tagRomanceLisa, The Amazon Destroyer

Lisa, The Amazon Destroyer


Edited by Michael-Leonard

The following story is the third in a trilogy. The first two stories were by a writer named American Boxer posted in 2005 and 2006 on another site, with the promise of a third story. I have searched for the final story but have never found it. In fact I haven't found anything by this author posted after the second story. I felt that the story line was very good and the characters were worth pursuing to the conclusion. Therefore, I'd like to write the final story as I would have liked it. My apology to the author, if this isn't where he wanted to take the story.

Chapter 1

A year ago, I entered a tough man contest run by the university. It was to take the format of boxing tournament, as opposed to a no-rules street-fighting sort of thing. I figured because I was a real good boxer that I had a pretty good chance of winning. That was before I met Lisa.

She stood six feet two and weighed two hundred and five pounds. She was a large girl, well muscled and nicely curved. As for me, I'm Bob; I'm five-eight and weighed one hundred and sixty five pounds. I'm in real good shape and well-muscled, but next to her I looked like a runt. Worse still, my weight put me in the heavier of the two classes, along with Lisa.

I remember when I entered the tournament, those running it didn't want a girl to compete. I argued that if she wanted to compete she should be allowed to. That was before I saw her. They even tried to dissuade her from competing by insisting that she wear the same type clothes that the male fighters wore; shorts and shoes with no shirt.

I'll save you the gruesome details, but basically she destroyed me in a little over a minute and a half. I came out of the fight with a broken nose, two black eyes and assorted bruises over my entire upper body. Lisa, on the other hand, hardly broke a sweat; the only blood on her was mine. Two days later she fought a guy in the semi finals; he lasted about thirty seconds. He made the mistake of looking at her tits instead of at her fists.

The finals were held a few days later. It was a classic case of a puncher taking out a boxer. Lisa was actually behind on points after the first round. Her opponent was six feet four and faster than she was. Although he didn't possess a knockout punch, he hit her repeatedly with sharp jabs that bloodied her nose and blackened her eye. But eventually she cornered him and rendered him helpless with several brutal body shots, and knocked him out halfway through the second round.

Of her four fights, the one with me was the second longest. She was big, extremely strong and brutal; almost sadistic. She essentially seemed to not just want to win; she wanted to destroy her opponent. She took particular joy in breaking each fighter's nose. We all walked around campus with our noses bandaged and wore sunglasses to hide the bruising we had suffered.

Inexplicably, I looked forward to fighting her again; I guess I'm more of a masochist than I thought.

Chapter 2

Going into the second semester of my senior year, I found myself short three credits in the natural sciences for fulfilling my requirements for graduation. Looking over the classes available, I found a geology course that sounded interesting and would not require a lot of work other than actual class time. When classes resumed after the break, I took a seat in the back of the room. I was just sitting there daydreaming waiting for the instructor, when a husky female voice asked,

"Is this seat taken?"

I looked up and recognized Lisa immediately. She's very hard to forget.

"Oh, I know you; I fought you last year in the tournament. How are you doing?"

"Fine, " I said. I stuck out my hand and said my name: "Bob, Bob Wilson. Congratulations on winning the tournament, Champ."

She took my hand shook it with a firm grip and said,

"Thanks, Thanks a lot. Listen I'm really sorry for busting you up like that but I was on a mission of sorts; no hard feelings."

"No hard feelings. I always say, if you can't stand the heat don't go in the kitchen."

Just then the instructor came in and class began. Just as I thought, there would be a midterm and a final; one textbook and -- if you came to class, paid attention, took good notes -- you'd pass the course with no problem.

As class ended, Lisa stood and asked me if I had time to join her for a cup of coffee. It sounded good to me so we walked across the campus to a small coffee shop and ordered a cup. I noticed while we were walking that every one we passed gave us plenty of room. It seemed that Lisa was well known and feared on campus.

Over coffee I got to know this blonde Amazon better. She seemed cheerful, funny, smart and -- above all -- sexy as hell. We had been talking for about an hour, when she looked down at her watch.

"Shit, I have a class in fifteen minutes. It was really nice to finally meet you. Call me," and she wrote her number on my book and ran out of the shop.

