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Little Consolation


You don't think it's weird?"

"No darling, of course I don't." Mimi smiled, kissing Sven's temple. "I love doing this."

Sven sighed and looked up at her. She giggled and he raised an eyebrow. "What?" he asked, "What's so funny?"

"Don't look so worried." She chided him, "I was just thinking how pretty you looked like that, all pouty and puppy dog eyes."

Sven blushed and Mimi giggled again.

"Stop it." He whimpered, "I'm trying to be serious. I...I...I'm just so...I don't get it. I don't understand why I feel like this, why I want it." He rolled over and placed his head in his palm, laying against the pillow, "But I know that when I get it, when you're there, pushing against me and I'm trapped like that, I'm free and floating and it's so, so, beautiful." Sven sighed and Mimi put her hand on his shoulder.

"I know." She nodded, kissing his hair. "I know, and I love it. And it's beautiful and brave and you needn't be scared, not with me. Not ever. Don't feel like you can't ask me anything because I'll find it too weird or not weird enough or lacking in any way. I want you to be happy and comfortable and safe." she hesitated and lay down next to him, her fingers meeting his in the half light, "There's nothing more important than feeling safe." She ran her hand up over his chest, curling her fingers around his neck, pulling him in for a kiss. "I want to take everything away and give you everything that you need. Never forget that." She said.

Sven breathed out heavily, his face stunned in the pale light, " You know I never thought I would find this. I thought that I'd end up alone, I really did. Who wants a guy like me?" He raised his hand to Mimi's arm and brushed it absent mindedly, "Mimi, I never thought...I'd find you. And it's so perfect." he leant over her and planted tiny kisses over her torso, through the thin fabric of her nightshirt. "Thank you. Thank you, thank you," he leant forward, littering kisses down her body, over her shoulders and down her arms. "Thank you, baby."

She smiled and pulled him onto her, her arms snaking around his neck, "I felt the same. I know what it's like to fear loneliness, true loneliness. And it breaks my heart to think of you like that."

He kissed her gently, brushing his lips against hers and pulling her into him. She rolled over, twisting, pushing her bottom against his thigh.

"Do you think I'm less of a man for wanting this?" He asked, "Do you think I'm weak?"

" Don't be stupid." Mimi slapped his thigh and turned in his arms again, writhing, hugging him close to her, "You're my man and every time I see you on your knees or lost in subspace, you become stronger and stronger. You become more of a man, Svenny. Tough and beautiful and mine" she snuggled into his arms and he gripped her tight.

"Whatever you want you only have to ask for, you know."

Sven nodded and carried on stroking her arm with his fingertips. "I know. And I'll try. But, you know..."

"I know." Mimi turned her face and he kissed her on the cheek. She laughed, her breath hot against his chest, her lips brushing against the hair there. "I know."

It took five days for Sven to work up the courage to actually ask Mimi for anything more. He was awestruck. He had spend too long thinking of it, needing it, coveting it, desperately. Oh so desperately, wanting it that now it had actually appeared he was scared to death. It was not a desire that he could hide and pack away and resign himself to not having anymore, but real and breathing and vital and arrived in the guise of a 5'2 redhead who was good with kids and softly spoken. A million miles away from the blonde bitch goddesses of his fantasies. And, he had to admit, a million times hotter. Because, to look at her, you never would have thought it. It was their secret, their thing away from the manly bullish joking and boisterous battling on tour and silliness with the band, it was a compartmentalized hidden separate part of him, which he had packed into a box and pushed aside. And now, he was opening it again, unsure of what the creature inside had become. Or even if he could control it once it was out. Sven was afraid of his own desire, afraid because he looked everything like the bitches and ho's frat boy that society said was acceptable, apart from this. This one, crucial thing, the fly in society's acceptable, macho, man's man ointment. And he fucking hated it.

He rubbed his neck nervously and waited for the rings in the dark. Mimi answered, her voice bright and happy, filled with the joy of a Friday afternoon.

"Hello, sweetie." She said, "Everything okay?"

"Yes thanks." He answered. "Listen, you're not going home before you're coming back here are you?"

"Err, yeah probably," answered Mimi, "I need to pick up my stuff for this weekend. Then I'll get the takeaway and then I'll come over to you. Why?"

Sven took a breath and smiled, embarrassed despite being alone in his apartment. "Could you bring some stuff with you?" he asked, "You know, toys or something. Maybe the handcuffs. Whatever you have."

