Lisa's Lust


"Fuck me with it, baby," she sobbed. "Make me come with your nice stiff finger."

"I sure will, babe," he replied with a triumphant grin.

He started pistoning his thick finger hard and deep into her juice-drenched pussy-hole. With each plunge of his finger his palm would slap up against her hungry, protruding clit sending waves of pleasure through her stacked body. Lisa clawed the couch and wailed with its amazing satisfaction. This was the sensation she'd been craving ever since Rick got sick, a nice stiff, hard object pistoning in her cunt, cramming and reaming. She felt herself hurtling effortlessly towards orgasm.

"Ohhhhh, yes, baby, that's it," she moaned, "Keep doing that, don't stop. Make me cum!"

Jimmy leered down at her as he worked his finger fast and deep into her tight, hot little buttery fuck-hole. He fantasized that she was taking his cock, not his finger. As he imagined her wailing and moaning and writhing in ecstasy from his pounding prick, his cock swelled and grew. In seconds it was rock hard, fully engorged and painfully ready for action.

Lisa had her head back, eyes closed, enjoying the finger-fucking. She was getting very close to her impending orgasm.

As he continued to finger-fuck his sexy sister-in-law Jimmy reached down with his free hand and undid his pants and pushed them down freeing his huge pulsating cock. He knew it was a big risk, but he just couldn't resist any longer. He had to fuck his sister-in-law. She was hot and ready, his cock was hard as steel, and he was running out of patience. As quick as a flash, he whipped his soaked finger out of her cunt and rolled on top of her.

"J...Jimmy, w...what..." Lisa opened her eyes and gasped. "Ohhhhh, noooooo! Jimmy, stop!"

By the time she recovered from her surprise, it was too late. Suddenly, they were naked on the couch together and Jimmy was on top of her, his incredibly engorged cock throbbing angrily between her legs. He was between her widespread thighs, and his big stiff cockhead was sliding up her wet cunt. Jimmy's cock looked about a foot long and Lisa gasped as she felt the huge, hot head touch her aching pussylips. She looked down helplessly as he pushed forward and positioned the tip at the entrance of her tiny, drooling cunthole.

She tried feebly to push him off, to remain faithful but her muscles refused to lift her arms. She watched with a mixture of fear and lust as Jimmy positioned himself between her suddenly widespread thighs and prepared to thrust his cock into her drooling pink slit. The hard, purple cock knob popped into her gooey pussy hole. His face was red, his voice hoarse, as he plowed his stiff cock into his sister-in-law's snug little pussy hole.

Lisa's head spun as she realized her husband's own brother was going to be fucking her. She also realized that she was taking a cock in her horny cunt for the first time in over three months, and it felt so damn good! Yet she still tried to tell him to stop, but when she opened her mouth, nothing came out but a moan. She glanced up at Jimmy. His handsome features were a cruel mask of lust as he triumphantly grinned lewdly down at her. She threw back her head and moaned in ecstasy.

Jimmy was in heaven. Her cunt was just as deliciously tight around his prick as it had been around his finger. It felt silk-lined, slippery, and hot as a furnace. As he sank into her, those satiny walls tugged and sucked at his long, thick cockshaft like a hot little mouth as Jimmy shoved his cock to the hilt in Lisa's famished cunt.

Jimmy grunted, coming down hard, nailing his immense prick all the way into the vise like grip of her cunt hole. For a moment he lay still on the busty, sexy blonde, enjoying the pressure of her pussy muscles as they clung needfully to his cock. Jimmy felt her grip him with her cunt muscles - almost as if she was trying to milk his huge boner.

Lisa had lost control of the situation but she still believed she could stop Jimmy. She wasn't committing adultery she reasoned, Jimmy would pull out at the last minute and that would make everything alright. But the ramming of the cock, the thrusting and grinding in her pussy and the stretching of its lips like never before, the slapping of balls, and the sheer indecency of getting fucked like a whore in her own house by her husband's brother was turning a faithful housewife into a slut.

"Ohhhhh, God, yessss! Fuck me!" Lisa wailed. "Fuck me with your lovely big cock, baby!"

She had tried to contain her wild excitement as Jimmy shoved his rock-hard cock into her and began fucking her in swift hard thrusts, but it was no use. She needed to be fucked so badly, needed to feel his prick as it deeply thrust into her cunt. She needed this. She needed to feel the satisfyingly huge cock soothing the itchy inner walls of her creaming, horny cunt.

She loved the feeling of having her brother-in-laws painfully swollen prick driving into her eagerly up thrust pussy. She was proud of her gorgeous body and knew that it would make Jimmy horny enough to give her the savage fucking she needed.

