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Little Goblins


Carrie was asleep in her bed, alone at home because her parents were on a trip. A pretty girl who had only turned eighteen a week ago, she was content and dreaming in her bed. Always a believer in fantasy and fairy tales, she had no idea that her long-held beliefs had drawn some of the less savory creatures of this nature to her. Obviously, they were far easier to attract than any other; the trolls in particular were nasty. However, it wasn't a troll that was going to change Carrie's life forever, after all Trolls aren't seen much in populated areas - they're much too big to hide successfully.

In some ways it was almost fortunate that it was Goblins that Carrie attracted. After all, Goblins weren't nearly as vicious as Ogres, they didn't tear people apart like Trolls did, and there would be no blood sucking like a Vampire. No, Goblins just liked one thing and one thing only: Sex. Fortunately for Carrie, she had attracted miniature goblins, the big human size ones could be just as bad as Ogres when their lust was up. The miniature goblins were more of mischief makers, more in the way of imps than anything else.

Four of them crawled onto her bed as she slept. Barely a foot high, each of them had a dick that grew to be as big as they were - thick too. Despite their miniature size in everything else, they were equal to their larger brethren in that one area. Little and giggling, they looked at the sleeping girl, their strange greenish skin glowing slightly in the moonlight. With shrieking cries they attacked, one of them grabbing her wrists and holding them above her head, while two of them each grabbed an ankle and spread her legs wide apart.

The last jumped up on her stomach and started tearing off her clothes as she awoke with a scream, startled and frightened by their strange noises and finding herself pinned down. Finding a strange small creature with a dick that was growing steadily larger didn't help either, she screamed again as her clothes were ripped from her body and she lay naked before the four little creatures. They were incredibly strong, because they were so densely made. Theories in the Elven kingdom had been made that the miniature goblins were really just big goblins shrunken down. Weight, mass, all remained the same except the size - excepting of course those ridiculously protruding dicks.

However, those large spears didn't look so ridiculous to Carrie right now, especially as the first goblin began plumping up her breasts, playing with the soft mounds while his dick waved in her face. Tears began to trickle down her cheeks as she continued to cry for help, useless cries that the goblins ignored as the first gleefully pressed her breasts together with his dick in the middle; a large meat sandwich. Happily he tugged on her nipples, using them as leverage to push his dick back and forth; each nipple fit squarely in his hand, he was using them like pulleys to fuck her tits.

Carrie cried out as her poor nipples were gripped tightly, squeezed roughly, and the strange feeling of that dick sliding between her mounds of flesh. It was both humiliating and frightening, especially as the goblin leered at her, its tiny pointed teeth gleaming in the night. So silly to be so frightened of something that barely came up to her knee... and yet here she was. Held down by three of them while another raped her breasts.

The little goblin squealed happily as it came, spraying her face with greenish goo that made her cough at the strange smell. It continued pumping her breasts until all the goo was spread over her face and shoulders, not a pearl necklace, closer to jade.

Sobbing quietly, Carrie's breasts heaved as the goblin released them, her nipples looking almost purplish and bruised. She prayed that her ordeal was over as the goblin jumped off her. It ran to replace the one at her wrists, although she tried to pull her arms away they were much too quick for her. The one that had been at her wrists jumped up on top of her gooey chest, its large appendage making it wobbly oddly. Staring at it through tear filled eyes, she had no idea what it was doing until the tip of its dick pressed against her lips.

Firmly she kept them shut, absolutely refusing this indignity. The goblins all giggled at her defiance, causing her heart to quiver with fear, and then the one on top of her reached up and pinched her nose. Although she tried to hold her breath, of course the goblin won, and although she tried to keep her mouth closed as much as possible, the goblin's hard dick worked its way in. She tried to bite down, but the meaty dick was so hard that it actually hurt her teeth - and it didn't seem to affect the goblin at all, although they all squealed and made mocking noises at her after the attempt.

The mocking noises and laughter continued as the goblin on top of her started to shove its big dick down her throat, actually straddling her chin with its little legs as she gagged and choked. Holding itself up on all fours over her face, the little being started thrusting in and out of her mouth, barely giving her enough air to breath as it forced her to give it a blow job. This was so much worse than the first one, because she could taste its vile skin on her tongue, feel it inside her, its smell filled her nose.

She choked even more when it came, gallons of the gooey stuff going down her belly and filling her mouth. Although she tried to spit it out, the goblins large meat was still filling her mouth and she ended up swallowing quite a lot of it - much to her disgust. The little goblin was happy though, pulling out with a squeal of contentment. It squeezed her nipples on its way down to her right ankle, making her gasp.

