tagIncest/TabooLisa's Plan

Lisa's Plan


I was almost at the point of finalising the trip I had been planning for 2 or 3 months, it had been a lot more exasperating and time consuming than I had imagined, so I was glad I had started when I had and not left it too late, or years of wanting would not have been realised.

Let me tell you about me, my name is Lisa, I am 24 years old, considered by most people and especially men that I meet as lovely and or beautiful, 5ft 9" tall, long black shiny natural wavy hair, big wide eyes, high cheek bones, button nose, full wide lips, nice chin, excellent teeth, full breasted, good hips, long legged, that taper from hip to toes, no lumps and bumps any where. I am proud of my bearing, lucky enough to be intelligent, got all the degrees I needed to make my way in the world, I started my own IT business 3 years ago straight after college, against the advice of my peers, and up to now I am quite successful, offices in town, with 4 staff, have my own 2 bed apartment in a well to do part of town, drive Mercedes, have had as many boyfriends as I want or need, love sex, but as yet not with the one man on the earth that I want to have sex with, or should I say instead, I want to make love to, and be made love to by.

Hence my carefully planned seduction of him, and plans laid to achieve my goal, he has no idea of what is afoot, and would probably be aghast if he did know or find out, and to get him where I want him, to the point where I am his only focus,

He lives in my city, very good looking, well I think so and that's all that matters, and he does have admirers which I am a bit jealous of. He is 44, 20 years older than me, successful business man in his own right, a divorcee, and his wife just up and left him 5 years ago, but was amicable so I was told at the time, but I can't use my position to get to him. Now my plans, and intentions, to attain success.

I have bought a log cabin in the mountains, it is a wonderful place bought with a part mortgage that I can easily afford, it has 3 bedrooms, a king size bed in the main bedroom, that he will believe is just for him! 2 bath rooms, one en suite, big open fire, which will be handy in the cold weather, central heating, is so cosy, a balcony at the front that has views to die for, its not too isolated as to be a bit scary, but is also very secure in itself, and fully alarmed. And there is a woman who looks after it for me for a small remuneration, so it will be fully stocked with all I need for the planned one week stay in October.

I know his planned holiday dates and have planned mine also to suit his. I will take him there on the Friday, so there won't be any hiccoughs. In the next town where the cabin is, there is held every year on the Saturday a fancy dress ball, or party, it's an annual thing, which germinated my ideas for this one week. So after much thought of what to wear, I decided I would be a police officer, he would be my prisoner, (in more ways than one)

I searched for the correct clothing and uniform and finally had part of them made and part of them I bought, mine was a black peaked cap with gold braid, a tightish fitting shirt, short skirt all with gold trims, with black knee high, high heeled boots, a belt to carry handcuffs, nightstick, dummy mace spray, dummy gun, and pouch for gloves, and holder for a torch, after trying mine on I thought I looked great and was certain I would turn heads, and including some women too!

His was every ones idea of a prisoners uniform, dirty grey and faded black stripes, with arrows, made from a Hessian type material, I knew his sizes so was confident it would fit ok, also a leather belt I bought, just like the ones you see on TV that fasten a prisoners wrists to his side, I also had made a chain and ball from plastic to fasten to his ankle, but could be carried without discomfort, I did try to plan everything down to the last detail, getting him there wasn't a problem for me, I knew he would want to come for the week when I broached the subject with him.

So I hired a 4X4 picked him up at lunch time Fri and off we went, he had his own suitcase of what he thought he would need for a week in the mountains, little did he know that if my plans came to fruition he wouldn't be seeing much of them at all.

We arrived early afternoon, was met by the lady who looked after the cabin, who showed me where everything was and then left, first thing we did was have a beer on the balcony and wondered at the views which were stunning in the setting sun, then we unpacked.

I insisted on him having the master bedroom, and I went into the 2nd bedroom, so part one was in place, later we had steaks done on the grill, and salad. 2 bottles of fine wine, talked listened to music then retired to our own rooms, part 2 concluded.

The following morning breakfast was had on the balcony; we wrapped up and went for a walk, which was great fun. Got back mid afternoon, and then it was time for part 3, he didn't know there was a fancy dress party that night, and didn't really feel like it, but I insisted and he deferred to me and agreed.

He did say how can we go when we have no fancy dress clothes, I happily gave him his, told him to get ready and put everything on down to the brand new old lace less boots I had bought. I waited in the sitting room by the fire while he did, when he came out I just thought WOW! He had dressed and fixed the ankle chain and ball, the belt on his waist was there but not on his wrists, I would do that later! No buttons on his tunic, no belt on the pants, it was elasticised, I asked what he had on underneath. He smiled and said 'boxers.' I laughed and said 'that's ok.'

My turn to dress now I knew he was ready, The only thing I had to do was fix my hair up into the peaked cap, I was wearing black fishnet stockings, suspenders, thong, and a black lacy bra, and even I thought, hell girl you'll knock them dead!

