tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLittle Girl Games Ch. 01

Little Girl Games Ch. 01


Chapter 1: The Pool

This is the story of how Amy, Kelli and I spent our summer vacation. We'd just graduated from high school and wanted to have one last crazy summer together before officially joining the adult world. We were three sweet and innocent girls from the mid-west until we discovered the thrill of exhibitionism. This is how it all began.

Amy, Kelli and I were lying on rafts in the pool trying to decide what we were going to do with our lives. We'd just graduated from high school the previous week and we hadn't made any plans for college. Amy said that we should just have fun this summer and worry about our future in the future. With that, she untied the strings on her bikini top and tossed it on the pool deck. Amy laid her little five-foot frame back down on the raft, allowing her ample breasts to point up towards the sky and soak up some sun. No one could see her because we have a fence around our pool, but I still thought it was risky to lay there topless.

Kelli said she agreed with Amy and untied her bikini top. She threw the top on the pool deck and declared that she wanted to go off the diving board. Kelli is a five-foot, four-inch blonde with large, full breasts. I tried to warn her that if she jumped on the diving board, she would be higher than the fence. If people were driving down the street, they would be able to see her. Kelli ignored me and climbed out of the water. As she pulled herself out of the pool, the force of the water pushed the bottom of her bikini halfway down her butt.

Kelli giggled and said, "I may as well take everything off since half of my ass is already showing!"

Kelli pushed the bottoms of her swimsuit to the ground and climbed up on the diving board. She was completely naked! Kelli started jumping on the diving board and her boobs bounced up and down with each jump. We asked her why the hair between her legs was darker than the hair on her head and she replied that the sun bleached the hair on her head. Sure Kelli!

She began waving and saying hello to someone. We thought she was joking, so we climbed out of the pool to peek over the fence. To our surprise, we saw the mailman delivering the mail. Kelli laughed and told Amy and I that we don't have the nerve to show off like her. Amy took that as a challenge and the petite brunette slid her bikini bottoms down exposing the dark triangle of hair between her legs. Then she opened the gate and walked out to get the mail without a stitch of clothes on. The mailman had already left, but as she was returning up the driveway, a couple of guys in a pick-up truck drove by and honked. Amy just kept walking, pretending to look through the mail. She appeared to be ignoring the fact that two strange guys were gawking at her bare buns.

When Amy returned to the pool, she said it was such a rush to be naked in public. Neither Kelli, nor Amy had ever done anything like that before, but they both said it was exciting. The girls dared me to flash the neighbors, but I told them that I wouldn't do it around people I know. I'm really kind of shy and didn't want to do it at all. They said that I was chicken and I'd never do it, so I told them I bet I could flash more guys than either of them. I shouldn't have opened my big mouth because Kelli and Amy love a challenge. They said that we'll all start flashing and we'll see who chickens out first. What could I do? I had to accept the challenge.

To Be Continued...

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