tagInterracial LoveLisa's Awakening

Lisa's Awakening


This fantasy had been the subject of all my sexual imagination for years. It was the only thing that occupied my mind while having sex. I could not get the image out of my mind of my wife having sex with a well-hung black guy.

I had brought the subject up to my prim and proper wife on several occasions. She had gotten very upset at the suggestion. Let me describe my wife Lisa. She is 42 and the mother of our two children. She is no longer trim and svelte. She has added a few pounds in our 17-year marriage. She is a little round in the middle and has D cup breasts. She was a lot more fun when I met her. She would actually drink and party back then. Our sex life was very exciting back then. She would even at times get a little wild. Since the birth of our children she had turned into the consummate soccer mom.

At 46 I cannot say that the years have been kind to me either. I have gained some weight and this may be contributing factor to our lack of sexual drive. To say we were in a rut would be an understatement. I decided to do something about it if I could. Our son had gone off to college. His sister would be going in the next year. This left me with a lot more free time. I joined a health spa and started losing weight. I started regaining my interest in sex again. I talked my Lisa into joining the same club. After several months she was starting to look more fit again. Lisa’s sex drive still did not return. I think she had relegated herself to the old mom role. I had to do something to break this rut.

I started planning a getaway for us to the Islands. I thought a little time on the beach with some fruity drinks and proper atmosphere might kick start things. I ordered some new revealing swim suits for my wife. I new it would be a chore to get Lisa to wear them. I had booked a bungalow at an adult hotel and was hoping Lisa might actually go topless. I could talk her into this early in our marriage.

I sprung the surprise on her for her forty first birthday. We departed for the Islands the next month. The trip down was a great getaway from the winter of Ohio. We arrived to beautiful weather. We checked in and unpacked.

We went to the beach and started sunning. We drank some of the fruity drinks and had a good time. We had a bit too much sun and retired to the room. We rested and decided to go out for dinner and to a club. While at the club I think Lisa had a little too much to drink. She started to loosen up. We were dancing and she was getting a little wilder than she had in years. She even danced with a couple of other men.

We returned to the hotel and decided to take a dip in the hot tub. I could tell Lisa was a little tipsy when she put on one of the new suits that I had bought for her. When we arrived at the hot tub there was another couple already in the water. Lisa seemed to be a little hesitant in removing her robe. She finally shrugged her shoulders and dropped her robe. She got into the water as quickly as she could. I opened the bottle of champagne that we had brought with us. We started chatting with the other couple. They seemed to be about our age and were very nice looking. We offered to share our wine with them. They accepted and we started chatting.

Their names were Ken and Tina. They were also on vacation from the Midwest. I noticed a little later that Ken was stroking Tina under her suit. I slowly reached under the water and slipped my hand into Lisa’s bikini. I think that made her a little nervous at first. It did not take long for her to get over it. She started breathing a little harder and looking rather flush. The wine was definitely taking its toll on Lisa. Things got a little wilder after that.

Lisa excused herself to go to the bathroom. Tina decided to join her. After they departed, Ken told me that they were swingers. He wondered if we might be interested in joining them one evening. I told him that I was not sure if Lisa would, but I would try to persuade her. I asked him if they had ever been with a black person. He indicated that Tina had on several occasions and had enjoyed it very much. He related an account of an encounter that Tina had had with the hotel’s black masseuse the day before. This made me instantly hard. The woman soon returned and the conversation ended. Shortly after the women returned Tina removed her top. It took us a while but we finally convinced Lisa to remove her top. We spent the next half hour or so petting and getting wound up. Lisa said it was time for us to take our leave. We said good night and retired to our room.

Lisa was wild and horny that night. I could not believe how wild she was. We made love for several hours. I even managed to get it up twice. I think Lisa could have gone for more she was so wound up. After Lisa went to sleep I lay there thinking about Ken’s story of the masseuse. I decided I would try to get an appointment for Lisa tomorrow. I did not want to push it. I thought I would get her really drunk and just see what happened.

The next morning I let Lisa sleep in. I left her a note and went to see if I could find the masseuse and talk to him. I found him later in his room. He had just finished a massage. I looked him up and down. He was very fit and about 6’2” tall and very black. I asked him if he would give a massage to my wife in our room that night. He said he would. I explained to him that I had met Ken and Tina and that they had told me about their meeting. I explained that I might possibly want the same treatment for Lisa if she could be convinced. I told him that he would need to be patient and see what happened. He said it would be no problem. I offered him a bonus if he succeeded. We set a time and I returned to our room.

I woke Lisa up. I asked her if she was going to sleep all day. She said after last night she should. I kissed her and she returned the kiss very passionately. We decided to go to the beach. We met Ken and Tina about an hour later. They asked if they could join us. They spread their towels on the sand and sat with us. We started drinking rum coolers after lunch. Several hours later Tina removed her top. To my surprise Lisa did the same without being asked. We lounged around like this until it was time for dinner. Ken asked us if we would have dinner with them. We accepted.

