tagNovels and NovellasLisa's Submission Ch. 01

Lisa's Submission Ch. 01


Author's note: This story is dedicated to my fellow Literotica writer Lisa. The concept arose from the fantasies that lingered in my mind on the footsteps of a most pleasant online correspondence that began when we discussed the stories we had shared here. Do note that I have made some changes based on her feedback and incorporated some paraphrases of her words, but the "Lisa" here is a fictional character.

As always, I welcome your comments and private messages if you have any feedback, constructive criticism, dirty stories, salacious suggestions, etc., or would just like a friendly email when I post a new story. I will also send you a personalized picture of my cock on request.

* * *

Danny walked into the hotel lounge and looked around. He only had a couple grainy profile pictures to go by as he scanned for room for...

Ah! he thought to himself. There was a spark of recognition at a woman sitting alone at a table along the windowed wall on the far side of the room. He walked over to her.

"Hello... Lisa?"

She'd been looking out at the uninspiring view: a parking lot outside and the airport in the distance under overcast afternoon light. She turned and looked up at him. "Yep. Hi, Danny."

He set down his gym bag, pulled out the chair opposite her and sat down. This feels weird. In one sense, he knew Lisa very well, but she was, realistically, a total stranger to him.

Danny had first encountered Lisa when she'd left a comment on a story he'd written on an erotic fiction website. He looked up her profile, read her stories and commented back. Soon they were exchanging emails back and forth. Given that starting point, their conversations had generally centered around sex -- the mechanical details as well as the mercurial desires underlying it. Because they'd been online -- anonymous -- Danny had been quite open about the things he was into, as had she. It was a sort of conversation he'd hardly ever had, let alone with a stranger.

They also had a friendly, open sense of banter, so when Lisa had said she was going on a business trip and talked about that a bit, Danny had responded, "that's only an hour's drive from me!"

With hesitating conversational circles, neither trying to admit it openly, they each managed to convey that maybe they should meet up. Neither had dared to say so online, but the implication was that it wasn't just to have a Coke.

They were slow to start talking as they looked each other over. Just as Lisa was about to speak, a waitress approached the table.

"I'll have a diet Coke," he said to her with a tight smile. He looked over at Lisa. "Make that two diet Cokes."

When the waitress had left, he looked her over again. They'd talked about their bodies to each other, but they'd never exchanged ages. She's a few years older than me, Danny thought to himself. A Midwest soccer mom, Danny mused. A Midwest soccer mom who likes getting spanked, he amended.

Lisa had short brown hair, high cheekbones and a slightly pointed nose. Not plain, but not an overpowering beauty. Sort of like the girl-next-door, but with some experience under her belt, and with a few more pounds around the middle.

A little burst of worry accompanied that thought. Still, she's skinny compared to me. Danny was about five-eight and with a little bit north of two hundred pounds, so he was carrying a noticeable paunch. Still, she knew that. Despite how he looked, Danny got off on sending people pictures of his body, and near the start of their acquaintanceship, he basically dared Lisa to ask him for a picture of his cock, which he promptly sent off, along with some more pictures of his body. To his surprise, Lisa had even responded, so before he came here he knew more about what her pussy looked like than her face.

"Well then," he said suddenly. "You think you're up for this?"

Lisa fiddled with her coaster. "Yes. I've been thinking about it ever since I got here. My conference has been very dull otherwise."

The waitress came by with their drinks. "Will you guys be needing menus?" she asked.

"No, just these," Danny said. "We're getting caught up."

The waitress winked conspiratorially at him and left them alone, and they made some more small talk about the dull genericness of airport hotels and traveling and so on. Let's cut the chit-chat, Danny thought to himself. He took a sip of his drink and looked Lisa in the eye.

"So... when you knew you were coming here, you asked me to meet with you because you wanted to get fucked up the ass, right?"

He was speaking in a low voice and there wasn't anyone else seated immediately beside them, but Lisa's eyes still darted back and forth. He saw her throat constrict as she swallowed, and then involuntarily licked her lips.

"Yes," she said, nodding.

"And you want it full on," he continued, holding her in his glare. "Not gentle. You want me to bend you over, pin you down and..." he paused, smiling, "sodomize you."

