tagIncest/TabooLittle Jan Seduces Daddy

Little Jan Seduces Daddy


One of Daddy's favourite games with 18 year old Jan was "punishment". This was a job handed out to him by Mommy and one that he loved to handle personally. Very often the naughty little Jan would deliberately be a very bold girl in order that Daddy would have to deal with her. Daddy especially loved when Mommy would leave him to do it as she was going out to one of her meetings, leaving the two of them very much alone.

Oh how Jan would be so contrary at around 5 o'clock. This was when Mommy would be at her most frazzled, trying to get dinner ready and doing a hundred other things at once. Jan would refuse point blank to do her homework or would leave the bathroom in a mess or would refuse to clean her room ... whatever it took to get Mommy to threaten her with Daddy's hand on her bare backside.

Oh, she know what it would lead to ... the delicious expectation of Daddy's hand on her ass, the oh so exquisite pain that Daddy would inflict with such love and the final proof, the growing hardness of Daddy's cock which she could feel growing under the weight of her body on his and obviously, the sight of her naked bum and her shaved pussy (just the way that Daddy liked it!!) winking up at him, enticing him, inviting him, imploring him to sin.

So it was that very evening. Jan had timed it to perfection. Her tantrum had the desired effect. Oh my God, Mommy was so easy to manipulate, not as easy as Daddy, but not far off it. She fell for it every time. That night, it was her English homework which she refused to finish. How she cursed and swore, using the F word, making sure that Mommy would react. Mommy lost her cool even more quickly than usual, and that was saying something! (Mommy was in such a hurry as she had a rare night off with the girls). Jan was dressed in her short school skirt, her socks coming just over her knees, her white school blouse and her deck shoes. Once the ultimatum of Daddy punishing her had been given, Jan quickly hurried upstairs.

As she moved up the steps, Jan loved the way the skirt swished and swayed about her hips. From a very early age, she had started to pull it up whenever there was a chance of her meeting a man as she knew that men, young and old look at girls like Jan! Bad men, with bad thoughts of what they would like to do with girls like her whose legs seemed to go on forever!! She slammed the door behind her, to make sure that Mommy thought that the threat of Daddy punishing her had achieved the desired effect. She also needed some time to make "adjustments" to her outfit, adjustments that Daddy would appreciate so much!

Jan searched for her favourite panties ... those given to her by Daddy ... those oh so naughty little panties that she knew Daddy would love to see her little ass dressed in! And yes, Daddy was so sly, because the panties had been "bought" for Mommy. They were several sizes too small ... you know how men have no idea of size!! Mommy had left them in the drawer and Jan had started to wear them, after Daddy had suggested that they might look good on her. Jan reached up under her skirt and pulled off the pair of moist and sticky panties she worn that day in class. She pulled her skirt up and gazed at her naked puss, wondering why this little part of her body held such fascination for Uncle and Daddy and yes for probably every other red blooded male and not a few females also!! She put on Daddy's favourite knickers, slowly pulling them up until she could no longer see her bald puss reflected in the mirror and touched up her make-up, applying some rouge to her lucious lips.

Jan liked to dress to please Daddy. She always liked to wear a short skirt to give Daddy easy access, because he loved to have easy access to his favourite little girl. Yes, Daddy and Jan were going to have such a good time together. She wanted it so much that she could have rubbed herself very quickly to orgasm, but waited. Jan, if nothing else, was a very patient young girl and loved to spin her magic webs to trap Daddy.

At 6 o'clock on the dot, Daddy returned home. Jan listened carefully and could hear Mommy tell all to Daddy. Daddy was patient and listened respectfully to Mommy. Little did Mommy know that both she and Daddy were once again falling into her little trap. Mommy called her downstairs and told her that Daddy would deal with her once he had finished his meal and that she would be going now.

However, once Mommy had disappeared from view, and was safely out of the way for several hours, Daddy decided to "punish" the bold Jan. She, standing there next to him, bold, so bold, so naughty, so enticing, so inviting. Daddy didn't want dinner. No, why have Mommy's dinner when he could feast his eye on Jan and have his little girl for dessert?

"Jan ... Come here!"

"Yes, Daddy?"

"Jan ... You've been naughty again, haven't you Honey?"

"Yes Daddy!"

"Come over here Darling. You know what's going to happen now!"

