tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLittle Girl Games Ch. 04

Little Girl Games Ch. 04


This is the story of how Amy, Kelli and I spent our summer vacation. We'd just graduated from high school and we wanted to have one last crazy summer together before officially joining the adult world. We were three sweet and innocent girls from the mid-west until we discovered the thrill of exhibitionism. Flashing at work can be fun, as long as you're not afraid to lose your job.

On Monday, Kelli drove Amy and I to work. We were maids at a local motel. Our uniforms were little white cotton dresses with the motel emblem on one of the short sleeves. The company probably didn't spend much on the uniforms because they appeared to be made of thin T-shirt material. Amy said that a nice looking guy, around 30 years old, was in one of the ground floor rooms. We were supposed to clean his room, but there was a "do not disturb" sign on the door. Kelli said the guy wouldn't mind being disturbed if we weren't wearing underwear. Amy and I were a little up tight about it, since it concerned our jobs, but we went into the restroom and Kelli convinced us to do it.

Amy and I took off our dresses, removed our bras and panties, then put our dresses back on. Kelli reached over and unbuttoned the top three buttons of Amy's dress to make sure the guy could see down her top when she bent over. Amy looked in the mirror and was worried about her appearance. All we were wearing was the white dresses, some little white socks and tennis shoes. Our nipples were poking through the thin material and I could see a dark shadow of pussy hair through the dresses when the light hit them just right. Amy and I wanted to back out, but Kelli assured us that we looked fine, so we went to work while Kelli stood outside the guy's window.

We knocked on the door and the guy called out that he was busy. We knocked again and he opened the door to find us offering to clean the room in those skimpy little maid uniforms. Amy told the guy that if he was too busy, we could come back later when he was gone, but he told us to come right in and take all the time we needed.

The guy positioned himself so that he could watch us in the mirror without being too obvious. Amy was really bending and stretching as she stripped the bed. Each time she bent over, her short dress would ride up and the guy could see her firm little ass. She dropped a pillow case right in front of the guy and when she bent over to pick it up, he was able to see right down her top. With so many open buttons, the dress gapped enough to reveal her puffy pink nipples.

She continued to bend and stretch as she made the bed while I started dusting. As I reached up to dust the top of the mirror, the bottom of my dress snagged the handle of the dresser drawer and two buttons popped off the bottom of my dress. I was genuinely embarrassed as my dress opened and some of my pussy hair was exposed. He was sitting only a few feet away and saw everything.

I turned to the guy and in a soft, timid voice said, "I'm so sorry. I must have forgotten my panties today. This is so embarrassing, I'd better leave."

The guy told me that there was nothing to be embarrassed about and I should stay and finish the job. I decided to stick around and we began cleaning the bathroom. Amy filled a bucket to the rim with water and lifted it up so that it was level with her breasts. As she carried it, the water splashed all over the front of her dress. The dress was practically transparent now and clinging to her bra-less titties. Amy looked like she was entered in a wet T-shirt contest. She set the bucket down and began running her hands up and down the front of her dress.

Amy looked at the guy and softly said, "Now look at me, I'm all wet."

I looked at Amy and said, "We're having a bad day. We shouldn't subject this man to our flimsy uniforms another minute."

We pretended to head for the door and the guy insisted that it was not a problem in the least. The guy moved over and began making small talk with Amy as she worked. She turned away from the guy, got down on her hands and knees, and began to wash the floor. The guy took a seat on the floor, putting him at eye level with Amy's exposed butt. I was reaching high to clean the mirror, so I'm sure he was looking up my dress at my bare buns, too. Eventually, Amy turned around and faced him while she continued to clean the floor. The top of the dress hung down, away from her breasts and Amy was really shaking her boobs as she worked. It was easy to see that she was excited from the way her nipples were poking out.

Next, we climbed into the shower stall to clean it. Amy and I were reaching up high inside the shower and facing the guy. He was still sitting on the floor looking up our dresses. The missing buttons caused a gap at the bottom of my uniform. When I reached up, my auburn triangle of hair was almost fully exposed. Then, Amy accidentally turned the shower on and we both got completely drenched.

The dresses became transparent as she turned to me laughing and said, "Now what are we going to do? We can't walk around the motel like this."

I added, "I know. Our uniforms are so wet that it looks like were wearing nothing at all!"

The guy took a long look at us and said, "I think I have a solution to your problem. If you take your dresses off, I'll be able to help you."

Amy asked, "Is this some trick just to see us naked?"

He replied, "No, I just want to help you girls out.

I laughed and said, "Amy, we may as well take our dresses off. Were practically naked as it is."

Amy slowly removed her dress and stood there totally nude while the guy began drying her dress with a hair dryer. I slipped out of my dress and draped it over the shower stall. We were laughing and having a good time, while making no attempt to cover ourselves up. Amy sat up on the bathroom counter with her bare breasts and pussy only inches away from the guy as he worked on the uniform. I stood in the doorway with my hands in the air, hanging on the top of the doorframe. I was showing him everything and he loved every minute of it.

Then all hell broke loose. Big, fat Gwen, the motel manager, barged into the room to check up on us. Gwen assumed that we were having sex. Amy tried to explain that it was an accident, but the tubby woman wouldn't listen and fired us. She ordered us out of the motel without even giving us our uniforms back. Everyone was staring at Amy and I as Gwen held each of us by an arm and paraded us through the lobby without a stitch of clothes on. Luckily, Kelli still had our bras and panties, so we didn't have to ride home naked.

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