tagFetishLisette's Education Ch. 03

Lisette's Education Ch. 03


The next morning Max had already left the house when I woke. A note on the kitchen table said simply “Call Cindy for instructions- see you tonight. Wear these.” The note was taped to the top of a cardboard box which I opened to find a beautiful set of white lace underwear: a half cup bra and matching g-string, along with a garter belt and a pair of white silk stockings. I had never worn stuff like this for Max- he always said he hated stockings, and most of the underwear he liked me to wear for him was black or red.

I called Cindy. I could tell by her voice I had woken her.

‘What time is it? Lisette, its not even midday yet, for fucks sake..’

‘I’m sorry, its just Max told me to call you..’

‘He did? Oh, yeah, right. Listen, hang on and let me wake up, I’ll come round to your place.’

I sat and looked at the underwear my man had bought me. Perhaps he wanted me to fuck Cindy wearing it? Perhaps he, Ricky, Cindy and I were going to have a party together? A few days ago these thoughts would have seemed outlandish but now they came easily to me-and I contemplated them eagerly. I left the box open on the table, and tried to distract myself by watching TV and drinking my morning coffee, but every car that passed made me jump up to the window to see if Cindy had arrived. I lit a cigarette and sipped my coffee after the tenth false alarm and thought about what was happening to me. What had taken place with Cindy was without doubt the most amazing sexual experience of my life; I longed to repeat it, but more, I longed to be watched doing those things with her, having her do those things to me.

The coffee and cigarette had had its effect and I needed to go to the bathroom. I was just relaxing over the toilet when I heard the doorbell. She’ll have to wait I thought and tried to concentrate. After an age I was finally done, I wiped hurriedly and flushed before racing out the apartment to answer the door.

‘’Hi honey”, Cindy said breezing past me, carrying several bags of shopping and an overnight case. “Not disturbing you am I?” she said with a smile, referring to her long wait on the doorstep.

“I’m sorry, I was in the bathroom.”

“No prob. Mmm, fetch me a coffee honey. Now what have we here?” She held up the box of lingerie, reading the note as she did so. “Nice. I bet you look so cute in these.”

Just then the doorbell rang again. Who the fuck was this? I left Cindy helping herself to coffee and ran downstairs again to the door.

The landlord’s assistant stood there, a boy of perhaps 18, complete with acne and a surly look, and carrying a big bag of tools. Damn, I had forgotten that Max had asked the landlord to fix the extractor fan in the kitchen.

I showed him to the kitchen. Cindy by this stage was slouched on the couch in the living room reading a magazine that looked like…oh my god, it was. Cindy was reading a magazine called ‘Sluts’ and on the front cover a blonde girl was taking a cock in her pussy, another in her ass and a final enormous cock in her mouth, whilst managing to look into the camera and wink. The boy leered at her (Cindy ignored him totally) and at me. I blushed and ushered him through to the kitchen.

He started to take the cover off the faulty fan and after offering him a coffee (refused) or a beer (‘yes , please ma’am’) I left him to it and went back to the sitting room.

‘Cindy, I can’t believe you’re reading that.’

‘I bought it for you honey. Its part of your instructions for tonight.’

I looked nervously towards the kitchen, wondering if the spotty kid could hear this.

‘Here, have a look and see if you recognise anyone.’ She placed the magazine open at a double spread. It was a collage of photos all taken in the same room. There seemed to be about a dozen people-mostly men- and three or four girls. Given Cindy’s looks and manner, I suppose I was not that surprised to find that one of the girls was indeed the very same Cindy sitting on the couch. And there she was on all fours sucking a big fat cock, one hand on the heavy balls dangling below the cock.

‘Cindy! My god.’

‘Pretty wild, huh? Check this out.’ Before i could see the rest of the page she turned over to another spread, again a collage. In this one I didn’t see Cindy but I did see Ricky. He was looking over the shoulder of an oriental girl with long dark hair who was sitting in his lap with her back to him, facing the camera. Her legs were spread wide and Ricky’s cock was halfway buried into her pussy. The first thing i thought was, ‘poor Cindy’, and then I thought: ”What a magnificent cock. Ricky was even bigger than Max. ‘ Jesus It must be ten inches long”.

