tagIncest/TabooLittle Bit of Help from a Friend Ch. 01

Little Bit of Help from a Friend Ch. 01

byJack Gates©

With a little bit of help from a friend.

Warning: This is the first of 2 chapters…..

'Hey! Get up, Sleepy Head! Ronnie! Cover your self up! You knew I was up and about! Oh my God!'

Mum stormed out of my room and I lay back and giggled and nearly lost my hard-on. I had tears in my eyes and I absently wiped them dry with her knickers. Grasping the naughty fellow back in my hand again I picked up the nude pictures of Mum I had found under the lining paper in her lingerie drawer. Poor dear, had been very lonely after my Dad popped his clogs eighteen months ago. He was only a few days off forty to. In fact he was by the time he was placed into that little urn thing. He now provides minerals in his beloved potato patch at the end of our garden.

The death certificate said Coronary Thrombosis with complications. My diagnosis was too much shagging. Him and Mama were like rabbits. He was the buck and he treated Mama like a warren, not one passage left unexplored. Now the poor lady had been Buck-less for five hundred and twenty-one nights counting tonight. I had one very frustrated Mama on my hands. This mornings little play had been for her benefit, not mine. I was trying in my uncouth way to tell her that I possess a rabbit not unlike my Fathers, that she could skin back, if she so wished. Five of my old girlfriends could vouch for my Rabbits willingness and expertise at passage exploration. Like my Father I was willing to give up my miserable life for the course.

The breakfast table was a load of laughs, we sent each other to Coventry, for those that find that saying new, it simple means nothing was said to each other. I did notice she had combed her hair and had added a touch of war paint which consisted of foundation and lip gloss. To my knowledge we were not expecting visitors. I was just chewing laboriously on the last sausage when she said, 'Did you bring my knickers down for washing, Ronnie?' Don't know why she asked me that one because she knew she had me by my testicles. I never bring anything down. Anyway, they were her knickers not mine. I just use them to catch the wayward juices. Okay! I admit I have a little sniff to advance my erection properties to fever pitch.

'No, Mum. I forgot. I will run up and get them for you. They must have fell in to the dirty linen basket when you took them off last night. I thought I would bring them down for you. I placed them in the bed right next to me just in case I forgot to bring them down. I must be getting old, Mum. I did forget.'

It was too early in the morning for her to see the funny side of things. She dropped a fork on the floor and we both went down for it at the same time. We bashed our heads together and she gave me a flash of her tits as she came back up. We looked at each other ruefully, not knowing if it was safe to laugh or cry as we joined together in a cranium rubbing competition. She was crying! I pushed my chair back with a terrifying screech as I rushed to her and threw both my arms around her.

'I am sorry Mum! I did not know you were going to pick it up too! Do you want a drink of water? A hanky for your nose? Or a pack of frozen peas for you head?'

'Get off you daft thing! I am not upset over that, Ronnie. You know I why I am upset. You deliberately set me up to see you doing that this morning, didn't you?'

'I was only trying to help, Mum. I have watched you getting more and more frustrated since Dad fitted wings to his feet. You and he used to be at it all the time! Now you are not getting any. I try to encourage you to get dressed into your hunting clobber and go out on the town. You won't. Dad isn't coming back, Mum. Dad is dead! He certainly would not like to see you like this.'

'So, your display this morning, what did you hope it would do for me?'

'I was just trying to tell you, that I could take his place in your bed. I have all the credentials. I think I'm a bit bigger than he was. There is no need for either of us to go without. I listened in to you two often enough. I reckon I could fill in for him nicely, which ever way you want to present yourself to me, Mum!'

'Ronnie, I can't believe you are talking to me in this way. I admit I do not sleep well and some times, like you I have to masturbate myself to sleep, otherwise I don't. I can also appreciate your concern for me. What I can't condone is that you think I would want you in my knickers......................Don't do that!

I had sneaked my hand down and cupped her right tit while I was cuddling her. She slapped my hand away. She hit it that hard it landed into her groin against her pussy. I kissed her on her lips and caressed her mound of delight. Her knickers were wet down there, just as the ones were that I took to my bed last night. The ones I deeply sniffed and tasted in my watering mouth.

