Little Boy


There I was sitting and listening to this stupid woman go on and on about a subject she obviously had no idea about. A self righteous arrogance that I despised in woman. Continuing her debate on false information, I finally lost it and began my retort. I was able to slash her entire argument without doing any research, and was finally able to clear everything and shut her up. It was Friday, I no longer had the patience to listen to whatever it was she was talking about, and when I was done embarrassing her, the professor saved my ass by ending the class.

At last I was free, but as I began clearing out of the lecture hall, I could see her piercing her eyes saying to me "You fucking bastard." But I didn't care, I merely brushed by her and left for my room.

Although I just started going to this University, and was more or less looking for things to do, embarrassing one of my classmates was behind in my mind. Being a freshman in school and an out of state student, I did not have the friends or connections that many others had while entering. Looking for my social place was awkward enough as it is, but trying to find women did not help with my physical status.

I admit it, I'm not the best looking guy in the world. I'm several inches shorter than a majority of the male student body, and still I do not stand out of the crowd when looking for a date. I planned to change my life here. College is the place to go wild, and I planned on doing all of it. Working on my physical downfalls, I began hitting the campus gym to try and get attention from females.

Not wanting to show my inexperience when going to the gym, I headed there usually around 12 am. I thank myself for choosing a school with good student services, and an almost round the clock gym.

Tonight was routine. I went to do the things I knew. Running, and weights. About an hour or two in, while working with the weights, a group of beautiful women walk in. I am not one to turn down a good view, and gave a good number of glances their way.

Out of nowhere one starts walking my way with her eyes looking with a determined look. She was a 5'10 blue eyes blonde haired looker, and some body with what I could make out through her sweats. Confused I simply got back to my workout pretending I wasn't doing nothing.

"What the fuck you staring at?" is all that came out of her mouth.

"Uh excuse me." I had no idea why she was so pissed off at me. Then I suddenly realized what she was talking about. She was the girl that I verbally reamed my last class of the day. I didn't even recognize her as I walked out of the class, simply trying to avoid some incident. With that I simply played stupid.

"Do I know you?"

"You know who I am you asshole. What the fuck was your problem?"

Even though she was pissed off at me, I couldn't help but check out her body sway as she bitched at me.

"Oh you're the chic with that weird debate. Hey don't get mad at me that you didn't do any research on the topic." My stupidity was acting up again, as I really don't like pissing people off.

"Hey screw you!!! Stupid prick." Was the only thing she seemed to be able to muster.

"Wow, did you think that up all by yourself?" When I thought about it a minute, I really should have just shut up, but I continued on with my rebuttal. "You know instead of being a tease throughout your academic career, why don't you do something called reading. You can get a lot of information out of things called 'books'. It's a fantastic thing that you should look into."

With that said, I simply decided to get the hell out of there before I piss this woman off anymore.

"Aww can't take the abuse of a woman." She said with the most sarcastic voice. "Yeah you better walk away little boy."

Now although I was a couple inches shorter than her and most likely physically not up to par, I don't take any bullshit from anybody. Especially a woman that blows smoke out of her ass.

Turning my head, I tried keeping my cool and said, "Sorry I don't like hitting women," and tried to keep my dignity while still trying to get the hell out of there. Now I had no intentions of doing anything until she opened her mouth again.

"Well I know a little prick like you couldn't keep up with me in anything." She simply smirked.

My male ego and instincts began kicking in, "Hey, don't make me make you apologize," with a more serious tone as I idiotically began walking back for a confrontation.

When I reapproached her all I did was look up to try to stare her down. "What are you gonna do about it???" as she gave me a firm shove. That was it. I wasn't letting "This" woman get away with that shit.

"What the hell do I have to do to get you off my back?" as I was getting angrier.

"We'll have a small little wager, you beat me and I'll back off. But if I win, I'm gonna continue to give you shit. And I get to do it everyday"

As I thought this over, I wanted this woman to leave me alone, but the bet wasn't fair. "Isn't this bet a little one sided, how about you just leave me alone from now on, so I don't have to waste my time with this stupid bet?"

"How about, we'll figure something out "if" you win." She smirked.

"Bring it. I ain't losing to no woman." Was all I could think of in my heightened angered state.

"Follow me." Was all she said.

Following her through the gym, we went through several corridors, and down some hallways. Getting farther away from the main part of the gym, I began worrying where the hell we were going as I did not explore this part of the building. The corridors began to get darker when she finally entered a room and turned on the lights.

"The wager is wrestling." She said.

As I entered the room, it probably was a training room specifically designed with several match circles on the ground. Without realizing it, she had taken off her sweats, and revealed something that rattled me. She wasn't somewhat built, she "was" built. She had better definition than me, and probably better definition than many other guys.

In her training shorts and simple white shirt, she quickly charged, and twisted my arm and flipped me onto my back. The only thing that ran through my mind was "Oh shit." As the pain spread throughout my back as I landed on the mat.

