Little Girls (Bubble Gum Cum)


Time slowed down, and our eyes grew used to the dark. Amy shot daggers into my eyes, as if entrusting her sexual soul unto me. I slid my dick down her tummy, and followed her muscle pattern, leading me toward her sacred opening. She held my hips firm, permitting me to go only as far as she would allow. Her wet lips spread around the peak of my joust, and she tightened up. Her finger nails dug into my skin. Karen found my cock, and licked my half buried knob. Amy's kitten loosened up a little and I began to slide in minutely. I slid my hand down my trunk and found our meeting.

Karen licked her way back up to my face. "#*@% her pussy big boy!" she whispered and licked the tip of my nose.

Amy let go of my waste and held onto my shoulders. She leaned her mouth next to my ear and whispered. "I want it." All hands encouraged me, eyes watching with anticipation. I spread Amy's smooth legs apart wide, and stuck my dick inside her. All of her muscles seized up, allowing only the head of my penis to enter in. I pushed further, and felt the walls of her wet pussy give way to my quest. She was entirely too small for my size. Pulling back was easier, as her tight hole struggled to reject my gentle giant. Her wet insides drenched my cock, allowing a much slipperier reentry. I inched forward. This time deeper. She moaned and wrapped her legs around me. "Oh my God, you're so big!" My steel-hard probe melted into her, packing her chock-full. Only half of me could fit. I pushed deeper, and felt her insides give way, and form new depth. She kissed me in a panic, her bottom lip quivering. I exited half way and pushed forward once more. She threw her head back and grinded her teeth. "Ow!" she whispered. I knew I had gone far enough. Her juice felt slick and warm along the tight skin of my penis. Slowly a rhythm was formed.

"Does that feel good?" Abby asked me, smiling big. I looked at her, the sheet forming a teepee over my head, and she kissed me. I grabbed a tight hold of Amy's waist, and slid my right hand under her ass, and began pulling her towards my thrusts. Her slit remained tight, almost ripping around my width. Karen moved Amy's hair out of her face, revealing both eyes, and began kissing her and squeezing her slippery breasts. Amy didn't say much, but began panting as our rhythm increased, and the bed began to shake. Amy took her hands off me and held onto her boobs while she bounced off my big dick.

The girls huddled together and kept me close. My hands wandered and found their ways between Abby and Karen's legs. Both girls began to go crazy, pulling me towards them in a soft tug-o-war. I reached around and grabbed both their little butts. Instinctively they both arched their backs, raising their asses in the air, and I slid my fingers in their pussies from behind. They became even crazier. "I'm so #*@%ing horny!" Karen hinted. "Do me next!"

"No, it's my turn!" Abby pretended to argue, and frown at Karen.

"I called it first!" Karen replied, smiling. Their battle pursued while I finger-banged them, until finally Abby decided to take matters into her own hands and straddled over little Amy with her ass in my face. The sheet slid off my shoulders, and our bodies cooled off. Abby looked back at me with a shit-eating grin on her face. "You gonna spank me next Daddy?!" she flirted and wiggled her little behind.

Defeated, Karen didn't complain, and insisted I finger fuck her some more. I ran my free hand along Abby's waist, and played with her straps that connected her nylons and panties together, as I continued making love to Amy below her; though I couldn't see her. We all listened to the splash of the intercourse

~Then, Karen stood up and walked out from under the sheet and began playing with herself in Abby's face. Abby looked up and cleaned Karen's clit with her tongue. Abby's ass squirming in my face made me want to explode. I had to have her as well.

I took my penis out of Amy and stroked myself while readying Abby's ass. I undid her skirt and moved her panty to the side, and slid a finger thru her. She looked back and saw what I was doing. "Mmmm,... you wanna #*@% me too?" she asked, knowing the answer, and shook her ass.

Karen got on her knees, granting Amy a face full of her garden, and kissed cute Abby. I pulled on my spear, tightening it's appearance, and played between Abby's legs. Her pussy became soaking wet in anticipation. I parted her lips with my weapon, and felt her hole welcome me as I began to enter her. Her warm juice allowed my head to slide right in. I grabbed her thin waist and pulled her around me. She gasped as my diameter spread her tight little pussy open. "Holy fucking shit!" she cried and whipped her head around to watch me. I ventured forward, forcing myself in. Her pussy was tighter the further I entered. "You have the biggest cock!" she praised. I pulled her towards me and let her feel me against her roof. "Oh yeah," she smiled. "Give it to me!" I held still, making sure she was alright. I had more to give and she wanted it. She began rocking my cock in and out of her. I squeezed her waist firm and thrust forward each time she pushed.

Karen grabbed Abby's face and kissed her some more. I felt Amy reach up and tickle the insides of my legs. Abby grabbed a hold of her own ass, spreading her pussy open, and I started pounding into her. She knew how to keep a rhythm, and arched her body at just the right times to ensure her G-spot the attention she so desired.

