tagErotic HorrorLisa's Inheritance

Lisa's Inheritance


The car pulled onto the gravel road and drove as dust bellowed out from the tires. It drove along the road as it passed nothing but overgrown fields and a few empty houses. It slowed to a crawl as it turned into the driveway of the old farm house. The brakes squealed as it came to a rest and the engine shut off. The driver's door swung open as she stepped out looking at the house she had just inherited from an unknown family member. She pulled the keys out of her jeans pocket as she texted her friends the way there. She put the phone in her back pocket and walked towards the house.

She never knew of the great uncle that had left the house to her and neither did any other family member. She was rather surprised when she received the call about it. So she took it and decided to go look at the house and have a few friends come take a look also. She stepped onto the porch it creaked as her feet went across it. She looked down as the wood bowed slightly under her small body. She stood at the door and took a big breath as she unlocked it and opened the door up.

She walked inside the old two story house and looked around the dark room. She went to a window and opened a curtain and light came in. She looked around at the dust covered living room. She walked into the kitchen and found the place just trashed. She shook her head as she went up the stairs. She walked room to room in disgust with the condition.

"Could have frickin' cleaned up at least." She said slamming a door.

The door fell and caught her. She cried out as she fell to her stomach underneath the heavy door. She crawled out from under it as she heard a loud ripping sound. She stood up and looked down; her cut off shorts had been ripped clean off her skinny body. She was stripped down to only a pink thong and nice ass cheeks. She looked around and walked back to the stairs. She stopped and saw the attic steps. She decided to go check it out.

Lisa was known to be curious but this was her idea of fun. She began to go up the old stairs as they cracked and creaked under her feet. She was only twenty two and weighed about one fifty but had the rack of a d cup. She wore glasses and had a figure that most men loved to eye. Now here she was, walking around an old house in her tight black tee shirt and pink thong. Lisa didn't even care as she stood in the attic looking around the dimly lit room.

She walked around and tripped over a board that wasn't nailed down. She rolled to her ass and looked as she saw the hole. She scooted over to it and used her cell phone as a light source to see inside. She pulled out a square, blanket covered book. She looked at it and removed the tattered blanket. She looked at it and a cold chill ran down her spine. Lisa had a book of something that had been hidden for many years.

She walked over to an old chair and sat down. She pulled the old cloth off it and revealed a blank cover. She opened the book slowly as she heard the wind outside pick up. She looked out the dirty window as the sky grew darker. She looked at the page and her eyes widened in terror.

Starring at her was two large, evil eyes. The body was that of a demonic man. She looked at the writing and decided it was time to get rid of it. She felt the book shake as she went to drop it. It fell to the floor and she looked as the pages turned by itself. Lisa watched it as it stopped on a demon. She read about it and found it loved to have sexual intercourse with women.

The book then shook and stirred up dust from the floor. Lisa jumped up and went to run as the book flew up between her legs. Lisa screamed as she felt the thong rip as the demon picture was alive! She felt the large dick ramming deep into her warm body.

"This can't happen! You're a book!" She cried as she fell to her back.

Her body was getting violated by the demon that loved to have sex. She looked down as its hands came out and grabbed her big, firm tits. Lisa was moaning now as he was coming out of the book. She looked up as he held her wrists down and pounded her tight pussy.

He smiled as he used his tongue to remove her tee shirt and pink bra. Lisa's tits were out and now in his grasp as he sucked them and teased her nipples. He felt her pussy tighten up as he grunted and went harder and deeper forcing her to get off. She cried for help as he had his way with her tight body.

It had been about an hour since he first penetrated her body. She was weak and wore out from the violent fucking she had endured. He exploded inside her and filled her up. He pulled out as she lay unconscious. He smiled at the lovely body he just had and wanted more. He looked out the window as a car pulled in. He grinned at the driver.

"Next." He said smiling.

She stood looking at the old house and shook her head. She was one of Lisa's friends who wanted to come check this place out. She looked around the overgrown property and headed to the old barn out back. He smiled and was on his way to greet the sexy blonde.

She was twenty five, had a nice body and a great rack that bounced when she walked. Stacey was Lisa's best friend and had been forever. She had tried to call Lisa a few times before she got out. She decided to go look into the run down barn just to peek inside. She was almost to the barn when she stopped as the wind picked up again. She looked around as the tall weeds blew around her nicely tanned legs.

A few tall pieces tickled her inner thigh as they had found their way up her mini skirt. Stacey fought them as she giggled. She made it to the barn and pushed the door open and looked inside the dark room. She fumbled around as thunder rolled; she let out a startled yelp and jumped inside. She found the old light switch and flipped it on. Two old light bulbs came to life as they lit the room up. They were dim but she could see all of the old stuff sitting around and she even noticed an old sedan. She walked over to it and smiled.

The thunder crashed and the rain began to fall upon the old tin roof of the barn. She didn't notice all of the leaks as she was taken by the old car. It was covered with at least two inches of dust. She bent over and blew some off revealing a dull but nice blue paint job. Stacey set her purse and cell phone on the long hood as she brushed off the driver's side window. She couldn't see inside real well and looked at the door handle. She was debating on it as he eyed her nice body. He had to get inside her sexy ass.

Stacey pulled the handle and slowly opened the door. It creaked as it opened letting her look inside the flawless interior. She smiled and sat down behind the steering wheel. Her tank top that clung to her nice rack, brushed some of the dust off of the wheel. She gripped the wheel with both hands and smiled.

"Damn nice ride, Lisa will be happy to see this." She said as he sat up behind her in the back seat.

He looked at the door and it slammed shut. Stacey jumped and looked as she didn't see him there. She tried to open the door but it was stuck. She tried the passenger side, no luck there either. She bent over the seat to try the back door when he appeared and grabbed her blonde hair and pulled her face down.

Her eyes widened as her mouth was forced over his large cock. He pulled her head up and down as she sucked on the dick. He reached up and tore her tank top off revealing her bare tits and teased one as he kept her head going up and down. Stacey was in trouble and had no one there to save her.

He grunted as he shot his wads of warm cum down her throat. She swallowed it and her mind became his. Once the female swallows his cum, they become his puppet. He pulled her into the backseat.

He grabbed her ankles and spread her legs as wide as he could. Her skirt ripped at the seams as he made it easy for him to nail her. He tore her white thong off and revealed a manicured blonde landing strip. He decided to put his face down and he ate her out. Stacey closed her eyes as he licked and sucked her tasty pussy. She got off as he licked the now slick lips. He was enjoying this.

He mounted her and slammed his large dick into her soaked peach. He was power thrusting her as she moaned and squealed. The car rocked as he fucked the blonde haired pussy hard and deep. Stacey arched her back as she got off over and over to her master. He growled as he went faster and got even deeper into her body.

Her screams of pleasure filled the car and barn as her cum dripped onto the seat. He pounded her as hard as he could as she took it. The blonde's eyes shot open as pain shot through her back. He pulled her up and pulled her back the opposite way it was made to bend. Stacey's sexy body was getting realigned as he kept the hard core sex going.

He flipped her onto all fours and fucked her more violently. He was leaving his mark on her as she kept her cum flowing. Stacey loved rough sex and was getting it the roughest yet. Her head was banging the door panel as he was getting even deeper into her. She felt the cock grow as it stretched her even wider. She let out a yelp as it got her off again.

She was still under his control as he made her take it. After the hour and a half of rough sex, Stacey felt the demon cock spew its warm fluid inside her. She smiled and fell to the car seat unconscious as he pumped her full of his foul seed. He pulled out and got out of the car. He laughed as the thunder rolled.

"I am back!" He said walking to the open door.

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