‘Ten and a half’, said Cindy. I blushed, having not realised i had spoken my thoughts aloud.

I looked more closely at the spread. The title on top of the first pages I’d seen read : “Spring break party at the Ultimate Club.”

‘What is the Ultimate Club?’

‘Where we’re going tonight,’ Cindy replied. ‘Think you can handle it?’

She said it tenderly, not as a challenge, and for a moment i hesitated, then said what I knew was the truth.

‘No, I don’t think I can. I mean, what does Ricky think about it?’

‘Well, you can see for yourself can’t you. He doesn’t look like he’s having too bad a time here, does he?’ She pointed to another picture i hadn’t noticed- this time Ricky was standing along with two other well built guys as the three of them sprayed Cindy’s face with their come.

‘Neither do you,’ I said, not sure whether to laugh or cry. In the photo Cindy had her mouth open and tongue extended to catch the flying sperm. Her hands were cupping her own breasts and lifting them up towards the camera.

‘I don’t know, Cindy. I’m not ready for this kind of thing. I’m Max’s girlfriend, I can’t just, well, you know.’

‘OK, honey. No problem. But so you know, its not always like that- most of this stuff’ she waved the magazine,’ was just because the cameras were there. Just think about it. You can tell Max what you decide when he and Ricky get here. Plenty of time to think about it, we won’t be going until 7 o’clock, anyway.’

Later I realised that when Cindy said ‘you can tell Max’ I realised I really did not have the courage to do that. I knew that if he looked at me in that way he did, and told me I had to go, I would. Oh shit.

Cindy walked into the kitchen to get another coffee. She came back and said in a loud voice ‘He’s nearly finished, gorgeous-lets get down to it.’ She laughed as I blushed bright red.

‘Come on Lisette- try these on for me, I’m dying to see if Max got the size right.’

I went through to the bedroom, and Cindy followed. She sat on the edge of the bed unashamedly watching me as I undressed. I kept my panties on-a tiny black g-string, as I tried on the bra. It was beautiful, but left half of each nipple exposed above the lace edge.

‘That is fantastic. Now the g string-lets see how they look together.’

Feeling shy-the presence of the adolescent in the kitchen did not help- I turned my back to Cindy and slipped the black panties off. I reached behind me to the box to get the new white g-string but it was not there.

‘Looking for this?’

I turned round, my hand pressed over my bush.

‘Cindy! Give it.’

‘Say please.’


‘Put your hands on your hips and say please.’

I complied, feeling ridiculous, but also feeling a twinge of pleasure as I saw the unbridled lust with which Cindy looked at my pussy. She handed me the tiny wisp of fabric and I hurriedly pulled them on. Then, with Cindy’s help I slipped into the garter belt, rolled on the stockings and clipped them to the belt.

Looking in the mirror I was, I have to admit, looking really good. The white underwear looked good against my tanned skin, and the stockings felt great. I looked at Cindy for her approval.

‘Really good, just what is required for your first visit to the Ultimate, assuming you come of course.’

‘Cindy- I don’t want to be gang banged thanks,’ I said with a little too much self-righteous indignation in my voice.

‘Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, honey’ Cindy replied.

At that moment the door to the bedroom opened and the spotty youth from the kitchen appeared, eyes out on stalks at my attire. I grabbed the bedspread and pulled it up to cover myself.

‘I’m finished -it should be fine now ‘ he said with a horrible grin.

‘Right. Thanks. Can you show him out please Cindy.’

‘Sure,’ she said, and followed him to the front door. I heard it slam, and dropped the bedspread. I unclipped the bra, and returned it to the box before I began peeling off the stockings, and finally stepped out of the g-string. I was naked when Cindy came back into the bedroom, carrying the overnight bag.

‘Its only 2 o’clock...what are we going to do with ourselves this afternoon?’ she said, with a smile that told me she had some very clear ideas.

‘Listen, Cindy, about this club...I don’t want you to think I disapprove of what you and Ricky do, but, well, I just think its just not for me.’

‘That is absolutely fine honey,’ Cindy said pulling off her t-shirt. ‘As long as seeing those photos hasn’t made you lose respect for me...’ she smirked at me, seeing how my eyes were fixed on her breasts as they filled a black lace bra.

