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Lisa's Secret


"Fuck me."

Danny hissed as his wife, Lisa, straddled his hips and rode his cock. He watched as his young wife threw back her head and pinched her rock hard nipples. Her breasts were huge and he had paid a pretty penny for them. He grabbed her hips and thrust her harder and faster. He was a big man and loved how she could bounce on him with her whole weight.

"You have to be on top when you cum, sweetie."

Lisa tried to sound romantic yet knew this was ruining the moment. They had been trying to get pregnant for over three years and after reading book after book on fertility, she had become an expert. She knew that if she was on her back and titled her hips just right, Danny's sperm would flow right into her cervix. Danny grimaced and then flipped her over. He got up on his knees and grabbed her ankles, throwing them over his shoulders as he continued to fuck her. He was close to cumming and loved to look down as his wife laid panting and moaning under him.


Danny always cried out as he came to announce that he was cumming. He pushed hard against her cervix and came. He could feel his hot cum shooting out inside her and, if he could think at this moment, he'd be wishing that his sperm would get moving and impregnate his sexy young wife.

"Make me cum, Danny. Now!"

Lisa lifted her hips and held her legs above her. She needed to cum to pull his sperm deep inside her and he obeyed. Danny pressed his thumb against her clit and rubbed hard and fast. He wiggled her clit ring and pressed the diamond stud against her clit. She was bucking and moaning and finally as she came he lifted her legs high so none of his cum would leak out.

"Pillow please."

Danny grabbed two pillows and put them under her hips. Lisa would always stay like this for at least 30 minutes so his sperm would be deep inside her.

"I'm going to be in the office doing some work, O.K. sweetie?"

"That's O.K. I have my book club meeting tonight anyway."

Danny slid on his silk pajama bottoms and made his way to his home office. It was decorated in gorgeous mahogany wood and as he settled in his leather chair, he couldn't help but think of his wife. They had met four years ago and had an instant attraction. It had been at a formal dinner function where he was a guest speaker and had been given an award for being one of the top lawyers in his firm. She had been a token date for one of the young geeks in accounting and had been abandoned when her date realized it was open bar. He and his friends had drank themselves to a complete stupor and had been escorted out. Lisa had remained and after flirting with the tall older guy had ended up in the back seat of his SUV, fucking like bunnies.

They had married within the year and their love was so strong. She had gone back to school to finish her degree and was now starting a small home decorating business. She had been thrust into the life of the rich and famous and was adjusting nicely.

When the thirty minutes had passed, she got up, showered, and got ready for the evening. She put on designer jeans and a nice top. She was appalled that the jeans cost three hundred dollars, but she had stopped asking how much things cost years ago. She kissed her husband goodbye before getting into her cute little silver Audi Quattro. She had always wanted a sports car and Danny was very willing to give her exactly what she wanted. She pulled out of the garage and drove down the street. She giggled as she drove past the library where the book club was being held and instead pulled into a parking spot of the nearby office building. After locking the car doors, she walked into the building and rode the elevator up to the thirtieth floor. She hummed a little tune as the doors opened to the large foyer where the largest law firm in town resided. She walked past the empty reception desk and walked down the hall to the last door on the right. From the layout of the office, you could tell it was a corner office.

Lisa opened the door and saw Dave standing next to his desk as he chatted on the phone. She walked in softly and knelt by his feet. She unzipped his pants and pulled out his throbbing cock. She licked the tip, collecting his precum on the tip of her tongue. She swallowed and then began to suck harder and faster. Dave was breathing hard and fast and was desperately trying to pay attention to what was being said on the other end of the phone. He couldn't concentrate. He wrapped his hand around Lisa's blonde hair and pulled her head back and forth on his cock. She was always gentle at first, never sure how rough he wanted it. She was also very cautious when he was on the phone since she didn't need him crying out that he was cumming while on the phone with a business client.

He hung up the phone and then grabbed her head with both hands and thrust himself deep into her mouth, flooding her mouth with his cum. She swallowed and swallowed then licked him clean as she stood up.


"Well, hi yourself. And where does your wonderful husband think you are tonight?"

Lisa climbed up on the desk and let him undress her.

