tagChain StoriesLiteroticum Survivor Murders Ch. 05

Literoticum Survivor Murders Ch. 05

bySean Renaud©

Sean closed his eyes and drew a deep breath into his lungs trying to steady his nerves. If the information he'd be given was accurate then she'd be here soon, probably in the next half an hour to twenty minutes. She was of course a creature of habit like most people. It had taken nearly a week for Sean to clear his calendar of work and social issues to memorize the pattern. Of course all of the info on his "victim" had been provided by his benefactor but the same man had told him this was supposed to be a real as possible so the information might have a few flaws in it.

The low rumble of an SUV engine turned his attention just slightly. After a week of stalking her he knew the sound of her vehicle. Traffic must have been thick because the sky blue Explorer should have been turning the corner about five minutes ago at six forty. It didn't really matter she was within acceptable parameters. Sean watched her stop halfway down the block and hop out quickly to collect the mail before pulling into her driveway.

It was nothing to sneak in the garage in the Explorer's blind spot. The lovely piece of fuck flesh stepping out of her SUV was named Fiona and she was a twenty eight year old mother of two though she wasn't dressed like a mother. She was wearing a pair of do me high heels with straps halfway up her calf. Even if they'd continued up to her knees they wouldn't have met her skirt which ended just far enough below her ass to keep a man guessing at her undergarments even if she leaned over. Her shirt didn't always meet her skirt either; it depended on how deeply she was breathing if you could catch a glimpse of her belly chain, a thin golden thing with a dangle just over her naval.

The exact same moment of time was incredibly different for the two involved. For Sean it may have been the longest period of time in his life. Everything could go wrong and a flood of maybes struggled in his mind. Maybe she'd heard him. Maybe she saw his reflection. Maybe she'd turn around for no good reason. Maybe soccer practice was cancelled and the kids and their father would be back. Perhaps there are only so many maybes in the world because as soon as he touched her there were so many less maybes in his head and so many more in hers. The moment started of incredibly fast for the victim who didn't even realize she wasn't alone until one hand covered her mouth and another twisted one of her arms behind her. At that point she only had one maybe. Maybe it was tonight. As she was twisted around and pinned against the cool metal of her vehicle a flood of new maybe's flooded her brain. Maybe this wasn't the guy. Maybe he was going to hurt her. Maybe soccer practice was cancelled and the kids and their father would be back. That last one they shared.

"Don't you fucking scream if you don't want me to gut you like a fish." Sean snarled into her ear. He didn't wait for her to answer with a nod instead he slipped his hand away from her mouth. Fiona would have rolled her eyes if he hadn't pressed something sharp against her kidney and if not for the coldness of his voice. "That's right. You know nobody is coming to save you so you might as well just do as I tell you and we'll get you through this just fine. Now pull off your panties." She whispered that she wasn't wearing anything and felt the immediate response. Something stabbing into her back but this wasn't the weapon. "You're a little fucking whore aren't you? What about a bra, are you at least wearing a bra?" She nodded that she was.

"Please don't hurt me." Fiona whimpered. He barked for her to take it off and slowly stuttering she obeyed. Sean took a deep breath inhaling the scent of her perfume. It was a delicious scent that hinted at vanilla and cinnamon and brought a smile to his lips. Fiona felt a shiver travel the length of her spine noticing the predatory act. Could the beast actually smell her fear? Or worse, could he smell her arousal? She was already aware of the slick forming between her bared thighs. "Please don't hurt me."

"I'm not trying to hurt you." He took her bra from her and twisted it around her wrists fastening it to bind her wrists in place. "But I will if I have to." Lifting her easily onto his shoulder he walked to the door and tossed her onto the couch. Fiona's breath caught in her impressive chest when she landed on the cushions. He was a real man and he knew exactly what he wanted from her. Without thinking about it Fiona let her legs fall apart. "I knew you wanted it." Sean lustfully growled as he approached. Her legs quickly clenched back together. "Too late for that. You think I didn't see?"

Fiona felt her face burn with a hot blush but even if her mind didn't control her body it still controlled her lips. She knew he could see how hard her nipples were or that her legs were quivering even as tightly clenched as they were and if he couldn't smell her before he must have been able to see her thighs glisten with her juices. "You want this as bad as I do. Maybe worse. But I knew what kind of woman you were the first time I saw you."

From behind his back he pulled the biggest knife she'd ever seen. The knot that clenched her stomach wasn't lust and the scream that parted her lips wasn't of pleasure. It only had time to part her lips before she felt the cold metal against her throat. "Shut the fuck up." It was only when he turned the blade downward to slit her dress that she realized he'd been pressing the dull edge to her throat.

There is something incredible about cutting a woman out of her clothing, something that reaches back to the primal urge to just tear her shirt open but without the requisite upper body strength. Fiona did her best to hold her body completely still, the last thing she wanted was to get cut squirming. It only took a moment to get all of her beautiful body into view.

The predator was back in Sean eyes. They were roaming her smooth flesh like a pack of wolves. "It's no wonder every man in the neighborhood wants a piece of you." Teeth were bared in what was actually a smile but Fiona saw a snarling beast. Sean gripped her bra bound wrists and yanked her up to her feet. "I mean look at these fuck bags!" Fiona tried to curl her arms down to cover herself but her reward was a quick series of slaps that left her with tears in her eyes. "You can stop pretending like you aren't loving this." The snarl widened to reveal his teeth.