'I certainly would', I thought.

In fact, I called her the next day and asked if she wanted to go to out to dinner.

"I have a better idea, why don't you come over to my place and I'll make you dinner; how's 7:00 on Friday?"

"Can I bring a bottle of wine?"

"That would be nice; make it Chianti, we'll be having lasagna."

She gave me the address; a two family house, not far from the campus.

On Friday, I walked over to her place. On the way my mind wandered back to the tournament; how brutal she was, how totally dominant.

'Be careful, I thought. Be on your best behavior, this is one woman you don't want to piss off. '

I got to the house right at 7:00, rang the bell and stepped back. A tall, lean redhead answered the door, "I remember you. You gave Lisa a pretty good fight last year; come on in. Lisa's in her room changing."

I looked at her for a moment; then I remembered: "You were Lisa's second as I recall, and you're being too kind about the fight; she destroyed me as I remember it."

"Yes, but she destroyed everyone last year. She remembered the fight against you; she said you actually hurt her with a couple of your punches. She said if you hadn't gotten careless the fight might have gone differently. By the way, I'm Karen."


Just then, I heard Lisa come into the room, I turned and my heart skipped a beat. There she stood, all six feet two of her, dressed in a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt, the traditional dress of college students. But she took it to all new levels. The shirt was straining to contain her ample breasts and her massive biceps.

"Jeez Lisa, what are you trying to do, give the poor guy a heart attack? I'll be back on Monday, Lisa. Nice seeing you again, Bob. Have fun, you two. " With that she laughed and ran out the door.

"Your roommate?"

"My sister. I tell you all about her later. Come on into the kitchen, you can help with the salad and the bread."

I followed her into the kitchen, marveling at her body. Even in her bare feet, she was almost six inches taller than me. She had to outweigh me by forty pounds, and that was all muscle. The shirt was stretched to its limit across her back and her jeans hung low on her shapely hips accenting her ass as she walked.

'Down boy; take it easy, I thought. Only if you're invited can you come out and play.'

As instructed, I cut up the lettuce, a cucumber, some celery, and added in some cherry tomatoes. I poured some Italian dressing over the salad and tossed gently. I put the bowl in the fridge and sliced some of the Italian bread, placing it in a basket. Meanwhile Lisa was finishing up the lasagna. She put it in the oven, set the timer, and set the table. I grabbed the bottle of wine, opening it to let it breathe.

"Why don't you pour us each a glass of wine, and we'll move into the living room."

I grabbed the glasses and sat on the sofa, placing the glasses on coasters on the coffee table. Lisa joined me, put her feet up on the table, and began to tell me about her sister and the tournament.

"Karen already knows that I'm going to tell you about her; she's OK with it. Karen is my big sister. I have always adored and looked up to her. She was pretty, intelligent and had a bubbly personality. Three years ago she was a senior here. On Friday night, during the rush weekend for the fraternities, she was coming back here after an evening of studying at the library. As she walked along fraternity row, she spotted a couple of classmates who invited her in for a beer. She went in, had a beer, and talked with some of the guys. The house was really packed with students from the campus and other frat brothers."

"Sometime during the party, the guys who had invited her in lost track of her; they figured she had had enough and left. Late the next morning they found her in a 'no-tell motel', naked. The police figured that she had been raped by three different guys. They found cum in her pussy, all over her face and tits and up her ass. Worst of all, she couldn't even tell us who she was with, what they looked like or anything. She had been given some sort of date rape drug, and remembered nothing from the time she left the library to the time a maid found her tied over the back of a chair. The police tried everything; they even had her hypnotized. I was there for that; it was the most disturbing thing I ever watched. To see your sister acting out the scene of her rape; on her knees on the bed, legs spread wide, as if she was straddling one guy; holding her ass cheeks open for a second, and her head thrown back her mouth wide open. They figured that the three guys all had her at the same time. When the doctor woke her up she had no memory of the incident at all. It took two years of therapy to bring her back to her former self. She knows what happened to her and has accepted it. She hasn't had a relationship with a man since before it happened. I've taken it upon myself to be her protector and her avenger. If she ever does remember who did it to her, the cops better get to them before I do."