"I'm at a book club at the library except I stopped at the coffee shop and met up with an old friend from high school and chatted with her all evening."

Dave grinned as Lisa was able to lie so easily about her evening. Once Lisa was naked, he pushed her over the desk and thrust his cock inside her. He loved fucking her against his desk because when he was bored at work the next day, he could always imagine her pussy right where he sat all day.

"Won't he ask who this friend is?"

"No. He doesn't want to hear about my high school days. He says it makes him feel old since he was almost thirty when I started high school."

Dave gripped her hips and continued to thrust. He began to moan and she knew he was close. She thrusted her hips in rhythm, wanting him as deep as possible. Dave gripped her hips and started to cum. It was his second time in a few short minutes and he could feel his legs grow weak.

Dave sat back in his chair and spun Lisa around so they were facing each other. He ran his finger down her body and flicked her clit ring.

"I always thought this was sexy. I'm glad you were able to convince him to get it."

"Yes sweetie, I know. I should get going."

Dave nodded and watched as Lisa got dressed. She smoothed out her hair and then kissed him softly.

Later that evening she pulled into the garage and entered the house. She walked up the stairs and undressed. Climbing into the King size bed, she cuddled up against her sleeping husband.


Three weeks later, Lisa squealed with joy as she ran out of the bathroom with a pregnancy test in her hand. There were two bright blue lines and she knew that meant she was pregnant. She ran down the stairs and into Danny's home office, jumping into his lap, she showed him the test.

"Oh god, baby! I'm so happy."

"I know."

Lisa kissed Danny hard, wiggling against him. The phone began to ring and Lisa nuzzled his neck as he answered it. Looking at the call display, it was the law firm.

"Hello. Oh hi Dave. Yeah we're still coming over to Mom and Dad's."

Lisa leaned against the doorframe of the spacious bedroom waiting for her husband to get ready. They had been invited over to his parents for dinner and he was always nervous. She was dressed in a jean skirt and blouse with high heels and had her blonde hair in a ponytail. She stared at her husband as he slid on his socks and put on nice black dress shoes.

"You look great baby. Stop worrying."

Danny looked up and grinned. He saw his gorgeous wife in the doorway and just wanted to grab her and kiss her forever. They had just recently found out she was pregnant and since they had been trying for over three years, he was overjoyed. Finally ready to go, they walked hand in hand towards the garage.

"Your car or mine?"

"We'll take yours."

They slid into Danny's black SUV and made their way out to the country. Danny's parents lived on a large piece of land a decent drive away from the city. It was a forty-five minute drive. It would be longer if they lived in the city and not in one of the suburbs. They drove past huge mansions and Lisa imagined what the inside of each house looked. She had just started an interior design business and was excited to start helping out her rich neighbors with their decorating.

"So we won't tell anyone for a few months right? And you're on some new medication that doesn't allow consumption of alcohol right?"

Danny looked over at his wife and made sure they were on the same page. They sat in silence as the car made it's way up the winding road to the large bungalow. They got out and before they could knock on the door, it was opened. Danny's mother answered the door. She was a short woman with silver hair. She was wearing jeans and a sweater.

"Oh come in, come in. You shouldn't have dressed up. You know I hate when you dress up for these things."

She adjusted Danny's tie and fixed the lapel of his jacket.

"Hi Lisa, you're looking well."

They all hugged and made their way to the living room. Danny's dad was a spitting image of his son, very tall, dark hair, and football ruggedness. Next to his dad was Dave. Lisa smiled and walked over to say hello to the two men.

She was always comfortable around Danny's family. They had welcomed her with open arms and even though they lived in a large house and both father and sons were lawyers, they were so similar to her family. Just before dinner Lisa excused herself to go to the washroom. She made her way down the long hallway to use the main floor washroom. She had not been drinking wine this evening, but the sparkling water had gone right through her. She closed the door and did her business. After washing her hands she heard a light knock on the door. She opened it and was face to face with Dave.

She didn't say a word, instead pulling him in and closing the door. He pushed her hard against the marble counter and sunk his fingers into her pussy through her lace panties.

"I've missed you way too much baby."

"I know. God, we shouldn't be doing this here."

