tagErotic HorrorLittle Black Ball Ch. 03

Little Black Ball Ch. 03


If you haven't read parts one and two, even with all their mistakes, you probably won't understand what's going on. If you've made it through both of those and want a little conclusion, then here you go. Sick stories from a sick mind. You've been warned.

Chapter 03

The Oral Revenge

Meg watched from the shadowed entry to the changing rooms as her friend lowered herself into the mud bath. Seven days in the Bahamas to be spent with her boyfriend and her best friend. Neither struck Meg as friend' at the moment. She waited until Tara was fully immersed before revealing herself, and Tara looked up with a quick smile.

"Hey, Meg. Sorry I'm late. Are you done already?"

"Yeah. What kept you? Our appointment was for nine."

"Too much to drink with dinner last night. I barely made it back to the room. Which reminds me: what time did you roll in?"

"Sometime after midnight. I started talking with these two women from Philly. They were pilgrims, actually."

"You didn't convert or anything, did you?" Tara replied with a laugh. She was slowly getting more relaxed with the conversation. Meg didn't suspect a thing.

"No, nothing like that. They were on a pilgrimage of penance, making their roundabout way to South America. They had some things to do before leaving the Bahamas."

"Sounds interesting. Care to tell me about it?"

"Maybe later." Meg straightened her robe, and shoved her hands into the pockets. Her voice was still somewhat chilled. "Brian called while you were doing the limbo last night. He'll be in later this morning."

"Yeah, I know."

"You know?"

"Uh, well, I figured that since he wasn't in last night, he'd be in this morning. It's a shame that he missed the flight." Tara had to change the subject. Talking about Brian reminded her that there was still a good amount of his cum in her. Thoughts about how it got there made her squirm a little. His fingers curled in her hair as he forced her to deepthroat him. It was a demeaning position that she loved and so did he. They would have to do it again, soon.

She especially liked it because he lasted longer the second time around. It didn't matter how she did it the first time; he never lasted more than a minute. And after two, he was worthless. He'd rather sleep than give something back. If he could learn some control, he'd be fantastic in the sack.

"Tara, I'm only going to ask you this once, and I expect a straight answer. How long has it been going on - you and Brian?"

"What do you mean? There's nothing going on between us." Tara was glad she was flushed from the heat of the black mud, or her blush would have given her up.

Meg looked at her for a moment. She removed her hand from the pocket of the robe to reveal a black object the size of a golfball. "I was there last night. I came home early, and heard the two of you, and snuck out before I got sick. You were supposed to be my friend. I guess you really are better in bed. Well, I hope you two are happy. It's like you were made for each other. In fact, I think you're perfect for each other."

With a contemptuous flip of her hand, the black ball arced through the air and hit the black mud with an audible 'plop'. It immediately disappeared.

Tara ignored it. "Meg. Meg!" She called after her departing friend. "It isn't what you think! Meg!" But she was gone. Tara pursed her lips in anger. Brian had been good, but she'd had so many other guys that were better. And it wasn't like there wouldn't be plenty more when he was gone. Why did she have to go after that asshole, especially when it would cost her Meg?

And what the hell was that black thing? Tara searched as best she could in the muck, but couldn't find it.


Brian lay naked on the bed, and let the warm beach air dry his freshly showered body. It had been a little awkward, hiding in Tara's room the way he had, waiting until Meg had left this morning.

The whole thing was more than a little exciting. When he got in, he decided to surprise Meg. He caught a cab from the airport and called Tara for their location. Tara had other ideas. Meg was talking to some older women, so she would be occupied for a while. Tara would feign being sick or something and meet him at the room for a little nooky.

He could call and say he would be late. That way, whenever it was a good time, he could sneak out of Tara's connecting room and act like he had just gotten there. She'd been an animal that first time, and he came off a little quick. He went down on her briefly at the start of the second but, after he had reached his own climax, was a little too spent to give her the attention she desired.

This morning, he lay quietly under the covers until Meg left, then he reached down to wake up Tara with a sleeper's orgasm. She returned the favor with another blowjob, but couldn't consummate a second round because of her mud bath appointment.