I could see the anger bubbling up from within; her fists were clenched, her knuckles turning white.

"That's why I entered the tournament last year. In my mind, if the rapists were students here, there was a chance that they might still be students and maybe one of them entered the tournament as well. That was why I not only wanted to win it; I wanted to punish each guy I faced. I projected the face of her unknown rapists onto my opponents. That's why I broke each guy's nose, why I held them up as much as possible and continued to beat them even though they were already out cold. After the tournament I was given an album with pictures from all the fights. I was horrified at what I had done to these guys, they didn't deserve that; you didn't deserve that."

I could see the tears welling up in her eyes; I moved over and held her until she calmed down.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?"

"You're already forgiven."

With a smile on her face, she wiped the tears from her eyes and said,

"Come on; bring your wine, let's eat."

We sat, had a marvelous dinner, she really was a great cook. The more I gazed into those blue eyes of hers, the more I fell in love.

We finished dinner, washed the dishes and cleaned up, then returned to the living room sofa.

The wine, the great food and the wonderful company set the mood. Soon we were in each other's arms, kissing and gently rubbing bodies. I was still aware of the power that this woman possessed and was more reserved than I normally would have been. I think she sensed it and thought that something was wrong.

"I blew it again, didn't I?" Lisa moaned. "I meet a really nice guy and I intimidate him to the point that he dumps me."

"No, you don't understand. I really like you a lot; I just don't want to do anything to jeopardize our relationship. You are more woman than I've ever met before. Yes, I know what you're capable of, but I also see a beautiful, fragile woman, who needs to be treated carefully, with tenderness and compassion."

"Bob, I'm a little scared; I've never really had a boyfriend before. I like you, too. I liked you from the moment I saw you at ringside after I won the championship. Boxing is easy; relationships are hard. I need to be loved; will you spend the night?"

I stood, took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom. I kissed her gently, allowing my kisses to travel to her neck. I felt her hands fumbling with the button of my jeans. She pulled my shirt up over my head and fell to her knees and pulled down my jeans and then my briefs. My cock was already rock hard and pointed right at her face.

"It's beautiful," she said, taking it into her hand.

"It's so hard, yet soft to the touch." She began to move her hand back and forth.

"Lisa, if you don't stop soon, I'm going to explode."

She stood up at that point and allowed me to undo her jeans. I pulled them down, over her feet, and then reached for her panties. I took them off as well, marveling at her muscular legs. I leaned in and planted little kisses and licks all along her outer lips. Her pussy was already dripping wet. She had a prominent clit which, without warning, I took in between my lips and whipped with my tongue. That sent her over the edge. I grabbed her ass, I could feel her clench her glutes as she placed a hand on the back of my head and began to hump my face. After a minute or so she calmed down enough to allow me to stand. She laughed when she saw my face wet with her juices. I reached out to try to take off her t-shirt but it was too tight.

"Here, let me help." She grabbed it with both hands at the neckline and just tore it from her body. She used it to wipe my face, and then stood there naked. I'd already seen and felt her breasts during our fight. This took it to a whole new level.

"You are so beautiful."

I allowed her to pull me on to the bed; I got up between her legs.

"Be gentle my love," she said, "this is my first time."

It seemed strange that a woman who was so strong, who could inflict so much pain and destruction on a man, could be so delicate. I placed my cock at the entrance and gently began to insert it a little at a time. I encountered no resistance, but she was incredibly tight. When I was finally all the way in she looked at me with those gorgeous blue eyes,

"I love you," she said.

I began to rhythmically pull out and push back in, slowly at first then with increased urgency. She grabbed my ass in her hands and tried to stuff my entire body into her pussy. I was close, she was closer; with a shudder and a scream she came just as I began to spurt my cum into her. After a few moments I collapsed on her chest, buried to the hilt in her still pulsating pussy.

She wrapped those big arms around me and I felt like a baby in the arms of his mother, all safe and protected. My eyes closed and I fell into a peaceful sleep. I awoke a few minutes later, lifted my head and kissed her lips.

"I love you. I will always love you."

She squeezed me tight and we fell asleep.

