tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLisa's New Year's Bang

Lisa's New Year's Bang


Lisa was a very pretty and very sexy girl. Standing 5'6" with long blond hair and brown eyes. She was slender but very sexy. Carrying 105 lbs on her 34,B-24-34 frame. She had graduated High School with honors last year when she was still 17. And decided to spend a year at home taking classes locally for a year before moving away.

Now Lisa was celebrating her 18th birthday. Everyone always celebrated Lisa's birthday. When you're born on December 31st the whole world celebrates with you. And this year Lisa turned 18 on New Year's Eve. Her family celebrated with a combination birthday/New Years party.

Eddie had been a friend of Lisa's dad for most of her life. He had watched her grow up over the last few years and always found her to be attractive and sexy. In recent months he had found himself looking fondly on her but stopped himself short of outright fantasizing over her. But Eddie didn't know that this was going to be his lucky night. Eddie knew that Lisa's parents would get drunk as hell and probably pass out. He watched Lisa hanging around with her 18-year old college boy friend, Bob, and felt a twinge of jealousy at the sight of them together.

At 18 she was still too young to drink. But Eddie saw her boyfriend spike the punch. After seeing this got into a prankster mood. Eddie had a bottle of grain alcohol that he used to mix with his drinks. When no one was watching he went into the kitchen and poured a large amount of it into the already spiked punch.

By midnight Lisa and her boyfriend were wasted. At the stroke of midnight, when everyone ran around hugging and kissing, Eddie took the liberty to run his hand between Lisa's legs as she hugged and kissed him. He felt his cock grow hard at the cheap thrill. Eddie had intended only to watch her and her boyfriend stagger around like drunken idiots, and perhaps teach them a lesson. But not he was getting other ideas.

Eddie told his buddy that he was leaving. Then drove down the street and parked and crept back. He knew where Lisa's bedroom was downstairs and thought that at the very least he would finally see her naked. But if things worked out it would be much better than that.

The party ended. Lisa's parents were drunk as expected. Especially after having grain punch in addition to their beer. Once they saw that Lisa and Bob were drunk as well they insisted that he stay and sleep on the couch. They didn't have to wait long as Bob got sick and threw up. Soon afterward he passed out and had to be dragged to the couch. Lisa too passed out and her dad carried her down to her bedroom before he and his wife staggered upstairs to their own room.

Eddie waited until the lights were out before sneaking into the house. He knew from his buddy's comments that the lock on the rear window was busted so he easily slid it up and climbed inside. He quietly made his way to Lisa's room then eased inside.

He saw her laying there in her jeans and tee shirt. Her father obviously had decided not to undress her. Eddie reached towards her with a shaking hand and massaged her breast. When she didn't move her took his time undoing her pants and pulling them down over her sexy legs. Then he slowly slid off her panties. He then pulled her shirt up and undid her bra. Eddie's cock was hard so he undid his pants and rubbed it on Lisa's pert lips. He started when she moved and mumbled something. Then he reached down and licked each nipple until it was rock hard. He moved between her legs and began licking her pussy. "Bobby, stop it." She said as she began to stir. But Eddie couldn't stop. He licked her clit while reaching up to pinch her hard little nipples. Lisa stirred and moaned but never awoke. Then her hips began bucking and Eddie knew that she was about to have an orgasm. He buried his face into her snatch and sucked and licked her hard clit until she moaned and squealed with delight. Her hands gripped his hair, holding his head in place. Then with a loud gasp of air she collapsed.

Eddie stood over her, his cock throbbing with the realization that he had just brought this sweet young thing to an orgasm. He knew that he had to have her pussy. He climbed between her legs but she began to move. Her eyes flickered open in a daze. She was waking up but was still too far out of it to have her senses about her. "No, Bobby. You know I'm still a virgin."

Eddie froze. He gazed down at her cunt realizing that she was still Cheri. He nearly lost his nerve but then knew that he could not let this pass up. He slowly slid between her thighs. "No, Bobby." Lisa said again. Eddie pressed the head of his cock between her wet lips and slowly pressed forward. Lisa tried to move from under him, she pressed her hands to his chest and opened her eyes, saying "I said, no..." She froze as she saw not her boyfriend's face, but Eddies. At the very moment his cockhead banged against her hymen. Lisa was about to yell when he drew his cock back an inch and rammed it forward breaking her virgin wall.

