tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLittle Girl Games Ch. 03

Little Girl Games Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Flashing at the Mall

On Friday night, Kelli, Amy and I were looking for something to do. I told them that I needed a new pair of tennis shoes, so we decided to spend an evening at the mall. Kelli thought it'd be fun if we all wore short skirts and crop tops. Amy agreed with Kelli and persuaded me to correspond with their choice of attire. I wasn't opposed to wearing skimpy clothes, but I was afraid the girls were planning to take their newfound zeal for exhibitionism to a higher level.

When Kelli and Amy arrived at my house, we were amazed at the similarities of our outfits. The girls and I almost looked like we were in uniform. We were all wearing white crop tops that barely covered our breasts and short, pleated mini-skirts that barely covered our butts. The only difference between our outfits was the color of our skirts. None of us had ever worn these clothes in public before and I must admit, I was a little nervous about the whole thing.

Our tops had low necklines and were loose at the bottom. If we leaned over, someone standing in front of us could see right down our shirts. They'd be able to see up our shirts if they were standing behind us when we leaned over. The mini-skirts resembled cheerleader skirts. We began comparing to see whose skirt was the shortest. We each took turns bending over to see how much of our underwear hung out. The girls and I started laughing when we discovered that we all had on matching white panties. However, I was the only one wearing a bra.

On our way to the mall, Kelli and Amy instructed me to take off my bra so we'd all match. It was dark out, so I pulled off my shirt and set it on the seat. I reached behind and unhooked my bra, then slid the straps down my arms setting my breasts free. At that moment, we stopped at a stoplight and my shirt slid off the seat and fell on the floor. I was naked from the waist up as a carload of guys stopped right beside us.

I said, "That's just great. There's a carload of guys next to us and I can't find my top."

Kelli giggled and said, "Let me help," then turned on the dome light inside of the car.

Now the guys could plainly see that I was bare-chested. They were clapping and yelling at me as I picked my shirt up off the floor. I had to reach my arms over my head to put on the shirt and this gave the guys an unobstructed view of my titties. When the light turned green, we turned left, but the guys had to go straight. I'll bet they turned around looking for us.

Kelli, Amy and I entered the mall and rode up the escalator. There were guys sitting on benches below us looking right up our skirts. We each bought a scoop of ice cream in a cup and stood by the railing next to the escalator while we ate it. We leaned forward over the rail so our shirts fell away from our breasts. The guys below could see right up our shirts, but we pretended not to notice and continued eating our ice cream.

I accidentally spilled a drop of vanilla ice cream on my shirt, right above my left nipple. It was white on white so I was going to ignore it, but Kelly went and got a wet rag from the ice cream parlor. Before I could say anything, she started rubbing the wet rag over my little white crop top. I wanted to stop her because everyone was watching, but it actually felt good. However, I was concerned because she was rubbing so much water into the shirt. When she was done, the ice cream was gone, but the shirt was soaked. The water made the shirt transparent over my left breast. You could see my nipple as plain as day. I told Kelli that I couldn't walk around like that, but Amy said not to worry. It'll dry. Sure, in about an hour!

We decided to stroll down the mall. There was a group of guys sitting on a bench. We were so busy looking at them that we didn't realize they were sitting in front of the "House of Fans". A fan was blowing from the doorway directly across from the guys. As we passed in front of the guys, the fan blew our skirts up exposing our little white panties for everyone to see. We had our ice cream in one hand and our spoons in the other, so we didn't have a free hand to push our skirts down. Our predicament was great for the guys because they got a good look at our panty-clad butts. We just continued walking and the skirts eventually fell down on their own.

Kelli stopped and said, "Why don't you stand in front of the fan to dry your shirt?"

I replied, "Because I don't have a free hand to hold my skirt down! Those guys will be looking at my panties again."

She turned back to the guys and said, "Look at this girl's shirt. It's all wet. You can see right through it. See how her nipple is poking right through the wet material? She needs to dry it, but her mini-skirt is going to fly up if she stands in front of the fan. She can't hold the skirt down and hold her ice cream at the same time. You'll have to look at her panties. You don't mind looking at her panties while she dries her shirt, do you guys?"

