tagErotic CouplingsLiterotic Weekend Ch. 01

Literotic Weekend Ch. 01


This is my first story, I'd be delighted to hear any and all feedback or suggestions you have.

I was slightly apprehensive but also very excited and horny as I waited at the station for Jane. We'd been emailing each other for several months now after I had commented on a couple of her erotic stories; the emails had been full of naughty fantasies we both had and a few (also naughty) photos had been exchanged. Eventually we discussed meeting up to enact some of our fantasies and discovered we lived quite close to each other. We decided to book a hotel in a small town about an hour's train journey away, and now here I was. We had both got the Friday off work so were booked on an early afternoon train, hoping it wouldn't be too busy.

We shared many fantasies, including sex in public places, spanking and sex with multiple partners so we were planning to explore the first couple of those and hoped to meet some new friends who could help us with the latter. She'd also promised to indulge my liking for lingerie, promising to bring plenty of options for me to choose from and we had discussed possibly making a shopping trip over the weekend so I could choose some more for her.

Anyway, a little about us: I'm 28, 6'5", slim built with dark hair and clue eyes. I wouldn't say I'm fantastic looking but I'm not ugly either (I think). Previous girlfriends have always mentioned how big my cock is but I was always unsure if they were just being nice or not – it's about 8 inches long and straight, maybe a couple of inches wide. From the photos she had sent me Jane looked really pretty, with also with dark hair and blue eyes. She's 25 and has a lovely curvy figure, with fantastic firm breasts of a nice size; I couldn't wait to get my hands all over her.

After waiting just a couple on minutes in the spot where we had agreed to meet, I noticed a girl I was sure was her wandering towards me. "You must be Jane?" I said with a large smile.

"I am indeed", she replied, "it's great to finally meet you Chris" as I leaned in to give her a kiss on the cheek. She looked even better in real life than her photos, wearing a low cut dark blue dress which ended a couple of inches above her knee and black high heels. I couldn't see any bra straps and her nipples were clearly visible through the fabric of the dress which just made me even more excited. We collected out tickets and made our way onto the train, finding the final carriage which had just a couple of student-y looking girls and a middle aged couple at one end, and no one at the other end. We made our way to the far end of the carriage and sat down with her at the window seat just as the train moved away from the station.

As soon as I sat down we turned and kissed more passionately, as if we were lovers who had been apart for months. "I hope you don't mind" she whispered into my ear, "I have brought lots of underwear with me but I thought it would be fun for us on the train without any".

"I had a similar idea" I said, directing her attention to the outline of my cock visible through the lightweight trousers I had worn with no boxer shorts. She slid her hand onto it, rubbing it a couple of times before we heard the ticket inspector at the other end of the carriage. We quickly settled ourselves while he checked our tickets before turning to head back down the train, leaving us alone again for the hour long journey, thankfully with no stops on the way, meaning we could hopefully have chance to discretely fool around a little with no one sitting near us.

"I've been so horny for weeks waiting for this" I admitted, putting my hand onto her thigh just below where her dress had ridden up slightly.

"Me too" she said, opening her legs for me and placing her hand back onto my cock as she leaned back in her seat, pushing her gorgeous tits and hard nipples out.

"I've always fancied having a really dirty weekend with just lots of sex on the agenda, and ever since I saw the photos of your cock I've been desperate to find out if it's as big as it looks. I'm glad to see that it is!" she added with a wink. I slid my hand further up her thigh, feeling an incredible heat coming from her sex. I teased her a little, moving my hand back down her thigh and then onto the other one before bring it to rest over her pussy with my three middle fingers pressing gently against her lips.

"Fuck, you're soaking wet" I commented.

"I have been all morning, and I haven't even touched myself". I could feel her pubic hair was soaking and her clit was sticking out between her lips so I gently pressed my middle finger in, opening her labia then sliding the finger upwards over her clit. I repeated this half a dozen times until I felt her grip my cock tightly through my trousers and shudder just a little. I grinned at this and pulled my hand away to taste my fingers: she was delicious so I told her so. "I can't believe I've had an orgasm already" was her reply.

