tagIncest/TabooThe Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 15

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 15


The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 15

Lisa's Tales -- Part 1

Lisa Hayworth had spent the afternoon on the beach, lying in the sun and tanning her mature, slender body. It was May 1st, a mid-week afternoon, but one that she had regularly scheduled as a day off. For the first time that year the temperatures had peaked in the 80's, and with the winds from the south, it had been a perfect day for Lisa to begin working on her summer tan. She enjoyed the beach most when there were few distractions, from kids playing in the sand to middle-aged men walking and gawking at the female flesh on display. Lisa did enjoy being looked at, however, by men both younger and older than her. She hoped that her appearance, as youthful as she could maintain, gave men pause, wondering just how old she might be. She often enjoyed catching young men, even those as young as her own son, checking her over with their eyes. It made her feel very good, indeed.

That afternoon Lisa had worn her favorite two-piece bathing suit, one in a Hawaiian-style print, although she didn't go into the waters. They were still much too cold for her. Her body glistened with the oils she had applied during the day, and as she gathered up her beach blanket and carry-all, she noticed a pair of guys watching her intently. Given another five minutes, one or the other of them might have approached her. As it was, Lisa slipped on her sandals, tossed her turquoise blue shoulder wrap around her upper body, and gave them each a smile and a half-hearted wave before heading off of the beach.

When Lisa had arrived in Regal Bay, she had been a very quiet woman for most of her life. Just into her 30's, she had seldom taken charge of anything in her life, personal or professional. Although she was a successful hair stylist with several well-known and influential clients, Lisa was still very much the shy girl who had been raised in Manhattan, Kansas.

Now divorced, she and her two children lived in Regal Bay. Lisa was a hair stylist and had worked at Paisley Park Beauty Salon for more than eight years now, since it was opened and she had taken one of the offered chairs. Previously, Lisa had worked at one of the mall's salons for half the pay she had been offered by Kathy Gates at her newest business along the remodeled downtown business district.

Lisa's son Randy had begun college locally that school year and would be working towards a career in film making. Her daughter Alyssa was now a senior at the high school, with a similar interest in the arts and entertainment industry. Alyssa was a cheer-leader during the football and basketball seasons, and during the spring she had taken an after-school job at another of Kathy Gates' businesses downtown, helping at the Glorious Gowns and Nobel Tuxedo Shop. In exchange, Alyssa was given free rental on a gown for her senior prom.

Randy was a tall, handsome young man who very much resembled his father,or so Lisa thought. He was out-going and made friends easily when they moved into the area. As he went through his teen years, Lisa noted that her son fit in well with the bay area youth crowd. Lisa had gotten to know many of his friends in the years they'd lived in Regal Bay and she liked most of them. She had also been introduced to several of their mothers, many of whom were in similar situations as Lisa's. They, too, were for the most part middle-aged, divorced women who worked hard while raising young adults. They were kindred spirits with Lisa, as well as clients at Paisley Park.

The house that Lisa and her children lived was in North Bay, one of the original neighborhoods in Regal Bay. The homes were small and rather close together, each sitting on little more than an acre of land. The front yards were small, with the homes, many of which were of a bungalow style, fronting the streets closely. The back yards were small patches with little room for much more than play sets, barbeque pits, or a small bathing pool. Most had small, one-car garages that ended up serving as storage sheds. Driveways ran between the houses and any household with two cars ended up with one parked along the street. The one amenity the neighborhood had was that it was very close to North Bay Beach and the Regal Bay Marina. Nearly everyone in the neighborhood was within a few minutes' walk of the beach and spending time taking in the warm sun, or just kill off a day.

For Lisa, the walk back to her house was a short five minutes. Along the way she realized that it had been a very long time since she'd gotten laid. She even felt a tinge of regret at not walking right up to the two men and introducing herself. That was the only way she would be able to alleviate this problem, she observed. In order to get laid, one must first have social contact with a willing man, she mused.

Once back home, she dropped her carry-all inside the door and kicked off her sandals. She headed for the only full bathroom in the house, in need of a shower to wash away the oils and sticking sand. As she entered, Lisa recognized her son's presence in the shower. Instead of slipping back out into the hallway, she quietly slipped into the small bathroom. Just then Randy shut off the spray. Lisa pulled the lavender towel from the peg on the back of the door and when her son opened the shower door, she handed it to him.

