something was definitely going on and she couldn't fathom what.

When Lisa entered the hall she spotted Arthur standing outside the men's room. She caught his eye and turned left to walk toward the parking lot. There was a Florentine fountain off the path to the entrance and Lisa waited there. As she heard his steps near her she spun around to face him. "Daddy if you start shouting then I'll start crying and neither of us will be composed enough to resume the charade we need to play if your big deal is to stay on track. If you'll let me I'd like to explain."

Arthur's fists were still clenched to the point of his fingernails digging into the flesh of his palm. Lisa was sure that his jaw had to hurt from the force with which he was clenching his teeth. He opened them long enough to utter one word, "Speak."

"I had this summer all planned. All my friends and I were going to Cozumel and I was going to lose my virginity while the surf of the Pacific Ocean lapped at my newly pedicured toes. Then Mom tells me I can't go because we're all going to the cabin for some trout fishing and family bonding. So after I cancel all my Mexican plans she calls to tell me that the cabin trip is off 'cause you guys are going to Lake Como and I wasn't invited. It was already too late for me to uncancel my cancelled plans so I was left alone while practically everyone I knew was going somewhere without me. I was sooo depressed I almost considered going to summer school when I heard about an opening at an "entertainment" company which supplied party girls to special functions all over the world. I knew a girl who'd been working for them for a couple of years and was assured that it was completely safe and I'd wind up going to the best places with some great people...

So I did it. So far I've been on a cruise from Miami to Caracas; from Bermuda to Portugal and on sailing through the Riviera to Monaco. I flew from Monaco to Switzerland two days ago and wound up across the table from you tonight.

Daddy I'm not denying anything. If you want to call me a whore It'll hurt, but I won't disagree with you. Remember this though, Daddy, when I think over everything I've done this summer and compare it with spending the summer picking up an extra nine credits...

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