"Well that was only a little one, there'll be lots more to come" I promised, "I can't wait to taste you properly and make you scream!" Her nipples now looked even harder straining against the fabric of her dress so I reached for them with both hands, cupping her full breasts and squeezing gently before running my fingers into the nipples and squeezing them gently. I had a quick look round to make sure the others in the carriage weren't paying us too much attention (they were all still facing the other way so we were ok) before moving in for a prolonged kiss while I continued to fondle her breasts and she my cock.

After a few minutes of this I checked my watch: 30 minutes to arrival. Feeling very naughty, I looked into Jane's eyes as I slid the thin straps of her dress down shoulders and helped the dress to below her breasts. She grinned as I did this, obviously feeling just as naughty, I looked down to see her fantastic tits, once again looking even better than the photos. They were perfectly round and firm, with gorgeous pink nipples which by now were sticking out almost an inch, crowned with little pink areolae. I'm no sizing expert and didn't ask but they must have been at least a C cup, possibly a D, perfectly fitting her figure. I leant down and quickly sucked each of her nipples in turn, causing her to gasp. She quickly pulled the top of the dress back up as we swivelled around to check nobody had noticed. We giggled quietly and, remembering to whisper, I told her how much I loved her tits. By this time the awkward seating position we had adopted was starting to take its toll, both of us stretching and sitting flat back against the seats, though with her hand still on my crotch and mine back on her thigh.

"I'm going to have to have a look at this cock properly" she leaned up and whispered to me, before undoing my belt and the top button on my trousers. She slowly slid the zip down as we grinned at each other before she reached in to touch my cock and let out another little gasp as she gripped round my cock fully for the first time, causing it to expand more, now almost fully hard. She slid her little hand up and down it a couple of times before trying to pull it out but finding it too tight while sitting down. I lifted myself off the seat a couple of inches, allowing her to slip it free and stare at it open mouthed for a couple of moments. "God, its even bigger than I thought, I can't wait to have this inside me. I know I'm being a terrible tease," she whispered right into my ear as she stroked the length of my cock which was now very hard, "but I'm going to put this away again until we get to the hotel. As soon as we get into the hotel room I'm going to lie with my legs held open for you to fuck me hard and fast, then I want to feel my first load of your cum shooting all over my body and face." Her sultry tone and slutty words combined with her hand slowly stroking my cock to generate a small stream of precum from the tip of my cock. She bobbed her head down and licked the tip clean with one stroke of her tongue, then attempted to push it back into my trousers. This was a bit tricky due to how hard she had me but we managed to get me buttoned up again with a bit of a struggle.

I checked my watch again then leaned down and gently kissed her neck just below her ear, whispering "well we've got about 15 minutes till we arrive, I wonder how hard I can make you cum before we get there?" With this I lifted her leg over mine and pulled the dress up to her waist. Her pussy lips, covered in well trimmed dark hair, were obviously swollen and glistening wet. I again covered them with my fingers but then gently pulled her lips apart and starting flicking my middle finger over her clit. She put her hand to her mouth and bit down on her finger, seemingly biting ever harder as I steadily increased the tempo of my little flicks until she started to shudder again, then slowed right down and started running little circles around it. At this, she put her other hand to her mouth as well, doing a very good job of muffling what I'm guessing would have been a fairly loud orgasm – I could see juices now dribbling out of her while I held her lips apart but left her clit alone. I slid my finger into her pussy, marvelling at how tight and hot it felt around just one finger, pressing up to find a little swollen patch inside, much to my delight. I knew from previous experience that girls with an obvious g spot like that could be helped along to the "mythical" female ejaculation and was delighted to think that Jane might end up squirting her juices all over me. She still had one hand over her mouth but the other was pulling on her right nipple which she had pulled out of the dress again.

Ten minutes to go, but probably only a few until the people at the other end of the carriage started to stand up and get their bags from the overhead racks. "Does that feel good?" I asked Jane as I moved my finger back and forth against her g spot.

"Very" was the muffled, breathless reply from behind her hand before she froze as I slipped a second finger inside her. I picked up the pace, still just moving both fingers back and forth inside her pussy, but not sliding them in and out yet. I noticed her body going completely rigid as he pussy seemed to get even tighter and wetter, completely clamping around my fingers as they continued their frenzied beat against her g spot.