"Oh, mom!" he gasped as he found his mother standing in the middle of the small bathroom looking at him.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know you were home," Lisa explained. "I thought you had an afternoon class."

Randy took the towel from her and hugged it to his chest. "It got canceled, something about Professor Kreene having a heart attack or something."

"That's awful!" Lisa gasped. "I hope he's alright."

"He'd better be, otherwise I'll have to take the class again, with some other professor. I like him. He's pretty easy."

Lisa couldn't resist taking Randy's full nudity in with her eyes. He was very nice to look at, she realized, and resembled his father very much. Chad Hayworth had turned into a bastard well into their twelve-year marriage. She divorced him because of his bullshit attitude about everything. Lisa didn't want his attitude rubbing off on her children, so she divorced him and moved out of state. And he didn't seem to give a shit. He only ever called to speak with one of his children on their birthday or during Christmas. He never sent money, or presents. Lisa didn't think either of her children cared any more about him than he seemed to care about them.

"I've been down on the beach all afternoon and I'm really in need of a shower," Lisa told her son. As Randy dried his naked form, just an arm's length away in the cramped bathroom, Lisa began to pull her bathing suit off.

Now dried off, Randy felt embarrassed standing naked beside his mother as she too became nude. Lisa paused after tossing her suit into the clothing bin and turned to ask, "Did you have a good time, last night?"

"What? What do you mean?" Randy stammered.

"I could smell the sex on your clothes this morning, when I picked up your room," she grinned. "Did you fuck her here or at her place?" Randy had wrapped a towel around his waist to hide his lengthy cock from his mother's gaze as she teased him. Randy was speechless. "I'm not embarrassing you, am I?" she asked with a wicked sneer.

"Mom, really!" Randy grunted. "This isn't a good time."

"Why not? Because I'm standing here in front of you, just as naked as you are?" Lisa surprised herself then by taking her breasts in her hands and looking at her son's eyes, which went to them. "Are they nice? I know you like to sneak peaks at them when I change clothes. And I've seen the way you look at me sometimes, with lust in your eyes, is it?" She giggled, jiggling them for him.

"Mom! What are you doing?" Randy groaned, but was obviously enjoying himself. She could see it in his eyes. That was when she surprised both herself and her son.

Lisa went to her knees before Randy then and reached for the towel. She lifted it aside and saw her son's cock then, just inches away. She looked up to see fear in his features, before brazenly shocking him by taking his cock in her warm hand.

"What the hell?" Randy gasped.

"I just want to check something out," Lisa replied.

"Oooohhh!" Randy groaned as his mother's hand began to stroke his dick. He couldn't help the fact that he was already growing hard by her just being naked in the bathroom with him. Now that she was touching him, and stroking him, he grew steel-hard in seconds. When his mother took his cock into her warm, wet mouth a minute later, he just about screamed.

"Mom! Oh, fuck! Stop!" Randy grunted, but Lisa didn't stop. She couldn't. She had no idea what had come over her, but the sight of her son, all grown up with a semi-rigid cock hanging from his light brown pubic hair, glistening with shower dampness, and the smell of recent sex still lingering in her house, it all combined to remove her inhibitions. She purred around her son's cock, now wrapped by her lips, and began to suck him.

Between sucks and strokes, Lisa told her son, "I'm in dire need of getting laid, Randy." She released his cock from her lips and looked up into his face. While continuing to stroke his hardening cock, she told him, "I've seen you having sex with Nina Masters. I came home early one afternoon last week and saw you two. I couldn't help it. I had to watch. I have to admit that I masturbated while watching you two, and I even began to fantasize about being in her place, beneath you." With that all said, Lisa turned her full attention to the growing, hardening cock with her mouth.

Lisa soon had her son's lengthy, youthfully strong cock fully hard. It was very beautiful and tasty in her mouth. It was also too much for her to take fully. Lisa had never been a very good cocksucker, and that had possibly been one of the reasons her husband had fucked around on her. Lisa, with her son's magnificent cock in her mouth, vowed to learn to satisfy men, and practice on her son whenever possible.