"Oh," Mimi smiled, ignoring the woman staring at her across the tube carriage, "Okay. Are you sure?"

"Completely." He smiled, "I want this tonight. Are you okay with that?"

"More than you will ever know." She answered, "You have no idea how long I've waited."

"Likewise." Sven said, "Likewise."

"I'll see you in about half an hour, then." Said Mimi, the tension twisting in her voice, desire creaking like taught rope.

"Maybe we should skip the food, Mimi. We can eat later." Sven rubbed his neck nervously and slumped against the sofa.

"Hmm." She teased, pulling a face at the woman opposite, "Someone's eager."

"Shh!" He blushed, "Don't tease me."

"Oh, no! Sweetie I'm ravenous. I've not eaten since this morning. And I was really looking forward to those epic little spring rolls."

He laughed and fiddled with a loose thread on his jeans as he spoke, "Okay. I'll see you later then. Love you."

"Yep. See you later. Love." Mimi pressed the red button on her phone and slid it back into her handbag. The tube juddered to a stop and she very nearly skipped home. The truth be told, she didn't feel like eating much either.

Thirty-nine minutes later there was a loud knock at the door and Sven strode down the hall to open it.

"Hey baby." Mimi stood in the doorway with her hair curled and her makeup on holding a white bag of takeaway in one hand and a large, black hold all in the other. She was also wearing some black vinyl heels that Sven had never seen before.

"Whoa. You look..." his mouth fell open and she grinned coyly, "amazing."

"Why thank you!" she winked, "Can I come in?"

"For sure. Get in here!" He grabbed the food and her hold all from her and put them both on the kitchen table. "Err, I thought we were going to just watch some DVD's and-"

Mimi giggled and slapped her boyfriend's chest playfully, "You know damn well the last thing we were ever going to do tonight was watch movies."

Sven blushed and looked at his girlfriend coyly, "Well, I didn't like to get my hopes up..." he whined.

Mimi laughed and hugged him again. "After that phone call?"

Sven blushed again and kissed her, his tongue meeting hers, slow and calm and contented.

"No getting out of it that easily," Mimi whispered, "Not at all."

"Can I see what you've got?" Sven inquired, blushing again.

"All in good time, my dear, all in good time. But first, food. You sure you're not hungry – I got you that noodle thing you like." Mimi looked up from pulling the small silver cartons from the bag and at her boyfriend. His face said everything.

No, he was not hungry. All he cared about right now was the way that she was licking her fingers and bending over the table in that tight, red dress and fuck me shoes. Promising to make everything he'd ever longed for reality and acting like it wasn't even that much of a big deal. And, no, he did not want that noodle thing.

"You know," she grinned, "I'm going to put this in the oven for later. You don't look in a fit state to eat, right now. In fact," she whispered, rubbing his chest, her other hand on his arm, "You don't look in a fit state to be doing much at all. Which is just as well.."

Sven's eyes went wide, "What?" he gasped, "Tell me."

Mimi picked her bag off the table and skipped down the corridor to the bedroom. "Why don't you get in here and find out." She laughed, disappearing into the dark beyond.

Sven walked into the bedroom and found that Mimi had placed the bag on the bed. The chair from the corner of the room was now in the centre of the wide, square space.

"Don't walk any further." Mimi commanded, "Before you come any nearer, I want you to strip naked and place your clothes out of the way. Don't put them on the chair." She winked. Sven felt all of the blood drain out of his chest.

He unbuttoned his pale blue shirt and folded it neatly, placing it in the corner of the room, by the long, window that looked out onto the glittering city. His jeans and socks followed. He attempted to adjust himself in his boxers, but it was useless. Mimi turned to look at him and raised an eyebrow.

"What about those?" she asked, gesturing to the white fabric that was trying – and partially failing – to contain Sven's straining cock.

"Ugh. Sorry." Sven pulled off his boxers, his cock bouncing comically as he pulled them over his foot. Mimi stifled a giggle and looked away.

"There." He smiled. "Done."

She snickered at him and placed the bag on the floor. "Did you just say sorry?" She asked.

"Err, yeah," Sven mumbled, "I err-sorry. I mean – "

"No, no." she smiled, looking up at him, "It's hot. It's fine. Now come here." She demanded again, pulling his leaking cock forward. He jerked and hissed though his teeth, his eyes flying wide.