Dave picked up Lisa and sat her on the counter. Spreading her legs wide, he continued to finger her. His long fingers sank deeper and she gripped the counter for balance. Throwing her head back, she whimpered, her large breasts heaving.

"Turn around."

Lisa did as she was told and leaned over the counter. She watched in the mirror as Dave unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He slid her panties to the side and thrust into her hard. He felt how slick she was and knew that he wouldn't last long. He started to thrust hard and fast, slamming her against the counter. He knew she loved it rough and watched as she closed her eyes and licked her lips. He wrapped his large hands almost all the way around her waist and yanked her back against his cock. Her feet lifted off the ground as he sped up.

"Fuck you feel good baby. Let me cum in you. Let me spray your insides with my hot fertile cum."

Lisa opened her eyes and watched as Dave used her pussy to make himself cum. He loved talking dirty to her and knew she was aroused. He grunted and lifted her off the ground, cumming deep inside her pussy. He held her there so she could feel his cock expand inside her.

"My turn."

Dave placed her back on the counter and turned her around, moving her legs to his shoulders he leaned down.

"You haven't fucked him recently have you?"

"Um yeah, before we left."

Dave rolled his eyes and shoved four fingers inside her pussy. He knew it was wrong to fuck Lisa, but even he had limits. Lisa squirmed and moaned, finally cumming against his hand.

"Thanks sweetie."

"No problem."

They both cleaned up and Lisa left first, making her way to the dining room. Almost ten minutes later Dave returned, mumbling something about how work was always bothering him and even a nice family dinner wasn't sacred. Just as dessert was about to be served, everything went dark.


Lisa was the first to scream, more startled then really scared.

"I'll go get a flashlight."

There was some fumbling around and then Danny's dad found the emergency flashlight. Once the matches were found and candles were lit, everyone began to laugh. It was quite humorous when you think about it.

"You're not driving home in the dark are you Danny?"

"Oh come on Mom. It's probably just your neighborhood."

Danny's dad walked into the living room with a hand held radio.

"Actually it's the whole town and the police are advising motorists to stay off the roads since none of the street lights or traffic lights are working."

Lisa and Danny looked at each other. Lisa then glanced over at Dave, trying to smile innocently.

"Yeah, I guess we'll all stay the night."

Lisa and Danny made their way to his bedroom using a yellow plastic flashlight. They had been visiting his parents for dinner and there was currently a power outage affecting the majority of the town. Danny's bedroom had been turned into a guest bedroom so at least they had a place to sleep.

"Come here baby."

Danny walked over to his wife and began to nibble her neck. He moved her blonde hair away from her soft neck and licked his way down to her chest. His hands found her breasts and massaged her nipples. Lisa continued to moan as she undid her jean skirt and removed her panties. Danny leaned over and sucked her nipple into his mouth while undoing his pants. He pushed her backwards towards the bed and they fell back.

"How does my beautiful pregnant wife want to be fucked tonight?"

"Doggie style."

Danny flipped Lisa onto her hands and knees and sank his throbbing member deep into her pussy. Lisa bit her lip to stay quiet since his parents and brother were in rooms just down the hall. Danny dug his hands into Lisa's hips and fucked her harder and faster. She was so wet he could feel her dripping all over the bed. Little did he know she was wet because his pretty little wife was fucking his brother earlier that evening.

Suddenly Danny came and he thrust into her hard and reached around to rub at her clit. Lisa began to buck against him. He knew exactly how to get her off and he grinned as she collapsed on the bed from exhaustion. He wrapped his arms round her body and they drifted off to sleep.

Two rooms down Dave lay on the sofa. Dave had been invited over to his parents' house for dinner and because of the power outage had been stuck there as well. His bedroom had been turned into a home theatre so he was sleeping on the sofa there. He could hear Lisa and Danny going at it and it made him jealous. He had always wanted her from the moment they met. The three of them had gone out for dinner less then a week after the two of them had met. She had worn a sexy red dress and the two of them had chatted and gotten to know each other. Little did he know that four years later he would be fucking her on a regular basis.

Dave slid his hand into his boxers and began to masturbate. He stroked hard and fast as he imagined cumming all over Lisa's large swollen breasts. He came into his hand and then grabbed some tissue to clean up. He fell asleep dreaming of him and Lisa together.