She licked her lips again. Her response was a gruff whisper. "Yes."

Danny leaned back. "Well, it's not going to be that easy. I think we have to talk about what else you're going to do."

"What else do you want to do?" Lisa shot back.

"Here's what I want. I want you to be like the characters in your stories. For the rest of the day, I want you to submit to me. I want you to give full consent, in advance, to whatever I want to do to you."

"Danny... I didn't think you were into that! In your stories, you seem to get of so much on being... what do you call it... the bottom."

"The stories get better with research, though, don't they?" he asked. "But it's true. When I'm with women... or men... I'm usually more than a little submissive. But this is a sort of special opportunity. We're out of our usual element, and we can step out of our usual roles a bit. And anyway, sometimes I like to wear the collar... and sometimes I like to hold the leash. You know what I mean?"

Lisa nodded.

Danny took a sip of his drink and continued. "And anyway, I've seen something in your stories -- we've talked about this a few times -- I think you're not fully committed to being submissive. In your stories, I think you set things up so that the character only is 'forced' to do things that they wanted to do anyway, but just wouldn't admit it to themselves. I want you to treat this as a little experiment: what would it feel like for you to submit -- and to submit all the way, unconditionally?"

Lisa chewed at her bottom lip as she thought this over. "You're right. I never really realized that until you pointed it out, but I don't normally want to give up full control, but I do want... permission, I guess, to go further than we're supposed to. And anyway, I don't want a man to control my life. I mean, my ex-husband..."

"No, no." Danny interrupted her. "This isn't your real life. I don't want to control your life. I don't want to tell you to pack up and move to a different state... I don't want to force you to earn sixty-eight cents on the dollar of what I earn. I want you to have a singular experience -- not life -- where you temporarily cede control to me. Where I control how you get pleasure and how you give me pleasure. I want you to find some things out about yourself today. Like, will you get off, just on submission itself, on having to do some things... that you wouldn't normally like to do. I think, in the end, you'll experience a sublime pleasure today. Why not try, and give in completely for one day, and see what you experience. Plus, I promise it will end with the ass-pounding that you so desperately crave."

Lisa laughed a little at that.

"There's no backtalk, no questioning my commands, no negotiation. You submit all the way or not at all. Stop and think for a minute. Look inside yourself. It's time for you to find out -- do you have this in you? Can you be a true submissive, or do you just want to be titillated with the superficiality of it?"

He leaned back and finished off his drink. Lisa was sitting still, her head tilted a bit to the side, as if she were deep in thought.

And then, a little quietly but clearly, she said, "yes sir."

Danny waved his hand through the air. "Ah, I don't go for all this yes sir, no sir bullshit," he said. "I want to do some things to you, I want you to do some things to me. Follow my commands, but you don't have to get all call-me-master."

"Yes... Danny."

He reached down and fished around in his bag a little, pulling something out. He handed it to her. It was a thin leather strip, red on the outside. Lisa looked it over. Is this a bracelet? she thought. Oh... it's...

"A collar," Danny said, completing the thought for her. "Put it on."

It was quite well-made, and with a different ensemble, might have looked like a fashionable choker. But with her business casual attire, Lisa felt as if it looked really out of place. Still, she guided it around her neck, feeding the end through the metal buckle and fastening it. It gave her a strange feeling, and for the first time in the encounter, Lisa felt as if she were somehow exposing herself, as if she were announcing what she was going to do. She felt as if she were blushing.

Lisa was just about to say something when another figure was suddenly at their table. "Oh, hi Lisa!" It was another woman, about her age with a cheerful smile and a wide behind.

"Hello Shirley," Lisa said. "This is my old friend Danny from out this way. We're just getting caught up." She said that last part with an emphasis that made it clear it was a private conversation.

"Hi Danny!" Shirley said with equal enthusiasm. "Oh, well, I guess you're not coming out for the shopping trip then? We're taking a cab down to the outlet stores, so I thought I'd just double check!" She looked back and forth at them, and maybe sensed some of the charged crackle in the air from their conversation. She took a step away. "Nice to meet you," she said to Danny. "And toodle-oo!" She turned and walked away.

