tagIncest/TabooLittle Bit of Help from a Friend Ch. 02

Little Bit of Help from a Friend Ch. 02

byJack Gates©

I left my Mum sitting on Harry's knee. A picture of pure naked happiness. I could see her asshole, it was still dripping with his juices, then she moved forward and sat on his soft cock leaving a trail of juice snail-like on his leg.

The bathroom was still steamy where Harry must have had a shower. I sat on the loo and as usual my hand reached out for the douche hose. I hadn't been fucked yet, but it was habit that I washed my bum before and after sex with anyone. I had just fucked my Mum in a double penetration with Harry taking her ass and me up her pussy. My cock was wet with her juices. I sat on the loo mechanically taking care of my ablutions, trying to come to terms with what I had done. It seemed like years not hours. I was still trembling even though it was warm in the bathroom. My flesh was all goose-pimples.

I had woken up this morning in my normal state of mind, head fuzzy and empty. My eye focus was normal too, vacant. And yet, since then my whole world had looped the loop. I was the alligator, Sir! I started it, Your Honour! I teased my Mum with cock play. Oh! How her eyes widened when she saw my rock hard cock standing up like a well dressed soldier. Foreskin tightly back, at full attention! Any Sergeant Major would have been dead proud of him. I certainly was. I momentarily called a halt to the small arms drill I had been putting him through. He stood so firm, so upright when I took my hand away to give Mum a better view of him. The way she had accused me of setting her up too! As if I would! It had worked, My! oh! My! How it had worked! She fled my bedroom that quick I just looked up in time to see her delectable ass disappearing through the doorway. Now it seems, that delectable ass of my Mums was a certain conquest, top of the charts, as it were. As mine was top of Harry's chart. He was through the bedroom waiting for me. My Mum would be teasing him, getting his boilers stoked, as she was as keen as he is to get me fucked. I sat there dithering, thinking of the last time I was fucked in a loo. That fuck helped my Mum talk me into this one, that and her kinky need to see me getting it in my butt. I was sitting there trying to convince myself I wanted it too. God! How I wanted Harry's big hard prick rammed up my ass! I did, didn't I? All I had to do was to get up off this throne and walk bravely through that door, right? No bother, hey? Just bend over, Harry is my Uncle! Easy, you could do it, couldn't you? I bet you are sitting there, reading this and saying, why the fuck don't he get on with it? All you have to do is lube your bum and go out there instead of me, right?

Guess you are insisting ah?

My bums washed, I have pre lubed, here I go!

My legs were weak as I walked/wobbled through to the bedroom. I walked on what seemed like an arguement.

'You have that many girlfriends you do not know who I am!'

'For, Petes sake, Cathy ir was a slip of the tongue, Love, honest!'

'If we were married that slip of the tongue would have cost you fifty percent of all of you own and four and half inches of your cock, Harry!'

'What the hecks up with you two?'

'Ask your. Mom, not me!'

'You heard him! He called me Jackie, didn't he?'

'I have said I am sorry, Cathy. You want me to leave?'

'No not until you have done what I got you here for. You alright, Ronnie? Harry and I were worried about you, Son!'

'Yes, I'm okay. Sorry, I was just sitting on the loo contemplating. Don't ask me about what about. You know anyway. A guy don't get a cock the size of Harry's up his ass every day. If he splits me open I will sue both of you for rectal damages. Their answer to my remark was they both stood up and started to flap their imaginary wings and pranced around the bedroom clucking like a pair of stark naked chickens. Just the way all responsible adults act. I feigned despair and sat down on the bed with my head buried into the palms of my hands. They jumped on me, flattened me on the bed and started to kiss me and stroke my body all over. It was terrible! I gave the game away by giggling like a mountain brook. Mum fed me one of her succulent breasts and Harry was down between my legs, which he made more comfortable for me by considerately draping them over his broad shoulders. He was treating my cock like a lump of chewy meat. His fingers pulling on my balls as if they were a Friesian cows udders. Thank goodness it was a man sucking my cock! Men know what they are doing, don't they lads? I almost bit one of Mum's nipples off when Harry stuck an extra long digit up my ready greased anal cavity. That was uncalled for, I hadn't done nothing to him! I had never had another guy be so familiar to the things I had only previously held near and dear to myself. To have my size eight chopper in a guys mouth was truly an experience worth noting in my love-diary. My asshole was flexing around his invading finger, my Mum swapped her nipple for her long tonsil seeking tongue. I shuddered, if only nipples were that big and erectable! Perhaps something more than one of Adams ribs should have been used when woman was first made. If nothing else it would have made top-less beaches more exciting. Imagine a nipple flicking around your tongue, or two ladies nipple tussling. It would be enough to make babies refuse to grow up! Please Mummy don't take me off the breast yet, I am only twenty-one years old! What am I talking about, I am not twenty-one yet!