Tara was a sexual dynamo, and willing to give oral without expecting any in return. "You like being in control too much," she had said. "But you like it even more when I'm in control. Maybe we can send Meg out on an errand, and you can return the favor."

"Yeah, but you might need to suck me off again. You get me so worked up, and you are the perfect little cocksucker."

Which was just how Brian liked it. Oh, he had no problem going down on a girl if he had to, but even then there had to be certain conditions. She had to be clean; there was no way in hell he was going to taste cum, even if was his own.

And she had to deepthroat him. Not just an attempt, either. It had to be a full on skull fuck. Brian had known enough women that were willing to do this to realize who was good and who liked it. Tara was both. She was good in bed, but certainly not the type of girl he would bring home to meet the parents, let alone marry.

That was the major difference between the two friends. Meg was the 'marry and settle down' type, while Tara was . . . well, Brian thought, Tara was everything Meg wasn't, especially in bed. Exciting and aggressive, unlike Meg. He liked it in little doses, but Brian knew he could never be tied down to one woman, especially one like Tara. She was a slut, to be used and thrown away. The type of girl a lot of guys slept with, but none would admit to.

No, Meg was better. No real sexual experience, so everything he did was the best'. And her naivete meant that he could try anything and it would be new to her. No preconceived notions. And if she wasn't in the mood, she was so trusting and innocent that he could fool around on the side whenever he needed or wanted to. He certainly had more sexual need than she did. A need that had to be relieved often.

"Is that for me?" Meg asked. Brian snapped to with a start. He hadn't heard her come in. She was dressed in her morning robe and sandals, and pointed at his half erect member.

He moved to cover up. Meg wasn't the type to be in a sexual mood during the day, especially not in the morning. "Hey babe, I just got in. Figured on a shower, and then I would give you a call."

"Well, that's sort of moot now, isn't it?" Her voice had an edge to it that he recognized as anger.

"Something wrong, honey?"

There was the briefest of pauses before she dropped her robe. "Yeah, I've never experienced your tongue between my legs."

"But you said you weren't -"

"Into oral? Well, let's change that, shall we?" With a deft maneuver, she swung onto the bed and into a sixty-nine position. She settled herself down on his mouth even as her tongue flicked out to lick the head of his cock. His body jumped with the contact.

"Jeez, babe, what got into you?"

"I thought you liked aggressive women. Now, shut up and put that tongue to a better use." She wiggled down tighter onto his face, grinding her sex onto his open mouth. Even so, Brian spread his legs as she devoted her attention to his now throbbing member. Her fingers alternately stroked his erection, caressed his balls, or teased his inner thighs. Time and time again she would stop just short of bringing him to orgasm, and he would try to thrust deeper into his mouth to find satisfaction. On the third attempt, she slipped a spit-covered finger into his anus as she bucked down onto his tongue. At least, he thought it was her finger.

He moaned out at the sudden intrusion. It felt huge and weird and erotic and embarrassing all at the same time. Meg's body began to buck and shiver, and Brian wrapped his arms around her so she couldn't get away from his mouth. Tired as his jaw was, he was going to bring her off if it was the last thing he did. After a few minutes, her shuddering passed and she rolled off him.

"Oh my God," she said. "I never knew it would be like that."

He smiled at her, pleased with himself. "I'm glad you liked it."

"I liked it very much. I will have to do that again, and soon." She got off the bed, and made her way to the bathroom. Her legs seemed very wobbly to her, and she had to steady herself against the wall.

"Are you up for finishing what you started?" he called. He could hear her pee, then flush. She came out and started throwing her clothes in a bag. She paused to look at his erection. It was nearly purple.

"Poor baby, do you want me to suck you some more? You like it when I suck your dick?"

"Yes," he replied.

"Then ask nicely."

"Uh, I thought I did...Would you please suck me some more?"

"It felt good, did it?"


She smiled, and through the last of her clothes into the bag. She left out a bikini, cutoffs, and some heeled sandals, and dressed while she talked.

"Did you like it when I slipped my finger in your ass? Be honest. It was dirty and kinky, and deep inside you liked it."

He was reluctant. "Yes. It feels like you are still there."

"Then if you want more, ask nicely."

"What would you like me to say?"

