tagLoving WivesLisa Tries a Strip Club

Lisa Tries a Strip Club

bygreek goddess©

This is a quasi-true story based on the several different trips up north to visit the same club and one special dancer. I hope you enjoy it.

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We'd had a long lunch with plenty to drink before Lisa dropped me at the front door, and headed off toward the bar a mile down the road. I'd told her to give me half an hour before she came back, and to wait in the parking lot. "Drive carefully" I said to her as I closed the door and entered the dimly lit strip club.

I stepped inside and waited a second, letting my eyes adjust from the brilliant Canadian sunshine to the dark interior of the strip club. It was two-thirty in the afternoon and predictably the place was virtually empty, with maybe twenty men sprinkled about the bar. Ten or so strippers casually sauntered around and two waitresses lounged at the bar, mostly killing time before the late afternoon rush. Once I could see clearly, I made my way to a far corner and took a seat beside the wall and noticed for the first time the girl up on stage, gyrating to a slow song.

As I took my seat, I looked around the place. It was large, capable of holding 400 or 500 people and was tastefully decorated, with plush carpet and comfortable tables and chairs sprinkled around the seating area. The black lighting coupled with the black walls and ceilings provided a very dim atmosphere, similar to that of a planetarium or dark movie theatre. The stage, however, was well lit and set against one wall as the focal point of the bar. The dancers entered down a flight of marble stairs at the side, and performed three songs around the large spacious stage. As the three dances progressed, the woman would gradually shed her clothes and become more suggestive. From dancing around the stage clothed in a tight skirt and top in the first song, she would eventually progress by the third song to being fully naked and rolling around on a silk sheet, simulating torrid sex and masturbating herself for the audience.

As the girl on stage slowly rolled about, her legs spread and hips pumping at the air while her hands worked at her cunt to gently masturbate herself, I quickly looked her over to see if she would be suitable. She had long blonde hair, a pretty face, long toned legs and small firm breasts. As she slowly rolled onto her knees, her ass high in the air and aimed at the audience as she worked at her pussy, you could see her butt was well developed from the hours spent bending and arching for her lap-dancing clients.

"Hi there, honey. My name's Sue. What can I get you?" The question from the waitress snapped me out of my trance. As she smiled down on me and leaned into the table, I could see that they took as much care in hiring their waitresses as they did their dancers. She was a beauty, with reddish brown hair and a killer smile. Her large firm breasts jutted against her tight white halter-top, and her black stockings started at her high heels and ran all the way up to her tight black shorts. "Hi" I replied. "Just a bottle of Blue, thanks Sue."

She disappeared back to the bar, and I looked around at the dancers as they casually circulated around the seating area, looking for lap dances. By any standards, almost all were gorgeous, blondes and brunettes alike dressed in sexy lingerie and high heels. There were all shapes and sizes represented from shorter petite women to taller, more voluptuous girls. But given that they make their living using their bodies, they all had one thing in common: they were all in great shape.

"Here you go, honey" the waitress smiled as she set the beer down. "That'll be $4.50."

As I fished my wallet out of my pocket, I seized my opportunity. "So what's the deal for dancers here?" I asked casually.

Sue sat down beside me. "Well, a table dance here is $20, and there's only limited touching. Or, you can go to the members lounge with one of the girls and enjoy a little more privacy. Personally, I think the lounge area is well worth it. It's a $100 cover, but then the dances are the same price. But there's a minimum of ten dances if you go back there with a girl."

"And what's it like inside the members area, Sue?" I asked, wanting to make sure it would be okay.

"Well, you passed it right at the front entrance when you came in. There are about ten enclosed booths inside it," she explained "each with a small couch and candle light so you can get very comfortable. It's very private and nobody can see what's going on. I think you'd like it" she smiled.

I pulled out a twenty-dollar bill and passed it to her, indicating that she should keep the change. "Thanks. That's very generous" she smiled.

"No problem" I said, and then leaned closer and started to explain the situation. "Sue, my wife has always wanted to try a strip club. Do any of the girls here do dances for women?"

Sue smiled. "Honey, they absolutely love doing dances for women. Most of them spend their working lives surrounded by beautiful women, and almost all of them are bisexual. And you gotta remember, these girls get some pretty ugly guys in here, so feeling a good looking woman up against them is a nice change. And looking at you, I know you're wife is beautiful."