‘No, I mean...’ Cindy was peeling her jeans off to reveal a tiny black thong. She unclipped her bra and dropped it, then turned her back to me and bent down , sliding her last remaining piece of clothing down her slim toned legs. Her ass was so beautifully shaped, so smooth, and the brief glimpse of her pussy from behind made my legs start trembling. I reached for my towelling robe, but Cindy had turned round now.

‘I don’t think so, Lisette.’ She spoke softly but firmly. ‘You may not be coming to the club tonight but I still have some instructions to give you, and I can tell you want them.’

‘Want what?’ I whispered.

‘Want me to instruct you...don’t you?’ She was unzipping the bag now.

‘No. I…well…yes’.

‘Get back into the living room. On the couch. I’ve put a tape in the video-just press play. I’ll be with you in a moment.’

Tearing my gaze away from her naked beauty I made my way unsteadily to the couch. I pressed play on the remote and settled back into the couch.

The screen flickered and then without any titles or credits the action began. Two big-breasted blondes were stretched out naked next to each other on a towel beside a swimming pool, kissing each other passionately. A third woman, a tall slender black girl was watching.

“Get on all fours Carla” the black girl said. One of the blondes obeyed.

“Let me watch you eat her out Jenny.” The second blonde knelt behind Carla and lowered her face into the cleft of her ass. The camera closed in to give a view of the shaved pussy spread out under the second blondes gaze. She ran her tongue lightly over her friends anus before beginning to lap gently at her pussy lips.

“That’s right. Get her pussy ready for my cock,” the black girl said.

The camera swung to take in the black girl as she strapped on a large rubber dildo- it was as big as Ricky’s cock in the photos I’d just seen.

I heard Cindy come into the room, but I didn’t look because the sight of the black girl easing her ‘cock’ into the wet pussy of the girl on all fours captivated me.

“Lick her ass while I fuck her,” the black girl instructed. The view of the rubber cock sliding into the blonde was obscured as the other girl dipped her head and began enthusiastically rimming the girl being fucked.

‘What do you think?’ Cindy asked.

I turned to face her and saw that she too was wearing a strap on.

‘Oh my...Cindy!’ I giggled as she held the ‘cock’ attached to the leather harness she was wearing and waved it at me. It was long but quite slender with a slightly bulbous head.

‘I want to fuck you, Lisette. I want to fuck you until you beg me to stop and then fuck you some more. Then I’m going to do you in the ass. Then I’m going make you lick me until I come on your face, and then we’ll start all over again.’


‘Get on all fours. Now.’

I did as I was told, legs trembling, my breathing now ragged.

Cindy moved round behind me. She pushed two fingers into my pussy, worked them round and stroked my g spot in that way she had before. I shuddered. Instantly she stopped, pulled the fingers out and shoved them into my mouth. At the same time she was guiding the head of the cock into my pussy. As soon as the head was in me she shoved it in hard, driving the whole length into me with a grunt.

‘Fuck...’ I gasped at the shock of it.

‘Don’t worry, I’m going to.’

And she did. She pumped me as hard as Max had ever fucked me. She reached around and rubbed my clit while she did it. I could feel myself beginning to get close, but she sensed it too and stopped rubbing me immediately. ‘You don’t come unless I say so, slut.’

I submitted to her. She spread my legs wide and fucked me harder and harder. Then she pulled out and ordered me to turn over. She mounted me and roughly drove the dildo home again, grinding her tits against mine and kissing me on the mouth, biting at my tongue and lips.

‘Do me like a slut,’ I heard myself say.

She pulled out of me again and grabbed my hair, pulling my mouth down to suck my own pussy juice off her ‘cock’.

‘On all fours-and spread your ass cheeks.’

I obeyed, reaching back with both hands to open my ass to her, my head resting on the edge of the couch. She stood behind me looking at me .I was so ashamed- and so turned on. I remembered I’d just been to the toilet when Cindy arrived. ‘I’m not clean, Cindy’ I said, my cheeks burning with the shame of it.

“I know-but that is your funeral not mine,” she said cruelly.

Now she was roughly fingering my anus. I winced as she pushed a third finger into me. Then suddenly withdrew them.

“You dirty bitch- clean them now” she said, and forced her fingers into my mouth. ‘Like that slut? Like the taste of your ass you filthy bitch?’ As she spoke she was working the tip of the dildo against my asshole.