Of course they didn't mind! Kelli had them so fired up with her little speech that they were going crazy. Kelli grabbed my arm and positioned me in front of the fan. My skirt was up in the air and anyone in the area could see my little white panties. The guys just sat there taking it all in. A couple of men in the fan store came up close to watch the show, too. I was sure the thin fabric of my tiny panties wasn't hiding much and the men were getting an eyeful. At first I was mortified, but then I just smiled at the men and started licking the ice cream off my spoon in a sexy, childish kind of way. The men loved it, but as soon as my shirt was dry I thanked them for allowing me to use their fan and headed down the mall.

The girls and I went into the first shoe store and some man offered to wait on us. I picked out a couple pair of tennis shoes and we sat down in the chairs. He took his time lacing up the shoes so he could get a good look at my panties. I casually spread my legs a little wider to give him a better view. While he was leaning down between my legs, Kelli stood up and acted like she was watching the man work. Actually, she was letting him look up her shirt at her braless tits. After the man became really excited, we told him that we needed to shop around, and we got up and left.

Amy, Kelli and I went into the restroom. Kelli said it was fun flashing the shoe salesman, but she thought it'd be more fun if we took off our underwear. I argued that we were already showing enough skin and if I tried on more shoes, the salesman would be able to see my bush. Amy was also reluctant to remove her panties, but Kelli eventually persuaded us to go along with her and we all took off our underwear. Amy and I didn't have room in our purses to hold our panties, so Kelli told us that she would take care of it. She took each pair of panties, pulled on them until they ripped and stuffed them into the trashcan. Now there was no turning back.

As we walked to the next shoe store, we had to pass the "House of Fans" again. Those guys were still sitting there and they were anticipating another show. They got another show all right, but this time when the fan blew our skirts up to our waists, the guys were looking at a trio of black, auburn and blonde pussy hair. They also got a look at three bare butts as we walked away. The guys were speechless.

We had to go down the escalator again and this time the guys below had more to look at. Amy even turned around and bent over, pretending to tie her shoes. When she did, she mooned all of the people on the benches below. Guys were staring and pointing their fingers at Amy's firm little butt.

On the way to the next shoe store, we passed a bar in the mall complex that has arcade games. Guys have to be of legal drinking age to enter, but girls can get in at 18, as long as they don't drink. We'd never been in the bar before because we'd just turned 18 not too long ago. Kelli and Amy wanted to play Air Hockey, so we went inside. I couldn't believe they were going to play Air Hockey in those skimpy little outfits with nothing on underneath. The girls didn't waste any time as I watched Kelli and Amy get into a heated battle. Guys were fighting to use the games nearby or sit on the stools directly behind the girls. The way Amy and Kelli had to bend over to play, the guys had a clear view up their mini-skirts and shirts.

Kelli got into it, bouncing her breasts around as she took her shots. Kelli's big tits got a lot of attention, but many of the guys preferred to look up Amy's shirt. Since her breasts were smaller, her shirt fell further away from her chest giving the guys more of an unobstructed view of her puffy pink nipples. Kelli didn't want to surrender the attention, so she pulled the top of her skirt higher on waist, bringing the hem up with it. Now the bottom of Kelli's butt cheeks peeked out from below her skirt even when she was standing up straight. I imagine the view for the guys behind her was incredible when she bent over.

At one point, the puck fell on the floor. Kelli kept her legs straight as she bent down to pick it up. Everyone was frozen as all eyes were on Kelli's bare behind. To the delight of the crowd, Kelli was having trouble getting a grip on the puck. This prolonged her pose in the awkward position. Kelli's legs were so straight that she looked like she was bending over to touch her toes. Her body was arched at such an extreme angle that her shirt fell forward over her titties. She was showing everything now. Finally, she picked up the puck, but didn't even bother to pull her shirt down over her bare boobs. Kelli acted like she didn't even notice that her shirt was still up over her breasts as the game continued. The guys tried to move to a place in front of Kelli so they could watch her boobies bounce around. Kelli just concentrated on the game. The air conditioner vent above her blew down on her nipples, causing them to poke out for the crowd.

