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Little Girl


I stepped nervously into the dark nightclub. The walls vibrated with the amazing volume of the music as I pushed my way through the crowd to the bar. I shouted my order at the bartender and he quickly produced it in front of me. I took a sip and observed the crowd. I looked up and noticed that there was a second floor that was merely a balcony overlooking the first floor. I saw a man sitting there staring intently at me. I looked away and scanned the crowd again for someone familiar. I didn't expect to find anyone I knew there; I was older than all of my close friends and I had just turned 21 the previous day. Still, I searched for even the slightest acquaintance to help take this alienated feeling from me.

I sat at the bar for half an hour and had two drinks. They were already beginning to change me; I wasn't a heavy drinker at all. I decided to pay for my drinks and leave; this wasn't any fun.

As I scrambled through the crowd, a guy started grinding his hips into mine, "Where you going baby?"

I rolled my eyes and walked on past him. Just as I was ten feet from the door, my favorite song came on. My anger rushed away as I began to dance with no one in particular - this song really pumped me up. I moved through the crowd throwing my hands up and grinding my ass into any guy's hips that I passed by. I didn't care if they were already dancing with someone; I just shoved my way in between them. I had to have a piece of every guy there that night.

The energy surged through me so quickly that I didn't know how to deal with it. I never thought I was going to be doing the things I was doing. I even kissed a few guys as I passed them; leaving their dates angry as hell. Some bitch even slapped a guy I had kissed, accusing him of previously knowing me - which made me laugh. I walked backwards into someone that wasn't dancing; he was just standing still. I turned to apologize and noticed it was the man that had been staring at me from the balcony above. He wasn't much taller than I; not only did I have 3" heels, but he was fairly short for a man. He beckoned for me to follow him and I gave him a confused look.

'Trust me' he mouthed and turned to the door.

Somehow something was drawing me to him, but I didn't know what. It seemed this guy was familiar somehow - but how could that be?

I followed him through the crowd and through the door, past the bouncers to what must have been his car. He stopped by the driver's side door and I stopped fifteen feet from him; I was stupid enough to follow him out of the club, but I wasn't stupid enough to leave with him. Besides, there were people all around us; he wasn't about to kidnap me. He made a 'come hither' motion with his finger and I felt like I was being pulled towards him by an invisible rope. I found myself walking slowly towards him and was shocked when I let him touch my face. He moved aside and turned me so my back was leaning against the door. He ran the back of his hand down my cheek as he leaned down to kiss me. It hit me about what was happening and I pushed him off me before our lips made contact. He walked back towards me and put his hands even with my shoulders on either side of me. Even though he wasn't much taller than me, something about him was intimidating as hell, and he scared me tremendously. For the first time of the night, I heard his voice.

"Now that wasn't very smart," there was a slight pause before, "little girl."

My eyes went wide at the sound of those words. I had an ex boyfriend that used to call me that as a sexual game. But it was just a coincidence; I still was a little girl to him. He looked about thirty or in his late twenties. Still, I couldn't help the chill that went through me when he said that. I dismissed the idea of this being my ex boyfriend until he spoke again.

"You don't want to displease Daddy, do you, little girl?"

My jaw dropped. No, this couldn't be him. It's been too long. How on earth could we have met here of all places? It had been over six years! I stared into his eyes and my stomach dropped. It was him. There was no mistaking those bright green eyes that I had stared into so intently while I felt his cock plunge into me many a time.

"Sean!" I shouted at him.

"Shh," he replied, putting a finger over my mouth to silence me as he slowly nodded, confirming my fears.

For some odd reason, I felt my pussy getting wet, and I found myself responding, "No, Daddy. I do not wish to displease you Daddy."

This was our game; he called me little girl and I called him Daddy. He loved to take over me and make me do things for him; make me pleasure him in any way possible. I didn't remember him the same: he looked completely different. He had longer hair now, and had gotten contacts instead of his glasses. But, I didn't look the same either; I had lost 30 pounds since I had last seen him, and I knew he noticed. The memories came rushing back as he dove down to close his lips over mine.

