tagBDSMLisa's Fall Ch. 01

Lisa's Fall Ch. 01


* Warning, this story contains extreme elements and some mild incest-themes. If this is not your cup of tea, I suggest finding a different story to read. My first story so any comments, feedback, criticism, ideas or blind hatred is welcomed.*


Eric car was in the driveway when Lisa arrived at her mother's place. It was no surprise, but it was still hard to accept her mother had a boyfriend. A man in her life other then dad. Somehow, Lisa had expected her mother to stay celibate for the rest of her life after her father passed away; for a while it seemed that was exactly what would happen. For the first ten years Lisa never saw her mother in the company of another man. Then suddenly, Eric was there. When Lisa finally got to meet her mother's new boyfriend, he was not what she expected. Her father had been a quiet man, with a keen mind, but a soft nature. The kind of man who rarely raises his voice and was kind to everyone. Lisa took a deep breath, as these thoughts raced through her mind; even though it had been ten years, Lisa still missed her father.

And now there was Eric in his place, but Eric was nothing like her father. In fact, he was almost the complete opposite. A tall man who, despite being nearly fifty, was still in great physical shape. He had a strong personality; the kind of man that people listen to, whether they want to or not. In many ways, he was quite the catch.

But Lisa always felt weird with him around. His eyes, dark and piercing, always gave her the creeps. They were always filled with this mild, detached amusement, as though everything around him was part of a large joke. But that wasn't even the bad part. The bad part was the way he eyed her body up and down, like a butcher grading a piece of meat. He didn't make any effort to hide it either. Her mother, however, seemed oblivious to any of this. After leaving for college, Lisa didn't come home much any more, especially since things got serious between Eric and her mother, but today she had no choice. The heating in her dorm was broken and, knowing her landlord, it would take several days to get it fixed. Lisa decided she would rather spend time with Eric's cold eyes over her body, then to spend the time in a meat locker.

It would be a surprise visit. She'd tried to call her mother, but she didn't answer her phone. It probably didn't matter anyway. Her old room was still in the original state and her mother was always happy to see her. And Eric probably didn't mind either, although his motives were probably less then noble.

Lisa stopped for a second to admire Eric's car. Lisa didn't know much about the subject, but she was sure the car was expensive; it certainly looked the part. Eric was partner in a prestigious law-firm and money never seemed an issue to him. Quite a catch indeed.

Sometimes she wondered what Eric actually saw in her mother. Although she loved her mother, there was something strange about her relationship with Eric. Her mother was forty-three now. She had been beautiful once; Lisa had seen the wedding pictures. But time and life had taken its toll on her. She was still attractive, but no longer stunning. Her full breasts had started to sag and her once tight stomach now carried a few pounds too many. Her mother didn't go out much either, since Lisa's father died. She spent most the day working and most evenings on the couch reading. Still, Lisa looked up to her. Her mother had a good career, a beautiful house and managed to raise three healthy children, even though her husband died at a young age. So, despite her reservations, Lisa hoped it would all work out for her mother. She deserved to be happy. She hadn't been easy on Lisa growing up, always pushing her to work hard; telling her there was more to life then boys and booze, teaching her to be reserved and always think of the future, instead of the now. So when her peers went out partying, Lisa would stay home and study. On occasion, she wondered if it had been the right choice; all those hours spent alone in her room, while others were having the time of their live. But now she was a grade-A student at a good college, while most her old class-mates were working low-pay jobs.

Lisa found the spare key were it always was, hidden under a flowerpot in the garden. She entered through the back-door. The house was silent. She walked quietly towards the living room; the door was open. She peered through the open door, sticking her head around the corner without making a sound. The last thing she wanted was to walk in on them having sex. The thought of her mother having sex almost made her giggle.

What she saw, when she peeked into the room, was the last thing she expected.

Eric was sitting in a comfortable chair, in the middle of the living room. His back was turned towards the door, but Lisa could see he was totally naked. Her mother was there as well and though she wasn't naked, she might as well be.

Her mother was sitting on her knees in front of Eric, wearing black stockings and high-heel boots, a barely existing red thong and a matching bra with half-cups that pushed up her large breasts. And this wasn't even the worst part. The thought of her mother dressing up like that for a man was already more then Lisa could process, but it was what truly shocked was something else altogether: her mother's hands were tied behind her back with leather cuffs. She wore a blindfold and a thick red ball-gag was stuffed into her mouth and secured behind her head with leather straps.