We had a very nice dinner and then decided to go dancing. The drinks were flowing and Tina was getting pretty wild. She was dressed in a very thin revealing summer dress. Tina danced with many men and let them take a lot of liberties. I actually saw one guy pull her dress up in the back and show her bare ass to everyone around. Lisa was also enjoying herself. She was acting wilder than I could remember. She danced with other guys and actually grabbed my dick a couple of times. I told everyone I was tired and it was time for us to go. I did not want to miss our appointment with Mike the masseuse.

We returned to our room. Lisa was quite drunk by this time. I mixed some really strong rum drinks for us. We decided to drink them in large wurl pool bathtub. We were kissing and making out when there was a nock on the door. I quickly explained to Lisa about the massage. She seemed very nervous but said all right. I opened the door and let Mike enter. Lisa looked him up and down. She seemed even more nervous after that. Mike was very nice and professional. He told her to go into the bathroom and put on a towel while he set up his table.

Lisa came out of the bathroom. I gave her a fresh drink and she downed it in one gulp. She laid face down on the table. Mike told her to just relax. He carefully started to massage her shoulders and then her arms. Mike carefully pulled the sides of her towel out from under her. He massaged her legs for a long time. Lisa seemed to be very relaxed by this time. Mike slowly massaged farther and farther up her legs. The sight of his very dark hands on her legs made me instantly hard. He stroked higher and higher until he was stopping inches from her pussy. He stopped there and rolled the towel down her back. Mike started massaging her entire back. I saw his hands slip down and caress the sides of her breasts. I was shaking with excitement. Mike was getting bolder and he removed the towel completely. He poured some warm oil on her ass. I watched as the oil dribbled down and ran through her pubic hair. Lisa let out a soft moan as the oil ran through her pussy.

Mikes hands started to caress her ass. She did not say anything so he rubbed harder. He went back to rubbing her legs. This time he did not stop short. I saw his hands actually touch her pussy. I thought this would be the end but Lisa just shuddered as Mike continued to push up harder on the top of each stroke.

A little while later Mike asked Lisa to turn over. To my surprise she turned over. I saw her glance at the tent in his shorts. She slowly lay down and closed her eyes. She seemed not to care that she was totally exposed. Mike started slowly rubbing her legs. He next moved to her chest. I almost lost it when he started massaging her tits. Her nipples were as hard as rocks. He went back to her legs and after several strokes I saw his fingers disappear into her slick pussy. She let out a loud gasp. I saw him put his fingers in her cunt. Lisa could no longer lie there and hide her excitement. She was panting and shaking. I thought she would come at any minute.

To my surprise Lisa opened her eyes. She looked at Mike next to her. I saw her reach out and massage him through his shorts. She put her hand inside and pulled out his black cock. I could not believe the size of the thing. It must have been 11 inches long and as thick as a can of shaving cream. Lisa jacked it a couple of times and pulled it to her mouth. She sucked the head straight in. Her mouth was bulged out indecently. Mike slowly started stroking in and out of her mouth. She pulled it out and said fuck me with that thing. I could not believe she would say something like that.

Mike pulled Lisa’s ass to the edge of the table. He put her legs on his shoulders. He rubbed the head of that mammoth cock up and down her slit a few times to get it lubricated. The head of that monster slowly started to enter her pussy lips. Lisa let out a loud moan and tried to push toward him. I saw him shove forward and about four inches disappeared into her tunnel. Lisa was panting like crazy. He pulled back and shoved harder. He managed to get about seven inches into her. He was getting virgin pussy now. This was farther in than I had ever been. He started slowly fucking her. She was getting accustomed to his size. He was going a little deeper on each stroke. On each out stroke her lips clung to his cock. It looked like he was turning her inside out. She was moaning loudly and saying words I had never heard from her before. She started convulsing with her first orgasm.

Mike picked up the pace. He was slamming that large cock almost all the way in on each stroke. I could tell he was about ready to let go. I suddenly realized that he was not wearing a condom. My god Lisa did not use birth control as I had a vasectomy years ago. I started to say something but before I could Lisa shouted. Give it to me Fill me up with your come. I saw Mike make a couple more lunges and stop. He was quivering and his balls were moving up and down like they were being milked. Lisa groined loudly and came again. Come started leaking out of her pussy around his dick. Mike slowly pulled out. What seemed like a gallon of come ran out of her pussy. I could see several inches inside of her. She looked at me a little sheepishly. She thanked Mike and he packed his stuff to leave.

Lisa wanted to talk after he left. I told her I wanted sloppy seconds first. She opened her legs and I slid in. I could barely feel anything. Her pussy was so sloppy and worn out. It felt like a loose oven. As big as her hole was I only lasted a couple of strokes before I added my load to his. I rolled off completely spent. Lisa looked at me lovingly and said thank you. What she said next really floored me. She said might we have him back again soon. More to follow.

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