I didn't understand why some of the guys took a seat on the floor in front of me. They couldn't even see the air hockey table from where they were sitting. Eventually I realized that they were trying to look up my skirt! I was perched on a tall stool and with all the excitement, I wasn't aware that my skirt had ridden up high on my thighs. My legs were slightly spread apart and since I wasn't wearing panties, the guys were getting a glimpse of my little hairy triangle. I decided to put my feet up on the chair's foot rail, which raised my knees up even higher. This bold move caused my skirt to bunch up around my waist. I spread my legs wider, giving the guys an unobstructed view of my bush. I even leaned forward a little so they could see up my shirt. I pretended to be watching the game the whole time as if I didn't know what I was showing them.

A couple of stuck-up looking girls strolled into the bar and looked disgusted that none of the guys even noticed them. Kelli finally won the Air Hockey game and as we turned to leave, the girls walked up and challenged us to a game of strip pool. We told them no thanks, but they insisted. They said they liked our outfits and wanted to play for them.

Some guy said, "Don't do it. These girls are regulars in here and they've sent girls home naked before. They try to humiliate girls that upstage them. I've never seen them loose."

Amy wanted to leave, but Kelli never backs down from a challenge, so we accepted. The guys positioned themselves around the table to block the view from the mall and the game began. With each shot, Kelli and I had to bend way over. Our breasts and butts were on display, but we didn't pay any attention to our state of undress because we were determined to win. Unfortunately, Kelli quickly sunk the eight ball and those girls won the first game.

One of the girls came over and said, "You guys just lost your mini-skirts."

Kelli and I slowly slid the skirts down our legs and laid them on a table. All the guys were crowded around and clapping. Kelli and I were now naked from the waist down. The next game was even more difficult knowing that our pussies and asses were exposed to a room full of guys. The guys that were on the floor before, moved to a position on the floor in front of me again. To take a shot, I had to spread my legs giving them an incredible view of my bare beaver. An older guy came up and patted me on the ass as I was about to shoot. This made me mad, so I really concentrated and ran the table. We got our skirts back.

Those girls seemed a little upset. Apparently they'd never lost before. These were college girls wearing summer dresses. Their outfits really didn't show much, except an occasional flash of their panties as they took a shot. You could tell they weren't wearing bras, but the dresses didn't show much cleavage, either.

Kelli really got hot in the next game and we beat them again. The crowd was going wild. These girls had been in the bar many times, but never had to show any skin. They unzipped their dresses and stepped out of them, leaving them standing in just their tiny lace panties. Their breasts were completely uncovered and the guys loved it. Their faces were red with embarrassment and their shy look of humiliation was not an act.

Those girls were obviously flustered. They couldn't seem to make a shot with their boobs wobbling around. Their panties were so small that each time they bent over to take a shot, half of their butt cracks would hang out. They only made one shot in the next game due to the distractions, and they ended up loosing their panties. The girls stripped their panties off to the delight of the crowd. As they stood in front of everyone without a stitch of clothing on, the girls pleaded with us to give them a chance to win their clothes back. They didn't want to walk through the mall naked. Kelli said that didn't want to play anymore, but she'd sell them their clothes back for twenty dollars. The girls accepted so quickly that we probably should have asked for more money. We left the bar to a round of applause.

As Kelli, Amy and I wandered through the mall, we found another shoe store with a couple of cute guys around our age working there. The guys were waiting on three other girls and those girls were obviously trying to get the guys to ask them out. The girls looked a little jealous when the guys started talking to us. We sat down directly across from the other girls and told the guys that we would wait until they were finished.

The first girl was a tall blonde. She was wearing a little cotton mini dress that buttoned all the way down the front. One of the guys sat on a stool in front of her and she kept spreading her legs wider than necessary to give him a clear view of her panties. Kelli saw what the girl was doing and made an attempt to steal the attention. She walked over and picked up a display shoe, then twirled around to ask me if I was interested in it. When she twirled around, her skirt flew up and both guys got a glimpse of her pussy hair. As we sat there watching the guys wait on the other group of girls, we kept shifting in our seats, or crossing and uncrossing our legs. The guys had to choose between three girls with panties and three girls without panties. One of the guys couldn't take it anymore and started waiting on us. Those girls were not happy about it.