She gasped in pain as his 8-inch cock filled her pussy. Eddie couldn't believe the sensation of her virgin cunt wrapped so tightly around his cock as he slide in and out of her wet pussy. He quickly pressed his hand over her mouth and continued fucking her. Lisa tried to struggle but she was still too drunk to have control over her body parts. She felt Eddie's pole ramming in and out of her and was horrified at the thought of this man who was more than twice her age taking her virginity. She remembered the orgasm she had felt caused by his tongue and felt betrayed by her body for having it. Her pussy ached as his cock rammed inside her again and again.

But she was beginning to feel something else as well. His constant pounding was causing his shaft to rub hard against her clit. The stimulation from her earlier orgasm was causing it to come alive again. She tried to fight the feeling but it was a lost cause. As Eddie continued to slam his cock inside her she felt her pussy welcoming it's invasion. Without realizing it she had stopped fighting and was now holding onto him. Trying to get his dick deeper inside her. She was gasping and moaning as her pussy erupted into a powerful orgasm. Her cries would have awakened the house had it not been for Eddie's hand over her mouth. She jerked and spasmed beneath his assault.

Then she could feel Eddie's cock swell even more inside her. He felt his balls growing tight and began pounding harder and faster. Lisa panicked when she realized that he was about to cum inside her. But there was nothing she could do. Eddie thrust harder and let loose with a loud moan as his cock unleashed it's orgasm deep inside Lisa's pussy. His thrust were out of control as he continued cumming inside the girl he hadn't dare fantasies about before tonight. Eddie believed that he hadn't cum this much at one time since he was Lisa's age. He drooled as he continued to slam his rod home draining every drop from his cock into her. Eddie was overwhelmed with the satisfaction of being the one to make little Lisa a real woman on her 18th birthday. What a wonderful way to start the year.

As Eddie pulled out Lisa was shaking with unwanted satisfaction. She stared up for a few moments then the shock, and the alcohol took its toll and the ravaged beauty passed out cold.

As the sudden realization of what had just happened hit him Eddie began to panic. He had to do something, but what? Then it hit him. Eddie ran upstairs and found Bobby still passed out on the couch. He lifted the boy and dragged him downstairs to Lisa's bedroom. There he undressed him and lay the boy atop her. Regretfully Eddie reached in and stroked the passed out Bob's dick until it was hard enough to slip inside Lisa's pussy. Even in his sleep Bob enjoyed the sensation of Lisa's pussy and began slowly humping the passed out girl. Eddie quickly dressed and slipped out of the bedroom. Risking once final glance to see that Bob was slowly waking up and beginning to fuck Lisa. Eddie slid back out the window, stayed in the darkness as he eased his way down the street to his car and drove home.

Lisa awoke to her boyfriend fucking her. Her body was still in the throws of passion from Eddie's fucking. But her mind was a jumble of thoughts. She could have sworn she had just seen her dad's friend fucking her, but now it was Bob. But how could she have made such a mistake? She lost control as another orgasm wracked her body just as her drunken boyfriend came inside her. Lisa gained control as her orgasm ended and shoved Bob from atop her. He fell over and drifted off to dreamland once more. Lisa's head pounded with the beginning of what promised to be one dreaded hangover. She was positive that Eddie had taken advantage of her but couldn't think straight and she too passed out.

They awoke in time for Lisa to sneak Bob out of her room before her parents awoke. She was pissed at him for taking advantage of her. Yet she knew that she had been completely satisfied. For his part, Bob could not even remember having sex. Which only angered Lisa more. "How dare he take my virginity and not even remember it." She thought.

But Lisa was still confused. She could remember Eddie fucking her. Remember that it was Eddie's cock that made her a true woman. But it was Bob who she found with her. And from hearing her parents talk later she knew that Eddie had left nearly an hour before they went to bed. So how could it have been him?

Deep in her mind Lisa knew the truth. But she pretended that it was Bob who was her first. But every time Eddie came around she caught him looking at her with a special gleam in his eye. She recognized the truth but couldn't bring herself to admit it. But she also felt a tingle in her pussy whenever he spoke to her. She wouldn't reveal her desires.

But she would always feel them whenever he would come around from then on.

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