tagMatureLittle Asian's Homestay Experience

Little Asian's Homestay Experience


People don't realize how difficult it is at times to be living away from your family and friends in order to study abroad. There were many exciting things about being in a new place, learning about a new culture. Thought it was also very lonely and confusing at times surrounded by different language, customs, and ideas.

Reiko Ishii had come to Canada only 3 months ago and found it quite nice, but also challenging in many ways. She was lucky she had found a nice elderly couple that she was doing a home-stay with. She was living in the basement apartment of this nice house. The couple had been retired and requested for an international student to stay for the year. It was their first time receiving a student from Japan and they were quite excited about learning more about a different culture as well.

Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs were both in their late 60's and welcomed the young 18 year old Reiko right from the beginning. It was Mr. Jacobs that had picked her up from the airport. She had one big pink suitcase she was pushing in a cart and a baby blue back pack over her shoulders. Mr. Jacobs was first to spot this short Japanese girl pushing her cart, and struggling to keep it straight as she came out of customs. She was moving at a snails pace as she pushed with her blue high heeled mules and navy blue short skirt. He was quite pleasantly surprised at first site of her. He recognized the blue and white jacket and blue hat she described in her letter. She had a very sweet face, with long black silky hair that went down to her waist. He waved her down as he approached and said hello to her.

Reiko didn't see Mr. Jacobs at first but then from the side saw an old man with a long white beard waving his hand. She waved too and turn cart towards him as she stop and say hello too. Mr. Jacobs was much taller than Reiko, the difference was very evident. Mr. Jacobs was over 6 feet tall, while Reiko was barely 5 feet tall. Mr. Jacobs quickly took hold of the cart and directed Reiko to his car for the journey back to her new home-stay house which she will live for the year.

Both engaged in small talk in the car as they drove on the long one hour trip. Mr. Jacobs could not help but sneak peaks of Reiko's beautiful shapely legs that were crossed next to him with one heel dangling as they drove. For a man his age though he was quite content in enjoying the view from a distance, since he understood the situation and the age difference.

Mrs. Jacobs was also very kind and welcomed Reiko to the house and showed her around the place, including her room in the basement. The basement area was actually a recreation room area with 2 bedrooms, a small kitchen and bathroom as well. It was a very nice layout that Reiko was really excited about. It was so much bigger than her room in Japan, so she was very excited of the fact that the basement had a TV, a computer, and kitchen. It even had a separate entrance that enabled her to exit right to the back yard.

Both Mr. Jacobs and Mrs. Jacobs were very kind to Reiko during her 3 month stay. Eventhough her English was not very good, it was improving on a daily basis. Reiko had English classes in the day time, but was able to spend dinners and evenings with them, engaging in conversation and learning new sayings and vocabulary that went along with new customs. They often had company over, so they would invite Reiko to eat upstairs with everyone for dinner. Reiko would join them in the evenings until just after 9pm where then she would go downstairs and listen to music or watch TV till she got sleepy. Mr. And Mrs. Jacobs though were not early sleepers, for many a nights they would have friends over that came for dinner and would stay till midnight talking upstairs. Most nights it would be the men playing cards upstairs, while the women were in the kitchen talking and drinking tea and coffee.

Reiko quickly found it very comfortable in the house, though she still at times missed her family and especially her boyfriend. She tried not to think about it too much, but some nights she really wished she could enjoy the intimate moments again as she did with her boyfriend which she knew since junior highschool.

It was very evident to all that Reiko was a very stunning 18 year old. Though she was very petite, her long black hair, soft fair skin, sweet face, and nicely shaped body was quite stunning to all the male friends that Mr. And Mrs. Jacobs had over for dinner at times. What made her stand out further was her girlish fashion that was very erotic and sexy at times. Tall sexy high heels, short skirts, with low cut tops that showed her curves and ample top that was very uncharacteristic for a Japanese girl.

One evening Mr. And Mrs. Jacobs were entertaining 3 couples in the neighborhood. All good friends for over 20 years, and all in their late 50's and 60's. The women as usual were talking in the kitchen as the 4 elderly men were playing cards in the upstairs living room, with music going throughout the top floor. Reiko had finished dinner and meeting everyone, and excused herself just after 10 to go downstairs to watch TV and relax. At some point after that Reiko decided to paint her toenails as she watched TV. She was trying to match the color to some pearly white high heels she wanted to wear the next day.

She was finished painting them and blowing on them to dry when one of the guests from upstairs that she met early that evening came downstairs. It was Mr. Adams, a 56 year old long time friend of Mr. Jacobs. Mr. Adams from the moment he laid eyes on Reiko earlier that evening was salivating. He kept catching peeks of her shapely legs and ass as she would get up and help Mrs. Jacobs. Reiko was in a short baby blue skirt, and a white tank top that evening. Since she hated her height, Reiko was always in heels, very tall heels. This night she had these white platform high heels that gave her some height that made her really stand out to the men in the house.

