Little Brother's Lesson


"Mmm," Cindy hummed, wrapping her thighs tighter around her little brother. "I love this; love feeling you inside me." The room filled with the sound of flesh striking flesh, as well as panting and cries of pleasure as the siblings fucked more enthusiastically, mouths open as they gasped for breath, the headboard slamming against the wall.

What surprised Cindy was how natural, how right this felt. She had stood beside Ryan and held him steady as he first learned to walk. She had stayed up late helping him with his homework. Now she was guiding him once again, using her body to teach him. The pleasure she was feeling was only partly physical. The thing that elevated it above normal sex was the knowledge that this was her Ryan, her little brother, and she was helping him to become a man.

Ryan's fingers dug into her flesh as he held her hips tighter, thrusting deeper inside of his sister, her breasts rolling with each impact of his body against hers.

"I'm close, Cindy," Ryan said, his breathing ragged. "I'm so close."

"I am too! Fuck me harder, baby, fuck your big sister!" Cindy gripped Ryan tightly, pounding their hips together. "Oh, God, so close!" she whined.

"What...what can I do?" Ryan asked. Cindy bit her lip and moaned. Arching her back, she pulled her little brother toward her breasts again.

Without another word, Ryan bent down and wrapped his mouth around her right breast again, sucking hard and scraping his teeth over the supple flesh, and that was it. Cindy screamed, and the room around her seemed to white out as she exploded in a wonderful, incredible orgasm. Her inner muscles constricted around Ryan's length, and she could feel him lose himself, spurting jet after jet of hot seed inside of her.


Later, much later, Cindy opened her eyes to find Ryan lying next to her, watching her through half-closed eyes.

"Hey," she said tiredly. It was an inane thing to say, and she chuckled at her own stupidity, but Ryan grinned too.

"Hey," he replied. "So, was I good?" Cindy reached over and ran her fingers across his lips.

"You were," she responded, sliding over so that they were mere inches apart. "You did good, baby brother, very good."

"Thank you. I love you, Cindy."

"I love you too, Ryan," Cindy replied, pulling him into her arms.

"So, do you think we can ever do another lesson like that again?" Cindy grinned at her brother's question, and leaned in to run her tongue across his lips.

"We have four more days until Mom and Dad get back, and I think I can teach you a lot in that time. Now let's get some sleep." Cindy reached over and switched off the lamp, and Ryan laid his head against her breasts and shut his eyes. Soon, Cindy drifted off too, thinking of what she would teach her brother in the morning.

The End.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous11/19/16

When will there be a part 2

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by daylilygardener09/22/16

Very Nice

Enjoyed reading this story of love between a sister and brother. 5 Stars.

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by Anonymous07/29/16


I got well into that, well done :)

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