Lisa gave up and went with her natural horny instincts, arching her body up to take Jimmy's long, pistoning prick as deep as she could get it, jerking her hips to his rapid fucking rhythm. He relentlessly speared his huge, swollen fuck shaft into the gushing depths of her pussy. Her frantic humping rhythm spurred him on. Soon he was stuffing her pussy as fast and deep as he could, utterly reaming her fuck channel with every skewering stroke of his prick. Her wet, bald pussy pulsed and spewed, gushing fuck juice onto his cock, milking the belly-probing stiffness of his prick.

"Fuck my pussy, fuck my tight pussy!" Lisa chanted.

Jimmy looked down, watching his cock plowing in and out of his sister-in-law's hot cunt. His cock was covered with her pearly cunt cream.

Her cunt was pulsing uncontrollably, gripping and sucking the throbbing shaft of satisfying cockmeat. Again and again the big fuck organ rammed into her, stretching her bald buttery slit every time he stuffed his huge cock in to the hilt. Lisa's cunt now clung to her brother-in-law's stroking cock with a special tightness, nursing around every inch of the steel hard shaft. Her pussy was so horny and itchy that she couldn't think of anything else but getting fucked. She needed a long, violent fucking now, so she could relieve herself with a long cum on her husband's brother's huge cock.

She threw her arms around him and clung to him, slamming her hips up against his, keeping her thighs wide open. She wanted to be fucked as deep and hard as possible. She wanted to be crammed with cock, fucked till she couldn't take another stroke. She was totally starved for cock, so starved that she was even prepared to forget the horror of her infidelity for the time being in order to enjoy the fucking she so desperately craved. Her body was writhing and jerking in perfect rhythm with his, and she was wailing her delight as he hammered his stiff prick into the depths of her hot, clasping pussy.

"Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Oooooooohhhhh, baby, fuck meeeeeeee!" she wailed. She wrapped her legs around his back, humping fast and hard.

"Fuck my wet pussy, fuck me!" Lisa locked her arms around his shoulders, hugging him tight, gasping and squealing, fucking her ass off the bed in a frenzy of passion. "Harder! You've got me so horny! Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, I'm going to cum! Fuck me God damn it! Fuck my pussy hard! I'm cumming! Yes! I'm fucking cumming!"

Jimmy insolently slid his enormous cock out of her stretched, creamy cunt slit with a lurid plopping sound leaving a very wet gapping pink hole behind.

"NNNOOOOO!" Lisa screamed. "Jimmy! What ... what are you doing that for, Jimmy? Unggh! Unnggh! Put it back in! Hurry! Oh please put it back in and fuck me! Please Jimmy, I really need to cum bad! I'm so fucking horny!" She spread her legs wider and was thrusting her swollen, wet pussy hole at his cock trying in vain to get it back into her horny cunt. Her pussy was so wet and she wanted to be fucked so badly!

"I don't know Lisa. I'm not sure that you really want my big cock."

"Don't tease me Jimmy! Oh God yes I want your big cock! I love having my horny cunt stretched around it! Fuck my pussy Jimmy, fuck my tight, wet pussy with that big, hard cock!Please, oh please fuck my horny, juicy cunt!" Lisa whimpered and put her hands on her steaming pussy, desperatly finger-fucking her wet cunt and rubbing her fat little clit. She rubbed her clit so fast it made little slapping sounds as her fingers flew across her it. Her pussy was screaming to be fucked by his hard cock. Shamelessly, Lisa kept finger- fucking, beating off her horny fuck hole as she thrust her abused, aching pussy at Jimmy's cock.

"My, my Lisa. You are such a little slut." Jimmy said as he began jacking on his prick, watching her hands between her thighs, as she rubbed and fingered her wet pussy. Her fingers were going in and out so fast they made little slurping noises as they slipped between her slippery pussy lips, he could smell her need. "You little whore, I'll bet you don't think about anything but cocks all day long. Look at me you little slut, look at me and tell me what you need."

His words made her feel like even more of a slut looking up at him as shamelessly she finger fucked her juicy little cunt. She lay beneath him with her legs wide apart; her cunt was obscenely exposed as she worked her messy wet cunt with uncontrolled lust. Lisa finger-fucked her pussy in a frenzy; she was alternating between strumming her swollen clit and darting her fingers in and out of her cunt. She was, practically going out of her mind with the need to be fucked.

"Do you want it slut, do you want to feel my cock back inside you? Tell me slut! Tell me what you'll do to get my cock back into your horny fucking hole!"

His words excited the normally reserved housewife. "I'll do anything! I need you. I really need you to fuck me now, Jimmy, please, fuck me." She begged. "I wanna be used, I'm your little slut, your little fuck whore! Fuck me baby! Do whatever you want to do to me! Please Jimmy, I'm on fire! Fuck my cunt! Fuck me!"

