tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLittle Girl Games Ch. 05

Little Girl Games Ch. 05


We were riding in Kelli's car after leaving our former place of employment. Amy and I had been stripped of our uniforms and were forced to ride home wearing just our underwear. Kelli stopped at my house so that I could grab some clothes. I quickly ran inside, threw off my bra, then put on a baby blue tank top and white jogging shorts. My shorts were so tight that even with my skimpiest underwear, I still had panty lines. I jumped back in Kelli's car and we were quickly on the road again.

Kelli wanted to wash her car, so we went to her house. Kelly's driveway circles around the back of her house. Her backyard is secluded, except for one house, but her neighbors were all at work. Amy was still clad in only her bra and panties. She didn't have anything else to put on. Amy stretched out on the picnic table while Kelli got the bucket, sponge and hose. Kelli was wearing a yellow tube top and a pair of cutoffs. They were cut so short that her yellow panties would hang out when she bent over.

Kelli didn't know that her older brother, Bobby, and his friend, Larry, were in the house. I saw a couple sets of eyes peeking out from his bedroom window, so I knew they were checking out Amy in her underwear. Kelli didn't like Larry because he walked in on her once while she was taking a bath. Larry claimed he didn't know she was in there, but he also took a good look at her naked body before he left. That happened before Kelli discovered her newly found freedom from clothes. One time when I was spending the night at Kelli's, Bobby walked in on me while I was in my underwear. He seemed more embarrassed than I did. Bobby has never looked at me the same since that incident. Even though I knew the guys were sneaking a peek at Amy in just her bra and panties, I decided to keep my mouth shut and let them have a little thrill.

As Kelli and I soaped up the car, two men walked around the side of the neighbor's house to work on their air conditioner. They were standing only twenty feet away. The men were looking in Amy's direction and I noticed that Amy had fallen asleep on the picnic table. She rolled up on her side in a way that stretched the leg hole of her panties. Half of her dark pussy hair was exposed by her awkward position. The men noticed Amy right away and kept looking in her direction.

Kelli wanted to divert the men's attention to her, so she bent over to wash the hood. As she did, her cutoffs rode up and her yellow panties were hanging out. It caught the guy's eyes, but they were still interested in Amy. Next, Kelly bent down sideways and began scrubbing the side of the car very briskly. This caused her boobs to bounce and slowly began to work her tube top down. The top kept sliding down further and further until her nipples were about to pop out. I was watching the men get excited and accidentally sprayed Kelli's shorts with the water.

Kelli stood up and said, "Now look what you did. You got my shorts all wet. The only way these shorts will dry is if I hang them over the patio chair."

I told her, "You can't do that. There are men present."

Kelli replied in a soft, sultry voice, "Well, I have panties on. They're just like the bottoms of a swimsuit aren't they?"

The men answered, "That's right. Besides we won't look, we're busy working."

Kelli unbuttoned her shorts and slowly pulled the zipper down. Then she turned around and slowly slid the shorts over her butt and down her legs with her back arched high in the air. Her panties were a lot thinner than any swimsuit bottoms I'd ever seen. Kelli walked to the patio and draped her shorts over the chair, then turned to walk back to the car. She accentuated her steps so that her boobs would bounce, but she couldn't get them to fall out of her tube top. I heard one of the men say "wow" as Kelli bent down to pick up the hose.

Kelli took the hose and acted like she was getting a drink of water. The water was running down her chin and landing on her tube top. The men were watching intensely as more and more water poured over her breasts. Her nipples were coming into view as the water continued to run down and drench the thin material. She kept drinking until her tube top was soaked. It looked like a second skin.

Kelli looked at her top and said, "What a shame guys, I made my shirt all wet."

She gently ran her fingers over her shirt forcing it down a little further and showing a dangerous amount of cleavage. Her nipples were right at the edge of the tube top. It looked like the top would fall off at any moment and the men knew it. Kelli bent down to set the hose on the ground. She stood up quickly and was finally able to make her breasts pop out of her top.

Kelli yelled, "Oh no, my boobs are showing!"

The first man said, "No problem, we won't look."

The second man added, "Now you need to hang that shirt up so it can dry."

To the amazement of the men, Kelli replied, "You're absolutely right, " and slipped the top over her head.

Her breasts were completely on display for the men. As Kelli walked towards the patio, she was facing her brother's bedroom window. Larry was probably going crazy as he stared down on Kelli's nice titties and little yellow panties. She set the top on the chair and once again, accentuated her steps as she returned so that her boobs would bounce. Kelli picked up the hose, turned to me and asked if I wanted a drink. When she did, she accidentally (on purpose) sprayed my clothes in the process.

Kelli said, "I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to get you all wet. You know, the only way you're going to dry your clothes is to hand them over a patio chair. Isn't that right guys?"