"She is" I replied. "She's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen," I told her truthfully. "But is it common, or will she feel out of place?" I queried, wanting to make sure this would be a good experience for Lisa.

"Oh, it's pretty common" Sue reassured. "I'd say we get five or six couples in every day, so people are pretty use to it. Most of them are content to watch the stage show and maybe have a lap dance out in the general area, but probably two or three a night go back into the members area for more privacy. But I wouldn't worry if I were her. It's so dark in here that nobody's going to see anything, and nobody will ever recognise her."

Feeling better, I took the next step. "Tell me, are there any girls here you'd recommend for her?" I asked.

"Well, there's a few who work during the day I'd recommend and there's a couple more who start work at 6:00. What time did you and your wife want to come in?" Sue asked.

"Well, she'll be here in ten minutes" I informed her.

"Ah, right, well, we'd better get to it. Any particular look your wife likes?" Sue asked, clearly having been through this before.

"Well, she's quite partial to voluptuous but firm bodies. And if they're dark-haired and slightly raunchy, so much the better."

Sue glanced around at the dancers milling about the crowd. "How about Jasmine over there?" she nodded, indicating a red-haired young-looking girl of about twenty dressed in knee-high boots and a leather bodice. The girl was certainly gorgeous, being about 5'10" tall with a tight firm body.

"Beautiful, but maybe too young" I replied. "Someone perhaps with a little more experience."

"Mmmm, OK. Let me think for a second." Her eyes cast around the bar, seeking someone suitable. "Voluptuous you said, and slightly slutty right?"

"Yeah, about a 36C but a firm body. And she has to be gorgeous." I said.

"And is this for a dance here, or in the members lounge?"

"Members lounge, definitely." I stated.

"Wait here for a second, honey. I've got a girl in mind. Let me go see if she's busy." Sue got up and disappeared into the distance. I looked back to the stage and watched as a Californian blonde was into the final song of her set and sat on her knees, her legs spread, while slowly caressing her nipples in front of the audience. She pulled one breast to her mouth and began to delicately lick her nipple with one hand while casually moving the other between her legs to stroke her clit. She let her breast fall, and gently moved back so that she was sitting on her ass with her legs spread toward the audience and bent slightly as she fingered her clit. Her head tilted back as she stroked her cunt, her blonde hair cascading down her back and her breasts heaving as she simulated her orgasm. Her pussy glistened in the spotlight, and she smiled as she gave herself a few final strokes at the end of her song before getting to her feet and disappearing up the stairs.

"Honey, this is Tera" I heard Sue say. I looked up to see a beauty standing in front of me. She was about 5'6", and was supported by four-inch spiked heels. Her legs were wrapped in hold-up black stockings that ran up to her toned thighs. A black leather g-string held her pussy snugly and her stomach was firm, but not muscled, smoothly arcing up towards her breasts. Her tits were large and firm, and were clearly all-natural and not enhanced. They were held by a black leather bra that matched her g-string.

"Hi, I understand you have a special request today." Tera smiled as she slowly turned around. "I hope I'll do," she purred over her shoulder as she let me see her back. Her ass, thighs and calves were exquisite, being toned from days spent dancing and bending. She tossed her long dark hair over her shoulder and smiled sexily, a smile that any bikini model would be proud of. "What do you think?" she asked smiling as she settled in beside me.

"Whew" I whistled. "You are stunning. You look remarkably like Tera Patrick, the porn star."

"Why do you think I use Tera as my dancing name?" the woman smiled as she turned back towards me.

"Good point." I replied catching on. "Listen, has Sue explained everything to you?" I asked.

"Yes, she has. There's no problem there."

The waitress leaned into us. "What do you think, honey?"

"She's perfect Sue. But I want this to be really good for my wife. Do you really like dancing for women, Tera?"

"I love it, babe. There's nothing that makes me hotter than having a hot couple get worked up over me. But tell me about her."

"Lisa's gorgeous." I started. "She's about as tall as you with brown hair and a similar body. And she has the best breasts I've ever seen."

"Mmmm, she sounds nice. Tell me, has she ever done this before? Or been with a woman?"

"No, but she's really curious. And I really want this to be a good experience for her."

"That's no problem" the dancer assured. "I'll go as fast or slow as she wants, and make sure she's totally relaxed. I'll treat her like a queen for the day. Tell me, am I dancing for just her or for the two of you?"

"Let's start with just her, and see how it goes."

"Fair enough. When will she be here?"

