tagText With AudioLittle Dog Lost Pt. 02

Little Dog Lost Pt. 02


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Click Here to listen. (9 min/mp3)

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First off, this text is not what you'll hear when you open the audio file. Personally, I like to be stimulated between my ears as well as between my legs, so this is provided as a set up to tell you what you'll be hearing. Unless you're in a hurry, in which case you've already skipped to the audio.

It takes about a half hour for a pizza to be delivered. It also takes about a half hour for a Viagra to kick in. When you're sitting on the couch, deep kissing a sexy younger woman who has just pleasured your body with her hands and mouth, the Viagra kicks in a little quicker and the pizza is all but forgotten.

I'm not a regular Viagra user, so I really didn't know what to expect. Though I'm by no means a young man, I take care of myself, exercise and my life-long lap friend has always come through in the clinches. But considering the volatility of my recent climax (not to mention the sheer quantity of the effluent), I wasn't about to risk it. This was a once-in-a-lifetime event. I wasn't going to let it end without fucking my neighbor's daughter. (The background is covered in Little Dog Lost, Part 1.)

Jenny seemed in no hurry to leave. She'd blown off the bachelorette party and since she had planned on sleeping at her mother's house and going back to Hope in the morning, I had her for the rest of the night.

We'd put our wine on the coffee table (I never put coffee there -- maybe I should call it a wine table) and Jenny was laying on top of me. Apparently, she liked kissing as much as I. My arms were around her and she was holding my face, covering my lips with hers. Her hips were moving slowly on my pelvis and I could feel the miracle drug starting to kick in. I guess, so did she. She pushed away suddenly and said, "What about Alfie?"

I shrugged. "He'll be ok."

"I can't leave him there alone for that long."

"Go get him," I told her. "Bring him back over here so you won't worry."

She kissed me and went to put on her jeans and t-shirt. I was hoping it was dark enough that the other neighbors wouldn't start talking. Not that I cared what they thought about me. I just didn't want them to make life difficult for Jenny.

She came back with Alfie just as the pizza man was arriving and the little terrier tried to get all macho on his ass.

To be honest, neither of us was interested in any pizza. The candles were still burning in the bedroom. I went in and turned back the covers and started some light jazz on my docked iPod. When I turned around, Jenny was standing completely naked in the doorway. Her tan stopped with just a tiny white suggestion of panties. There was no pubic hair. None. She was so smooth and blemish free that it looked like she had never grown any.

I sighed deeply.

And the fucking dog ran and jumped on my bed.

Jenny giggled and walked over to the bed, picking up the dog and gently putting him down -- outside the door. She bent slightly and I admired the tan lines on her ass. Then she put her foot out as she shut the door. Alfie was NOT amused.

She walked slowly toward me. I looked down at her sexy compact body. Her hands were on my jeans, tugging down the zipper. I hadn't put on any boxers. My cock popped out and she took it in her palm, stroking gently.

"Nice recovery there Ace," she said. "For me?"

I stepped out of my jeans and turned her so her back was to the bed. I pushed her down gently until she was laying back with her knees bent, feet dangling over the edge of the bed.

There was no way I was not going to have that smooth pussy in my mouth. Especially since I already licked her from my fingers.

The recorder had been running since her stunning performance on me (Little Dog Lost, Part 1). It continued to do a very good job as I went down on her and slowly worked my way up. I wanted to give her a nice, slow, sweaty cum, but I was so turned on that it basically turned into a hip-slapping, groaning, all-out fuck session. I thought I was doing it for her, but you'll hear from the audio how much I was into it. I was worried that I scared her with all the panting and moaning but she said she loved it. When she finally came I couldn't hold back any longer and launched even as her pussy was spasming. She wrapped both arms around me after she came and we kissed until my cock slipped from her pussy. I would have gone down on her and cleaned her up like she did me but the condom caught every drop. And when I tried to rub her clit, she caught my hand and told me she was way too sensitive.

She did curl that warm body against me, stroking my arms and chest. When I woke up about 2am, she and Alfie were gone. But the purple panties were under the pillow.

Two flaws on the audio: If I'd been thinking I wouldn't have played the iPod. I don't think it detracts too much and certainly added to the candlelight and nudity.

The other thing is the damn dog. It ran through the house barking pretty much non-stop but only came up to the closed door a couple of times, where it picked up on the recorder. I thought about editing it out but ended up just leaving it in.

I'm glad I have this memento of a fantastic chance encounter. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

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