I let his tongue enter into my mouth; feeling just as it had so many years ago. He gently caressed my face and neck as our tongues played with each other. I found myself melting into his hands and realized that I was his again; if even just for tonight. The feelings he had given me before had not left my memory - he was my first fuck, both pussy and ass, and he was the only boyfriend I had had up to date that would actually take a powerful role over me. I had missed him many nights after we broke up. He pulled his lips away from mine, but only about an inch.

Our noses were still nudged up together as he spoke, "Get in the car, little girl."

I could not help but to obey. He backed up slightly and I walked around to my side of the car and opened the door for myself. I sat down in the seat as he settled into his own. We put on our seatbelts and he began to drive off. I couldn't believe myself - here I was, yet again fulfilling his desires. I wasn't sure of what to say, and I didn't know if he was going to say anything to me. After three minutes of silence, I heard his voice again.

"So, it's been a while, has it not, little girl?"

"Yes, Daddy, it has."

"How have you been?"

"I've been good, Daddy. I'm engaged now."

He grabbed my left hand and looked down at my gorgeous 5 karat diamond ring.

"Does he treat you well?" he said as he looked up at the road, giving a blank expression.

"Yes, he does. I love him very much." I didn't feel like I needed to call him 'Daddy' any longer.

"Then why are you in the car with me? Or is it that chump of a boyfriend I took you away from before?"

"Yes, it's him. He moved over here and now we're living together in an apartment on Third Street."

"No matter. You still didn't resist me, even after you knew it was me. That has to say something. Did my little girl miss her Daddy?"

"Yes, I did Daddy. Quite often I missed you."

"As I you," he paused. "Now, no more useless chatter. Spread your legs for me so I can feel that fresh pussy."

I felt embarrassment overcome me and I couldn't get myself to just spread my legs open to him.

"Do as I say!" He shouted at me. I quickly complied - I had always hated it when he yelled at me.

"Good girl. Let's see if you're wearing any panties, shall we?"

I felt him move his hand across the car to my pussy. I anticipated his touch on my thigh and watched his hand slowly move up to my open sex. He moaned slightly when he found out I wasn't wearing anything underneath my short skirt.

"Mmm, you often go without panties wearing a skirt like that?" I nodded my head yes.

"Why, little girl?"

"Because it makes me feel sexy, Daddy."

"Oh and you do indeed look sexy. Such a petite figure. You've bloomed into a very beautiful woman. No doubt you have guys all over you at college?" His hand moved deeper into my skirt and his thumb searched for my clit. I gasped when he found it.

I nodded my head. "Yes, Daddy, they seem to like me."

"Do you tease them as you used to me?" He rubbed my hard nub harder within my skirt.

"Yes Daddy, I like to tease them." I closed my eyes and pushed my hips onto his hand more. He removed his hand from within my skirt as he put the car in park.

"We're here," he announced. I looked up to find that we were parked outside the hotel that he always took me to. He used to work there as night auditor, so he would always pick me up before work and bring me back to an empty room, where I would be available to him any time he wanted to come and take me.

I exited the car and he did the same. For the first time, I walked through the front of the hotel and didn't sneak in through the side. He grasped my hand as we walked up to the front desk.

"Reservation for Sean Folleur," he said to the desk clerk. Reservation? I didn't know he planned this. "Yes, I did know you were going to be at the club tonight," he whispered to me as if he read my mind.

He grabbed the key to the room and we walked down the hallway to a very familiar place. We entered the room that he had taken me in so many times before. It even smelled the same, even though hotels tend to maintain the same smell.

He walked over towards the bed as I stood just inside the doorway.

"Come over here. Stand in front of me and strip."

He always knew I hated stripping for him; but that was back when I was just discovering my sexuality and when I was a very shy person. Now I was more open about everything and knew what things I liked and what things I didn't like. Nevertheless, I went in front of him and turned my back to him. I remembered how he liked me to perform for him. I spread my legs far apart and began to remove my shirt. Slowly I lifted it over my head and I tossed it to the floor beside me. I could feel my nipples harden as they felt the cool air of the room. The satin bra didn't help to insulate them whatsoever. I moved my hands around to my back and began to undo the bra clasp. Just as I separated it, I felt Sean's hands touch my thighs and begin to caress them. I let my bra fall to the floor as well, landing on top of my shirt. My nipples were now fully hard and erect as I placed my hands by my side and waited to be instructed further.