"Toodle-oo!" Danny said, laughing. He looked at Lisa. "That's good... that's smart. You're supposed to let a friend know where you are when you're meeting with a stranger. You told her to come and get a look at me, right?"

Lisa swallowed. "Yes."

"That's good. No worries. You know me, Lisa. Things most of my friends don't know. And you know I'm not going to leave your torso in a suitcase or anything. But it's never wrong to be safe. We'll be safe. In fact, we should have a safe word, right?"

Lisa nodded, looking relieved. Danny continued, "yeah. And we'll make it easy, so you're struggling to remember it when you're... otherwise occupied. You just have to say 'safeword'. Say it back to me."

"The safeword is 'safeword'," Lisa repeated.

"That's right.... but here's the thing. It's a zero-sum game. If you say it, I'll stop. But I'll stop everything, and our day ends. You got that? You can't say it just to go down to a less-intense level, okay? You're all-in, or all-out. So just think twice before you do say it."


"Now... your key card please."

Lisa looked at him, hesitating.

"It starts now. It's already started. You've submitted to me. When I ask you something, you answer. When I tell you to do something, you do it. Your key card."

She reached in her purse and pulled it out, handing it to him.

"Room number?" he asked.


Just then, the waitress reappeared. "Will there be anything else for you guys?"

Lisa looked up at her. "No, just charge this to my room, please."

That taken care of, Danny stood up, grabbing his gym bag, and Lisa stood up as well. Without speaking, they left the lounge.

There was another couple waiting in the area outside the elevators. As one of them dinged, Lisa began to step forward but Danny, holding onto her arm, held her back. "We'll take the next one," he said, stepping forward to hit the up button once the elevator had started to ascend. When the next one arrived, they stepped onto the elevator alone.

As the doors were closing, Danny was already pulling something from his bag. It was a thin red leather dog leash, and before Lisa could react, Danny was attaching it to the metal loop in the collar around her neck.

"Time to submit," he said. "Get on your hands and knees. I'm going to walk you to your room."

Danny looked at her, knowing this was a crucial moment. Either she was going to go through with it -- to submit fully to him -- or she wasn't. He knew she'd thought it over downstairs, but it's different when it's actually happening. And when it starts in public.

But Lisa had hesitated for only a second, and as the elevator dinged and the doors slid open, she was dropping her to hands and knees. As she crawled out, she quickly looked up and down the hallway. There was no one in sight.

Without a word, Danny read the room number from a sign on the opposite wall and started off, not looking down at the woman crawling beside him. He walked at a brisk clip, forcing her to move quickly to keep up That was enough of a challenge to keep her from having too much time to think about the degrading situation she was now in.

They turned one corner, and then another, and had to go to almost to the end of the long corridor. Lisa now had enough time to wonder how someone would react if they came out their door and saw the two of them. She didn't know if she was embarrassed or aroused by this -- it felt a bit like both, and neither.

In front of room 618, Danny pulled out the keycard and slid it into the lock. The door clicked, and he opened it, indicating with a shake of the leash for Lisa to pass through. He followed her, letting the door shut behind him.

Quickly surveying the suite, Danny led her to the open area between the bed and the window, and dropped the leash. He set down his gym bag and sat on a chair by a small bedside table.

"Get undressed," he said. "Leave the collar. You may stand up."

Lisa looked over at the window. The curtains were fully open, letting the late afternoon light in. There were some midrise office buildings off in the distance, but it wasn't as if anyone outside could see what they were up to. She stood up, and without hesitating, began unbuttoning her blouse. She it pulled off, then bent down to undo her pumps, kicking them off to the side and tossing her socks that way as well. As unzipped her pants, she looked positively eager to get naked in front of this near-stranger. Her body wouldn't be a total surprise to him, given the webcam pictures she'd emailed to him, and she seemed unselfconscious about the slight thickness of her belly, and, as her bra came off, of the slight sag to her breasts.

Last of all, she slid her plain white cotton panties down her legs. Her pussy was meticulously hairless, carefully groomed so as to leave not even the suggestion of stubble. Without pausing, she leaned forward and handed the panties to Danny.