Confused on what just happened, I simply stared at the lights trying to get my head straight.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Jenna. Regional wrestling champ 2005" Smiling down at me. "Get up, were not done." And she released my arm walking to the opposite side of the circle. "Shutting up now are we?" With a belittling voice as if I was a child.

As I collected my thoughts, other than that I was in trouble, I crouched into position and began circling her. She knew what she was doing as she charged me again. Making an attempt to grapple her and keep her from repeating the previous incident, she quickly side stepped and ended up behind me putting me in a half nelson.

Straining to get out of it, she began putting pressure on my neck and I quickly felt the pain throughout as she simply pushed her weight down on me. Not being able to recover I quickly fell to my knees, and she whispered into my ear, "you want to quit already little boy?"

This enraged me, and I began struggling against the hold. Then all of a sudden she released her hold. I quickly ran to the opposite side and got into position again. I was determined not to fall into a trap again. Rushing her, I went for the legs to try and get her down, but she saw right through it and simply worked it and flipped me again. Dazed and confused she got me into a scissors hold quickly constricting my arms and chest.

"Now what were you saying about not taking any shit from women. I thought you were a "man?" Luckily for you I'm only going easy on such a "little boy."" And began to constrict her legs tighter. Wanting to say something, all that I was able to do was choke for air as my lungs were being crushed from her powerful legs. All she did was laugh at my attempts to escape.

She finally released me from my hold, and I layed on the ground as my head was getting lighter and lighter. Trying to catch my breath, I felt a weight come down on my chest. With the lights blinding me, and already in a weakened condition I made out that it was here sitting on my chest. Jenna also put her feet on my wrists making it unable for me to try another escape.

"Do you accept defeat yet 'little boy?'" she cooed at me, still laughing at my predicament. "You know I can go on all night if you're not thinking of submitting."

With the last of my strength I whispered, "Fuck off," and made a last ditch effort. Swinging my legs quickly, I tried to knock her off of me. Then, it backfired. She grasped my legs as they were going for her neck or body.

"That was a mistake little boy." She said with a stern face.

The pressure on my back became tremendous as she forced my legs down towards my head. She had pinned down my arms with her feet, and now my feet were by my head as I gasped in pain. I was in a pretzel with my posterior in the most exposed position I had ever been, with a woman pinning me down. I still did not submit.

"Are you ready to say something to me???" she smiled in my face, or what I thought she was smiling.

I was out of strength, and psychologically beaten. "Okay get off, you win..." I muttered under my breath.

"I can't hear what you said." She playfully laughed.

"YOU WIN, NOW GET OFF!!!" screaming out in pain.

"Oh, now your ready to say it. Well maybe I'm not in the mood to."

Exhausted, I was unaware of what she was doing next. She was inching her way up my chest, and I soon found her crotch in my face. I could smell her scent as she was over my face. "Be a good little boy, and do what I say now. I wish I could take my pants off, but I don't think you'll stay in this position." Jenna now whispered. "Be good and make me cum."

Surprised, the thought of being forced to do anything, especially being raped by a woman, did not sway my male dominated thought. I simply turned my head to the side ignoring her.

Without warning, she forced my legs until they hit the ground behind my head. The pain now doubled throughout my spine, as it felt like she was gonna snap my back with her weight. "I can't breath..." was all I could manage.

"Well you better be fast about it then." And she lowered her pussy onto my mouth.

Defeated, and running out of breath I did what I could to please her. I sucked on her pussy through her shorts, and I could taste her sweat and juice already soaking through her shorts. With her pants on I had difficulty getting her to cum, and was working her for a good ten to twenty minutes before,

"aahhh...Ohh OOH...mY GODDDDD!!!" She started screaming out, grinding her pussy on my mouth.

During this time I realized that I had a hard on and continued massaging her with my entire mouth, sucking her cum through her shorts. Until she finally released me from the hold, I almost missed what she was giving me. Realizing that I had submitted to this woman I quickly remembered why she angered me, and layed there in defeat.

She began putting her sweats on, and when she was finished walked back over.

I couldn't move, at least not for a while. My back was killing me, my neck was killing me, and my head was still light from the lack of oxygen. Watching her towering figure now back, I simply looked up with despise.

"Don't give me that look. I know you enjoyed it just as much as I did," calmly massaging my hard on, expelling more precum out of my cock. I could only lay there.

She quickly kneeled and we were face to face, "You are aware that I won?" Jenna was again smiling at me.

"I don't accept it. I lied." Trying to gain some dignity.

"Oh I think you will." She quickly sat me up, and put me in a sleeper hold.

I brought my arms up to hers which was again chocking off my oxygen. But with nothing left I soon began to get dizzy and blacked out.

When I awoke, I was blinded by the sun. My entire body was shocked with pain. I slowly got up, and went to retrieve my things at the door. Picking up my wallet and phone I gazed at the time. It was 11 am. "Shit." Was all I could think. Snaking my way back to the main part of the building, I felt lighter than I thought. As I searched my pockets, my keys were gone, the one that had my card key to the dorms. Going through all of my pockets I found a note that said,

"If you want the back, I'm in the girl's dorm Rm. No. 312."

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