"Say, 'Meg, please let me cum'. Beg for it." She had never taken the dominant role before, but he liked it.

He was getting into her little roleplay. "Mistress Meg, please let me cum."

She stared at him briefly, then smiled. "You've had plenty of slutty girls swallow your seed, Brian, but I won't be one of them. Those days are over for you, I think. Mistress? I was just your girlfriend, Brian. Tara is your mistress, not me. You want permission to cum, ask her."

Brian was alarmed at this last statement, and started to protest. "Babe, what are you talking about? There's nothing between me and Tara!"

"Don't bother, you ass. I came back last night and heard you. I saw you! Rutting like some dogs in heat! You like aggressive women like her, don't you? You know she sleeps around, don't you? Or was that part of what attracted you to her? Does some part of you relish the thought of sleeping with her after she's been with some other guy? You like the fact that she's experienced, don't you? Well, you're not worth fighting for, Brian, and neither is Tara. You wanted her. You got her. I'll tell you what I told her: It's like you were made for each other. You two are perfect for one another."

The thought of being with Tara, or any other woman, after she had been with another guy completely disgusted him. He was about to make another protest but, before he could mutter a word, Meg stormed out of the room. Brian heard the suite door slam shut.

"Fuck," he said to nobody in particular. He knew it was over.

Still fuming, he reached down and grasped his rock hard erection. Positioning himself on the bed, he prepared to relieve himself of the frustration Meg had created. The feeling that her finger was still in his ass was slowly fading.


Meg strode through the hotel lobby and met up with the two women that were checking out. They were older, but very attractive. The younger of the two turned to her. "Well?"

"I confronted both of them," Meg said. "Neither even bothered denying it. I'm done with both."

"And the black balls?" said the older of the two.

"Delivered. Hers went into her mud bath, like you suggested, and his went up his ass. I thought about how hers should give her the satisfaction that he always got from her. And him, well, let's just say he's in for a little adjustment to his sex life. Thanks. You two should be free."

The older woman breathed a deep sigh of relief, and drew out an envelope. "Consider this a 'thank you'. The curse has moved on. Your friends now have thirteen passes of the new moon to come to grips with what they did. After that, if they want, they will know what to do to release themselves."

Tara cautiously took the envelope. "Where are you going?"

"Tonight is the last night of the current new moon. Tomorrow we will be free. I don't know what I'll do next. Maybe lie on the beach for a week. Maybe find a nice guy, like the one I had."

"I'm not sure, myself. No telling what I'll be tomorrow. But it's a new day, and I have the rest of my life back." She looked at her cohort. "Maybe find a nice woman, and settle down. Start a family."

Meg smiled at them, then moved to check out. When she turned around, they were gone. And with them, the last of her anger.


Tara was a little miffed. Her friend, her best friend, had just walked out on her. It didn't matter that the reason was that she had betrayed the friendship by sleeping with Brian. That was inconsequential.

Brian. He had talents, but Tara wasn't sure he was worth the loss. He had a nice cock, and was fairly adept at using it, but he was a little quick off the draw. He also expected too much from her. Besides, he was one of those high class assholes; he'd make a lot of money in his life, but women like Tara were throwaway commodities. She knew it, he knew, the whole world knew it.

He was too strong willed to have a relationship with somebody like her.

Checking the clock, Tara got out of the mud bath and made her way into the showers. The hot black mud had made her very relaxed, but it was time to see what had happened upstairs. Tara passed a full length mirror, and couldn't help but look at herself.

Her body looked black and slick, like on of those fetish models. Tara had never been into that kind of things but, seeing herself like this, could see the allure. Men went absolutely nuts over women in latex or leather. Anything kinky turned them on.

Whips, chains, that fetish scene. She paused for a minute more, then entered the shower room.

Yes, she thought, men where easy to excite. And when they were turned on, they would do anything. Tara slipped a muddy finger between her legs, and began to masturbate. That's what she needed, a man that would do anything for her. Tara began washing the slimy mud from her skin, and watched briefly as it made its way down the drain.

One lump in particular seemed stuck to the side of her foot. She didn't notice as a black trickle moved up her leg, past her finger, and into her awaiting orifice. She continued to finger her clit as she exulted in the cleansing spray of the water. And she felt the change.