I looked at my watch and noticed that Lisa should have arrived back five minutes ago. That is, if she held her nerve. "She should be waiting outside." I told the two women.

"Why don't you go get her" Sue started, "and take her straight into the members area. You'll see the entrance on your right just as you enter the bar. I'll go get some drinks and we'll see you in there."

The two women got up and moved off towards the bar, while I watched them go. Two gorgeous asses swayed away, one encased in a tight spandex shorts, the other with a thin strip of leather running down her crack and disappearing between her tanned thighs.

I quickly drained my beer, adjusted my stiff cock in my pants and made my way to the door. The afternoon sunlight momentarily blinded me, but I looked around the lot and quickly spotted our rental car. Lisa was holding up a newspaper high around herself, making sure no one could see who was behind it. I rapped on the passenger window, and she let me in.

I moved over and put my arm around her and gave her a deep kiss. "Well, it's all set-up. There's hardly anyone in there and we've got a totally private booth."

"Oh god, I don't know," Lisa hesitated. "What if someone sees us?"

"Lisa, there's only about twenty guys in there, and the place is the size of a hockey rink. Besides, as soon as we go in, we just duck into the private area that's right by the front door. No one will have a chance to see us."

"Did you arrange for a dancer?" Lisa asked shyly.

"I did. Her name's Tera, she loves dancing for women and couples, and she's gorgeous."

"Tell me about her" Lisa whispered, snuggling into me. Clearly she'd had a few more gin and tonics at the bar while she'd been waiting and now I knew she'd go through with it. I let my hand wander up the leg of her shorts and started to caress her ass as I kissed my way up and down her neck and whispered in her ear.

"She's about your height, with a toned body. She's got large natural breasts, and she's wearing a black leather bikini. Her legs are gorgeous, she's got a great ass, long dark shiny hair, she's wearing bright red lipstick and she looks like a model. And..." I paused for effect " she loves the sound of you."

"Oh Christ, she sounds nice" Lisa moaned. "OK, let's do it. But you stay with me, OK?"

"Of course, babe. I wouldn't miss a second."

We entered the club, and I guided Lisa quickly into the private members area. It was deserted except for our hostess. "Hi Lisa, I'm Sue. Come on this way."

We followed the waitress into one of the booths, and sank into the sofa. I wrapped an arm around my wife's shoulders and gave her a squeeze. Lisa took off her dark glasses and glanced around. The booth was about ten-by-ten, and its walls extended up to about eight feet high, over which the music from the dance floor drifted in. The entranceway to the booth didn't have a door due to city regulations, but it was aimed toward the corner of the private lounge so that no-one could see in. Besides, the area was discretely lit by one lone candle burning in the corner of the booth, so nothing could be seen. The sofa was pushed against the wall, leaving an open area in front of us, and I stretched my legs out while Lisa smiled nervously.

"Here's a couple of gin and tonics," our hostess said. As she placed Lisa's drink on the table beside her, Sue leaned into Lisa. "Lisa, you're going to love this. Try not to be nervous. Tera does this day in and day out, and she'll be totally comfortable with the situation. I've had her dance for me a lot of times, and she's the best. Just relax and enjoy it. And if there's anything you need, just press the button here and I'll come round" she said, indicating the button on the side tables before she left.

Lisa reached over and took a large gulp of her drink before looking up at me. "God, this isn't what I imagined. This place is kinda nice, not seedy like I expected. But I'm still pretty nervous." She took another gulp and was just placing it down when Tera appeared at the door of the booth and stepped inside.

"Hi, I'm Tera. You must be Lisa" the dancer smiled, crouching down in front of my wife and placing her hand on Lisa's knee. Tera looked up at my wife and then down her body, drinking in Lisa's beauty. "You're just as beautiful as your husband said you are, Lisa."

"Thanks. So are you" my wife offered nervously.

"You're sweet, honey" the dancer replied smiling. "Before we get started, I just want you to know that if you get uncomfortable with anything, just let me know and we'll stop. Your man wants this to be a great experience for you, and so do I. Alright?" My wife nodded hesitantly. As a new song started, Tera smiled up at Lisa, then shifted up and whispered into my wife's ear "God, you are a stunner. I've never danced for anyone as beautiful as you before. I think I'm really going to enjoy this."

