tagIncest/TabooLittle Cousin Jenny

Little Cousin Jenny


It was going to be another lonnnnggg week, Ben thought to himself as he half-heartedly packed things into a suitcase. Visiting the family for the holidays was just something he had to do every year at the same time. They had been going up to the farm since he could remember, always in the three or four days surrounding Christmas and always right when he'd love to be at home re-watching all three seasons of Game of Thrones and going out partying with his friends on break from school.

But that didn't change the fact that he'd be in the backseat of the car for the 5-hour drive south to their grandparents' farm that very morning. He was still going to have to endure his sister's music choices or his dad on the cell phone for work - and all for an extra-long weekend with the ENTIRE family.

It wasn't all bad, in fact it would always turn out to be a blast; Ben was usually just irritable when he anticipated being unable to stretch his legs for that long. The family farm was actually full of great features and plenty of space for all twenty-some of his family coming in to stay. Their grandfather had done well for himself and had built guest cabins to house each of their children's families, all oriented around an impressive central building for he and their grandmother. The goal was to keep the family coming back each year, and so far it had worked like a charm.

So as Ben packed in the car and he and his younger brother and sister got in the car with their parents and headed for the farm, he tried to focus on all the good things that would come out of his trip. He was fond of spending time with his cousins with whom he'd so long been close, he'd get quite a bit of relaxation time, and he might even be able to blow off some steam in town with his cousins if they got to feeling rowdy. In particular, his cousin Jenny, closest to him in age was always fun to hang out with. If he weren't her cousin, he might be inclined to find her attractive, but he'd tried his best not to think of her that way.

When he arrived at their family's cabin, "Owl Perch," known for the large painting of an owl over the fireplace, he would have been hard pressed not to find Jenny attractive then. Dressed in a white golf shirt and jean shorts, she was positively adorable, and just as much so when she came bouncing over to the car before Ben could even step out. She said her hellos, saving the last one for her favorite cousin Ben. She threw her weight on him a bit more heavily than the rest, greeting him with:

"Ben, I'm willing to bet you need a beer after that drive-" she knew me to well, "you mind if I steal Ben from you and we go say hi to grandma and grandpa and maybe sneak a beer, Uncle Dan?"

"Sure Jenny," said Ben's father, "but Ben, you're carrying in your own suitcase, I'll leave It out here for you."

"Yes Pop!" Ben said with a drawl, heading off behind his bubbly little cousin. At 18 she hadn't yet graduated high school, in contrast to Ben already being a sophomore in college. He was willing to bet she was going to have an interesting time maintaining her innocence walking around any college campus with that figure. As do many girls Jenny's age, she had a perky pair of breasts, peeking out through the unbuttoned neck of her snug polo. They looked bigger than he remembered on her tiny frame. She was athletic from her cheerleading at her high school (yes, naturally, the little blonde was a cheerleader) but Ben liked to think she hadn't quite taken on the snootiness he was accustomed to like the cheerleaders he had gone to school with. Despite her looks, what he truly liked about her was her ability to have fun in any situation and be genuinely interesting to be around.

So while they walked in stride to the "big house," as they'd all taken to calling it, Ben and Jenny began to catch up while Ben recalled what he'd liked so much about his younger cousin. She updated him on all the things going on in her life, mostly typical of a cute, blonde, high school cheerleader, but Ben took in all her rambling on eagerly. Jenny did the same thing for Ben, grilling him about what college would be like and if he had a girlfriend or not. They eventually said hi to their grandma and grandpa and grabbed that much needed beer, opting to enjoy it on the massive front porch as they awaited the rest of their relatives. Jenny stretched out her long, thin legs and inadvertently displayed the tanned and toned nature of them in full to her admittedly affected cousin.

The rest of the family shuffled in little by little, and by early evening they were gathering in the big house for their kickoff dinner. Ben and Jennifer split up at one point in order to unpack their things and get situated for the week. When he next saw her it was amongst the hollering youngsters and warm droll of the entire family in the large foyer of the big house. It seemed like it went on forever, there were so many family members and so much to catch up on. Yet, after what could have been an hour their grandmother called for everyone to head to the dining. It wasn't until they were all being seated that Ben saw Jennifer in her slender, light dinner dress that hugged her frame just so.