Randy was still very much in shock. His mother's head was bobbing along the length of his cock. Her tongue was tickling his knob. Her hands were cupping his balls. It was a side of his mother he hadn't even known existed. Yes, he had seen her time and again in only her underwear, and he had admitted that she had a great body, echoing his friends' compliments. He had never thought of her sexually, though. And now he was standing in their bathroom, getting sucked hard by his mother. It was almost too much for him to handle, and if it hadn't been for the fact he blasted his fourth load of the day high into one of Mrs. Masters' twin daughters just an hour ago, he would have already fed his mother one thick load. Instead, he stood gasping and grunting under his mother's oral assault.

As Lisa continued to suck upon her son's cock, she began to cup her breasts and tweak the nipples. She could feel her pussy heating up and beginning to leak its fluids between her thighs. She looked up into her son's face, found his eyes tightly shut, although his mouth hung open, and imagined she could taste the faint hint of a young pussy upon his manhood. She released her mouth long enough to catch her breath, then returned to slurping noisily upon his wonderful tool. Lisa knew he would either cum very soon, or be so spent he would last for a very long, pleasurable time. Either way, Lisa was going to enjoy every inch of her son's manhood.

Randy had taken hold of his mother's wavy blonde hair, still tied up in a loose bun, and was guiding her steadily along his cock's length. However, he was beginning to feel something more than shock. It was a desire that boiled deep within him and when he looked down, it was no longer his mother's face being speared by his cock, but the face of a slut-whore who needed to be fucked, long and hard, and Randy was more than willing and able to provide it.

Randy pushed his mother's head back, releasing her oral hold upon his cock.

"Stand up and turn around," he ordered of his mother. Finding herself in such a state of sexual eagerness, Lisa had little choice but to follow her son's directions. With her back now to him, Randy pulled his mother, who was a few inches shorter than him, fully back to him. He dropped the towel and pressed his full frontal nakedness to her back. His cock pressed into her naked, oil-coated ass flesh.

"You want to get fucked, is that it?" he hissed into her ear. She nodded. "Do you realize what this means?" She nodded again.

"There will be no turning back, no going back to the way it was before," she answered. "I want this, Randy. I want this more than anything. I love you and want to love you more than only a mother can. I need you to love me, more than a son ever should."

Randy's hands snaked between his mother's arms and torso to find and cup her naked d-cup breasts. In response, her own hands reached back to take hold of his insistent manhood and heavy balls. Randy leaned closer and began to kiss across her naked shoulders and neck, making her moan with pleasure. Her nipples grew hard beneath his palms and she longed to have his flesh touching hers. She was turned to face the bathtub and took hold of the shower door, pressing her backside hard against her son's groin as he continued to kiss and lick her exposed flesh.

Randy continued to kiss his mother's shoulders and neck while stroking her hips and ass with one hand and squeezing her soft tits with the other. He then began to trace his tongue down her spine, leaving kisses along the way, until he knelt behind his mother. Her round ass globes were on a level with his face. He squeezed the soft, fleshy globes, and then began to kiss each in turn. Lisa moaned and rolled her hips back at him, enjoying the attention her son was giving her body. It had been a very long time any man had treated her so well, and things had only just begun.

Randy's hands ran up and down his mother's thighs, inside and out, while he kissed and licked up and down the crack of her ass. Randy kissed his way back up his mother's back, then with her hand returning to his cock to slowly stroke him, his mouth found hers and they kissed deeper than ever. Lisa turned to face her son, pressing her breasts into his chest. His light body hair tickled her. Lisa stroked her son's cock as she kissed his mouth. Randy took hold of his mother's soft breasts, pressed between their bodies. Both moaned and panted with growing lust. The sounds would easily be heard beyond the bathroom door, though neither would care.

Randy broke his mouth free from his mother's lips and then latched onto her right nipple. He sucked and squeezed at her tit flesh while she continued to stroke and caress his rock-hard rod. Her fingers crossed the tip and discovered leaking fluids, which were quickly rubbed across his knob and down the shaft. Lisa took a moment to bring a finger up to her mouth and taste her son's leakage.