"You want my big cock you dirty whore, you little cheating slut! You like this, you little slut, don't you? You like begging for my cock, don't you slut! Here it is slut, if you want me to fuck you then put it in."

She'd fantasized about this several times while masturbating alone, about being treated like the slut she really was. Impatiently Lisa reached down, grasping his cock and directing the cock knob to her pussy. With one hand she guided his dick to her wet, slippery pussy fitting the spongy tip of his steel hard thick prick between the pouting petals of her very tight buttery cunt. She felt the thick meaty prick boring into her, spreading open her pouting pussy lips around the invading thickness of his cock. He watched her wet pussy lips as they sucked his cock in deeper and deeper, pulling his cock blissfully deeper into her juicy little cunt.

"Oh my god Jimmy, please, fuck me now, do me hard", Lisa said, breathing rapidly, wigging and humping, fucking her horny, itchy pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of Jimmy's cock. She whimpered with pleasure as his long throbbing cock gradually stretched and filled her cunt, her tight pussy soaking his stiff shaft with her hot juices. Jimmy was all the way inside her, buried to the balls in her cunt. Lisa had never felt so stuffed with hard cock in her life.

Then he pulled out, withdrawing until only the crown of his bloated, dripping hard-on distended Lisa's pussy lips. She whimpered in frustration. Then she shuddered as he came down hard, spearing every inch of his huge pole into her pussy. Lisa screamed and began humping like the sex-starved wife she was, her huge tits bouncing and quivering as she fucked her pussy onto Jimmy's prick. He met her rhythm, relentlessly he worked his hips between her thighs, grunting as he rammed his giant, arrow-like prick into the gooey depths of her sucking pussy, slamming his cock deeply into her buttery, sucking cunt.

"Fuck me," she panted. "Hurry. Fuck my married cunt! Oh, god, do it harder, fuck my married cunt as hard as you can!! I'm a slut for your cock! Fuck my wet cunt."

Her words were urging him to pound his prick into her tight juicy cunt. Taking a firm grip on her hips, Jimmy started fucking into her harder and faster. Lisa responded with wails of delight. He felt her clasping cunt soaking his pistoning prick with spurts of pussy-juice. Lisa moaned and began to hump her pussy onto his cock with eager little thrusts. He really began nailing his immense cock into her clinging, throbbing pussy and she started wiggling and humping like a bitch in heat, frantically fucking her tight, wet pussy onto his thrusting prick.

"That's it slut, fuck your pussy onto my cock!"

"Unnnnhhhh, yes, baby, fuck me hard," she moaned, "fuck my slut pussy, Jimmy! I'm so fucking horny now! Fuck me, fuck me!"

Lisa's eyes rolled, then closed tightly, as she felt herself rocketing toward an intense orgasm. Lisa wanted to go on feeling this steel-hard cock pounding in her cunt forever and ever. She felt a gigantic climax starting in the quivering depths of her pussy and it radiated out to shake her whole body. Her pulsating cunt gripped and sucked at Jimmy's pounding cock, soaking it with hotly gushing pussy-cream. She was so highly aroused, it bubbled out of her tightly crammed pussy and ran down her legs.

"Ooooooh, Jimmy, I'm coming, baby! Oooooooh, Yeeesss, cummmmmiiinnngggg! " she squealed.

Jimmy stared down at her in awe as he felt her tight cunt convulse around his pistoning cock. Her curvy little body bucked and shuddered as the hot orgasmic spasms ripped through her. Her cream bubbled up around his prick and her cunt went into contractions, squeezing him hard, the narrow pink walls gripping and contracting around his tremendously huge cock. He didn't come with her, though. His staying power was better than that, besides he wasn't ready to quit yet. This was too good!

As Lisa came down from her delicious climax, she was overjoyed to feel her brother-in-law's cock as hard as ever in her cunt. Her hot little pussy still wasn't satisfied. She was greedy for more, and Jimmy was all ready to give it to her. She wriggled her pussy on the impaling satisfying stiffness of his huge, pounding cock.

"Mmmmmm, yessss" she moaned, "fuck that big fat prick into me, baby! Give your cock whore every inch of your long, hard cock."

And to make sure she really got every inch of it, Lisa threw her legs up over his shoulders, completely opening herself to him, and then she pushed her legs up even higher, completely opening her gooey fuck hole for the womb-reaching thrusts of his cock.

