tagChain StoriesLiteroticum Survivor Murders Ch. 06

Literoticum Survivor Murders Ch. 06


Hastings sat at his desk contemplating his next victim. He had already taken care of the major competition. "Let's see," He thought. Who shall I do next?"

Then his eye caught a name on the list. Angelscuck. He was not one of the top five, in fact he was a relative newcomer but he had been rising fast on the list.

"Sometimes these newbies get lucky," Hastings mused. "This writer could be a dark horse and surprise all of us! He could be sandbagging us and have a lot of stories in reserve. Besides, he is such a wimpy little cuckold sissy, it would be fun to kill him just for the fun of it. Put an end to that incessant whining, he always does in his stories. Yes, Angelscuck, you are next!"

Hastings contemplated the best way to do-in the little bitch. Then he remembered one of his stories where his wife Angel had left instructions for him to handcuff and gag himself and wait for further instructions, on a cruise ship, and the little pussy did it. "Perfect," he thought. This is going to be easy.

First he emailed Angelscuck, posing as an official from Literoticum, requesting needed information, such as his name, address and telephone number, to verify his eligibility for the contest.

Angelscuck, being new to the site, quickly provided the information as to not be disqualified.

Hastings next composed a note to the author from his beloved Angel. It read. "Darling, it's time for more fun and games, please, meet me at the Seahorse Hotel, Room #7 at noon today. You will find instructions in the room. Obey them to the letter. Love, Your Angel." Hastings then called the telephone number that Angelscuck had provided.

"Hello," Angelscuck answered.

Hastings answered, "Yes, may I please speak to Angel?"

"I'm sorry," Angelscuck replied, "She's at work until late this evening, can I take a message?"

"No thank you, I will call back later," Hastings replied. "Perfect" he thought. "This is too easy!"

He then drove to Angelscuck's apartment, left the phony note from Angel on the front door welcome mat, rang the bell and quickly left.

Angelscuck answered the door and finding no one there; glanced down to see if a UPS package was left. He then saw the note. After reading it, he realized he didn't have much time.

After showering and getting dressed, he made a couple of quick calls and headed for the Seahorse Hotel.

In the meantime, Hastings had gone to the pre-rented room, and checked to make sure he had left the instructions and the items for Angelscuck on the dresser and hid in the closet just before the arranged meeting time.

Angelscuck arrived at the room a few minutes after twelve and read the instructions on the dresser from his wife.

"Darling, please trust me. Undress, take the four pairs of handcuffs and a ball gag on the dresser and gag yourself, then handcuff yourself to the chair like you did on the cruise."

Angelscuck quickly complied and sat waiting naked, gagged and helpless in the chair.

Hastings then opened the closet door and entered the room. "You stupid schmuck!" Hastings said. "I can't believe anyone could be so gullible as to put themselves into your situation. This is too easy. Surprised?"

"Expecting your sweet Angel to come in with a lover and put on a show for you?" Hastings taunted, "You sissyassed idiot. Perhaps I should explain. My name is Hastings. I have been eliminating the competition on the Literoticum Survivor Contest for several weeks. Although you really aren't much competition, I didn't want to take a chance with you lucking out and winning so I decided to kill you just in case. Besides, I'm so sick of your faggy little ass, constantly whining in your stories!"

Hastings continued mockingly, "Oh please Angel, don't fuck that guy", or "Ok, I'll suck his cum out of you just this last time." You make me sick. I'll do you a favor and put you out of your misery. In a minute I am going to pinch your nose. This will cut off your oxygen due to the ball gag and you will die. I have printed up several of your stories and will leave them in the room. The police will write you off as another sicko, perverted victim who played with the wrong person."

Angelscuck's eyes widened as he listened to Hastings. He knew this guy could kill him and there wasn't a thing he could do about it.

Hastings pinched Angelscuck's nose, through his rubber gloves.

Angelscuck sucked on the ball gag but his airway was blocked. He felt the blood rush to his head and just as he started to pass out, he heard a loud crash as the hotel door sprung open.

It was his brother Kent; an ex-homicide detective turned private investigator. Kent pulled Hastings hand from his brother's nose, twisted his arm behind his back and handcuffed the confused Hastings and pushed him down on the floor. He then went to help his bound brother.

"You ok little bro?" Kent asked, undoing the gag.

"Yeah, but I was afraid you wouldn't get here in time!" Angelscuck replied between huffing and puffing for air.

Kent undid his brother's handcuffs. Angelscuck rubbed his wrists and ankles, and finished dressing.

"Check out the pocket tape recorder to make sure you got his confession." Kent told his brother.

Angelscuck went over to the dresser and hit the rewind button on the small tape recorder which was hidden underneath his jacket. He then hit play.

"My name is Hastings. I have been eliminating the competition the Literoticum Survivor Contest for several weeks..." Echoed from the tape recorder.

"We got it!" Replied Angelscuck.

Angelscuck then went over to the confused Hastings lying on the floor and said, "I'll bet you are wondering just how we got you, aren't you Hastings?"

Angelscuck continued, "Well it seems the police department have be conducting their own investigation and when Literoticum called them and stated that four of the victims were on their Survivor Contest list, the police decided that this was too much of a coincidence and made calls to the other contestants asking them to report any suspicious emails or phone calls from Literoticum to them. When I got your call and then the note from Angel, I called my brother to meet me here."

"Well, bro", Kent said, "guess we had better call the police so they can come and pick this monkey up."

Hastings looked up at the two brothers and said, "I am the best writer, I really am. You've got to believe me, I did it to get rid of the crap and bring some real quality writing to the Literoticum Website!"

"Tell it to the Judge." Angelscuck replied.

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