Mimi sat him down and walked back over to the bed, kicking off her shoes. "Phew." She smiled, "You know how hard it is trying to totter about and actually get stuff done in heels?" She asked, Sven shook his head and Mimi smiled at him ruefully, picking up a handful of buckles and straps in the process.

"Oh..." Sven looked down at his cock and then back up at Mimi. "Oh god." He whispered as she wrapped the first belt around him, buckling it tight against his torso, a thick black stripe across his pale flesh. She picked up another belt, pinning his right arm behind the wooden back of the chair, looping it through the woodwork and pulling it tight against his bicep, her breasts pushing against his cheek and her scent filling his head. He moaned softly and she rubbed the back of his neck tenderly. Wordless, she produced more thick black straps for his other arm and both his ankles, which were pushed hard into the wood beneath them.

She stood back and admired her handiwork, her lover's eyes glittering back at her, needy and expectant, his cock flat against his belly, shining in the lamp light.

Mimi grinned at him and bent backward slightly, catching the zip on the back of her dress, not breaking eye contact with her boyfriend. She pulled the zip and let the dress fall to the floor, her body naked beneath it.

Sven's eyes went wide and he breathed hard again, "Oh fuck, Mimi.."

"You like it?" she asked nonchalantly, twirling her hair between her fingers. Sven nodded, awestruck, and Mimi walked back over to the bed. She picked up some nipple clamps, joined by a fine chain and winked at him.

"You did say you were okay with a little pain didn't you?" she asked, raising one of her neatly drawn eyebrows. Sven nodded and responded with a breathy yes that was spiked with need and desperation.

"You know I want it." He whined, "I want it. So badly. He shut his eyes and leant backwards against the chair, his body glittering with desire and sweat, oozing sex.

Mimi curled the chain into her hand and sat across her boyfriend's lap. She looked down at him and smiled.

"You have no idea what you do to me," she whispered, brushing his face with her fingertips. "No idea."

He leant forward and grazed her shoulder with his lips, his tongue darting outward, making her shiver against him. Need shimmered white hot between them.

"Watching you sit there makes my chest tighten and my stomach churn and my head spin." She tilted her head and brushed his face, pushing her fingers through his hair and pulling his jaw up sharply, jerking his head back so that he had to stare back into her eyes, pooling with love and hate and need for him.

"You make my heart dance against my ribs when you do this." She confessed, "I feel so weak, I almost can't bare it and for a moment I wonder who is really in control... If it is I or if it is really you...because one flick of your eyes, one well timed pull against those buckles and I'm helpless. " She ran her thumb over his mouth, looking deep into his eyes. He listened, silent and stunned.

Can she really want this? He thought, Can she?

"Your submission makes me weak at the knees and I am afraid I may become drunk with power. That I would drown you in a sea of need." She whispered, wrapping her arms around him. He wanted so badly to hold her, to cover her naked flesh in kisses but he was trapped, pinioned against the chair by the devilish straps, thick and unyielding against his body. Mimi rubbed his shoulder and kissed his temple. "I'm worried...that I would cause you pain beyond pleasure. That I would destroy you."

He gasped, stunned, and felt himself get harder. A shard of emotion splintered through him, erupting and rolling through his chest, as if at last - at long, long last - she had pressed the button and all of the hidden, unexplored emotion that he carried had detonated within him. Sven whined involuntarily, breathing heavily against her bent arm. She had called up his greatest fear and only desire and for the first time in his life Sven could not distinguish between the two. More importantly, He no longer cared, he no longer knew what to think and found himself suspended in a strange, swimmy state of unreality, as if time was dripping, viscous around him as in some strange dream from which he could not wake.

She kissed him and pushed him backwards into the chair, the thick straps cutting into the tops of his arms and he moaned under her as she slid onto his thigh, her wetness pressing against him. Mimi's hand found his dick and she rubbed him quickly, using her own juices as lubrication, dipping her fingers between her legs and slicking him with her juices. He ground against the thick straps and whined again. She kissed him hard and pushed her tongue into his mouth, running her fingers over his balls and clipping the first clamp to his right nipple. Sven moaned under her and she leant back, watching him as she attached the second, pulling at the chain teasingly.

"God damn, Svenny." She smirked, "Who'da thunk it?"