For the only time that afternoon she was quite gentle with me as she eased the dildo into my ass. But it still hurt. I gasped and pleaded with her to stop. I begged. Tears began filling my eyes. Finally the head of the big rubber cock was inside me, stretching me and making me feel like I needed the toilet again.

‘Beg me to fuck your ass, slut’

‘Please...it hurts...please, Cindy, please stop.’

‘No bitch,’ she said punctuating her words by thrusting another inch of her ‘cock’ into my ass, ‘I said beg me to fuck it.’

‘Cindy, please, you’re hurting me.’

She rammed the length of the dildo into me, simultaneously yanking my hair back forcing me to arch my back. ‘Take it you filthy little bitch.’

I was sobbing now, but she continued to relentlessly pump my anus. ‘Beg me and I might be nice.’

‘Please. Oh God it hurts. Please fuck my ass.’ I could hardly believe I had said it.

Cindy was good to her word. She did not stop but took more care to slide in and out of me smoothly. After a while she began rubbing my clit again. ‘Now you can come...come for me while I buttfuck you...that’s a good slut..’

It was more than enough. I exploded into a truly shattering orgasm that was prolonged and greatly enhanced by the sensation of Cindy removing the big dildo from my ass.

She rolled me over and gave me a kiss on the lips.

‘Good girl,’ she said. But if I thought she was finished with me I was mistaken. She brought the dildo up to my face. There was unmistakable evidence it had been in my rectum.

‘Clean it,’ came the command I had dreaded. Holding my hair she forced the dildo into my mouth, working it around and forcing it against my tongue. The taste made me gag once, but she held me tightly and told me if I didn’t do it she’d fuck my ass again. I did as i was told.

When she was satisfied I had cleaned the dildo she unstrapped it. She made me get on all fours again and held up a mirror to show me my own ravaged pussy and asshole. She couldn’t resist pushing her fingers into my wet pussy and stroking me off to another milder orgasm before issuing her next order.

‘On your back- I’m going to sit on your face and you will lick me until i tell you to stop.’

I did as I was told. This was no punishment-Cindy’s pussy tasted wonderful. She worked her hips and slid her own clit up and down my tongue. As she got wetter she became less assertive, until before long she was begging me to lick her: “I’ll do anything...just lick my clit, make me come...please.’

Sensing the chance for some revenge I told her to lie on her back on the floor. I positioned myself so I could lick her pussy while gently lowering my clit onto her tongue. As I licked her she began to writhe and moan and stopped focusing on my pussy. I removed my tongue from her pussy.

‘No, please. Don’t stop...I need to come so badly’

‘Then you do what I want,’ I replied.

‘Anything,’ she gasped, arching her back pushing her hips up to try and get her clit in contact with my tongue.

‘Lick my dirty asshole then you filthy bitch, ‘ I said, half expecting her to say no.

Instead she clamped her hands to my hips and pulled my ass down onto her face. Her tongue snaked into my stretched, greasy and undeniably dirty anus and she hungrily began to rim and lick me in a way which made me come again in a couple of minutes.

As soon as I had come I leant forward and resumed my tongue work on her clit, while Cindy kept her tongue deep in my ass.

As I built up momentum on her clit she could not stop herself moaning and writhing, finally pulling away from my ass, and crying out as she shuddered and shook and came.

I eased off her, looking at her sweat soaked body, my juices smeared around her face, hers all over mine.

Cindy opened her eyes and looked at me. ‘You are definitely learning fast, honey.’

I blushed a little but felt a fresh stirring of excitement that I had aroused her so much.

‘I want to make you come again,’ I said.

‘Oh good,’ she laughed. ‘Lets go to the shower first.’

It was only the first chapter of the most extraordinary day of my young life. As we showered together I tried to ask Cindy all the questions I’d had whirling around my mind since I had got up but she was elusive, and instead asked me some of her own, trying to establish what turned me on the most (i was too embarrassed to say), how my ass felt now (surprisingly good), whether I needed to pee (I did) and more. I looked at my watch- it was 3.30 pm. The next three hours stretched before me, and I turned again to gaze longingly at Cindy’s taut glistening body.

To be continued.

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