The new goblin didn't jump up onto her, and she was filled with new dread as it positioned itself between her legs. Closing her eyes, she tried to ignore it as he began rubbing his large dick head up and down her pussy lips, coaxing wetness from them. She was a little wet, just from having her nipples played with so much even if it was roughly. Ashamed and embarrassed, she moaned with frustration at herself as the little goblin between her legs managed to stroke more moisture from her resisting pussy. It even rubbed her clit a little, making her gasp at the humiliation and the pleasure.

With her eyes closed, when the goblin began to push into her pussy, it felt almost like a man. A man with a very large dick... hot and hard inside her, stretching her open... Carrie's eyes popped open. How could she even THINK of enjoying this?! Looking down between her legs, it was most obvious that it wasn't a man down there, the goblin's strangely shaped head bobbed a little as it watched its thick green cock splitting open her pink pussy.

Carrie fought the growing pleasure... but it was so much easier to just close her eyes and pretend it was a man there. So much less humiliating, so much less disgusting... and it allowed her to actually take pleasure in the thick meat that was pumping in and out of her. Truthfully it did feel good, and a large part of her just wanted to enjoy it. The rest of her was ashamed of the part of her that could feel good, not only about being raped, but about being raped by a little goblin with a huge dick. It was just WRONG.

It was even more wrong when Carrie started to cum, moaning and unable to help herself as her insides burned with pleasure. The big dick just felt too good, especially with the way the little goblin's body rubbed up against her pussy and clit. Thrashing and moaning, she could hear the goblins squealing with glee as she came, the fact that she had in some way enjoyed this making them all the more excited. The dick inside her swelled, and she screamed her passion as it erupted inside her, pulsing and making the tightness of her pussy around it convulse. Shaking, she rode out the last throes of her orgasm as the creature finished pumping its green goo into her.

The goblin went and replaced the one at her left ankle. It took got between her legs, rubbing its dick up and down her now sloppy pussy. The touch felt good, she wondered if she was going to completely humiliate herself by having another orgasm while a second miniature goblin raped her. She was surprised when the little goblin said something in a chattering language, the other goblins giggled and squealed, and then began moving her ankles up towards her head.

Carrie groaned as her body was manipulated, turning her inside out. She wondered at the new position, but figured that this last goblin just wanted to be different. The last goblin did indeed want to be different, but not in the way Carrie thought he did... she found out though as the slimy tip of his cock began to press against her tight, crinkled asshole and she screamed. Struggling wildly was useless, but she kept doing it as the goblin pushed its painful way into her ass, she sobbed with embarrassment and pain as her tightest area was stretched open wide.

It hurt more than just physically, but no matter what she did the other three goblins just held on tight and the fourth kept pushing its awful way in. She groaned painfully as the goblin buried itself completely, her ass feeling swollen and overly full, almost as though she'd eaten too much. The humiliation of having this miniature creature stuff it's huge cock up her tight ass was almost as intense as the pain.

The goblin pushed in and out of her, all of the giggling as it made odd squelching sounds and she moaned in pain, writhing a little as she couldn't help but at least try to get away from the persistent ass-fucking. She moaned as the little goblin fucking her started playing with her pussy, the little fucker was actually making her feel good while her ass burned and cramped. It was a confusing mix of sensations that nonetheless was starting to turn her on.

She cried out with despair as the little goblin actually leaned down and began to suck on her clit, popping it in and out of its small mouth. Possibly the strangest sensation that she'd ever had, but also the most pleasurable... if that was what it felt like for a guy to get a blow job then she could understand the fascination. The goblin fucked her ass harder and harder as it sucked on her clit, nibbling it gently with its sharp little teeth.

Carrie couldn't help herself, her pussy betrayed her ravaged ass and she started cumming again, her ass clamping down painfully on the thrusting dick as her inner muscles rippled in ecstacy. Shockingly, even having a dick in her ass was feeling good as she came, the slick thrusting getting her off even more.

Having the goblin shooting off in her tight ass was one of the oddest feelings she'd ever had, the warm liquid spreading throughout her dark interior and leaking down the sides... it was the wrong way. She shuddered as he pulled his softening dick from her swollen asshole, crying out with relief as the goblins let her go.

The shower was the first place she went, scrubbing the green goo from her skin and pushing her fingers up into her pussy and sore ass to scoop out more of it. Grimacing, she cleaned herself thoroughly before returning to the bedroom and tossing the gooey sheets in the laundry.

But the next night as she went to sleep, she couldn't deny the hope that was burning in her chest... that maybe, just maybe, she would be woken up again.

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by HeatedIce02/23/16

Ooh, very yummy.

Is there any chance that we could ever get more of her and the fantasy creatures? I love how your mind works!!

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