"You're cumming really hard aren't you?" I whispered, seeing her only nod in reply as she struggled to keep quiet. As I was sitting up straight I could see that the other passengers were still seated so I continued, beginning for the first time to stroke my fingers in and out of her soaking wetness but still pressing upwards on the instroke. She stifled a scream as I kept this up, and at that moment I felt a small steam of juices come gliding past my fingers. I removed them and looked down, seeing to my delight that juices continues to trickle out. Jane looked slightly surprised at herself and was breathing very hard. Just then the train guard announced we would shortly be arriving, breaking our reverie as the other passengers stood to get their luggage. I got ours, noticing that while I had a small backpack containing some changes of clothes and my laptop, Jane had a fairly large suitcase. I jokingly commented on this as the train was coming into the station and she was standing up – she looked around then grabbed my cock, grinning from ear to ear and pulling me towards her as she told me it needed to be a big case to fit all the sexy outfits and sex toys she had brought with her! As we left the train I noticed a small dark wet patch on Jane's seat....

The hotel we booked was very close to the train station on the edge of town, backing onto a large country park. Jane jokingly complained that I'd made her legs to wobbly to walk but as the hotel was within sight of the station we walked the couple of minutes there, enjoying being able to talk at a more than a whisper for the first time. "I can actually feel my juices running down my leg and the back of my dress is soaked, I'm glad I wore a dark one" said Jane, "I've never, ever come like that before, if this is how the weekend starts I can't wait to see how the rest of it turns out!". I agreed as we walked into the entrance of the hotel.

We checked in without a hitch, though I'm sure I noticed the cute young receptionist looking at Jane's flushed face and my Cheshire cat smile with a hint of suspicion. We were on the top floor of a 6 storey hotel so as soon as the lift doors shut I pulled Jane to me and had my first feel of her full, round ass. We kissed as I left her dress up at the back and her hand snuck in between us and groped my cock again, straining to be released. Thankfully no one was waiting when the lift doors opened as we rushed along the corridor to our room. Once inside, Jane practically ripped my top off as I kicked off my shoes and socks. She then did manage to pull the button off my trousers as she struggled with them, apologizing as she dropped to her knees and slid her mouth around my cock. Within seconds I was rock hard and though her mouth felt incredible I had other plans. I pulled her up and lifted her dress over her head, leaving her completely naked apart from her heels. She looked fantastic as we paused to take in each other's nudity for the first time: gorgeous flowing dark hair, down to those incredible tits, sexy rounded hips and sculpted legs. She turned and headed for the bed, bending over it for a second to allow me to again grab her round, full but firm ass. As promised, she then laid on her back and held her legs wide apart, her hands under her knees. "I HAVE to feel that big cock sliding inside me now" she said with a devilish smile. She looked so sexy as I mounted the bed and placed the tip of my cock at her dripping hole, pausing for a second before slowly sliding my entire length into her in one smooth movement. We both gasped as I felt her pussy, so tight and hot and wet, gripping my cock which felt probably the hardest it ever had been.

"I don't think I'll be able to last very long" I said, sliding slowly back out of her and then bottoming out again.

"I don't care, just keep getting faster until you can't hold it, then shoot your hot spunk all over me, I'm orgasming again already!" she panted, staring straight into my eyes. I increased my speed gradually each time but her vice-like pussy got me very close very quickly so I slammed into her, thrusting upwards a couple of times, causing her to cry out with pleasure. I pulled out of her then, my cock pointing straight towards her as my first load of cum hit her forehead, the second into and all around her open mouth before I took hold of myself and aimed at her breasts. I was amazed as I pumped another 3 or 4 waves of spunk all over her tits and stomach. As I collapsed on the bed beside her, she groaned with happiness and started to push the cum from around her mouth into it. "Fuck, you feel and taste so good, I've waited so long for that" she said.

"Me, too" I panted.

"Your cock is feels even bigger inside me than I thought it would and your spunk feels so good on me, so hot and sticky".

"You're even sexier and naughtier than I hoped" I replied leaning in for a kiss, "and your pussy is even tighter and wetter than I expected!"