"Ah, you remembered," he said with a smile as he took them. Several of Danny's stories had included detailed descriptions of men sniffing women's panties, and here, he carefully held them up to the light and studied them, just like one of his characters might. Then he hooked his fingers through the waistband, flipped them inside out, and held the inside of the crotch to his face. He breathed in deeply.

"You have an interesting musk," he said, as he sniffed at it again. "I look forward to investigating the source." He handed the panties back to Lisa. "Here. Put these over your face."

Flipping them around in her hand to find the front, Lisa complied with his order, pulling the waistband over her head so that she was wearing the panties like a mask, the smell of her crotch now against her face.

"Breathe it in," he instructed, and waited for her to inhale a couple times. "Do you like the smell?"

Lisa breathed it in once more. "I'm neutral toward it, I guess. It doesn't small bad or gross, thank goodness. But it doesn't particularly turn me on."

Danny was looking up and down her body, smiling and nodding. "You're a foxy lady, Lisa. You look comfortable in your skin, and that's where sexy comes from. Turn around," Danny instructed. He looked at her behind, exhibiting, like the rest of her, a bit of middle-age droop.

"Bend over." She did so, and Danny leaned forward, looking at her ass, and trying to peer between her padded cheeks. "Further. Stick your ass out."

Taking a grip on the top of the dresser, she complied as Danny stood up and stepped toward her. The leash was now dangling against her side, and he reached up to the collar and undid it. He held the metal hook in one closed fist while the other hand controlled the looped handle at the other end, swishing it through the air. With a quiet smacking sound, he brought the thin leather strip fairly lightly against her right buttock.

"Oh!" she said, more out of surprise than pain.

"Look forward. Don't turn your head. I'm going to give you five on each side, and don't want you to bother the neighbors. Count them off, but don't make too much noise."

Without waiting, he flipped back his hand and flailed at her right buttock with a far less gentle lash, leaving a sharp smak echoing across the room. Lisa muttered with a sharp rush of breath, but didn't cry out. A red line appeared across her buttock. "One," she said, quietly.

Without waiting, the leash snapped again. "Two." The next three came in quick snapping secession, and she could barely get each number out as the next blow landed. Danny pivoted and took a step to his left. He repeated the sequence, giving five quick lashes to her left ass check. As she counted out, "five!", she exhaled, relaxing at the end of it. She was still looking forward and didn't anticipate as Danny smiled and pulled back further than before, landing one final unexpected lash.

Her body jolted with it, and she almost shouted, channeling it out into a barely-comprehensible word. "Ahhhhh... six!"

Danny dropped the leash at her feet, and began rubbing the red welts on her buttocks, feeling her shiver underneath him. "You liked that, didn't you? Did that turn you on?"

Lisa was still breathing quickly, but managed to huff out an affirmative noise.

"Well, let's see if there's any sign of your arousal." With that, Danny's hand slid from her buttocks to between her legs, rubbing against her outer labia.

"Oh yes, I can see that something's happening here. I always loved in your stories how wet the women got when they were turned on. I figured you might be like that too." His fingers were rubbing the outside of her pussy lips, and she shuddered. While his left hand moved to her buttocks to stroke the distressed flesh, his right thumb and middle finger pulled her labia outward as his index finger began to stroke in between, quickly working its way into her warm, moist pussy. It only took a moment before the middle finger slid in as well, and that started stroking in and out of her.

"Wow, what a lovely creamy cunt," he muttered. "Let's see what you got -- squeeze it!" Lisa flexed her pubic muscles, and Danny could feel the grip tighten around his fingers. "Yes, it's a well-trained pussy, but I think you've got some more room in here!" With that, his ring finger slipped in and he was working three fingers into her.

"I love the flexibility of a mature pussy," he said, as his fingers kept working. "Why is there this stupid pornographic cult of youth?" He was lunging deeper now, and Lisa's breath was growing quicker. She either wasn't listening to him or thought he was asking rhetorical questions. "These days, it's all 'tight young virgins'. Pff. You, you're a sexually prime woman. What was it that dirty old ballad said? 'The purse runs so deep that you'll never find the treasure'. That's a real pussy."

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