When I came out and presented myself, I could see the look of awe on his face, he was more than impressed, and Im sure I happily saw a very welcome twitch in his pants, I sauntered up to him, stepped close and whispered 'impressed?' God, he said 'you look just stunning!' What with my own height and heeled boots I was almost level with him, which gave me a tickle in my own pussy.

Off we went everything was going as planned now, I was happy, he was happy; the world was at peace, ha ha ha ha. We arrived, and had a great time, I did have to rescue him twice from different women who had cornered him and were giving him a feel because now his wrists were restrained. I occasionally released him for different reasons, but always re fixed the restraints. At the end of the ball, they gave a presentation, and although I was a bit disappointed to only win second prize for best dressed couple, I was absolutely delighted to win the prize for best looking couple. Later we said our good nights to all, and made our way home, he had asked me to undo his wrists but that wasn't the plan so I just said 'yes, later ok?'

When we got back, I said 'come in here to your bedroom and I'll undo the straps,' this was where if my plan was to go wrong it would be now, I guided him to he bottom of the bed, just as I had in my head, so far so good, I pushed him backwards, and because he couldn't reach out he just fell on the bed, I laughed and so did he, I then moved to the bed side and climbed on and helped him move upwards, little did he know he was now assisting in his own seduction, I unclipped the ankle chain and dropped it on the floor, now for the tricky bit.

I reached into the drawer at the side, and removed the soft thin ropes I had prepared for my use, he looked at me quizzically, but I was being swift and efficient because I didn't want him to guess my plans before I was ready, I straddled his right thigh, pushed the end of the rope under him, it already had a loop made onto it with a knot to stop it tightening onto his left arm, then I fixed the next loop to his right arm, brought the rope back over his front and fastened the 3rd loop onto his right arm again, he was now tied from wrist to wrist under his body, and also over his body.

He had no chance of reaching the any of the knots what so ever. Of course by now he had realised what I had done and was doing, but it was too late, he was captured. He said to me, 'Lisa what the hell do you think you are doing!' 'Untie me this bloody instant!' I giggled and said 'please don't worry its okay, just wait and be patient alright?' My next move shocked him totally, I yanked at the bottom of his pants and pulled them right off, I then unbuckled his belt and restraints and removed them, he was struggling now, but I bent to my task and my goal, I knew I couldn't get his tunic top off with out undoing the ropes, so taking the dress shears I had put in the drawer I unceremoniously cut it from him. All he was now wearing were his boxers but I decided I would leave them for a moment to let him calm down, I don't think even now, he understood what was going to happen, or what was going to take place very soon. I was hoping that he wasn't too upset by these events to prevent him performing his duties! Now it was my turn, and really, the part of my long laid plans that if I didn't succeed here then I would have wasted my time and efforts, and totally ruined everything for him and for me forever more. I stood back from the bed, told him to be still and watch, then changing my mind I stopped, went back to the bed, picked up the dress shears and quickly cut each side of his boxers, which stunned him in to silence and pulled them away, now he was naked and motionless, I think now he was realising what was going on.

I took off my peaked cap, shook my long hair free, I know he loves my hair, I looked at him intently, never taking my eyes from his, as seductively as I could I undid the buttons on my blouse and slid it off, undid my skirt pushed it down and kicked it away which now left me in my lacy underwear and knee high boots, which I intended to keep on for a while longer, reaching behind me I undid my bra, and then waited for his reaction, I could have jumped for joy! His cock was moving and growing I was beside myself because now I knew, there was no way I wasn't going to succeed, and have him for my own! Slowly pulling my bra away I saw his eyes fasten onto my erect and engorged nipples, I was now aroused and getting wetter and wetter in my hot pussy, his cock was now doing its own thing.

Im sure he couldn't have controlled it now, no matter what he said or did, I dropped my bra to the floor, and started removing my thong, pushing it down, and over my boots kicked them away, his cock was almost now fully erect laying on his belly, and I marvelled at it, I had never seen it before, it was beautiful, long, about 8", nice and thick, lovely purple mushroomed head.

I quickly got on the bed, looked down at his hard cock and said 'Oooooh is that because of me?' 'You are a naughty boy' I said laughingly. It was then he said to me 'Lisa we can't do this, please?' My response was, 'yes we can, and yes we are, you want it too, just look at your cock!' It was then I ended negotiations by taking hold of it, and bringing a groan of submission from him, I wanked him up and down slowly while he got used to the idea, using both hands I caressed the head, and then his balls, he looked up at me and said just two words 'Lisa, please.' I smiled, leaned forward and kissed him, he didn't kiss me back, not straight away any way, I pulled away, leaned in and kissed him again, this time he reciprocated. The game was over, no contest, he was mine now, and although he didn't know it, he was going to be mine for ever, by the time our holiday was over he would know it, understand it, and accept it, of that I was now certain.