Jimmy was violently aroused and even more insanely horny than he had been after watching his brother's wife cum on his cock. He fucked her savagely, pounding his cock into her cunt like there was no tomorrow. His balls slapped loudly against her ass, and the impact of his urgent fucking rocked her whole body, banging her blushing little ass into the couch. Lisa clawed the couch cushion and held on tightly, gasping and moaning with pleasure. He started fucking harder and harder, his cock pulsing inside her pussy, easily reaching her womb with every stroke.

"Ooooooh, honey, yesssss," she cried, "I love it, don't stop... fuck me like that. Yeahhhh, real hard! Pound my cunt, baby... fuck it in there! Uhhhhhhh, Goddd I want to be fucked like this forever!"

Jimmy picked up the pace, ramming, savagely drilling his huge, rock-hard cock into the creamy tightness of her cunt. Lisa loved the feeling of the giant cockmeat pole slamming into her womb, ravishing her pussy to bursting with every thrust. Madly she humped her ass to meet Jimmy's rhythm, crazed with her insatiable need and shuddering every time the stiff cock reached the innermost depths of her cunt.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder! My pussy's so wet... Fuck my pussy, fuck my horny little pussy! Oh, yes!! Fuck my slut cunt!! Harder!!"

Jimmy was fucking Lisa hard and very deep. She grunted as the stiff prick rammed all the way into her belly, reaching the depths of her womb. It was such a satisfying feeling. Jimmy fucked her harder still, ramming his hips down, pounding his gigantic prick into the gushing sheath of her creamy wet pussy. Lisa humped frantically to meet his strokes, her giant tits jiggling, her hard nipples brushing against his chest.

"Fuck my cunt, lover, fuck my cunt hole!" She wrapped her thighs together high across his back, holding him close, shuddering as his giant cock sank farther into her pussy. Lisa knew there was more of it, more that he hadn't yet sunk into her. She desperately needed to feel every inch of it of that huge pussy pleaser, every inch of his giant cock-lance ramming into her belly, stuffing her cunt to bursting with the thickness of his prick.

Her cunt was throbbing uncontrollably, gripping and sucking the skewering shaft of his prick. Again and again the big fuck organ rammed into her, stretching her bald cuntslit every time he stuffed his cock in to the hilt, all the way into her throbbing, juice-spewing pussy.

Jimmy slid his hands down, clawing the sides of her ass cheeks. Then he started fucking her as hard as he could. Relentlessly he worked on top of her bare, sweat-glistening body, ramming his cock into her belly, almost punishing her with the steely stiffness of his big cock.

"Unngggh! Oh, Fuck! Jimmy, Fuck Me!"

Now Lisa felt the cum welling up deep inside her, making her gooey pussy suck even harder around his cock. She grimaced, her face contorting with raw fuck passion, twisting her head dazedly from side to side on the couch. Her pussy really began to suck and throb, and she knew she was on the verge of a very violent and hard cum. Then she started humping in a frenzy of fuck need, abandoning all control as she feverishly pistoned her stuffed, and sucking pussy onto the pounding shaft of his prick.

"Fuck my pussy, fuck my horny pussy!" she gasped. "Ungggh! I'm cumming, Jimmy! Oh, please, fuck my horny pussy! Fuck my cunt, it's cumming, cuuummiiinngg!"

Her pussy spasmed violently in orgasm, the juice nearly gushing out of the ravished cunt-slit, the bare lips throbbing with almost painful intensity around the racing shaft of Jimmy's cock. He kept fucking her cunt as hard as he could and felt his sister-in-law's cunt spasm tightly around his thrusting cock, almost sucking the jism right out of his balls. Watching Lisa's intense orgasm was violently arousing and he kept fucking her through every second of it.

Lisa could tell something was different. Jimmy was grunting and his cock seemed to be swelling even bigger, getting harder as it bore in and out of her buttery, bald fuck hole. She looked up at Jimmy's lust-contorted face and realized that her brother-in-law was about to shoot his load into her unprotected womb.

"Take it out," she panted, "don't come inside me," she added quickly, "I'm not on the pill. Take it out Jimmy! I-I want you to cum on my face! Treat me like a slut and cum on my face!"

Hearing her ask for a facial was all the encouragement he needed. Jimmy quickly pulled out of the gooey depths of her sucking pussy and pointed his cock at her face. Lisa surprised him by opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue. He was stroking the length of it, he could feel his load of cock juice spewing out of his balls

"Here it cums, slut! I'm cumming! Jesus! I'm cumming on your hot fuckin' face! Take it slut! Unnnnngggghhhhhhhh!" he yelled, flooding her face with a load of boiling-hot sperm as his balls erupted. It lashed out of his cock tip, spraying onto Lisa's face. The giant cock kept spraying out cock juice. Hot gobs of rich, salty jism blasted out of his boner, vaulting onto the sexy, horny, cheating wife's face and tits.

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