The guys quickly agreed. I didn't want to be called a chicken, so I slipped my shorts down my legs and lifted the shirt off, then took them to the patio. After I set the clothes down on the chair, I paused for a moment and faced Bobby's window. With one hand, I slowly dipped inside my panties and ran my fingers through my pussy hair. I gently caressed my nipples with the other hand. It looked like Bobby and Larry began to stroke themselves as they watched me. When I returned to the driveway, Kelli and I went back to work on the car. Both of us were only wearing our panties. Our breasts were entirely exposed and the men just stood there taking it all in. As we continued to wash the car, our panties got all wet and the men could see right through them.

Kelli walked up next to me and said, "You know, these panties also need to dry," and yanked my panties down to the ground.

My auburn bush was right out in the open as Kelli bent over and took her panties off, too. Kelli walked to the chairs, set the underwear down and then offered the men a soda. When they accepted, she went into the house, leaving me standing there, totally naked in front of two strange men. I was truly embarrassed and felt humiliated. I didn't know what to say or do.

It is amazing how men can stand and talk about nothing. They acted as if they were not even aware that I was naked, when in reality, they were studying every inch of my body. I guess they thought that if they drew attention to my nakedness, I would run and put some clothes on. It seemed like an eternity, but Kelli finally came back. We stood there drinking our sodas while flaunting our titties and pussies right in front of the guy's faces. Our cute little asses were also on display for the guys in the house.

We finished our sodas and took our clothes inside of the house. When we looked out the window, the men were back to work, but they really didn't get their work done until Amy woke up and came inside. We tried to tell Amy what had happened, but she said that she was awake the whole time. She purposely stretched her underwear like that to give the men something to look at. What a bunch of teasers we'd become!

Kelli suggested that we dump all of our clothes into the washing machine. As we undressed, Kelli checked her answering machine. There was a message informing Kelli that her parents were going out for the evening. Kelli was instructed to order some pizza and to make sure that there was enough pizza for her older brother and his friend. Kelli assumed that her brother and his friend were out somewhere and would be coming home later. I should have told her that the guys were upstairs, but instead, I kept my mouth shut. It was getting late and we were all a little hungry, so Kelli phoned in the pizza order.

As we waited for the pizza, we just sat in the living room and watched TV. All three of us were completely naked. It was dark at the top of the steps and the location offered a bird's eye view of the living room. I suspected that the guys were up there, so I announced that I was going to take a bath. As I headed for the stairs, I could see a couple of shadows scrambling into the bedroom. When I went into the bathroom, I yelled down the stairs that I was going to leave the door wide open so they could call me when the pizza arrived.

With my back to the door, I could see guy's reflection in the mirror. Bobby and Larry were college guys, but they were acting like high school freshmen. They had moved into Kelli's room, which is directly across the hall from the bathroom. Kelli's bed wasn't made and her bedspread was lying on the floor. The guys pulled the bed spread over them, as if I wouldn't notice, and they were looking right at me. I was completely naked and I was letting these guys observe every move I made!

I bent over to turn on the faucet, giving the boys a look at my firm little butt. Then I stood in front of the mirror and began caressing my nipples and running my fingernails through my auburn pussy hair while the tub filed up. When the tub was full, I slipped in and let my body get all wet. After soaking for a few minutes, I stood up and began to put soap all over my body. I reached high over my head to wash my hair, shaking my boobs in the process. I then ran my hands all over my soapy body, paying a lot of attention to my titties. I pinched and pulled on my little pink nipples until they were firm and erect.

Bobby and Larry were easy to see across the hall, but I pretended not to notice. I turned my back to them and lathered up my butt with both hands, then I bent down and washed my legs leaving my bare buns high in the air for the boys to see. There was heavy breathing and moaning sounds coming from the other room, which was actually getting me excited. I heard them unsnap their pants, so they were really getting excited, too. I turned around and began to lather up my pussy hair for the boys. As I reached between my legs, the feeling overwhelmed me and I had an explosive orgasm.

I let out a loud moan and then I heard Bobby say, "Oh man, this is incredible!"

Amy came up the steps and declared that she was going to take a shower as I rinsed off and climbed out of the tub. The boys were now only a few feet away from two naked female bodies. I toweled off as the tub was draining, then Amy jumped into the shower. I called down to Kelli to find out where her hair dryer was and she said it was on top of the dresser in her bedroom. Those guys must have been scared to death as I walked into Kelli's room and turned on the light. They were lying on the floor under the blanket with their heads directly below the dresser. I walked in and straddled their heads, pretending to be looking around on the dresser. I casually glanced down at the boys, but looked away as if I didn't see them. There was two pair of eyes looking right up at my naked beaver. They could see everything!