She opened her mouth to say, 'Ronnie! Please! No!................' As her mouth opened I javelined my tongue in to confront hers. Her pussy was throbbing and her legs were opening and shaking. She put her hand down on mine then she pulled the crotch of her knickers to one side then she took hold of my stinky finger and guide it in. It was like opening the sluice gates! She was a copulaters dream come true! Gliding my finger up her was like entering the stairway to paradise!

She broke the kiss and whispered into my ear, 'Put your finger into your mouth, Ronnie, and taste me. Taste my cunt juices you have had me hot for you for weeks. I know you use my knickers to wank yourself off into them! I had to finger myself everytime I found them drenched in your spunk! I have been desperate for you to fuck me. I told your Dad that you would be listening to us fucking. He laughed and said it turned him on. He told me to talk louder so you could hear every word. Especially when he was fucking me in my ass. I admit, it turned me on too.'

'You miss his hard cock, don't you?'

'Yes! Oh yes! I use dildos, but it isn't the same. I need a man to drive his cock into me. I need you, Ronnie. I need you, my Son.'

'Did you listen to me fucking my girlfriends?'

'Of course I did! I was screaming at them if they were refusing anything you wanted to do to them. That Marion! I heard her telling you not to put it up her bum! You were trying and she kept saying no. I wanted to come into your room and hold her down for you. I carried on buying KY Jelly after your Dad died, because I knew you were using it. I still take the pill, never stopped it. Then there was Dawn. She was nice, she loved your cock up her ass. Why did you stop seeing her?'

'She got too clingy, Mum. She was after a wedding ring.'

'That's a shame, I fancied her too.'

'Didn't know you were a pussy licker, Mum! You do surprise me. I thought I knew all about you to.'

'An older woman seduced me when I was nineteen. I was trying to save for a holiday abroad and a friend of my Mums, her name was Shirley, she said if I came to her place and did her ironing once a week she would reward me handsomely for my labours. I had to iron lots of her personal lingerie, including umpteen pairs of her knickers and she used to stand over me telling me to pay more attention to the crotch of them. The smell from them was different to ironing the rest of her clothes. It was sexy somehow!'

Meanwhile, back here in our kitchen:

I was kneeling down between Mum's legs just gently caressing her pussy. It was so lovely, just doing that. That she was content to let me do it. I loved my Mum before. Now, I adored her!

'Keep talking, there is more, isn't there. You said she seduced you!'

Her hand moved to her breast inside her gown and she cupped her right one and pinched the nipple, rubbing it - Then she continued, 'Shirley, moved close up behind me which made me nervous and her hands cupped my breasts and rubbed my nipples like you see me doing just now.' - Just thinking of it turns me on. Be careful down, there I'm about ready to cum, Darling - 'Then Shirley, kissed the back of my neck and started to lick my ear lobe. That made my pussy hot and wet, as it is now.' - That's lovely Ronnie! - 'I felt Shirley's tits against my back, even more so, her hard nipples. I leaned back against her and waggled my bum against her loins. She moaned and whispered, "I want you, Cathy! I want to taste you!" Her hands moved down my body over my stomach and cupped my vagina.... She whispered in my ear, urgently! "I Can feel your heat, Cathy. You are wet! You want me to lick your cunt! Don't you?" She dragged me to the floor and I switched off the iron and allowed her to burrow under my skirt. She pulled my knickers off and started to lick me as if she was starving and that she could get nourishment from my pussy. She put a finger in my pussy and then pressed it into my bum! That was really embarrassing, Ronnie! It was so dirty, and yet, so nice. It made my clitty throb and I had my very first cum!'

'And you went there every week?'

'Yes, very naughty of me, wasn't it? Shirley hated ironing.'

'Can I see you naked, Mum? I have seen your tits, but I have never seen you completely naked.'

'When did you see my tits?'

'I guess the first time was when you were breast feeding me, they were so soft, I loved it when you guided your nipple into my mouth. Then the next time was when we were all down at the beach, the time when daddy ripped your bra off when Daddy was wrestling with you. He ran off up the beach and you chased him and then you both fell down and you kept on wrestling with each other. I thought it was naughty of you to leave me where I could not see you properly. I hated that wheelchair and the way you strapped me into it. I think you were trying to push him off because he was going up and down on top of you. He must have been hurting you because you were moaning such a lot.'

'I never know when you are joking and when you are not, Ronnie. If you had waited for the answer to your question, I have been waiting to say yes, you can see me naked. I suggest we go back to bed, you, to my bed, with me, so that we can both be naked, together.'