Dave woke up in the morning and saw that the power was back on. He dressed quickly and said goodbye to his mom who was in the kitchen sipping tea and reading the newspaper. He really needed to get home before going to work and really didn't want to see Danny or Lisa. He got home in record time, showered, changed, and then made his way to the office.

Danny and Lisa woke up a little later and spent some time with his mom before going back home. Lisa wasn't getting morning sickness yet and was thankful that no one suspected anything. She wasn't ready to tell anyone and was still so worried about losing the baby.

While Danny was at work Lisa hung around the house and started reading some pregnancy sites online. While she was reading an article about what not to eat during her pregnancy, the phone rang.

"Hello. Oh yes. Hello Dr. Jones. Of course I can come in."

Lisa hung up the phone and immediately dialed Danny's direct line.

"Hi sweetie. Is this a bad time? Dr. Jones says the test results are in and we can go in this afternoon. Oh. It's that important? I'll just go in alone then."

Lisa hung up the phone and pouted. Danny had only gone to one fertility appointment in the whole year that they had been seeing Dr. Jones. She had gone alone the rest of the time and felt like a complete moron sitting in the waiting room by herself. She had called and left a message the other day to tell her doctor she was pregnant, but he still wanted to review the latest test results.

As Lisa drove to the doctor's office her phone rang. She grinned as Rihanna's song "Unfaithful" played as her ring tone. "How ironic," she thought.


"You alone?"

Lisa giggled as she heard Dave's voice on the other end of the phone.

"Yeah, just driving to the doctor's office."

"Are you sick baby? I could come over and take care of you."

"No sweetie. I'm pregnant. Shit."

Lisa swore as she realized what she had told Dave. Her mind was racing.

"Pretend I didn't tell you. Only Danny knows. We're waiting a few months to tell people."

Dave sat in his office and glared out the window. He had no idea that they were trying to get pregnant. He just assumed she was on the pill since she had been married to her brother for three years and had not gotten pregnant.

"Fine. I'll let you go then."

Dave hung up the phone and distracted himself by immersing himself in his new case.

"So, Mrs. Austin, I just wanted to review the test results with you and first off, I'm happy to hear you are pregnant, however, it is curious when you take into account the results, but I'm not one to pry. I'm sure you knew that you were perfectly healthy, but that your husband, probably due to his age and lifestyle, isn't fertile. He doesn't need to know the results of course. You aren't the first young healthy woman to find, shall we say, alternate arrangements."

Lisa sat stunned in the doctor's office. He was calling her a whore or a slut or both. Dave was the father of her child.

"Thank you doctor."

Lisa walked out of the office and stumbled towards her car. She was lightheaded and nauseous and had to sit in the car a few minutes before driving home. She really never thought about getting pregnant with Dave's baby. They had never talked about birth control since each and every one of their encounters was quick, rough, intense, and rushed. By the time she got home, she was feeling better. She started making dinner and heard her husband come in the door.

"Hi honey."

Danny stormed into the kitchen and slammed a piece of paper on the marble counter. Lisa could see it was a fax from the doctor's office.

"So, want to tell me who knocked you up since it wasn't me?"

Lisa stood in her grand kitchen as her husband demanded to know who she had been fucking. She was caught. The doctor had told her he wasn't going to give him the test results, but he had. She had been fucking his brother for over a year and now she was pregnant with his child.

"Maybe the test results are wrong. Why are you mad?"

"I'm mad because Dave told me that you and him have been fucking behind my back for over a year."

Lisa bit her lip and realized she was caught. She always assumed that Danny and Dave disliked each other, at least that was what she thought after hearing the stories of the two of them growing up. As she looked into his eyes, she realized that the brothers had bonded and reunited for one thing and one thing alone -- to leave her pregnant and alone.


The divorce was quick and easy. Danny was willing to give her a large settlement. It was more to keep her quiet then anything and he was so wealthy that a million wasn't really a lot. Lisa had, unfortunately, had a miscarriage a month after she had moved out of the house. It was a spontaneous miscarriage as the doctor put it and nothing she did or didn't do would have prevented it. She knew it was some chromosome abnormality and she felt bad to think that it was probably for the best. She and Danny only spoke through their lawyers.

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