Randy couldn't believe his cock was already about to blow. He panicked, not wanting to waist this opportunity, and decided to take it to the next level. He began to kiss lower, across the smooth flesh of his mother's slight belly bulge. Her hands fell away from his twitching cock mercifully. Randy continued to descend to his knees and now found himself face to crotch with his mother. He kissed her hips and across the roundness of her lower belly. Lisa gasped in anticipation, still rolling her hips sinfully. And then he reached up between her thighs into her crotch, and pressed his mouth onto her pubic mound.

"Oooohhh, yeeessss!" Lisa moaned as her son's warm breath washed across her damp labia. Lisa gasped again, louder, as her son's mouth fully planted against her pussy. She gasped louder still as his tongue lanced out and began to stroke up and down the length of her slit. She felt a wave of her juices spill out as his tongue parted her labia. Her knees almost buckled as his tongue thrust upward into her vaginal chute as high as any finger had. She lost control in that moment and screamed with an orgasm the likes of which she had rarely experienced.

Randy slurped and sucked upon his mother's twitching pussy. She had lifted a foot to the edge of the bath tub to give him greater access to her pussy, and he took full advantage of it. He slurped up the cream that flowed thickly from her pussy hole, the flavor of which reminded him somewhat of white wine. It was much tangier than the juices he had so recently sucked from much younger girls, though not nearly as salty as his girl-friend's mother's thicker cream. To Randy, however, any pussy juice was delicious pussy juice. He loved each and every drop he could get, including that which his own mother was now feeding him.

Randy didn't want to waist a single second of slurping upon his mother's flowing folds, and for her part she was going to enjoy her son to the fullest, she vowed, even as her pussy once again twitched and flowed. Her son had pressed his thumb up into her vagina, replacing his tongue, which was now dancing across the sensitive bud of her clitoris. She gasped, grunted, and screamed out, once again climaxing upon Randy's tongue.

"God, that feels so good, Randy," she sighed as her climax ebbed once again. "So good."

Randy grinned wickedly even as he continued to suck and slurp upon his mother's pussy folds. Her chute was tight around his thumb and spasm as she rode out her latest orgasm. He imagined what it would feel like to have his cock inside his mother's tight pussy, and realized then that he didn't have to image. He could just stand up, bend her over the tub, and ram it to her.

So he did.

Randy quickly stood up and turned his mother to face the shower door once again. She was panting through the last of her orgasm and was putty in his hands as he bent her over and pulled her wide hips back. Her pussy slit was drenched with his saliva and her cream, and warmed the head of his cock when he pressed it against it. Lisa, still panting, turned to look back over her shoulder as her son pressed his hips against her buttocks. His cock-head found her vaginal opening and suddenly popped through. She gasped loudly, and then moaned as inch after inch of her son's wonderful cock filled her.

"Yes, Randy, fuck me, fuck me," she gasped as his manhood entered her.

Randy found his mother's pussy to be as tight as any he had ever experienced. It was amazing just how tightly his mother's pussy gripped his shaft as he pressed deeper into her. It was as if she hadn't had sex in years, and a mixture of sorrow and thrills filled him as he took a firm hold of her wide hips and began to force the last few inches of his meat into her.

"You're so tight, mom," he huffed. "Tighter than some of the girl's I've fucked, for sure."

"It's been so long, Randy," she gasped. "So long since I've had a real man. And you are a real man, aren't you Randy? You're a real, strong, wonderful man."

Lisa turned her head back to look over her shoulder at her son. He was looking back into her face, holding her upraised hips tightly in his strong hands. His cock filled her. "Fuck me, Randy," she gasped. "Fuck me hard."

And then Randy began to fuck his mother.

With short, smooth strokes of his cock, Randy fucked his mother's pussy into yet another orgasm within just a few minutes. Lisa cried out as loud as ever as her body turned to mush upon her son's cock shaft. His thrusts began to grow quicker and deeper as her pussy relaxed around his manhood and lubed its shaft with her cream. Soon, Randy was drilling her with strong, deep thrusts that had his heavy balls slapping across her pubic mound and clit, and his tight belly against her fleshy ass cheeks. The sounds of their love-making not only filled the small bathroom, but surely would be heard throughout much of her house, Lisa knew. And she really didn't care. She just wanted her son to keep fucking her, to never stop, to give him as much pleasure as she herself was receiving.

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