After allowing the boys a nice long look, I took the dryer, turned off the light and began drying my hair in the bathroom. I exaggerated my motions as I reached over my head to brush my hair. My breasts and pussy were right out in the open for the guys to see. As an added bonus, when Amy got out of the shower, she rubbed lotion all over her body. She rubbed the lotion into her breasts, then turned around and rubbed the lotion all over that nice ass of hers. Finally, Amy sat on the floor facing the door and spread her legs wide apart. She began applying the cream to her inner-thighs. If only Amy knew what she was doing to those guys.

Amy and I returned to the living room and sat on the sofa. The washer finished and Kelli put our clothes into the dryer. Just then, a car pulled up and a man came to the door carrying the pizza. Kelli looked in the peephole to find a fat nerdy looking guy standing there. We were all still naked because our clothes were in the dryer. Kelli turned to us and said the guy looked harmless, then proceeded to open the door.

Kelli said, "Won't you come in? I'm sorry, you caught us at a bad time. All of our clothes are in the dryer and we don't have a thing to wear!"

He almost dropped the pizza, but managed to set it down on the coffee table, right in front of Amy and I. The guy looked like he was thirty years old, but had never seen a naked girl before. Amy and I were sitting back with our legs spread apart giving him a great show. Amy even put her feet up on the coffee table to give him a better view of her little beaver. As the man just stood there staring at us, Kelli asked him how much the pizza was. He mumbled something, and then Kelli bent over to look in her purse, which was on the floor. Her bare buns were pointed right at the guy. He had a bulge in his pants the size of Texas.

Kelli said that she was a dollar short. All of our purses were next to each other on the floor, so Amy and I bent over next to Kelli to look through our purses. We were digging around for the longest time as the man had three naked butts directed right at him. We finally turned around and began to count the money into his hands. He had three completely nude girls crowded in front of him. Kelli pushed her big tits against his hands and he dropped the money. As he bent down to pick it up, Kelli leaned forward and brushed her breasts against his face. We just stood there as he squatted down to pick up the change. His nose was just inches from three hairy pussies. All of the sudden, he let out a gasp and when he stood up, there was a big wet spot on his pants. He was real embarrassed, but all we could do was laugh. That was a first for us.

As we sat in the kitchen, Bobby and Larry sneaked down the steps, then open and shut the front door as if they were just getting home. No one warned them about our nudity as they walked into the kitchen. They faked a surprised look as Kelli stood up and said that she would get our clothes out of the dryer. She bent over and Larry examined her naked butt as she pulled out the clothing one piece at a time, starting with her own. Larry's eyes were bugging out as she slowly slid her yellow panties up her legs, then pulled the tube top over her breasts. She ended by working her tight cutoffs over her hips, but didn't bother to button them or zip them up. They just hung open with a little bit of pussy hair spilling out over the top of the skimpy panties.

Amy was really trying to drive Bobby wild. She turned her chair to face him and nonchalantly spread her legs wide. She tried to make small talk while looking right in his eyes. He didn't know what to do. He would glance down at her pussy then look right back into her eyes as if he didn't see anything. Amy carelessly let some sauce from her pizza drip onto her leg. It landed right on the edge of her pussy with some of it actually getting in her hair.

Amy said, "Bobby, can you get me a napkin?"

He replied, "Sure," grabbed one from the pantry and reached out to hand it to her.

Amy sat there with her pizza in one hand and a soda in the other and said, "I don't have a free hand. Can you wipe it up?"

Bobby couldn't even answer, but he did reach down and begin wiping up the sauce.

Amy said, "Kneel down between my legs and make sure you get it all."

Bobby did as he was told as Amy spread her legs as wide as they would go. He continued to wipe her inner-thigh moving towards her pussy until he was wiping right down the middle.

Amy put her hand on Bobby's shoulder and said, "Softer, slower."

He dropped the napkin and continued rubbing Amy's pussy while we all sat there and watched. The room no longer smelled like pizza. It was filled with the aroma of a woman's juices. I don't know if the smell was coming from Amy, Kelli or me. We were all turned on. I now had my fingers in my pussy and I bet Kelli was sorry that she already put her pants on.

Amy touched Bobby's face and softly said, "Mmm, that feels good. Ah, don't stop. That's the perfect spot."

Then Amy started breathing heavy, jerked around a little and screamed, "I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming!"

Kelli handed Amy her bra and panties, but Amy said that she needed some time before she could move. Kelli tried to hand me my clothes, but I wasn't finished yet. I thought that the table hid what I was doing, but I forgot that Bobby was kneeling down. He watched as I brought myself to my own orgasm.

We got dressed, finished the pizza and then Kelli drove us home. Amy gave Bobby a little peck on the check as we walked out the door. As we drove home, Kelli was laughing that those guys probably ran upstairs and got themselves off in Bobby's bedroom. She said that she'd hate to sleep on that bedspread. I didn't bother to tell her what had been going on earlier under her own bedspread!

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