Brian lay on his back furiously stroking his erection. His ass still felt a little like Meg's finger was still up there, pressing on a part of him he didn't know existed, and he saw stars as he got closer . . . and closer . . . and closer. Cautiously, he slipped a finger into his own anus. The stars went off like fireworks. He was even closer now.

And closer.

And closer. His hands worked furiously, one massaging his aching balls with a finger deep inside, while the other rubbed his erection raw. The slam of the suite door barely slowed him down. "Meg, is that you?"

It was Tara that stood in the doorway though. She smiled at him. It was an evil, lustful smile. "I don't think she's coming back, Brian. So, we'll just have to see what I can do about your little problem there."

"Tara, thank God!"

"Is there a problem, Brian?" She stared at his hands. His finger was deep inside his own anus. "I wouldn't have thought you were into having something up your ass like that. I have a vibrator around here somewhere, if you think that will help."

Brian was now jerking with intensely. His cock was red and engorged, but still he wouldn't climax.

"It's like I can't cum!"

"Of course you can't, dear, so you might as well stop trying," she said. His hands immediately stopped.

"I thought so," she said.

"Thought what? And what do you mean, I can't cum?" He was positively whining now.

"It's because you are perfect for me. A submissive foil for my aggresive tendencies. Meg told me so."

"What? But-"

"And I can tell you why. The perfect slave waits for permission to cum, and I haven't given you that. I don't know if I ever will, seeing how your willingness to serve me diminishes with your own orgasm. Maybe you can cum if we open your ass a little wider, and rub that prostate with something soft. I've always wanted to try pegging a guy, and I think you would like being my little sissy, wouldn't you? But we'll save that little experience for later."

At this point, her hand began massaging her clit. His frustration was getting her hot and horny. It wouldn't take long for her first. "I asked you a question, didn't I? I expect an answer. All dutiful boyfriends answer their girlfriends. And that's what you want, isn't it? You want to be my sissy boyfriend, don't you?"

Deep inside his ass, the little black ball twitched, eliciting a few drops of precum to be forced from his erection and sending shockwaves of pleasure through his cock. It then absorbed into his body. "Y-y-yes," he sputtered.

"Won't your mom be proud when you bring me home to meet her, instead of boring old Meg? I think she had it right, though. It's about time you settled down and got married. No more running around looking for pussy. I'll be giving you all the pussy you can handle - and more. And with your family's money, we wouldn't have to work, would we?"

Sweat was now breaking out across his brow. His erection was dark red and very hot. It ached to be touched. "No," he said. "Could you please, Tara?"

"What, let you cum? Maybe after I get a few orgasms, I might." Her finger traced a line around the head of his glans, and the action was rewarded with another drop of precum. "We'll see how good you are."

Tara swung her leg over and planted her dripping pussy firmly on to his mouth, and gave a little wiggle so he knew he should start.

"Maybe we should do some shopping this afternoon," she said idly. "I'm in the mood for something black and shiny. And for the record, I prefer Mistress Tara' when we're in private. You know," she said, as her first orgasm built. "I think Meg was right. We are perfect for each other."


Three months later

Dolores Huntington looked at the girl with more than a little contempt in her eye. This commoner, Tara, had besotted her son Brian, and they were getting married. His trust fund was untouchable, so she couldn't undo the marriage with threats to cut him off. She closed the door behind them as they left to return to the city. Her husband, Joshua, would be upstairs waiting for her to return, having said his goodbyes' earlier.

Dolores paused on the landing. She had liked that first girl, Meg, but she was now engaged to some doctor. This new one he had met in the Bahamas three months ago, and they were already planning on getting married! There was something about the girl, but she didn't know what. Certainly, she was a little too sexual for Brian. Imagine, wearing a leather skirt and boots to meet your boyfriend's mother. It all seemed so slutty. It was as if everything she said or did was sexual. The way she dressed, acted, spoke, ate, everything!

And yet, that wasn't what distressed Dolores the most. There was a common connection, one that reminded Dolores of herself. They would have to spend some mother-daughter time together soon, if Brian was really serious about marrying her in three months, so that she could get to know her better.

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