As usual, Jennifer sat near Ben and the rest of the cousins their age. There was Ben's younger brother and sister, Jennifer's two older brothers and the three children of both families of his father's older brother and sister. It could get a little overwhelming at times, but once the commotion died down a bit, Ben shared a host of laughs and cajoling with his cousins and siblings. Jennifer was alluring to Ben; he couldn't help but take in her glowing nature and the way she sparkled when she smiled. His eyes moved involuntarily to Jenny's chest when she giggled and pushed her breasts together innocently. But it was more than just her handful-sized breasts and gorgeous smile that did it for her; it was simply a -- shine.

She touched his arm and he caught her eye once or twice as she'd been looking at him. If Ben hadn't been so caught up in her angelic aura, he might have said she was looking seductive, but It was lost to him and the meal came and went without any further thought about his growing affection for his cousin (save that it was she that caught his gawking eye when her shoulder strap slipped down and the dress revealed slightly more skin that it had before.)

So the two talked, and they mingled after the meal, and they helped with cleanup - stopping for the occasional exchange of a laugh or bump of the hip when Jenny passed Ben in the kitchen. When they were cleaning up the flour from the pasta-making, they got into it with each other, extending fingers swiped across a flour-coated cutting board toward each other defiantly.

They swiped a cheek here and there and closed their eyes; Ben's hand felt something soft before quickly moving away and taking up a defensive stance. Doing the same, Jennifer began laughing adorably as she reveled in their battle. She looked down at her chest... so did Ben. A clear imprint of a finger in the white flour, or no.... it was four fingers. If he looked closely it became clear what his hand had grabbed at when they were horse-playing;

Jennifer saw it too. But it was only a fraction of a second that Jennifer's brows raised and eyes met Ben's before she looked away and went back to her business. It made him feel strangely.... comfortable considering the potential embarrassment of the situation. He went on bustling about the kitchen with his cousin and the rest of the cousins, and certainly didn't fail to miss the fact that Jennifer had made no move to wipe his hand-print from her breast. Four fingers on the skin and the palm over the thin top of her dress. The eking thought lingered though, a prodding announcement going off in their heads that something was feeling differently. Something they hadn't seen coming. Something that made Jennifer continue her flirtatious interactions with her cousin despite the fact that they were among family.... they were family! But once again, the moment came and went. Jennifer going her separate way and Ben his before they reconvened for movie night in the big house's huge family room.

Everyone took their places, the parents pairing up near their favorite brother or sister and the cousins all sticking together across the room. Their cousins literally littered the floor, and Ben lay sideways on a comfy chair with Jennifer taking a seat in front of him on the rug leaning back on the huge cushion.

Once again his eyes floundered at the sight of his petite blonde cousin, now in a taut black tank-top and gray cotton short-shorts. The drawstring of the tiny shorts dangled below just a sliver of Jenny's taut stomach. It revealed itself more when Jennifer stretched her arms above her head, and Ben couldn't be sure but he thought he saw the sparkle of a piercing there at her belly button. Even sitting there, trying as he might to ignore her when the movie started, as the younger ones started to settle, Ben began to sense her. She was wearing some kind of lotion, she must have, he thought as his eyes unintentionally inspected her slender leg looking for signs of it. He could feel her soft blonde hair against his legs sprawled out on the couch. He could hear her breathing and his eyes once again found the rising and falling of her bosom, seen just over her shoulder.

So when Jennifer first turned to address him, he hadn't even realized...

"Earth to Old Ben!" Jennifer whispered, louder this time after her cousin hadn't answered the first time, "got any room left on that couch, or are you going to make me sit on the ground the WHOLE time?"

"Oh...Uh... I can get up," Ben said stuttering and leaning upward as if to give her his seat.

"No silly, just scooch back a bit. I'll lie in front of you," Jenny said smiling and ambling up toward him. He barely had time to move before she plopped down in front of him and was lying in front of him almost close enough to be spooning.