'You mean you want to do it with me?'

'Yes, Darling Ronnie! Son of my loins, lets go to bed and fuck each other.'

At the top of the landing she paired off and went into the loo. Over her shoulder she said, 'Get in there and get naked and into bed, I will be with you in a minute. Don't you dare start without me. I will bite your cock off if you do!'

'I have always wanted to watch you have a pee! I have listened to you peeing for years, Mum. You seem to pee so powerfully, how do you do it?'

She laughed and held the door for me to go into the loo with her. She shrugged out of her robe and hung it up on the peg behind the door. Then she pulled off the straps of her nightdress and let it fall to the floor. My cock sprang up and tented my boxers. She was naked! My Mum was naked! She smiled and tweaked my cock then turned around so I could see her beautiful ass, and I gasped for air. Then she turned again and pulled up the loo lid and backed over it, legs astride the pan and instantly, no nerves at all, let go a stream of pee straight from her pussy split! I was gob smacked! I quickly squatted down on my haunches and looked up at her pussy while she obligingly used her fingers to open her lips wide for me to see her cunt more clearly. I was fascinated, enthralled! How many men have seen a sight like that? Or allowed to see a sight like that? I was seeing my own Mum doing it for me. Eat your heart out, Guys!

She took some toilet paper off the roll and gave it to me, 'Wipe my pussy for me, Darling.'

I walked on my knees right up to her and was awarded by the strong smell of her urine and her pussy. I took the paper and gingerly wiped her whole crack from her asshole to her clit. My tongue was hanging out and I was holding it out with my teeth gripping it. Saliva dripping down my chin. My balls were aching with the strain. The paper in my hand was now wet, I was going to drop it into the loo, but she told me to put it into my mouth and eat it. I did, I munched it deliberately knowing it would turn her on. I took some dry paper and looked up into her brown eyes as I tenderly wiped her completely dry.

'That was lovely darling.' She put the seat back down and sat right back onto it and opened her legs wide leaving an apex shaped gap into the loo.

'Now you, Ronnie. Pee between my legs.'

'Oh Ma! I can't do that! I cant pee in a urinal even if other men are about! I'm too shy!'

'We are not doing or going anywhere else until you do. Ronnie, have a pee, now!'

As it so happens I hadn't been since I got up and was needing. I stood there like a spare prick at a wedding, in front of my naked mother staring down at her cunt and the other wee hole she had left for me to pee through. I bet all you women are laughing at my pre-dick-a-ment, now, ain't you?

She took it in her hand to hold it for me, and I watched it harden even more. The strain in my balls increased two fold.

'God, Mum! You mustn't touch it! I was just starting to pee then, now I am back to having to try all over again! Can't we go and have a fuck first and then do this?'

'No we cannot, Ronnie! Pee! I think you must have at least eight inches here, Son. It's impressive.'

Then she looked away and started to whistle, the theme of, "There will always be an England, an England proud and free." Then she sang the next line, "Then, there always be a Son of mine who can't even pee."

Even in serious times my Mum found it in her to be funny, like the time we spread Dad's ashes. She said we had better lock the vacuum cleaner away, Ronnie. You know how your Dad was a stickler for cleanliness.

I finally let go and some went on the tiled floor then onto her belly as I tried to adjust my aim.

'Don't dribble, Dear!'

It was hundred percent concentration, it was excruciating peeing through a hard cock. I trained it on the pink crinkly puckered flesh of her labia and onto her enlarged clitoris. She reached down with her fingers to open herself up for me. I was peeing for ages, in a strong gush and all the time my cock seemed to be getting longer and harder. It was such a horny sight to see my naked Mum sitting there, legs agape, letting me pee on her pussy. I had to close right up to her as it tapered off to a dribble, it ran down her tits, belly over her pussy into the pan. Then she lifted my prick without shaking it and popped it into her mouth. She gripped my buttocks, a finger finding my anal button, which made me moan passionately.

'Oh! Mum! I love you! This feels so good!'

'You like my finger up your ass?'

'Oh! Yes!'

'Has anyone else done this to you, Ronnie?'

'I can't talk about that!'

'No secrets, Darling. Was it a man?'