Lisa felt paralysed, her eyes fixed on the scene. Her mother, her serious and reserved mother dressed like that, tied up and helpless!

She wanted to run in and stop whatever was going on, but she found she couldn't. She wanted to look away, but found she couldn't do it either. All she could do was watch on with suppressed breathing and her heart racing in her chest.

"Get over here, whore," Eric said, all of a sudden. Lisa nearly jumped, then quickly realised he was talking to her mother. His voice scared her. It was dominant and strong: the kind of voice that expects to be obeyed.

Her mother started to move forward on her knees. The motions were clumsy and made her large breasts wiggle. It hit Lisa that her mother still looked great, despite her age. Even though there was a good twenty pounds heavier then in her youth, it had gone to the right places, so her curves remained and she looked soft and womanly. Lisa had often been jealous of her mother and the feeling returned to her. She inherited some of her mother's qualities -- the long blond hair -- but her breasts were smaller and her figure was flatter overall.

When her mother reached Eric's bare feet, he bend forward and took her face in his hands.

"I told you to dress nicely for me, Michelle. This isn't nice: you look like a ten-dollar whore. What do you have to say for yourself?"

He slid his hands down to her breasts and cupped them. Lisa couldn't believe how he was talking to her. Her mother didn't react, even though her boyfriend just called her a whore. Suddenly, Eric raised a hand and slapped her hard on her left breast. Her mother let out a yelp from behind the gag, but didn't pull back.

"I asked you a question. I expect an answer. What do you have to say for your pathetic outfit?"

Her mother tried to answer, but the sounds became inaudible due to the gag, lodged between her jaws. Eric laughed roughly and gave her other breast a powerful slap with the back of his hand. Lisa could see the pain on her mother's face. Once again, her mother didn't protest.

"Well, if you are going to dress like a whore, I'll use you like one. Is that what you want? And you better answer me this time!" Eric said. Lisa could hear the threat in his voice. Her mother nodded hesitantly.

"That's better," Eric said, before grabbing her by hair and pulled her closer. His other hand stroked her cheek gently for a second, before delivering a quick slap with his open palm.

Lisa felt her heart rate climbing higher and higher. She shouldn't be watching this; this was wrong. Yet it was impossible to pull her eyes away.

"Your manner still leave something to be desired though, " Eric continued berating the women kneeling at his feet, "We will have to work some more on that."

Another slap, followed by more gentle caressing, and yet another blow. Lisa could see her mother's cheek slowly turn red.

"I'm going to take off the gag, so we can put this mouth to some better use. Can I trust you to behave like a proper slut?"

Her mother tried to nod, but it was hard due to Eric's iron grip on her hair. Eric undid the leather straps of the gag and pulled the ball out of her mouth. Lisa couldn't believe how big it was and how it could possibly fit in her mother's mouth. Her mother moved her jaw around a bit, to relief the strain. A dribble of spit ran down her chin.

"And you better suck it good this time. Otherwise you'll have more to pay for later!"

He slapped her face one more time, then gave her breasts another round that made them flap around Red marks were already starting to form. Then he let go of her hair and leaned back.

"Let's see how good you do on your own," he said, as he leaned back in the chair, placing his hands in his neck.

Lisa was surprised at how quick her mother dove down, burying her face in Eric's crotch, trying to find his cock. The back of the chair blocked Lisa's view of the action, and she didn't want to risk leaning in any closer.

Almost immediately slurping sounds filled the room. She could see her mothers head bobbing up and down furiously, the top her head appearing for a second, then disappearing again as she forced her mouth down on Eric's cock.

Lisa had some experience with blowjobs, but nothing like this. It was something she did with mild reluctance, because a guy expected it, but she never found enjoyment in it. Her mother, however, was sucking cock, like the devil was after her. And as Lisa looked back at Eric, she realised this was in fact the case. The slurping soon turned into gagging noises. Lisa could hear her mother gasp for air, after choking herself on Eric's cock. Her mother, the respected, conservative lady, was sucking cock with a vigour that would put a experienced prostitute to shame.