He wondered if anyone would find the new position of his cousin strange, but upon looking about the room he saw that most adults were slumbering or simply not looking toward them, and the cousins were all lain out on the floor in front of them. His worry subsided, if only until his little cousin turned her head a bit to ask:

"You mind sharing the blanket a bit, it seems I came a bit underdressed," she said, causing Ben to give her body a once-over with his eyes and smile in agreement.

He grabbed the edge of it and tossed it over the two of them, once again scanning the room to see if they'd attracted any attention. They seemed to be in the clear..... wait..... what was that? Upon throwing the blanket over his cousin, he hadn't noticed until it had settled atop them that Jennifer had scooted back and her soft little tush was snuggled directly into his lap so that he could feel the warmth of her through their clothing. What's worse was... oh no... he had, in all the commotion of his cousin laying so close and arousing him, become slightly erect. It was more than slightly erect though, there was simply no way that Jenny didn't feel his cock pushing against her.

But she didn't say anything, she didn't look back or move or even hint at her disapproval. Maybe she hadn't felt it...

'Oh God,' Ben thought, feeling Jennifer's pert little ass move against his stiff cock. She wasn't ignoring his growing problem; that was for sure. He thought maybe she was just trying to preserve some of her dignity and move out of the way, but another flex of her bum and he was nestled snugly between her cheeks. If there had been any doubt, it was cleared when she wiggled her adorable bum rhythmically against him for a never-ending period of seconds.

This was too much for him... It was so sudden, so unexpected. But it wasn't unwanted; he had somehow figured that out in his mind right at about the time that Jennifer had started pressing her cheeks against his increasingly hard member. So when she started wiggling that way, his hands got the better of them and grabbed at his cousin greedily. They reached her hips and tugged at them, causing Jennifer to settle deeper against him, his shaft pressed firmly between her butt cheeks. They reached for her abdomen, one feeling a piercing where he'd first imagined it, the other testing whether she'd let him near her chest.

Neither of them had bothered to check, but still they remained undetected beneath their blanket. As Jennifer felt her cousin submit to her playful teasing, his hands landing daringly higher up her body, she had felt the same desire as Ben. Somewhere between watching the way he got along with her younger sisters, the way he'd picked her up so strongly when he'd first arrived, and the intoxicating presence of him as she sat beside him at dinner... she had felt this coming too. So when he came short of her breast and placed his hand upon her ribcage she unquestionably moved it the rest of the way to her chest, where it came to grasp at her tit and feel the erect nipple beneath her shirt.

Taking her acceptance as permission, he started to embolden the movements of his fingers. The fingers of the hand upon her breast began searching to pinch her nipple gently through the cotton. The other hand, flattening upon her belly, began sliding further southward. Upon his palm Ben could feel the scratch up the metal piercing, but her skin was unutterably smooth. Downward slid his palm, the tips of his fingers making contact with the scrunchy material of her elastic waistband. They hesitated there a moment, wondering if he should press on, with his eyes looking guiltily about the room to see if he'd been stopped.

But Jennifer was much to aroused to stop now, she thrust her butt defiantly into her cousin's lap and felt his shaft squeeze between her cheeks. And he knew what that meant, pressing his fingers into her soft skin to slide beneath the band. His fingers pressed on, expecting to find resistance but not finding it. She must have shaved recently, very recently. Her mound was smooth and soft, urging his fingers lower. Still they probed and found only the soft warmth of her young pussy. Slowing upon the first touch of her outer lips, they stopped there, waiting.

Jennifer moved her hips to urge him onward but to no avail. He just stayed there, one hand tucked down the front of Jenny's tight little shorts and the other firmly palming her tit. 'What was he waiting for,' she thought, 'surely now he hadn't lost his nerve.' She tried the juke of her hips once more but nothing. She was about to turn around and sort things out when she saw her older cousin Matthew looking their way.

He'd always been fond of her, or perhaps it was more her looks. Maybe he was a bit too fond of looking at her at times, but they'd never gotten to know each other that well so she just found it harmless. But now he was looking their way and Jenny could only wonder whether he knew what she could feel -- that Ben's hands were anywhere but where a cousin's hands were supposed to be.