The second girl was a very attractive Asian girl. She was a slim brunette with fairly large tits for her size. She walked to the back of the store behind the shoe rack. She thought that no one could see her, but I could see what she was doing from her reflection in the mirror. She looked bashful and innocent, but determined to compete with us on our level. I watched as she took off her thin, white blouse, removed her bra, then quickly put the blouse back on. Next she reached up under her equally thin pastel print mini-skirt and pulled down her panties. She turned around to see if anyone was looking and stuffed her underwear into a display purse hanging on the wall. I don't think she knew what she was doing because she walked over to the mirror at the far corner of the store and gasped at how exposed she was. The blouse was so sheer that she looked topless and her dark bush was also visible through the thin, light colored material of her skirt.

She was preoccupied looking at herself in the mirror, so I casually walked over and took her underwear from the display purse. No one was paying any attention to me as I returned to my seat. The timid girl's face was red with embarrassment as she looked around to make sure no one was watching her. It was clear that her outfit was far too sheer for her to go through with it, so she darted back to the display purse to retrieve her underwear. Unfortunately for her, the bra and panties were gone! She was frantically searching the purses and looking on the floor, but I'd already stuffed her underwear into a shoebox beneath my chair.

Everyone stopped talking as she came back and sat down. Her seat was in the direct line of one of those track lights. The light shined right through her shirt, showing off those big, bra-less titties. The light also made it easier for the guys to see through her skirt. In the light, she looked even more exposed than she did in the back of the store and she was mortified by it. Both guys just stood there examining her nipples poking out against the sheer white fabric of her blouse and the shadow of her pussy hair against the thin material of her tight mini-skirt.

Her friend asked, "What happened to you?"

The Asian girl put her arms over her chest and replied, "Shut up!"

The guys were obviously impressed and suddenly, no one was waiting on us again. Amy tried to change that by bending over and looking at a shoe on the lower rack. The guy on the stool looked right up Amy's skirt and immediately went over to help her. Amy told the guy that the shoe was actually for me and asked him to measure my foot. He squatted on the stool in front of me and asked me to put my foot out. I lifted my knee high before I put my foot down. This caused my skirt to bunch up around my waist. The guy was staring right at my naked bush! He took his time measuring my foot before going back to get the shoes. This was making the third girl jealous. She was built about like Kelli, but she had auburn hair like mine. The girl was wearing some kind of all-in-one jumper outfit. It kind of looked like a strapless tube top with short shorts built-in. I don't think she was wearing a bra from the way her boobs bounced as she walked. She was determined to regain the guy's attention.

While the first guy was in back getting my shoes, Kelli and Amy were working on the other guy. He was waiting on the girl flashing her panties, but kept shifting his interest to Kelli and Amy. There were pegs on the wall that the handbags were hanging on. Kelli and Amy kept reaching for the bags hung on the high pegs. When they brought their arms back down, their shirts would get hooked on the lower pegs and the pegs would lift their shirts up exposing their breasts. The girls pretended not to notice even when the shirt remained hooked and their nipples were in plain view of everyone. One time, Kelli's shirt remained up over her breasts after she moved away from the hook. Kelli stood there examining the bag as the guy was examining her. She put the bag over her shoulder and walked in front of the mirror.

When Kelli saw her reflection, she turned to Amy and said, "Why didn't you tell me my tits were hanging out?"

Amy replied, "I didn't notice."

Kelli turned around, pointed to her bare breasts and said, "How can you not notice these?"

Now everyone was looking at Kelli, who was making no attempt to pull her shirt down. An older man and his wife walked into the store. The man froze in his tracks when he saw Kelli's bare boobies. His wife immediately grabbed his arm and began leading him out of the store. As he left, the man looked over his shoulder and Kelli raised her skirt up for him. Kelli smiled as the man was treated to an unimpeded peek at her neatly trimmed blonde bush. While her skirt was held high, the guy selling shoes also got a good look at Kelli's tan round butt cheeks.

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