~Karen got off her knees and walked over to put her hands on me, and watch as I penetrated Abby. "Oh yeah. #*@% her pussy with that big cock!" she encouraged me, and gave Abby's ass a swat.

"Oooo. Spank me harder!" Abby pleaded. I employed myself. 'Smack!' The spanking excited her, and she began pushing me into her harder and faster. I spanked her again. "Oh yes. Do me hard Daddy!" I spanked her once more and drilled her from behind. "Oh God, that's it. Come on baby, don't stop!" I became unleashed and punished her little pussy, bouncing her off my giant cock and pulling her hair. She loved it. The bed shook back and forth, skidding across the floor and knocking against the wall. She reached back further and held onto my ass, to balance herself against my attack. "Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!" she yelled, her body flailing out of control. I pounded into her as fast and forceful as I could. "Yes! Oh my God, I'm cumming!" I felt her girl-juice drench my cock as her pussy contracted. "I'm cumming!!" she repeated. I grabbed her waste and held myself in her as her body exhausted itself, and fell limp on top of Amy.

"Good boy." Karen applauded and squeezed my ass. Then she bent over the bed, placing her ass right next to Abby's, and kissed her tits.

"God, this is so much fun!" Abby spoke to Karen. "His dick feels so rad!"

"Mmmm." Karen replied and looked back at me. "I bet." She didn't have to ask. I took myself out of Abby, gripped onto Karen's hips and pushed my dick inside of her too.

"Jesus! You're right!" I warmed her pussy up and began my assault. "That feels so good!"

"Ya, you like that?" I asked.

"Ooooh yeah." They both looked back at me and kissed. I could see why they were friends. Their lust for one another was as strong as their lust for my dick. Karen's cunt was tight too of course, but able to take more of a beating than the others. I reached my hand around her leg and played with her clit while I worked her. My forehead began to sweat.

~I looked over at Abby's ass and had to have some more of her. I pulled out of Karen, got back behind Abby, and stuck my cock in her again. They continued to kiss. I ran my hands up and down her body and fed her tight sex-hole. Then I slid out and jabbed Karen some more.

"Oooo, there you go Daddy. Give it to me hard baby!" She was a slut, and I took advantage of it. Holding firmly onto her waste and pounding into her dangerously rough. Pausing between each thrust. "Oh wow!" she giggled. "Fuck me good, baby. Fuck me good!"

"Does that hurt?" I asked.

"Fuck ya," she responded. "Hurts so fucking good!" I smiled, and she smiled back big.

~I looked down and saw Amy sucking on Abby's nipples. I backed up, sliding out of Karen and grabbing a hold of Amy's legs. She let me slide her face between Abby's legs, resting her ass on the edge of the bed. Abby sat and enjoyed Amy's mouth, while I spread Amy open and forced my monster into her virgin tight pussy. She whimpered. "Be careful."

~Karen got up off the bed, acting almost pissed, and grabbed a hold of my waste. "I'm not done with you yet." She spoke quickly. "I wanna ride you!" she demanded with a straight face and got down on one knee. "It's my turn." She reached down and pulled me out of Amy and slapped my poll in her mouth. Her mouth displayed her eagerness to be pleasured. I stood up and let her have at it. She smacked my stick against her face, and licked my shaft up and down. Then she spit in her hand and stroked my red helmet. The other girls joined in. Abby turned and smiled and Amy sat up. All three mouths attacked me. I became even harder, looking down at their cute faces as they stared back up at me. They kissed and licked one another while moving quickly to covet my magical staff. Sucking and squeezing. Slurping and jerking.

Then they held still with their mouths open, waiting their turns to be fed my hot meat. I had fun with it, feeling the differences of each mouth. They craved me. Karen insisted on showing off her slutty ability, kissing both girls and striving to outdo their ability to suck me off. "You like fucking our mouths?" she asked strictly, then received her taste.

"You girls are beautiful," I replied, then stuffed Abby's mouth.

"Bet you wanna fuck us some more, don't you?!" Karen asked smiling, then invited my dick back in her mouth. I sighed as I grabbed the back of her head and made her choke on a throat full of dick. She pulled her face back, leaving my rod wet and dripping. Karen grabbed Amy's hair and made her lick the spit off of me. I loved watching the way she struggled to get even just the head of my creature past the lips of her tiny mouth.

~Then Karen grabbed a firm hold of my cock and pulled on it like a leash, and walked me over to the side of the bed. "I'm gonna fuck your brains out!" she dicklared. She gave my chest a gentle lick then threw me hard onto the bed. Before I could get adjusted, she already had her legs around me, readying her saddle. The other girls climbed on the bed with us. Karen stood my dick up and sat herself down on it. "Oh, fuck yeah!" She wasted no time. Determined to get her share. She sat straight up and hopped up and down. I thrust against her, making her eyes roll back into her head. "Oh, God I love your cock!" she yelled. "Fuck me you big stud!"