His hands roamed my smooth and lean legs, making circular movements up my thighs until they touched my bare sex. I moaned when I felt him touch my soaking pussy. I was so excited to be with this powerful lover again.

His hands dropped from my body and he said, "Pull your skirt up until your ass is no longer covered and then lean over the dresser there in front. Look into the mirror."

I began to lift my skirt up slowly and bent over as I did so; giving him a wonderful show that he had not seen in a long time. I moved slightly forward and placed my hands upon the dresser. I shoved my ass out at him and looked intently at him in the mirror. He stood up and came back around behind me. I felt his hands caress my firm ass - he was always gentle unless I disobeyed him. I felt him lift his hand up and come down on my bare ass, giving me a short slap on my ass, sending waves of pleasure through me as I remembered how much I had loved to be spanked. A small moan escaped my lips after I felt the wave go through me. Another slap I felt on my ass, and another, and another. Over and over he spanked me, but only very softly. I continued to stare at him and his lustful gaze meet mine many times. The last slap was short and hard; just enough to excite me and leave me wanting more.

I felt him step towards me ever so slightly and I felt one of his hands dip underneath my ass and feel around my pussy. He entered a finger into my pussy and I groaned, so very excited to feel his touch again.

"Oh, little girl, you're just as tight as I remember. Haven't you been fucked since me?"

"Not many times Daddy."

"Why not? Does he not enjoy using your body like I once did?"

"No, Daddy."

"Well, if your pussy is just as tight as it was six years ago, I bet your ass is just as tight, is it not?" He removed his finger from my pussy and inserted it into my ass. The intrusion made me cringe.

"Wow. Even tighter here. I don't get your fiancée. Please tell me he fucks your ass."

"No, Daddy."

"Not at all?"

"No, Daddy."

"So I'm the only one that has had the pleasure of feeling the inside of your tight ass?"

I nodded.

"Why has he not fucked you back here?" He had forgotten that his finger was still inside my ass apparently, because he wasn't moving it.

"Because he doesn't like to Daddy. He thinks it's disgusting."

"Does he, now? Well, that's absurd. You don't think it is, do you, little girl?"

"No, Daddy. I liked it when you fucked me in my ass."

"I thought so. Well, that's certainly on the agenda for tonight then. It's been too long since I've had an ass fuck myself."

As if he suddenly remembered that his finger was still impaled in my ass, he began to remove it. I was relieved when he took it out; my ass was so tight and the intrusion not only no longer felt familiar, but it hurt as well. I gasped when he rubbed two fingers against my pussy and then moved them back up to my asshole.

"No, please don't. It hurts Daddy," I pleaded.

"I know, little girl. But you know you love the pain." On the word 'pain', he shoved the two digits into my ass. I took in a breath between my teeth as the pain shot through me. He pushed them in deeper and deeper still.

"Ow! Take them out Daddy! Please, take them out!" I pleaded.

He spanked me hard and replied, "Shut up! You used to take this, now be the whore I know you are! You're MY slut now. You will let me use you as I please."

I nodded my head in response as he began to pull out his fingers from my ass. He pushed them back in, then back out again. My sphincter relaxed a bit after I got used to his now gentle rhythm. I pushed myself back onto his fingers.

"Mmm, yes, harder Daddy. Please, give me more Daddy," I found myself saying. I already wanted more from him. He removed his fingers just as I had begun to enjoy it.

"Get onto the bed, little girl. Lie down on your back and spread your legs for me. Oh, but remove your skirt and stockings first. We can't have them getting in the way." I got up, removed my skirt and stockings and let myself down on the bed. I spread my legs for him and watched him walk over towards me. He placed his hand on my pussy again, rubbing my clit hard.

"Such a delicate pussy. So meant for fucking."

He slipped two fingers into my pussy and I moaned as I threw my head back. It had been over a month since my fiancée had even so much as touched me sexually. I bucked my hips up to his fingers just once before he began a fierce rhythm. I remembered he liked his sex hard and I had as well. I didn't realize how many desires I had that weren't being met by my fiancée that Sean had once fulfilled. I moaned as he let a third finger enter into my pussy.

