tagText With AudioLittle Dog Lost, Part 3sum

Little Dog Lost, Part 3sum


I guess this could be considered a "sequel" of sorts. You can launch into it if you want, or go back and read (and listen) to Little Dog Lost, Parts 1 and 2. It probably doesn't matter to your ultimate enjoyment.

First off, this text is not what you'll hear when you open the audio file. Personally, I like to be stimulated between my ears as well as between my legs, so this is provided as a little background. (Unless you're in a hurry, in which case you've already skipped to the audio.)

They always warn you to be careful what you wish for. This story doesn't prove that adage, but it does lend credence to it.

Jenny and I had become good friends since she faked the disappearance of her mother's dog so she could get into my house and bed. We had become infrequent "friends with benefits" and we were starting to hit that zone where we knew each other's bodies well enough to bring each other off without too much trouble.

Maybe that's where boredom sets in. In sharing our fantasies, I knew Jenny had an interest in semi-public sex. She really wanted me to come up behind her in a night club and start grinding against her while slipping my hands up under her skirt and fingering her unpantied pussy. Her fantasy went so far as to have my cock out of my pants and inserted into her while the music vibrated the air and the crowd of faceless strangers pressed against us.

It wasn't practical. I'm an educator at a local liberal arts college (can you say Bible-Belt?) and the risk of running into students -- current or past -- is too great. And Jenny -- well, Jenny is married.

So we had to talk about our fantasies and not take them on the road, so to speak.

One night, playing with her nipples as she leaned back against me in my big cast iron bathtub, Jenny asked me if I'd ever had a three way. There are a lot ways to answer that question but I guess if you get right down to it, the answer would have to be no.

"Where are you going with this?" I asked her, fearful that she wanted to introduce her burly, redneck husband into our playtime.

"I have a friend who wants to meet you," she said.

I felt a tightening in the pit of my stomach. Our relationship -- if that's what it was -- was supposed to be something we didn't talk about (Well, yes, I'm sharing it with you but I'm not using real names and you'd be hard-pressed to track us down unless I wanted you to.) To be talking about our playtimes with a third party was something I wasn't comfortable with.

Jenny laughed off my apprehension. "It's cool," she told me. "I didn't tell her I was fucking you. She thinks I'm just cheating with her."

"You mean...?"

"Her pussy tastes like rainwater," Jenny confessed. "What's a girl to do?"

So Jenny had another lover. I don't think I was jealous. OK, maybe a little.

"Anyway, she thinks it would be fun to seduce you."

"And what do YOU think?"

Jenny shrugged and the water splashed around her arms and breasts. "I think it might be a fun way to add something new."

"Do we need something new?"

Jenny reached behind her and grabbed my cock, which was growing harder in the warm bathwater. "Don't try to deny that you like the idea," she said.

We'd already fucked once, but Jenny had me stand in the bathtub and fellated me until I filled her hot mouth. Jenny LOVES giving head. But more on that later.

It had to seem spontaneous, so I let Jenny and her friend, Holly figure out the details. Jenny then leaked the information to me so I could be around and prepared.

To their husbands, it was a "girls night out." Jenny later told me she had her hand down Holly's jeans on the drive to my house and brought her to two or three orgasms before Holly returned the favor. By the time they got to my house, both were damp and horny as hell.

Jenny's mom lived next door but she was out of town so Jenny and Holly were allegedly house-sitting. They came to my door asking to borrow a bottle of wine and I invited them in. Holly was -- how do I say this -- interesting. She was thin, blonde, probably what most men consider attractive, but a little too high maintenance for my taste. She was a little nervous, laughing too much, and wore way too much makeup. But, hell, it wasn't a dealbreaker.

We had some wine, the girls sat close together and touched frequently. By the time I opened the second bottle, Holly was getting hot and started fidgeting with the buttons on her blouse. She opened a couple and I could clearly see her bra under the shirt. When I refilled her glass, I took a long, appreciative look at her breasts. They weren't huge, but they were real. And sprinkled with tiny freckles.

"Anybody ever offer to count those?" I asked, gesturing with the bottle.

"Are you the type to count with his fingers?" she shot back.

"I guess," I said, "unless you let me use my tongue."

Holly took a deep breath and looked at Jenny. "He's very good with his tongue," Jenny told her.

Holly looked back at me. I nodded. "I can tie a knot in a boat chain with my tongue."

I think Holly realized she'd been had. What she thought was her idea and, therefore, a situation she controlled was coming apart. I took her wine glass out of her hand as Jenny leaned over and unbuttoned her blouse the rest of the way. When it was open, Jenny unclasped her front hook bra and released Holly's small breasts. Holly was breathing hard, her smooth pink nipples jutting upward as I leaned down and encircled one with my lips. Jenny took the other. Holly moaned and lay back, basking in pleasure.

Jenny kissed her way up Holly's neck and began kissing her mouth. I kept my promise and started lightly touching each freckle with the tip of my tongue. Jenny reached down and unsnapped Holly's jeans, unzipping them until she could slip her finger into Holly's panties.

