tagErotic HorrorLisa's Inheritance Ch. 02

Lisa's Inheritance Ch. 02


She tossed and turned as the dream taunted her. Tina moaned as she dreamt of the demon that had been released upon Lisa and her friend Stacey. Tina was in her bed sweating as she saw what happened to the two women.

Tina's dream was like she was there watching him fuck the two silly. She looked around and down as she stood in her bra and thong. He attacked her and began to fuck her when she woke up. She sat up with wide eyes and no top, just two big d cup tits and rock hard nipples. She knew what was going on. She got up and got dressed. She was heading to Lisa's house.

"Hey it's me I will text you an address meet me there. I need to stop the demon." She said hanging up her cell and she slid it into the ass pocket of her skin tight jeans.

Tina was about thirty five, blonde, big tits and a great body. She was a well-known physic and was after the demon that had just been released. She got into her black drop top and took off towards the house. She was on a mission to end him once and for all.

Tina flew down the road and saw the old farmhouse that she remembered. She stopped and sat in her car as her mind opened and she realized he was in the barn. She pulled in and got out. He saw her and smiled at her still sexy body. He walked out with Stacey who stood under his control and nude as can be. Tina stopped and saw them. He licked his lips at her tight tee shirt and jeans.

"Tina, oh my you have grown well." He said smacking Stacey's ass. "I fucked her hard like I did you that night." He laughed.

"That will not happen tonight demon." She said standing alone.

"Let us find out Blondie." He said sending Stacey towards her "Destroy her and do it good bitch." He ordered Stacey.

"Yes master." She said walking towards Tina.

Tina was ready when Stacey ran in to attack. She punched and connected with Stacey's jaw. She kicked her in the stomach and then elbow dropped her on the back of her neck. Stacey fell to the ground unconscious. Tina looked up as he attacked.

He upper cut her and she went flying. She landed on the hood of her car hard. Tina laid there gathering her senses as he grabbed her ankles and pulled her off the hood. She fell to the driveway and he held her down by her throat. Tina gasp for air as he smiled at her. She reached up and grabbed his large cock. He looked as she gripped and yanked hard. He let out a yell of pain and staggered backwards.

She rolled away as she got her breath back. She crawled as fast as she could away from the pissed off demon. Tina sat up and saw him right in front of her. He reached down and grabbed her by the throat and picked her up. She was up in the air struggling as his other hand went up her tee shirt and felt up her firm right tit. Tina was not doing as well as she thought she would.

Up in the attic Lisa stood up and looked around. She put her glasses on and went back down stairs. She found a pair of shorts and put them on. She walked out and saw Tina and him. She looked and stopped as he spotted her. He pointed as Lisa's crotch moistened and she fell to her knees as her body got off. She closed her eyes and moaned as her cum dripped out of her pussy. He laughed as he watched her rub her pussy and get off.

"I love my job." He said lifting Tina's bra up and showing her nice tits off. "Nice rack!" He said leaving her top and bra up over her tits.

He began sucking them as Tina hung in his grip. She felt him and was getting turned on. She fought the feelings as much as her sex deprived body could! He smiled and nibbled on her hard nipples. He was winning her over as she bit her lip and moaned. He looked at Lisa and smiled as she had her hand down her shorts, fingering herself. He loved his power over the ones he already screwed.

Tina felt the grip tighten as he rubbed the crotch of her tight jeans. She let out a soft whimper as he prodded her pride with his finger. He looked up and smiled as he tore the jeans off her body. Her black thong and nice ass cheeks were revealed. Tina was almost exposed as he continued his rubbing and prodding.

He pointed at Lisa and she fell over unconscious. He laughed as her hand kept fingering herself. Lisa was in dream land now as Tina was in his land! Tina looked around for some way out of this as he slid the thong to the side and rubbed her bare lips.

As his finger invaded her wet pussy, a red Mustang flew into the driveway and skidded to a stop. Tina's friend jumped out, aimed the gun and fired. It struck the demon and he dropped Tina as he let out a scream of pain. He staggered backwards as Tina got up and ran to the car. She put on a little skirt that Jessica had in her car.

"He is hurt, but not dead." Jessica said a little worried as he starred at them. "What kind of demon is this?"

"A sex craving one, he done had two and almost me. Thank you for getting here at a good time." Tina said fixing her bra and top. "We got to kill him before he rapes all of us hot women! He will use some to breed when its time." She said pulling out a dagger.