Eric, on the other hand, didn't seem impressed.

"Is this the best you can do, whore?" he barked at her mother. He wasn't even breathing heavily, Lisa noticed.

Her mother didn't respond, except by upping the pace of her movements. The gagging sounds intensified; it sounded like her mother was trying to choke herself to death on Eric's cock.

"After all that practice, you still can't deepthroat worth shit!" Eric bit at her. He pulled her up by her hair. Lisa watched in amazement at her mother's face: her red lipstick was a mess, and thin black lines of mascara ran down her cheeks from under the blindfold; large blobs of spit ran down her chin. Lisa could barely recognize the women that had raised her to be a hard-working, proper girl.

Eric slapped her face again, harder then before, not holding back anything.

"You're really not good for anything, are you Michelle?" he asked, as he shook his head, seemingly in disgust. This comment seemed to break something in Lisa's mother. Her shoulders sagged for a moment and Lisa could see she was on the verge of crying. Eric didn't seem to care. He grabbed one of her breasts, mauling the soft flesh with rough fingers and twisting her nipple.

"I-I'm sorry," her mother managed to say, but her voice was weak and broken.

"What does sorry do for me? Sorry doesn't suck my cock properly." Eric replied, "We will have to continue training that mouth later. Guess for now I'll have to do all the hard work myself."

He gave her breast a final slap, then buried both his hands deep in her hair. He stood up from the chair. For the first time, Lisa got a look at Eric's body and she gasped. She knew he was in good shape, with a strong muscular build, that spoke of regular workouts. But what really shocked her was the size of his cock. It was large and thick and seemed hard as steel. Lisa had seen a few male genitalia since she had left for college, but this was the largest she'd ever seen.

"Open up, you pathetic slut," Eric hissed at her mother. She obliged without hesitation. Eric pulled her head towards him and Lisa could see his large cock slide between her mothers lips. He was rough with her, jamming his member as far into her mouth as he could, without concern for her well-being. The gagging noises returned and more and more spit ran down her chin, onto the floor.

Eric started trusting his hips forward every time he pulled her in and forced his cock down, until she ran out of breath and her face turned red. Lisa could see the smile on Eric's face. He was thoroughly enjoying the debasement of her mother. Occasionally he'd let her catch a breath, while his hand temporarily released her hair to slap her face or twist her nipples.

As Eric kept on pushing, her mother seemed to be getting used to the thick cock assaulting her mouth. She got deeper and deeper, until eventually the entire monster was buried in her throat and her nose was pressed against his stomach.

"See? You can do it," he said mockingly as he held her in this position. Lisa heard strange gurgling sounds escape from her mother's mouth as she fought hard to pull back; Eric didn't let her, didn't show any mercy. For a moment, Lisa feared for her mother's safety and wanted to run in and stop him. But she didn't. She just kept watching in fascination.

Finally Eric released her mother. She fell forward, coughing violently. This seemed to amuse Eric and he watched her attempts to regain her breath with a smile on his face.

"Look at you, Michelle. You are making such a mess of the place," he said as he pulled her back her feet and pressed his face close to her. Lisa could see how much trouble it cost her mother to maintain her balance on the stiletto heels of her booth, with the blindfold over her eyes.

"Guess you aren't willing to please with that mouth of yours. Ill have to find a different hole to amuse me," Eric said calmly. He turned her over and pushed her towards the dining table at the other side of the room. He bend her over, his hands sliding over her back and ass. He squeezed her asscheeks roughly, and gave them a few firm slaps.

"You know?" Eric said with a sigh, " I was planning to be nice to you tonight. Fuck that pussy of yours real well. Maybe even let you cum."

He pushed the thong aside and slid his fingers between her legs. A soft moan escaped her lips as Eric stroked past her clit. Suddenly Lisa became painfully aware of her own body. Although she didn't feel excited, her body was starting to react to the scene and her pussy was getting moist.

"But first you dress like a cheap slut," Eric said, as he suddenly pulled his fingers back, "And then you refuse to suck my cock like I taught you?"

He slapped her ass hard and fast a few times, leaving a perfect hand print on her behind.

"The way I see it, if you don't care about my pleasure, I don't care about yours," he added, spitting on his own fingers and rubbing it on between her ass-cheeks.