She had to test him, and she thought fast. She looked right at him and stuck her tongue out smiling. He hesitated for a second, keeping the composure of his stare before cracking and smiling her way. The embarrassment of being caught staring by his cousin and the adorableness of her look had prevented him from seeing anything more.

Ben's hand had stopped though, and in the few seconds that followed Matthew looking away, they had returned to her belly and retreated from their much desired place at her quim. She gave him two quick squeezes of her bum as if in apology or out of encouragement for him to press on. He responded a little, thrusting back against her and beginning to move his hand about once again on her breast. When she had him confident once again to get more affectionate, she was practically ready to fuck him right there on that couch in front of the whole family.

And Ben was nearing the same point, his naughty little cousin's antics and the way her petite frame felt against him was too much to bear. Only hours before he had been admiring the way she'd grown up and now he had her wrapped in his arms with her soft butt wrapped snugly around his cock. So as his hand pressed back beneath the final barrier of her shorts, they both held their breaths a little... God they wanted each other.

A loud sound came on the TV; both Ben and Jennifer's eyes shot to the television where the closing song and credits had begun to play. For the life of him, Ben could not remember what they had been watching, all this incestuous touching with Jenny had him.... WAIT, he still had his hands all over her!

He quickly removed himself from his precarious placement all over his cousin and Jenny slid forward on the couch. They separated and the blanket drooped between them just as the lights flipped on and their grandparents began saying their goodnights. Ben was lying there like a deer in the headlights, hoping not to attract any unwanted attention. They didn't receive any, and remained like frozen bodies until the children had all successfully pleaded to start another movie.

Some of the adults decided to leave, and among them were his aunt and uncle who insisted that their daughters, including Jenny, come to bed. So Jennifer got up, tossing a parting glance at her elder cousin who couldn't quite make heads or tails of it, though he was pretty sure his cousin wasn't finished with him yet from the looks of it. He stayed for probably a half of an hour more before becoming bored with his now regrettably alone situation on the couch.

He bid the family farewell and headed back toward his family's cabin. The whole walk he couldn't take his mind off what had happened between him and his cousin. On one hand it had all been so sudden, and this was his own cousin he had been spooning in there. He thought he should be feeling guilty but couldn't quite bring himself to do so. That was the other hand -- the part of him that knew that the gorgeous little blonde that he'd seen as he pulled up to the farm or sat next to admiringly at the dinner table was irresistible to him. He knew that if he could he'd have ravished her tiny body right there on that very couch. The thought that the whole family would have seen didn't seem to faze that side of him at all.

That side of Ben won out as his feet carried him toward his bedroom; heck, that side of him nearly diverted him to Jennifer's bedroom instead. But it was also that side of him that came upon what was waiting for him when he opened the door to his bedroom. His bedroom was situated below the rest of the house, the hill it was built on giving him his own walkout and a lot of privacy. But it wasn't the beautiful view over the moonlit pond.... he thought maybe he was seeing things. But there, laid out on the bed and sunk into his comforter, was the unmistakable body of Jennifer herself. What's more, she wasn't quite the way she was when she'd left him on the couch. Well, she was mostly the same, save the shorts that were pushed down and bunched around her ankles as she lie face-down on the bed. As he'd felt before, she wasn't wearing any panties, and her ass looked just as amazing as it had felt against his lap, arched slightly there on the bed - there was no way she was really sleeping like that.

He stood there in the doorway, stunned and unable to believe what he was now staring at. He once again cast his eyes from head to toe, his heart jumping at the full sight of the gorgeous blonde cheerleader. She wasn't looking at him, she looked to be asleep. What an odd way to fall asleep, he thought with a smile as he closed the door behind him.

"Jennifer," he whispered, taking a step towards her.

"Jenny," he called to her, louder now.

But still she didn't move, and as he came to her side she kept up the act, if it was an act. Ben didn't catch it in the dark, but Jennifer was smiling when he first called to her, unable to keep a straight face until just before he'd move close enough to see it.

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