Jessica unloaded a few more rounds of silver bullet into him. He did look like a werewolf but he didn't get killed by the silver. He growled at the brunette and blonde. They looked at each other and decided to take him on. Jessica ran at him in her pink shorty shorts and white tank top. Tina held a sword at her side and had the dagger tucked in the waist of her little skirt.

He swung as Jessica jumped at him with her knife. Her eyes widened as his large fist struck her in the belly. She dropped to the ground as he grabbed her hair and held her up. She cried out in pain as he eye balled her firm looking c cups and nicely tanned legs. He smiled and tore her top and bra off letting the girls out. She looked down as his cock grew and hardened. She looked for Tina who was watching her friend lose her clothes.

"TINA!!!" Jessica screamed as he ripped her shorts off and then her thong.

Her neatly trimmed bush was exposed and he sniffed her smell. He smiled and sucked her tit as she cried for help. Tina slowly approached the demon tit sucker. She was close when Stacey jumped onto her back and made her fall to her face. Tina flipped over as Stacy pulled the dagger out and cut the skirt clean off of Tina. She laughed and put the sharp dagger to Tina's throat.

"Love the thong bitch!" Stacy said ripping it off of her hips. "Wonder how tight you really are!" She said slipping her finger into the hole. "Pretty tight for a blonde whore!"

Tina once again tried to fight the feelings as she was finger banged by the demons brain washed woman. She felt her top and bra get removed by her dagger. Stacy began to suck her big rack and fingered her faster and harder. Tina lost it as her cum covered Stacey's hand. She moaned and got off.

"That is my girl! Finger fuck the bitch!" He said as he lowered Jessica's skinny body down to his hard on.

With a fast shove downwards, he penetrated Jessica and began to fuck her as she screamed for help. She looked and saw Tina getting violated by Stacy. She realized these two was too much for them alone. Jessica was bounced up and down as her cum began to coat his cock. She began to take it and squealed as it hit and her cum ran down his cock. He grunted and spun her around. Her feet hit the ground and he held her hips as he kept her bent over and fucked her harder.

She moaned and got off over and over to the demon. She watched Tina and Stacy and got even more turned on as the invasion of her pussy climaxed. Jessica's eyes closed and mouth opened to let out a howl as her body over ran with the feelings he was forcing upon her!

She felt the sudden rush of warm liquid and snapped back to reality as he pumped his evil seed into her fertile body. He pulled out as she fell to the ground. She rolled to her back and looked up as he shot a wad into her face. Jessica fell to her back unconscious. He saw Tina and Stacy and smiled as Stacy's head was between Tina's open legs. He was going to get in on the action.

Tina opened her eyes as his dick was shoved down her throat. Her eyes widened as he was forcing her to suck his large dick. The sexy blonde was getting off to the tongue on her pussy as he was enjoying her tongue on his cock! She had never lost to any demon or spirit she had fought. This one was different; he knew how to get her mind and was going to take it over. He wanted Tina as his puppet, just like Stacy had been made into y the belly full of ingested cum.

She felt the dagger with her finger tips and got it in her hand. Stacy worked her tongue and made another rush of tasty Tina juice flow. Tina looked up at the demons cock and balls. She realized how to stop him. She was ready to do it when Stacy stuck her tongue into her wet pussy. Tina closed her eyes as her body enjoyed the feeling. She tightened her lips around the tongue as Stacy use it to fuck her.'

Tina got off and got her head back into the game. He was face fucking her good and she knew the wad wasn't too far away. She looked at Stacey and up at him. Then she did it. He staggered backwards screaming in pain. Stacy looked up and saw Tina pull the dick out of her mouth. Stacy was changed back to herself as Tina broke the spell he put upon her. She looked down at Tina's pussy and then realized what she was doing. Tina sat up and looked at Stacy. She smiled laid a big, French kiss on her.

"That was good, sorry you didn't know what he had you under a spell." Tina said standing up and turning towards him as he held his bleeding crotch. "Well, see you later!"

Tina threw his dick at him and he just turned to ashes. His power was lost to the sexy blonde and her tight partner. Lisa walked to the others and looked around. She handed the book to Tina. Tina and Jessica cleaned up and drove off. They had won against the horny demon. Tina held a book of demons and she headed home to destroy it.

Lisa and Stacy started to clean the house and property up the next day. They never spoke of the demon or the two who helped them. Everything was back to normal.

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