"That tight little asshole of yours is going to suffer for your mistakes," he said, as though talking to a disobedient child. He slipped a finger into her ass and slowly pushed it all the way in.

Lisa heard her mother make a weird sound. A moan that spoke of disappointment at the lost pleasure and fear of what was to come. Lisa couldn't believe it. She had never done anal or even considered it as a real possibility. And here she was, watching her mother about to get her ass fucked by Eric's large cock. The thought made her juices flow even more. The scene unfolding in front of her eyes made her own sexual experiences seem bland and insufferably boring.

"I'm not even going to bother to get the lube today," Eric told her mother, "Luckily you made such a mess on my cock, so it shouldn't be TOO bad."

A sob escaped her mother's mouth. Eric responded with a coarse laugh and another hard blow on her behind.

"You can moan all you want, whore, but you brought this upon yourself," he said, spitting on his hand again and sliding two fingers into her ass.

"You know...I might still let you cum later tonight. But only if you behave like a proper lady. Can you do that for me?"

Lisa could see the impact those words had on her. The promise of pleasure seemed to stir up something in her mother. The woman nodded.

"You can start by asking me nicely to fuck that ass of yours."

Her mother paused for a few seconds, then muttered: "Please fuck my ass.."

Lisa could hear the reluctance in every word. Eric shook his head and slapped her again.

"I said ask, not command. Jesus, you are a slow one tonight, slut."

"Would you please fuck my ass? Please?" her mother begged. This seemed to satisfy Eric and he positioned herself behind the woman, who was bent over the dining table. His back was turned to Lisa and she could just make out his cock pressing against her mothers ass. The tip started to disappear inside and her mother's body shuddered. A painful cry escaped her lips. It made Eric laugh.

"You brought this upon yourself, Michelle!" he said, as he continued sliding into her, "If only you weren't such a disappointment."

Then he was inside her completely. Lisa stared in disbelief as the massive cock was buried to the hilt inside her mother's ass. She could only imagine how much it must hurt, especially since Eric had jammed it in with little care for the woman he was violating. Lisa couldn't see her mothers face, but the way her shoulders moved told her she was crying as Eric started to fuck her ass.

He was relentless with her. Every time he would pull back until his cock was nearly out, then jammed it back down with force, pressing his hips and pulling her in towards her. The table started to squeak and the cups placed on it rang with every thrust he made, drowning out the sounds of her mother's sobs. He grabbed her hair and pulled hard, forcing her to arch her neck.

"You secretly like it up the ass, don't you whore?" he hissed at her. His breathing was heavy now and sweat started to form on the back of his head.

"I asked you a fucking question, whore!"

He slapped her ass again.

"Y-y-y-yes..." her mother stammered, her voice high-pitched and rasp, "I-I like in the ass."

This seemed to drive Eric on even more.

"Beg me to fuck that ass of yours!"

"P-please, fu...please fuck my ass..." she replied, defeat in her voice

"Hard and deep, that's the way you like it heh?"

"Y-yes....," she muttered.

He continued fucking her ass, increasing his pace, as he forced her to beg for more. Lisa could see how her mother stopped fighting it and just let it all happen. Then suddenly Eric pulled out and forced Lisa's mother to her knees. Lisa watched in horror at her mother's gaping asshole. She could only imagine how it must feel to have your body violated like that.

"Finish me off with your mouth," Eric ordered, "I know how much you like the taste of your ass."

Without hesitation, Lisa's mother took his member into her mouth, wrapping her lips around the cock that had spend the last five minutes in her ass. The thought made Lisa gag, but her mind was spinning. It was like a whole new, and perverse, world was opening up inside her.

Lisa watched as her mother sucked Eric's cock for a few more minutes. Her mascara had run down even more, creating large black smears on her cheeks, that mingled with the lipstick that seemed to be everywhere. She tried to take Eric's cock deep again, but the real intensity was gone. She looked like a broken woman, bobbing her head up and down his cock. Eric watched her efforts, never taking his dark eyes of her. Occasionally, he would yell at her to do better, call her a worthless slut or threaten to stick it back in her ass. Lisa noticed how this always seemed to drive her mother on for a little while and push herself deeper on Eric's cock.

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