She felt great on my dick. Lite and easy to control. Enthusiastic, and born to ride. She ran her hands through her hair, pushing her breasts together and licking her lips. She followed my lead and let me gallop into her over and over. "I love your giant cock," she smiled. "So big and hard!"

~The other girls giggled and climbed aboard, sandwiching Karen. Abby sat on my legs behind Karen and kissed her neck. I grabbed onto Amy's ass and pulled her tight hole over to my mouth. She slid her pussy over my tongue with enjoyment.

"You're a naughty girl." Karen told Amy.

"I like being bad." She replied. We all enjoyed the fuck.

~Karen continued to ride, then turned to Abby. "You've gotta ride this thing!" Then she slid me out of her and scooted forward to join Amy on my face, giving me a chance to lick both their pussies, and allowing Abby to take me for a spin.

Abby eased herself onto me, getting a feel for the position. Then relaxed, allowing me to lift about half my dick up inside her. She liked that and left the driving to me. I felt myself rip into her. So tight. The longer she rode me the deeper I entered. "Oh fuck! I love his big dick!" she exclaimed then sat up to let Karen continue, leaving my cock red and throbbing for more.

Karen herself stood up and turned around and sat back down on my face, and prepared my dip-stick for another ride. Her mouth felt alive and energetic. I held still as she reached between her legs to shove me back inside her, and moaned like she had missed me already. Slowly she slid all the way down me and began to ride me once more. She leaned forward, towards my feet, stretching my dick tight, and backed herself up violently upon my cock over and over. Deep. She knew how to fuck a man.

"Make him cum!" Abby rooted Karen on, then laid on the bed and began banging herself with her middle finger while she watched. Amy scooted next to her and did the same.

~Karen's speed increased. "Oh yeah!" she chanted. "Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" She pushed herself back with all her strength and spilt her honey up and down my shaft. "Oh my God. Oh my fucking God!" she screamed as she came. "I'm cumming! I'm fuckin' CUMMING!" Her body twitched and shook.

~I moaned and turned towards beautiful Abby, her gaze already upon me. "I want you to feed me your cum!" she whispered, still finger-banging herself. Karen crawled over next to the other girls, their eyes fixed upon my cock as I stroked it. All three of their pussies spread for me to see. I got between their legs, and proceeded to fuck all three of them one at a time. Each of them felt different. And I delighted in their variety. They clanged to me, begging for more as I moved to the next girl. They kissed one another, and began to giggle with anticipation for a taste of my jiz.

"Come on baby! Pop your load!" Slutty Karen demanded as I slid out of Amy and entered Abby.

Abby licked my tongue and smiled. "Marry my pussy!" she joked, making me laugh.

~My dick swelled and pulsated, the pressure reaching it's maximum. It was time, and they knew it by the look on my face. "He's gonna cum." Karen announced. I slid out of Abby for them all to watch. They quickly recovered my dick with their mouths. Karen put my balls in her mouth while Amy licked my shaft and Abby sucked on my helmet. Then they took turns licking and sucking different parts of me. I fell back onto the bed while I watched them. My dick began to drool. Abby stroked me with her slippery grip and they all opened their mouths.

"OH fuck!" I exhaled.

Abby looked at me and smiled. "Come on baby."

Then... 'Ka-Boom' I exploded! Huge streams of thick cum squirted straight into the air, landing on their tongues. Abby stroked faster, influencing another bolt of electricity to surge through me, detonating more juice all over them again and again. I growled as they cheered. Their faces soaked.

"Mmmmm," Karen gasped and helped Abby jerk me off. Then tipped my cock to the side and squeezed hard, allowing the remainder to drip onto Abby's tongue. "Fuck, what a stud!" Karen flattered me.

"Your cum's delicious." Abby added, and licked my dick all over.

~The girls cleaned themselves off and snickered. "I want some more!" Abby insisted and crawled over me, pushing her tits in my face and shoving my steel hardened dick back inside her. "God! You're so fucking BIG!"

Just then a cell phone began to ring.

"Shit!" Karen exclaimed, and fumbled off the bed looking for her cloths.

"Is that a cell phone?!" I laughed.

"No!" Abby giggled and slowed down her ride.

"Hello." Karen answered her phone.

I grabbed a hold of Abby's hips and thrust myself deep inside her. She loved it and began kissing me.

"We'll be right there!" Karen hung up. "We gotta go!"

"Oooh. I don't wanna go!" Abby pouted. Then gave me one more kiss and jumped up off of me.

I sat up as the girls gathered their things and fixed their hair in the nearby mirror. I stood up and wrapped a sheet around my waist. Each girl gave me a kiss on their way out the door. Abby was the last. Just before shutting the door she turned and winked at me.

"Fuck ya later, alligator!" she said with a smile.

"Bye-bye." I replied. Then the door shut.


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