Jan comes over and obediently climbs up and places herself over Daddy's knees. He positions her and pulls up her skirt high over her waist. Jan hears a sharp intake of breath from Daddy as he gazes at her little rump. She feels Daddy's fingers grip the elastic of her knickers and slowly, he pulls her panties down, ever so slowly and she feels his warm hand over her nakedness as her panties continue their descent down to her knees. She feels Daddy physically react to her as he cannot control his own ever growing erection. Jan smiles to herself, slowly readjusting herself in order that her breasts move against Daddy, adding to the pressure building up in his body. Oh, she has Daddy where she wants him, where every girl wants her father ... interested, captivated, desirous and craving of her flesh. She is over Daddy's knee but he is under her spell. Daddy cannot resist her, so young but yet so in control. Jan looks up to Daddy with as much innocence as she can muster.

"Daddy ... Please don't hurt me!"

She looked into Daddy's eyes and saw the look that she knew would be there, the confused hung-dog visage of the morally corruptible trying and losing the fight between good and bad as his mind saw it. Jan's eyes filled with crocodile tears as Daddy's hand started to administer punishment. The smacks rained down one after the other and soon, her little arse starts to redden because of Daddy's hand. She loved the sound that his hand made as it hit her bare arse and with each slap, as it fell, it made her moan softly, not in discomfort but with pleasure and then, too soon for her, it was over. Jan repositioned herself around to hug Daddy and reassure him that everything was OK but also slyly manoeuvred her knickers to the ground in the same movement. Now, Jan was naked under her skirt and she made no effort to conceal this from Daddy as she hugged him and whispered things into his ears, asking him for his reassurance.

"Yes, Jan, of course Daddy loves you ... Yes, well you know that you should not annoy Mommy ... Yes, well, you can be such a bold girl Jan ... you know that Princess."

Jan moves her still tear stained eyes in line with Daddy's bright blue eyes and places her lips close to his and kisses him. She can taste so many tastes from him, tastes and smells and odours that are as indefinable as they were individual. For years after, she will search for these very same odours from every other man with whom she had a relationship but may never ever find them except here, on Daddy's knees. Jan moves things on, just a little, with the kiss and began to press even closer to Daddy. Her breath is hot on Daddy's ear as she whispers into it.

"Can I see him Daddy?"

Daddy's eyes glaze over. His face reddens. Daddy is now completely under his daughter's control.

"Please Daddy ... Please take hom out and let me play with him ... You know that you want to Daddy. You know that you want me to play with him, don't you?"

"Do you really want to Honey?"

"Yes Daddy ... I really do! Please, let me see him! Is he happy that I am sitting on your knee Daddy?"

"Yes, Darling ... He is always happy to see a beautiful little girl like you."

Daddy unzips and takes his penis out. Jan gasps as she always does. She knows that Daddy likes it when she reacts like this for him. Truth be told, she loves his cock but she also knows that Daddy likes it to be admired! Jan knows so much and yet she is so young!! She cups his balls with one hand and runs her other and up and down the shaft. How that makes Daddy react! He lets a low moan out and half shuts his eyes. Jan smiles a self satisfied smile to herself. She feels Daddy's hands move over her body. She loves the feeling of his hands, roughened by years of hard work, his rough flesh contrasting with the smoothness of hers. She loves the roughness of his face against the smoothness of hers. His hands continue their journey down and pause when they reached her pussy. Daddy spreads her legs just a little and starts to finger her little Twinkie. His fingers work hand and fast and slowly, he inserts it. Jan greedily latches onto it, moving up and down on it, allowing it to move high into her and then as she could feel her wetness grow, she moves faster and faster on it.

But Daddy fingering her puss is not good enough for our little Jan. She wants cock, Daddy's large and fat cock. Today she wants it so badly. She wants to feel Daddy's love for real. Jan knows exactly what to do. She works on Daddy's cock, wanking it, pulling on it, getting him close to orgasm and then, when she felt that he would, indeed, could no longer resist, she slowly climbs onto it. Daddy should resist. He has told himself that he will no longer allow her to fuck him, but Jan is too good for Daddy. She had covered that move and now, Jan has Daddy where she wants him. Daddy is mere putty in her hands and now Daddy can not resist pumping in and out. Jan and Daddy look into each others eyes with no shame on either part. For Daddy, that will perhaps come later, but right now, Daddy loves Jan as he loves his wife. Jan felt his cock fill her as nothing else ever would or has in the past. Daddy would not last long, that she knew. She does not blame him, but knows that men can not resist the tightness of a little girls' pussy for long. Jan, still holding Daddy's loving gaze in hers, rides the rocking horse that is Daddy's cock and soon, ever so soon, she can feel it and feel it and then Jan is there where she wants to be, lights blazing in her head, lights so bright and beautiful, the colour of thousands of light bulbs flashing at once, almost blinding her as she bounces and rides the orgasm out on Daddy's cock.

Then, afterwards, as they lay together, the gooey mess that is Daddy's love flowing down her thighs, Jan turns to Daddy and whispers:

"I love you Daddy."

"I love you Princess."

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