With my arm around her, I could feel Lisa tremble as the woman nuzzled her neck then pulled away, stood up and started to sway slowly in front of us, all the time looking directly into my wife's eyes. Her hands ran up her legs and over the straps of her g-string around her hips, till they finally cupped her leather-covered breasts. She smiled seductively at Lisa from beneath her dark hair, and then slowly turned away from us. Lisa looked over at me, and smiled quickly. "God, she's gorgeous" she whispered in my ear, and then gave me a quick kiss on my cheek before turning back to the stripper in front of us.

Tera had bundled her long dark hair in her hands on top of her head, and was looking back over her shoulder at Lisa's reaction as she swayed her ass in time to the music. "Do you like my ass Lisa?" she asked. "Would you like to feel it later?" Her hips continued to slowly gyrate, rhythmically riding some imaginary cock. The stripper slowly bent over, grasping her ankles and looking back at my wife as she exposed her near naked ass and pussy to her.

My wife quietly let the air whistle between her teeth as she watched the dancer tantalise us by rubbing her hands leisurely over her smooth ass, gradually pulling her cheeks apart and then squeezing them together again. Only the merest strip of leather covered her ass and the round pucker of her anus could be seen clearly on either side of it.

The dancer turned back to us and knelt down to gently pried Lisa's legs apart. Lisa hesitated, looking at me, but I nodded reassuringly and my wife let her knees separate. Tera gracefully turned away and sat back on the edge of the sofa between my wife's legs, her ass in contact with Lisa's spread crotch. Lisa smiled hesitantly, and looked over at me as if to say 'Whew'.

The stripper gathered her hair in her hands again, looked over her shoulder at my wife who was wide-eyed with surprise, shifted back and started to grind her ass against my wife's pussy as if Lisa were fucking her from behind. Lisa gasped and placed her hands on the woman's hips, pulling at her and letting herself touch another woman sexually for the first time.

Tera was a pro, her dark hair cascading down her back as she shook her head and ground her hips against my wife's cunt. She alternated between insistent front-to-back motions, then switched to slow, sensuous circular grindings as she looked back to watch my wife's reaction. Lisa's eyes were almost shut now, and I'm sure she was already close to cumming already as she imagined fucking this hot slut.

But Tera wanted to draw the experience out and make it memorable. The dancer slowed the pace of her hips, then gradually leaned back into my wife and pressed her back into Lisa's firm tits. Her head rested on Lisa's shoulder as she turned to look into my wife's eyes. "Do you like that Lisa? Would you like to fuck me like that?" she breathed as she circled her ass against Lisa's pussy. My wife could only nod in response, and pull the woman's hips harder against her crotch as she tried to reach a climax.

Still lying back into my wife, Tera stopped her grinding and moved her hands up to her own leather-clad breasts, diverting Lisa's attention. She squeezed and cupped her tits as my wife, her chin resting on the dancer's shoulder, peered down into the cleavage of the woman's bikini top. Tera slowly stood up, and turned to face my wife again. As she continued to slowly gyrate back and forth to the music, she slowly bent over from the waist just inches in front of us, so that her firm tits hung down, bulging against the small bikini top. "Do you like women with large breasts, Lisa?" Tera breathed, as she slowly massaged each globe through the leather. "Would you like to suck on a pair of nice firm tits, baby?"

I felt my wife take a deep breath and slowly exhale as she nodded quickly. Tera cupped them for a few more seconds, then slowly knelt in front of Lisa, reached behind her own back and undid her leather bikini top. She let it slowly fall away, exposing her 36C tits to my wife and I. "Do you like them Lisa?" she asked coyly looking up at my wife while massaging her mounds together. Lisa nodded, this time venturing an 'Mmm hmm'.

Tera gently took Lisa's knees and moved them apart so she could move closer again. She reached forward and pulled my wife's hips toward her so that Lisa was slumping down slightly against the back of the couch. Once my wife's legs were wide apart, Tera took advantage of the fact that Lisa was wearing shorts and began nuzzling Lisa's legs, starting at her inside knee and working her way north. She licked lightly at my wife's soft inner thigh, and then looked up mischievously at her. The dancer kept sliding up till her breasts rested at my wife's pussy, her face now level with Lisa's own large breasts. Tera reached forward to grasp my wife's hips, and then leaned her chest into Lisa's crotch so that her voluptuous tits pressed against my wife's cunt. "What do you think so far, baby?" the stripper asked seductively, as she began to slowly massage my wife's groin with her firm breasts. Lisa could only moan in response.

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