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Little Beat Off Boy


This is a true story about my first date with a girl I dated and how she got me to beat off.

I met Jean at a rock and roll nightclub back in 1974. I was down there with a friend and his date brought my future girlfriend with her. When she walked in the door I was completely knocked out. She had 34 C breasts, long brown hair and a nice tight athletic body with an ass that wouldn't quit. It was obvious that she was used to being in charge and when we were introduced, she made it clear that this was not a blind date. Well, I was pretty cocky in those days so made a comment along the lines of 'she should be so luck'. We bantered back and forth and then one thing lead to another and the next thing I knew, we were headed to my car with her hand on my ass.

I had never met a woman like Jean before. She was cool and hot at the same time. Although she let me kiss her, when I tried to go a little farther, she shut me down. After a while, Jean said that we should go back inside because I was obviously enjoying myself too much. At that point, she had me completely wrapped around her little finger and she knew it. When we went inside, my friend and her friend were nowhere to be found and since she only lived a few miles from the club, I offered to give her a ride home.

We got back to her house, a small but well kept split-level, and since I had definitely had too much to drink, she invited me in for some coffee. The coffee didn't help to sober me up much, so I asked if I could spend the night on her couch. Since her couch was very small, she said that if I could keep my hands to myself, I could share her bed.

At this point I thought I had it made. This beautiful babe had invited me to spend the night in her bed. I guess it was only natural that I made the wrong assumption. She gave me a toothbrush, washcloth and towel and told me to get freshened up. I got cleaned up in record time and when I came back to the bedroom, she told me to get into bed and she would be along shortly. Well, since I didn't have anything to wear to bed, and I knew that I'd have to wear my same cloths in the morning, I got into bed stark naked. When she came back in, she had on a modest pajama set with shorts and tank top.

When I looked at those long tan legs, I knew I was in trouble. As she was getting ready, I started to get hard as a rock. Fortunately, I'm only four inches long when fully erect, so I thought it would go unnoticed. Jean pulled the covers back to get in, saw my little boner and got very angry.

She said, "I told you no funny business. You are not sleeping in this bed with that thing." I begged her not to make me drive home since I was afraid of getting a DUI. She thought it over for a minute and said, "The only way you are sleeping here is if you get rid of that." I was speechless for a minute and then realized what she meant. I started for the bathroom and she said, "Where do you think you're going?" When I told her that I was going into the bathroom, she said "You are going to take care of it here where I can make sure you do it. I don't want you going into the bathroom, running it under cold water to make it soft and then coming back in here and poking me in the back with that little thing all night."

Since I didn't want to drive home, I guess I didn't really have a choice. I started to get back in bed and she said, "You can stand there and do it. I don't want you squirting all over the bed, or even worse, getting that sticky stuff on me. It's obvious that you can't control yourself." I was very embarrassed and slowly started to stroke it and as I looked up, she was staring right at me. Jean said "You had better stroke fast that that. I don't want to be up all night waited for you to squirt." I looked at her long, beautiful legs and knew it wouldn't take long to shoot my little load. She was noticing me staring at her legs and said "That's pretty small, is that as big as it gets?" I sheepishly told her that this was it. She said, "That looks like a little boys penis, but I suppose you hear that a lot." I admitted that I did and she said "Well, it's kind of cute, bring it over here. It's so small, I can't get a good look that far away."

Even thought I was completely humiliated, I was also too excited to disobey her. She looked at my little thing for a minute and then started talking to me to get me even more excited. She said, "You look like a little boy beating off. Do you like beating off like a little boy? How about if I call you my beat off boy? We could play a game where you pretend I'm your mommy. Why don't you call me mommy? Does the little beat off boy want to squirt for his mommy?"

At first, I was too shocked to say anything, but she continued, "Come on little beat off boy, let's see you squirt your little load. Can the little beat off boy squirt for his mommy? Can you squirt like a big boy?" Almost against my will I started to play along and told her that I wanted to squirt for her, that I would be her beat off boy. She kept saying, "Can you want to squirt like a big boy? I want to see my little beat off boy squirt like a big boy" Then she said, "Big boys's have to clean up their own mess. When you squirt, you'll have to clean it up. Can you squirt for me?" I wasn't sure what she meant, but I was beyond to point of controlling myself. She was right, I was a little beat off boy.

I finally had enough and started to grunt and groan. I knew I was coming soon and began to beat off faster and faster. I was sweating and my face must have been beat red both from embarrassment and exertion. Since I had moved closer to her, at her request, when I began to squirt my load, most of it landed right on her leg. I must have spas med about five times and when I was done, I could barely stand up. She looked up at me and said "Time for the little beat off boy to clean up his mess." As I reached for the tissues, she said "No, you can clean it up with your tongue." By this time I was too drained to argue and I just got on my knees and licked my cum off of her leg.

She looked over at me and stroked my hair and said "Now you can get in bed." I was the first time I beat off for her, but definitely not the last.

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