He blushed furiously and hung his head. She knew exactly which buttons to press, He thought, Exactly which ones.

"Oh, sweetie," she purred, pouting at him, "You going to let me play with you? Hmm?" She yanked at the chain and giggled as he flinched, "Are you going to let me play with you?"

Sven nodded and writhed against the belts, his flesh reddening, shivering under her. She stood up and put her hands on her hips, watching him silently, admiring his body work and spasm fruitlessly against the thick, dark bonds. He looked up at her, his eyes pure puppy dog and she shivered.

"Look how beautiful you look." She smiled and crawled forward, running her hands over his thighs and planting a kiss on his hip, working her way down, purring happily. Sven moaned with frustration and jerked against the straps.

Mimi curled her hand around the chain and yanked hard. Sven grunted, crying out.

"Now, now." Mimi chided, "Be good, for me baby." She licked the length of his cock and he shuddered, whining out, the air hissing through his teeth.

"FUCK." He shouted, "OH FUCKING FUCK FUCK." He struggled again and Mimi yanked the chain. He yelped and she lowered her mouth over his leaking member, her tongue working just how he liked it, slow and gentle and teasing. Rimming the head of his cock, flicking the tip with the edge of her tongue. He gasped as she worked, stock still for fear of what she might do to him.

He looked down and watched her head move, gently, perfect on him. He though about trying to move again, in an attempt to stop his balls from aching so badly but he knew that she'd just pull at his tits again. He sighed out and shut his eyes, sinking into the dark in front of him, his mind empty and clean. As if there was nothing else but he and she and this.

So this is subspace, He thought, this is how it's supposed to feel.

He gasped for air and shuddered against her tongue, which was now making its way towards his balls. He yelped and she rubbed his thigh gently, his nipples burning. If this was only the start he had no idea how much more he could take. He'd never ached for anything, for anyone so much in his life. And as he sat there, feeling all at once everything and nothing, his fantasies seemed a pale caricature of what this was. Because what this was, was unspeakably, perfectly good.

Sven felt his balls tighten and he moaned again. "Oh Mimi," he whined, "I think-" before he could finish – in any sense – she pulled away and stood up, her face an odd mix of desire and disinterest, as if he was an insect in some elaborate silence experiment. Once more, she kissed him and he pushed his tongue into her mouth, tasting his own cock and her mouth crushed against his own. The emotion screaming through his body, Mimi began to undo all of the buckles. They dropped to the floor in a series of high, silvery clinks and Sven watched his reflection in the mirror opposite, alien and dreamlike. A man in the grip of desire. A man who was someone else.

Mimi pulled him to his feet, his arms aching from being in the same position for so long and kissed the red welts on his arms. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her onto the bed, rubbing her back gently. She pulled away and smiled coyly.

"You're getting handsy, sweetie." She purred, "Put your hands by your sides. Remember, you're my plaything tonight."

"Sorry." He whispered and sat upright on the bed, trying not to focus on how much he ached and shivered with desire. It was useless.

Mimi knelt down and pulled a roll of cling film from the hold all. Sven's brows furrowed and he tried to speak but Mimi shushed him, pulling the long plastic material around his torso. Wrapping him round until his entire upper body, from shoulders to waist were wrapped up, shiny and immovable.

They giggled and he tried to move comically. Mimi helped him up and bent him over the edge of the bed.

"Don't move," she commanded, "I'm going to give you what you really want."

Sven laid his face against the cool fabric of the bed and sighed happily. His eyes flew open again at the sound of something wet and tried to turn, attempting to see what was happening behind him. But it didn't take long before he knew exactly what Mimi had been doing.

Lubing up a dildo. That's what.

Sven knew it because said dildo was now being plunged quite enthusiastically against his sweet spot. He let out a long, loud whine and swore again, rubbing himself against the bed frustratedly, nearly crying with desperation.

"Crawl up onto the bed and lie on your back." Mimi commanded icily, "I want to fuck you."

Sven sighed again, and struggled awkwardly onto the bed, the toy pushing against his prostate.

Mimi grinned as he sank into the pillows and picked up a tiny white object. She flicked a switch and Sven bucked against the sheets, his legs flailing.

"Oh! YOU FUCKING BITCH!" he yelped, "How THE FUCK!" his cock moved wildly, brushing his stomach as the vibrator shuddered inside of him.

Mimi flicked the switch off and Sven blinked away tears.

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