Things were getting serious. Harry was bearing gifts of globules of KY Jelly and depositing them finger load after finger load into now unsmiling asshole. My caring Mum had taken over the job of anointing Harry's cock, she did it so lovingly that it bought a tear to my eye. Would she kiss it good-bye as it entered me? Would she wish it bon-voyage? Would she apply two handed pressure to his ample ass-cheeks has he shafted me, in and out?

Harry manoeuvred me into a position of bending me over the bed. Mum warned me it would more comfortable for Harry if I spread my legs wider and relaxed my knees and to help him by bearing down on my asshole to open it for him. I was flabbergasted! It was almost a speech from Mum! Guess her good nature stems back from when she was in the Brownies. Very apt for Harry's cock at this moment in its life. Had I washed out my bum enough?

I felt his cold clammy hands on my shaking hips. They were spreading my cheeks apart. He moved them and took a better grip and I felt cool air rape the inner walls of my rectum. His grip was too tight to allow me to shiver with fear. My Mum got up onto the bed and she shimmied her pussy to within a thousandth of one inch from my flaring nostrils. (for the ladies who may not be sure of that measurement, it's about the thickness of a hair on a gnats cock!) Whichever way you look at it, my nostrils were booted into high velocity sniffing mode.

I felt Harry's firm hand on the back of my head forcing me into a nose dive. It was followed supersonically quick by an agonising pain in my bum! My Mum's pussy was that wet I panicked because I can't swim. I had visions of my past childhood and me going down for the third time... Like having a certain fruit gum in your mouth, I just had to lick it. Meanwhile, Harry was having great fun seeing if he could trace out my digestive system the hard way. Hard for him, much harder for me. His prick felt like the prop-shaft of the Queen Mary! It felt like it was after another Blue Ribbon. It was certainly playing havoc with my channel. He should have told me he was in a hurry. He was trying to piston-fuck me and rebore me at the same time. This was nothing like my first anal adventure. That was sweet, peaceful and cottaging fun compared with this!

It if hadn't been for my Mum's bucking passionate hips and the sustenance she was feeding me, I think I would have thrown in the towel. This guys phallic reamer was making me sore. I transferred the pain to my snapping teeth on Mum's clit. She came and squirted her pussy juice all over me. A strange thing happened! Nature took a grip of my brain and said to me, "Ronnie, old Son! You are enjoying this! Fuck the man back! He wants you to do it - you want him to keep fucking you - so just go for it! Tell him it feels good!" There was me thinking that Harry hated my guts, the way he was treating them, and all the time, according to my brain, he was loving it and loving me too!

Just when I thought Harry was already in top gear, he stepped up a gear! The heat he was generating in my bum was just about to set off the fire alarms when he started to jet copious amounts of spunk to rapidly extinguish any engendered fire danger. It was only then that I realised that I had cum too, all over Mums clean on bed cover. He pulled out far too quickly and it felt as if I was being broken-out as well as broken-in.

After Harry made his exit and later, when Mum and I were laying naked, in bed together, we talked. Just as Mums and Sons do.

'Are you all right, Ronnie?'

'Yes, Mum. I suppose you get used to that sort of thing. When you see pictures of people being fucked in their asses, you always see them with a blissful serene look on their faces. As if to say, 'I'm being fucked up my ass and I think it's nice!' When will I reach that zenith, Mum? Have you reached it yet. You must have had Harry's cock up you, how many times?'

'It's not a sport, we do not keep score, at least speaking for myself - I don't. I think the answer you are looking for is, that people in pictures usually get paid to do as they are told. Smiling for the camera is traditional.'

'I was half way through the fuck with Harry, before I started to say to myself, okay, this could be fun. I did ask myself if it was pleasure I was feeling or was it good because someone else was getting pleasure at my expense.'

'I know how you feel, Ronnie. There were times when your Dad was like a bull in a china shop. With him sometimes an ass fuck was a pillage. Harry is usually more gentle with me. He takes more care and he prepares me more carefully than he did with you. I did notice that. I felt he was nervous with you, not at ease. I took it he maybe didn't like to do it with guys, or maybe you reminded him of your Dad. I will have a word with him. Maybe next time it will be better for both of you.'

'I hope so. I hope there is going to be a next time. I will have to talk to him more. I was uptight and too nervous tonight. I was apprehensive about the size of that cock of his.'

'Why don't you relax, Darling and shove that cock up my ass, a spot of KY and just slip it into me easy. Be a good Son and give your Mum a good hard, deep fuck up her tight asshole! Harry fucking you made me real horny for it.'

Like a dutiful Son, I did as I was told and we fucked well into the night.

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