We lay catching our breath and taking in the hotel room properly for the first time. It was a nice large size, with a black leather sofa and separate armchair underneath the large window which overlooked the country park, a sturdy looking coffee table and a large TV mounted on the wall above the dressing table. I was formulating plans to fuck Jane in as many positions and as many places in the room as possible and she seemed to be having the same thoughts as she continued to rub my spunk into her body. We pointed out the bath and a large shower cubicle in a glass room in the corner of the bedroom, deciding we were going to enjoy watching each other showering, as well as there being lots of space in there for the two of us together.

"Stand up for me" I asked "I need to take a few moments to properly appreciate this magnificent body". She giggled at this but bounced off the bed to stand in front of me while I sat on the edge of the bed. I put my hands on the outside of either leg and slowly ran them up to beneath her arms, reaching across to her still sticky tits, squeezing them and pulling her nipples until she gasped with a mixture of pain and pleasure. I moved my hands down to squeeze her ass, burying my head into her breast and gently sucking each nipple in turn. My hands caressed her sexy ass and legs, trailing down towards her feet then back up the inside of her thigh before moving my hands away from her pussy at the last minute and back round to squeeze her ass again. I continued this for a few minutes, engrossed in Jane's body as she ran her fingers through my hair, holding my head in to suck her nipples as her breathing got harder until I noticed a trickle of juice on her inner thigh. With this I allowed the fingers on my right hand to continue toward her pussy, her legs opening slightly to allow me to slip two fingers straight inside her and onto her g spot, causing another trickle to leak out of her soaking wet pussy. At that, Jane shook with a little orgasm, causing her to let go of my head. Using my left hand on her ass, I pulled her towards the bed, lying backwards and motioning her to climb above me. My cock was hard again by now but I wanted to taste her, "keep coming up" I said, using my two fingers inside her to push against her g spot again until she manoeuvred her knees to either side of my face. I withdrew my fingers and paused for a second to gaze at her soaking wet pussy above me, juices running down both thighs and thick, creamy cum oozing from her opening. I licked the inside of each thigh up to her labia a couple of times then flicked across her clit which was sticking out, swollen and pink, just begging to be sucked. This I did, causing more gasps as I sucked her clit into my mouth, continuing to flick my tongue over it. I slowly fucked her with two fingers as I sucked her clit and she continued to quietly moan with pleasure. Using my fingers to hold her pussy lips apart, I moved my tongue down and began lapping at her entrance, licking up her creamy juices. I always loved licking pussy and Jane's was no exception, her nectar tasting incredible as I began to use my tongue like a mini dick, sliding it in and out of her as I looked up to see her with her hands in her hair and eyes closed, apparently having a continuous long orgasm. I kept this up for a few minutes until my neck got sore then laid back and gazed at the beauty kneeling above my face as she caught her breath.

"Enjoy that?" I asked "You taste so good."

"God, that was amazing, I really want to be fucked again now though" she replied. This was exactly my thinking too as I slid my body further up between her legs until her dripping slit was rubbing against the tip of my now rock hard again cock. She smiled at this and slid herself straight down my pole, her slick pussy providing no resistance until she bottomed out around me and let out a little scream. "Fuck, I can't believe how full you make me feel" as she remained impaled there for a moment or two before beginning to work herself up and down it gently. Jane moved her hands to my shoulders, pinning me down as she moved in for a long, hard kiss while she worked her body up and down my cock. My hands were wandering all over her body as she fucked me, gradually increasing her pace as our tongues were intertwined and my fingers pulled her on her nipples. Breaking the kiss, Jane sat more upright and told me how sitting on my cock felt just as good as she had fantasised about. "Sit back, I've been looking forward to bouncing around on this huge cock for months now" she ordered me as she picked up her pace significantly, really fucking me hard as I lay still on the bed, allowing her to do the work while I admired her beauty: she looked incredible with those firm tits bouncing around, her eyes staring directly into mine and her hair now a sweaty, tousled, sexy mess from her running her hands through it. Having already come once, I knew I would be able to keep going for a lot longer this time so I just continued to lie back and enjoyed the feeling of her velvety pussy gripping my cock as she continued to fuck me hard and fast. She continued this for quite a while until, just as I thought my orgasm was about to build, she let out a huge scream of orgasm, her already tight pussy seeming to get even tighter and wetter around me before she collapsed on top of me, apparently unable to move.

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