I couldn't wait any longer I moved down on him and sucked his cock into my mouth, I did my best to pulverize it, but not let him cum, after I while of that and squeezing and stroking his balls I stopped. He moaned, 'please I'm nearly there.' I told him to 'wait,' that I would decide what we did and how ok? I wasn't letting on that I was just as desperate as him! I lifted myself over him, and lowered my now boiling pussy onto his wonderful cock, and forced him into me, what fun I was going to have with this, this week, I leaned forward and put my hands either side of his shoulders and began fucking him, we both rose to the heights at the same time, my orgasm was enormous, mind boggling, he came in me with what seemed like a boiling rage of cum, that was hot and lots of it, I fell onto him.

After a while I kissed him and he kissed me, I told him 'I am so in love with you,' and he spoke the words I wanted to hear, 'I love you too my darling.' I lay at his side for a while kissing and caressing him. He asked, 'are you going to release me now'? I told him, 'no, not for a while,' in fact I kept him that way for the next 3 days, while I trained him up, sorry, Im getting ahead of my self, I made love to him again later that night, and slept at his side.

I woke with the morning sun streaming through the windows, I looked at him breathing evenly in his slumber, I gently took hold of his cock and Oh so slowly began to wake him, working my soft hand up and down the shaft while it grew before my eyes, he woke as I was getting onto him, and we both went for it like demons, I loved it, I clamped my self to him, and rolled over so he was on top of me, I had to support his full weight, but who cares when you got a cock like that buried deep inside of you, I had my legs fastened tight around him, and he fucked me, boy did he fuck me, I came and came and came, then he did, it was oozing out of me I was delirious with joy and happiness at the way things were turning out.

Keeping my legs around him, I rolled him and me onto our sides, and held his softening cock in me, which was glorious, we spent ages telling each other of our new love for each other, whisperings things like Im never going to leave you, we will buy a house out of town etc.

He wanted to use the bathroom, that caused a little embarrassment for us both but I flatly refused to let him free, I needed to cement my relationship, and I believed the only real way to do it was to make him utterly dependant on me, in the most loving way I could find. He accepted my decision, although there wasn't a lot he could do about it, and we settled into a loving routine. I kept him continually aroused, whether it was in bed or around the house, I was at him all the time, I would sit in his lap on the sofa, kiss him, touch him, move myself into a position where he could touch me, I would lead him back to bed and just love him, I didn't try and make him get an erection, that would have been silly, but when he was ready, so was I! And his restraints were not mentioned any more, he would wait for me to remove them because he loved being my prisoner of love!

On the Monday in the afternoon he became erect, and I took a decision that day that really did finalize our love and how we would develop together, although I wasn't aware of it when it happened, it was him that told me afterwards! I got him on the bed, and sank my pussy on him in what was now a blissful occurrence for us both, he just loved me fucking him, I made him come in torrents, but this time, I got off, and I still don't know what made me do it, but Im so glad I did, I went to the bathroom and got my baby oil, he saw it and smiled He said to me, 'you going to give me a massage now are you?' I replied, 'yea, something like that.' I got back on the bed and kneeled at his side, poured oil onto my hands and rubbed it all over his still nearly erect cock, which grew straight away back to full erection, then pouring some into the palm of my left hand I reached behind me and rubbed it around my bottom, and fingered some into my ass!

I had never had anal sex, and had never wanted to, but now I needed to, he realised what I was preparing to do, he said loudly 'Lisa!' Without saying anything I raised myself over him reached behind me for his cock, pressed it to my ass, and began to sink down on him, I must confess I didn't expect it to hurt like it did, but I was determined now to go ahead, and I did. I sank all the way down, rested a while, while the pain subsided, and then the sensation began to take over, and I ended up cumming greatly and then he did too, having my ass filled with cum like that was terrific and I ended up loving it, and knowing it wasn't going to be a one time thing. He loved it too, and couldn't tell me enough how much he did, and how much he loved me and how much in love with me he was. I could have just died right there with happiness. I cooked a much needed meal for us both and I fed him, in between spoonfuls I tweaked his cock, which got him hardened, what a sexually exciting thing that was too, I ended up sat in his lap facing him, with his cock in me while I spooned his food into him, has anyone ever cum while eating a meal? We did, it was glorious!

I released him the following morning, and then did I get a fucking! He had me all over the cabin, I couldn't keep him off me, nor did I want to, I was in heaven. Eventually we subsided into worn out bliss around lunch time, and went to bed to sleep, I was spooned into him, my back to him, he had his arm around me and we jus rested in the love we now had and would have forever, I reached behind to cup his head in my hand turned to kiss him with all the love and tenderness I could muster, and said to him 'I love you so much Daddy.' He said to me, 'I know kitten, and you will have me and my love forever my sweet beautiful darling daughter.'

The end.

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