"Oh yes Daddy. Give it to me harder Daddy. Harder!" He shoved his fingers restlessly into me, increasing his rhythm. In and out, in and out, I felt his fingers move. The friction was building up a strong orgasm inside me. He reached down with his other hand and pinched my clit. I arched my back up at the unexpected jolt of pain, but then let out a soft moan as I let my breath out. My orgasm built up even more as he began to talk dirty to me, like he knew I loved.

"Take it, slut. You like the feeling of my fingers fucking your pussy so hard, don't you? I'm going to fuck you so hard your fiancée is going to have to ask why you can't even walk tomorrow." He inserted a fourth finger into my open and dripping pussy as he continued, "And that ass of yours is all mine. Yes, take it whore. Take more. Can you take more, little girl?" I nodded my head.

"Okay, here it is. Get ready for my fist!"

With that, he pulled his fingers out and plunged his whole hand deep inside me, up to his wrist. I screamed as I felt his hand tear my pussy apart; I had never been stretched so wide before.

"Oh please, it hurts! Ah, take it out, please!" I pleaded, desperate for him to remove his hand from within my pussy.

"No. Take it," he said as he began to push further.

"Ah! No deeper, please Daddy!"

"Yes, deeper little girl. Take my fist."

He began to push his wrist into my gaping pussy as I clenched my pussy around his wrist, trying to relieve some of the pain. He pushed another inch inside and spread his fingers out.

"Oh Daddy stop! Please stop!" I cried, tears now burning my eyes.

He ignored my pleas as he pushed even deeper with his fingers spread. He began to pull out once he had reached his whole hand and two inches of his wrist into me. He did not let his fingers come back together - he kept them spread. He pulled his hand out of my pussy and entered two more fingers into me.

"Now let's see if you've learned to have an orgasm," he said to me. When I was with him, I never could let myself go to have an orgasm.

"Oh no, please, don't make me cum!" I cried to him as I felt him start to massage my g-spot. He smiled evilly as he began to push harder onto my delicate and sensitive spot inside my pussy. The tears had faded away by now and I closed my eyes as I felt my orgasm once again build up inside me. He reached down with his other hand and lubricated it with my pussy juice. I felt him move it down towards my tight asshole. His finger teased it for a minute or two, just barely entering my asshole and moving around a bit. I pushed my hips towards his welcoming hands as he let his finger enter my asshole. He pushed it all the way to the knuckle as I moaned; this time it felt good.

He began a rhythm between his massaging of my g-spot and his finger fucking of my asshole. The taunting rhythm began to take over my body as I felt my hips moving with his fingers. The fire inside me became unbearable and I felt the waves of orgasm roll over me. I gripped his fingers tightly as he continued the same rhythm he had been doing. Wave after wave rolled through me as I had another mind-shattering orgasm; the most intense I ever had. My hips bucked up towards him as I lost my breath and my body exploded onto his hands. My eyes were rolled back in my head in ecstasy as I dropped my body down onto the bed; spent. I felt him remove his fingers and come up to my level on top of me.

He bit my trembling bottom lip seductively and said, "Mmm, that's a good girl. Now that I know I can make you cum, let's get started, shall we?"

Started? I had already had multiple orgasms and he was just getting started? I had forgotten how into sex Sean was, apparently; my fiancée only wanted it once every few weeks or so, and even then it was sweet and romantic. It was never wild like Sean.

"I'm going to take your ass first, little girl. Your pussy needs a rest I think. Now turn over, little girl. You know how I like you to be positioned."

He laid on his side as I rolled over onto my stomach. I bent my knees directly under my ass and let my face rest onto a pillow. This is how he liked me; my ass up to him in submission, and my face buried into a pillow so my screams would be muffled so only he could hear them.

"That's it, little girl. I'm glad you remember."

He stood up and removed his clothing; it hadn't struck me until then that he still had all of his clothing on. He moved back onto the bed behind me and I felt him rub his cock up against my ass. He moved it down to my pussy and began to push it inside.

"I need to get my cock nice and wet so that I can fuck your ass real hard, little girl. Just one big thrust, okay?" I nodded my head as I felt him thrust his hips forward and gain forced entrance into my torn pussy. I bit my bottom lip to suppress the small scream that would have emitted from my lips. He pulled his cock out and placed the head of it against my ass.

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