We never left the apartment that weekend, in fact, we never even dressed, she was insatiable; but I tried my best.

Monday morning, Karen returned, she found us asleep in each other's arms and announced her presence loudly.

"Well, I guess you two had a very good time indeed."

She walked back to the kitchen and made coffee while we showered and dressed.

Chapter 3

That was the start of our relationship. We would meet for breakfast, go to class together, arrange to study together, and in the evening work out together. I was amazed at the strength she possessed. Watching her work the heavy bag, her muscles straining with each punch, her skin glistening with sweat, I couldn't help getting aroused. After our workouts, we would shower and go back to her place, sometimes just to hang on the sofa, talk with Karen, or watch TV, or more often than not we would head to her bedroom, where we would make love. If Karen was home, it would be tender and sweet; but if we had the place to ourselves, Lisa would dominate me, trying to pound my body right through the mattress. Either way I never complained.

When we saw the flyer announcing the upcoming boxing tournament, we knew we had a problem. We both wanted to enter and, more importantly, we both wanted to win. Lisa was the defending champion, and I wanted to redeem myself from last year's embarrassing defeat.

"What are we going to do, Bobby? I want to defend my championship; but I don't want to fight you again."

"Well, who says we'll have too. One of us might lose before we ever have a chance to meet."

"True, but what if we have to fight against each other in the first round?"

"If that's the case then we fight; and I want you to promise me right now that if we do, that you will try your hardest to win. I promise you that I will do the same. If you don't, the win would mean nothing."

"I don't want to hurt you; but OK, I'll do my best."

"Good, now finish your coffee, and we can go over to the gym and file our entry forms."

When we entered the gym, there was already a good-sized group of guys doing the same thing. I thought I detected a couple of groans as we approached. I knew they weren't because of me. Apparently some of the prospective fighters had seen the results of last year's tournament and had hoped that Lisa was not going to participate.

We looked over the rules, noting that the dress code had been changed, requiring any female participant to wear a sports bra.

I heard a guy from behind me telling his buddy,

"Nuts, I was hoping to get a good look at her tits, while I was beating her ass."

I turned ready to start something, when I felt Lisa's large hand grip me on the shoulder.

"Down, tiger; this is not the time or the place. I'm sure one of us will get a chance to change his attitude."

It was probably a good thing that Lisa had stopped me, the guy with the big mouth was one of the football players, a defensive lineman, and he was at least six feet five and probably weighed close to two hundred and fifty pounds.

After we were done, we went to our classes, and fell back into our normal routine. A week later, they posted the fight brackets for the two divisions. We looked over the brackets noting that although we were in the same weight class -- lucky me I made the cutoff by five pounds -- we would not have to fight each other until the championship bout, assuming we both made it that far. I did note, however, that Lisa would be fighting the big mouth in the quarterfinals.

"That's perfect, I couldn't have asked for anything better," Lisa exclaimed with joy.

Chapter 4

The first round of bouts would take place on Saturday afternoon. Each bout would consist of four three-minute rounds with a minute in between rounds, and would be scored by three judges on a round basis, with the referee's scorecard being used only to break a tie. We would be fighting with ten-ounce gloves this year, primarily to help protect the fighters. I have no doubt that the four broken noses Lisa had given to her opponents last year had something to do with that change.

Saturday morning I woke up early, ran a little to help clear my head, and laid out my strategy for my first fight. I called Lisa and we arranged to meet at the coffee shop before heading to the gym. As the reigning champion, Lisa was the scheduled to fight first; I was next to last.

I had a ringside seat. I watched her opponent warming up in his corner, he looked pretty tough, but I could tell he had no formal boxing training. He would be dead meat by the end of the first round. Lisa made her entrance moments later, with Karen as her second. As she entered the ring, she glanced over in my direction and blew me a kiss, which I returned with a kiss of my own and an "I love you."

She removed her robe and flexed her muscles to the sounds of applause from the crowd; almost fifty percent were women. There were some boos as well; some from males in the crowd that remembered what she had done last year, and some from those who were hoping to get a look at her tits. They were only slightly disappointed, however, because the sports bra that she was wearing was white, stretched to its limit and, was already soaked with sweat, making it almost see- through.

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