I cupped Holly's breasts with my hands and teased each nipple with my lips, tongue and teeth. I could feel her body undulate as Jenny worked her finger in and out of her friend's cunt. Holly had her fingers in my hair, pulling my head tightly to her breasts, her own head pitched back on the couch, moaning in pleasure.

Jenny was stroking her hair back with one hand and stroking her clit with the other. As I pulled away from her breasts to catch my own breath, Jenny smiled at me and whispered, "She so fuckin' wet." I kissed Jenny's mouth and she added, "So am I."

Jenny and I worked together to get Holly's jeans off. When they were on the floor, I kneeled in front of her and parted her long legs. Jenny sat beside Holly on the couch, breathing heavily and watching me as I lowered my mouth to Holly's wet panties. I blew on the crotch, then nudged it aside with my finger as I placed my tongue against her drenched lips.

Not quite rainwater. In fact, she didn't taste nearly as good as Jenny. But she wasn't bad. Actually, she was quite delicious in her own way.

I tongued Holly's cunt as Jenny reached down and rubbed her clit. Holly was going crazy, bucking her hips and crying out. I slid a finger inside her and crooked it to rub her G-spot as I tongued her clit, sucking the juice from Jenny's finger before circling Holly's clit with the tip of my tongue.

Holly cried out in climax and reached out to pull Jenny's mouth to her own.

The ice had been broken. Unfortunately, sometimes when the ice is broken, you end up falling into the cold water of the pond.

It was incredibly erotic up to that point. I was sporting an erection that I would have killed for in my younger days and we decided to take our action into the bedroom.

I lit some candles, taking care to turn on my recorder on the nightstand.

Jenny got naked, uncovering that cute body that I had come to know so well. As Jenny and Holly got into a naked 69, I undressed and slid onto the bed with them.

Holly went after Jenny's pussy like a starving woman. I'd gone down on Jenny enough to know she liked it done differently. Jenny liked to build. I reached over to caress my fuck buddy and Holly pushed my hand away. Her head was bobbing up and down on Jenny's cunt like she was trying to tongue fuck Jenny into oblivion.

Jenny was moaning, but when she turned her head to look at me, I could tell she was faking. She wrapped her hand around my cock and started fisting me. Holly squirmed until her pussy was planted firmly on Jenny's mouth. It was obvious, Holly was trying to take control.

No problem. I leaned over Holly and ran my tongue down her spine to her ass. She lifted her head from Jenny's crotch and came again. When she rolled off Jenny, she took my cock in both hands and pulled it to her mouth.

Now it was my turn to know how Jenny felt. Even though hot and wet, the way she attacked my cock with her mouth had little eroticism attached. Maybe I was spoiled. Jenny knew how to give a blowjob. Holly was just too excited.

I stroked her hair and tried to calm her down. She pushed my hand away. At this point I was getting pissed. I looked at Jenny and she sadly shook her head. She wasn't enjoying it either.

Holly seemed to think it was hot. "Fuck me with that big cock," she said. (When I listened to the recording later it sounded so fake that even I didn't believe it.) But I did get an idea. I took a condom from the nightstand and skinned it over my dick. Then I lay back on the bed and had Holly straddle my cock while Jenny straddled my face.

I put both hands on Jenny's thighs and tongued and probed her like I knew she enjoyed. She smoothly gyrated her hips over my mouth and tongue. Holly bounced on my cock like she was on a bungee cord. Jenny later told me Holly was pinching her nipples so hard that she was having trouble concentrating on my tongue. When Holly leaned over to tongue Jenny's nipples, Jenny came all over my face. That pushed Holly over the edge and she came loudly on my cock.

Now, I'm going to let you in on a little secret: It IS possible for a man to fake orgasm but he's got to be able to get the condom off and tied before anyone is the wiser.

I arched my back and yelled, "I'm cumming," and faked pumping my seed into the thin sheath that separated my cock from Holly's cunt.

We had a few more glasses of wine and lay in my bed, my arms around two women, until they drifted off to sleep. I was still keyed up from not cumming, so I slipped out to the living room. I took the recorder with me and as soon as I listened to it, I knew it wasn't worth sharing. I put it on the coffee table and started watching an old Hawaii Five-O on cable.

I guess I woke Jenny. Or she wasn't sleeping. She whispered an apology and I told her not to be sorry. "It doesn't always click," I told her.

Jenny was sitting on my lap on my recliner. We started kissing. I cupped her smooth breasts and reached for the nipple with my tongue. She slid her hand under my robe and started caressing my body. Then she started doing what she does best.

The audio file here is Jenny giving me head until I cum in her mouth. Not on her chin, not on her face, not on her breasts. Jenny holds me in her mouth until every shot is spent and every drop is swallowed. And her eyes were watching me the whole time. THIS is an audio worth sharing.

Forgive the few seconds of Hawaii Five-O at the beginning. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

(We didn't wake Holly until later when we were in the shower. She joined us. It was less urgent and totally unexciting. Sorry. Guess I'm not the swinger I want to be.)

* * * * *

Click Here to listen. (10 min/mp3)

* * * * *

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The build up to a let down !

Why bother to write a story named little dog if the little dog really doesent matter much he’s not the protagonist ? But for that matter why start out with all that hope that it could be a hot 3 waymore...

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