Mr. Adams excused himself as he came down to the basement and saw Reiko on the sofa in front of the TV blowing on her toes. He asked if he can join her, which she giggled and excused her look on the sofa. Mr. Adams told her not to worry and to continue, that he only came down because he had lost enough money at cards and wanted to take a break for a bit. He sat next to her and they both started to talk about the music program she was watching. At one point Mr. Adams started asking Reiko more about her life in Japan and even her boyfriend there. It became apparent to him by her answers that she missed Japan a lot, especially her boyfriend. As they spoke he kept looking at times at her beautiful eyes and then her legs, and newly painted toes next to him. He found his mind wandering as she spoke, he kept looking at her lips as she struggled to pronounce words, but still came across in a very cute manner. Mr. Adams looking down at her toes reached out and took one of her feet in hand and said to her how great a job she did, that they looked so beautiful. Reiko felt a bit shy at this, and giggled and smiled as she pulled away and gathered her nail polish bag and slipped into her high platform heels and got up to put her stuff away.

He watched her shapely legs and behind as she walked gingerly in her tall high heels to her room. He slowly got up as well and followed her to her room, and continued to ask her about her boyfriend and how she must miss him. She went to her room and bent over to put her nail stuff in her side table drawer. She was in the middle of explaining that she did miss him a lot when she felt Mr. Adams hand stroke her behind as she was there bent over. She didn't know what to do, she was surprised by the whole event. His touch circled and cupped her ass as she slowly stood up, dropped the nail bag on the floor, and turned her head slightly. Before she could turn around, Mr. Adams moved in closer to her body from behind and prevented her from turning as his finger from his right hand came up to her lips and made a shhh... sound to her. He told her that he understood and that she must miss a lot of things from her boyfriend.

She froze, she did not know what to do. She was afraid to be rude, but she never expected a friend of Mr. And Mrs. Jacobs to do this to her. For a moment she was motionless. Mr. Adams during this time took his other hand and cupped her breast from behind and started to stimulate her nipple. She tried to then pull away when he grabbed her around the waist with his right arm and continued to rub her left nipple from behind. He kept whispering in her right ear to be quiet and not move. He kept telling her it will be okay, it will be fine. She was scared, but another part of her started to be aroused by his touch. She was scared someone from upstairs would see them like this, but she didn't know what to do. Mr. Adams at one point released her and had both hands on her nice grapefruit sized breasts, playing with her nipples. They can easily be seen now sticking out her thin white top. Her breathing increased and she rested he head back on his chest as he pulled open her top, popping the buttons and finding her braless and enjoying his hands on her breasts. He then reached down with one hand from behind her and lifted her skirt to find a smooth white bare ass in front of him. He commented to her that she must have been wanting something like this to happen for a while, if she usually came to dinner with no bra and panties. Reiko did not answer, just closed her eyes and let her older visitor grope her gently in silence. He reaches lower and under her ass to feel a wet streak that had begun.

Mr. Adams whispers to her to get on the bed on her knees and bend over. She hesitantly gets on the bed on her knees, and with Mr. Adams guidance she bends over and sticks her ass in the air. Mr. Adams pulls up her short skirt and smiles as he grabs hold of a gorgeous Asian ass cheek in each hand; leans over to start licking his young Asian friend and have her moaning and repeating in a hush voice "oh my god, oh my god, kimochi ii, kimochi ii". Hearing her moaning in Japanese honestly excited him, hearing this young girl experience for the first time an older man and westerner made his cock hard and wanting more. Mr. Adams reached from under her with one hand and grabbed a breast and started to fondle it as he pushed his nose and face deeper into her pussy from behind. Her moans only increased with pleasure.

He knew he didn't have long, so he stopped short of her cumming, and told her to get on the floor and on her knees. Reiko quickly obeyed Mr. Adams, for she wasn't sure what was next but so far he had really made her feel good that she was not going to fight him on any of this. From her knees she looked up to see Mr. Adams taking off his pants and boxers. Facing her for her first time was a long 8 inch cock. She gazed at it for a while and was shocked at the size, but her gaze was interrupted by his hand on the back of her head that pushed her forward to start devouring it. Her small silk tongue started licking and tasting his cock that was a bit sweaty and salty. She was surprised by the taste at first, but his hand on the back of her head pushed her to continue working on it. Mr. Adams watched her small body in front of him, with her short skirt and high heels in front of him, on her knees and head bobbing in and out as she took all 8 inches of Westerner cock. Little did anyone know upstairs the things that their homestay student was experiencing downstairs in the basement.

Mr. Adams played with his little asian girl's hair as she took all of his cock into her small mouth, gagging at times, look up at him for instruction. She licked and sucked him till he couldn't keep it in anymore, he let out a messy load to the back of her throat, her eyes opening up in shock at the amount of cum in her throat. He told her to swallow, swallow, as she looked for his approval to spit it out, but he wouldn't let her. So she swallowed as he told her to do so. After that he patted her on her head and continued to play with her hair as he told her how good she did. She then started to lick his shaft, and clean it of all remaining cum that was dripping from it. Mr. Adams knew he had to go before they would be discovered, but he looked at the small asian girl still on her knees, kissed her and told her that he would visit her another time. She shyly looked down, hoping no one ever found out what happened there that night, though she knew she enjoyed it. She preferred to be someone's dirty little secret.

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