"I'm not enjoying this!" Sean spun her around leaning her over the couch and jamming three fingers into her soaked cunt. "Stop." She whispered so softly that even she wasn't certain she'd spoken. She tried to say it louder but the word caught in her throat when Sean started pumping his fingers brutally into her pussy. Soon Fiona wished he'd start taunting her again so wouldn't have to hear the evidence of her arousal. The sweet aroma of her arousal wasn't humiliating enough, now she had to hear his fingers sloshing inside her. Her hips were starting to seek out the fingers pumping back towards them. She tried to ask him once more to stop but all that came out was a moan that she cut off by shutting both her eyes and mouth.

"Not enjoying it?" Sean pulled his fingers free and used the same hand to grab her face and twist her back towards him. "Just admit you're a loving this. That you're little faggot husband doesn't get you off." Fiona's eyes flared at the mention of her husband and she tried to bite but Sean was quick enough that all she really tasted were her juices. Despite herself a shudder of pleasure traveled through her. It was a struggle to keep from licking her lips. Fresh shame flushed her body turning her milky flesh a rosy pink. She was loving this. It was the first time in her life she'd felt like a woman and it was getting harder to deny. Sean gave her a couple of heartbeats to let the realization sink in. He must have seen it in her eyes or just known somehow.

Fiona howled more from surprise than pain when Sean yanked her off the couch by one ankle and twisted her so her back was against the couch and only her shoulders and the tips of her toes could reach the carpet. Then he plunged his cock into her in. Much to Fiona's shame it he didn't have to fight. She was so slick that a single downward thrust buried his cock in her to the hilt. Fiona wanted to cry but she couldn't pretend she wasn't enjoying the way his cock felt slipping in and out of her greased hole. She couldn't deny wonderful it felt to be taken by a real man. Fiona was nearly drawing blood from her lower lip in a desperate attempt to keep from crying out. She could at least keep that tiny victory for herself and not let him know that she loved this. If she opened her mouth she knew the words that would come out of her mouth would shame any harlot.

"You know it's really no fun when you're so quiet." Sean growled playfully. "Why don't you admit it huh? Admit that you're just a tiny bit of fuck flesh." He slowed his pace to an agonizing crawl and started massaging her clit. The first touch of his fingers might have been a lightning bolt for the way her shocked body jolted. "See?" He taunted. Sean was an expert with his fingers keeping Fiona guessing which direction his delicious assault would come from or where it would be headed. "I'll stop right now if you say stop." Sean teased.

Fiona looked up into her rapists eyes and hardened hers. It would be easy to say that one word and this would all be over with. He'd leave her here alone already violated but not yet satisfied. Her husband would come home and she'd make love to him and fall asleep unsatisfied but then she'd at least be able to say she told him to stop. That was a woman and not a lust crazed, fuck addicted, bitch in heat like this grinning predator was claiming. She opened her mouth slowly making certain it was going to obey her will.

The moment Fiona told him to fuck her Sean instantly picked up the pace and flung her headlong into the most explosive orgasm she'd ever experience. It was like the world shattered, reformed and shattered again before slowly melting back together into something that resembled the world. She was babbling. Words she'd never heard herself saying were flowing from her lips. It didn't even seem real at that point. There was no way that a mother of two could be begging a rapist to fuck her. It simply wasn't possible and at the same time it was happening.

Filthy words flowing from a woman's mouth have the same effect on nearly every man ever born. It excites them and for Sean it was even stronger right then. His victim was digging her heels into his butt pulling him farther into her. She'd have rub burn all down her shoulders and back from the brutal rutting that had driven her from her shoulders to her back. "That's it girl. Almost done here." Sean roughly took a fistful of her hair and twisted her head to one side kissing and licking along her neck searching for the just right spot to leave a hickie when he balls started to tighten.

A fresh wave of horror crossed Fiona's mind as she felt his manhood begin to quiver. The mother of two had some idea of what it meant when a man's hips started to loose their rhythm or his grip on a woman suddenly tightened. He was about to come. He was about to come inside her. Her mind started flooding suffering from a new list of maybes. "Please don't cum in me!" She shouted but he ignored her other than to drive himself even deeper and growl something foul in her ear. "Please I'll do anything!" She knew how hard it was for him to slow down but he managed that much. She could feel his organ throbbing in time to his . . . no their heartbeat. She hadn't noticed when that had happened. She didn't notice until he made her his one and only offer and her heart skipped a beat. Fiona shuddered and nodded just in time for Sean to yank out and splatter her chest and belly with his cum. That toothy predatory smile was back. He already had her by the hair so he hauled her up onto her hands and knees and half dragged half lead her to the bathroom.

He pushed her head down against the toilet seat and his sickening smile widened. "Open wide." Sean held her in place with one hand the other aimed his cock at her face. For the first time since her rape began Fiona smiled. "Wha-"Sean's surprise was cut off as someone grabbed him from behind in a sleeper hold. With Fiona's help it was only a second before he found he was face down the toilet holding his breath. He knew he was only prolonging the inevitable but his survival instinct kept him thrashing against his attackers. He couldn't even be sure it was just two people it seemed like more hands than that but in his panic he might not have been counting well.

"You sick fuck. Always writing stories about forcing girls. That's not even enough for you. You have to choke them, spit on them and piss down their throats." The man might as well have been speaking to himself. Sean couldn't hear him over the bubbles and splashing as he tried desperately to get some air into his burning lungs. "I know that you really do like this and this isn't your first time. But guess what? That's not why you're dead. You're dead because three years ago you entered the Survivor Contest on Christmas Eve and bumped me out of tenth place and this year you're solidly cruising to third. Or rather you would." Sean stopped thrashing halfway through the monologue. The man held him under for a few more moments then walked Fiona. "Remember stick to the story. He was a rapist and you overpowered him."

"You know you could have waited a few more minutes." Fiona whined. The truth was she'd been getting off as much as Sean.

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