'It happened after the Prom do after I completed at College. There was queues for the loos and I was desperate so I went to the Masters loo. One of the Masters was in at the urinal. He was standing spraying is pee from side to side when I walked in. He turned still pissing and splashed my shoes. I stood and let go, I was that desperate. The Master stood next to me pulling at his rapidly hardening and lengthening cock. It was bigger than mine.'

'Did it excite you, seeing his hard cock, Ronnie?'

'Scared the shit out of me because he stood in the doorway and would not let me out, then he waved the key at me because he had locked the door. He said he had always wanted to fuck a new graduate. He told me to strip. I said no and he came over and punched me on my nose, making it bleed. I stripped. I think I told you I walked into a loo door for that one.'

'Yes, you did, Ronnie. Go on! Did he do it to you?'

'He dropped his trousers and made me suck his cock. While I was doing that he was leaning over me and fingering my bum. He got a tube of some kind of lube out of his jacket pocket and he used it to lube my ass, then he pushed me into a cubicle and made me bend over the loo. He forced his cock into me and held his hand over my mouth to stop me shouting out. It hurt, as you know it does. He just kept on pulling it out and forcing it back up me. The pain receded and I did get some pleasure through all the discomfort.'

'You have kept that a secret all this time? You were hardly eighteen then, poor thing!''

'Yes, you are the first I have told about it'.'

'Have you had fantasies about other men doing it to you?'

'I do now and again, but not often. I have used your dildos inside me. I hate doing it to myself, but I can't help it. You have a strap-on in your bedside drawer, who do you fuck with that?'

'Just the odd girlfriend now and then, but your Dad bought it for me to fuck him with it, Ronnie. He loved me to do it to him.'

'Was Dad fucked by a man?'

'Yes, I saw him getting it a couple of times. He talked me into going out swinging with other couples. The woman was usually bi, but some of the guys were bi too and it usually ended up with your dad bending over for the guy while us women watched. It was exciting, we cheered them on!'

'When was the first time you got a prick stuck up your arse, Mum?'

'It was your, Dad, on our second date. He fucked my pussy then turned me over and did my bum. As you say, it hurt! I was scared too. We were in a forest at the time. There were people all over the place. I was sure there was someone watching us. Your Dad told me to make as much noise as I wanted. I gagged myself and didn't make a muff.'

'What did you gag yourself with?'

'My knickers! It was the only thing to hand! Your cock just jerked when I said that. You have a thing for ladies knickers, haven't you, Darling?'

'One of my girlfriends, Maisy. She was dead kinky. Loved to be tied up when I fucked her. She loved me to gag her with her knickers. She used to gag me with them when I let her get her own back on me. I can't leave your knickers alone when I see them laying around or in the linen basket.'

'I have noticed, Ronnie. I have known for a long time. I often tried to suck your spunk back out of them.'

'Gosh, Mom! You are as kinky as, Maisy!'

'Maybe kinkier, Sweetheart. I will expect you to have your wicked way with me, do to me what you like, as long as you bend over backwards to please my every whim and desire!'

'Will we go out together, swinging, With other couples? '

'If that is what you want, Ronnie. I would love to see a guy fuck you.'

'I think I want that too, Mum!'

'We don't have to go out looking I think I know a nice guy who will accommodate you, he knows how to keep his mouth shut. I think you would like him.'

'Is it that guy, Harry, who used to come here when Dad was alive?'

'Yes! That's right! How did you guess?'

'Didn't have to guess. I listened at your door and heard Dad moaning and you urging Harry on to fuck Dad.'

'Oh my God! We haven't been very good parents to you, have we, Ronnie? Harry fancies you, he has told me so. He was always saying that you would bend over for him without too much pressure. I kept warning him off.'

'When did you see him last? Since Dad died?'

'You won't be cross if I tell you? He has been over here a lot at my invitation. You know what a slut I am, Son. Like you, I cannot help myself.'

'Why don't you invite him over now? The day is still young!'

'Are you sure? Harry is hung like a donkey! A thick nine inches, are you alright with that?'

'I have been holding off doing it with you on my own, Mum because of the incest thing. If Harry his here with us, then it won't feel so bad being one of your lovers. Once the ice is broken with us then I won't have a problem. Have you had two guys do it to you at the same time?'

'Gosh, yes! Your Dad and Harry were always doing it to me. In fact Harry suggested that you and he could do me that way, the last time he was here. I just thought he was trying to get me to help him get his cock into you. I used to love it that way. It is the ultimate fuck, darling!.'

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