tagBDSMLittle Katie is Daddy's Girl

Little Katie is Daddy's Girl


You present yourself to Me. Your brunette tresses are done up in pigtails and you are wearing My collar around your neck and leather cuffs around your ankles and wrists. The collar and cuffs are made from red leather, which contrasts perfectly with the creamy complexion of your soft, smooth skin. The cuffs on your wrists and ankles are not yet interconnected and allow you to crawl toward Me on your hands and knees.

I am sitting in My chair as you crawl up and stop between My widely spread legs. You look lovingly at Me with those beautiful blue eyes of yours. "Stand up and turn around to face away from Me, babydoll," I command.

"Yes, Daddy," you reply as you obey My order.

"Now spread your ass cheeks with your hands and bend forward at the waist."

"Yes, Daddy," you cheerfully reply as you abide by My command.

"Now, relax your asshole," I command as I thoroughly lubricate a black vibrating butt plug, which is controlled by a wireless remote control unit.

"Yes, Daddy," you respond and comply.

As I slowly insert the vibrating butt plug into your clenching anus, I can see the heart-shaped tattoo on your left butt cheek that reads: "Daddy's Girl." You got the tattoo specifically to indicate that you belong only to Me.

Once the entire 6" length of the butt plug has been fully inserted, I turn the remote control unit on its lowest setting and you can feel your bowels starting to vibrate. With a sharp smack on your ass, I order: "Turn back around to face Me and kneel between My legs."

"Yes, Daddy," you dutifully reply as you obey My order.

Once you are kneeling between My legs, I pick up a small leather riding crop. I softly trace it around your breasts and gently rub it across your nipples. Immediately, your nipples begin to stiffen. Suddenly, I begin to swat at your nipples with the crop, but you dare not cry out or say a word.

"That's for making Daddy worry about you when you disappeared for over a month without maintaining contact with Me, little one," I bark as I continue to abuse your nipples with the crop.

Your breasts are a nice crimson color and your throbbing nipples have become swollen and have turned nearly purple when I finally stop smacking at them with the riding crop. I reach into a bowl on the nearby table containing crushed ice and retrieve the nipple clamps that were waiting inside. I can hear the hiss of your drawing in a sharp breath through your clenched teeth as I firmly attach the ice-cold clamps firmly to each of your aching nipples.

The clamps are connected to one another by a short length of gold chain. I give the chain a quick and forceful yank to ensure the clamps are tightly affixed to your nipples. Again, I can hear the hissing sound as you draw in another quick breath through your firmly clenched teeth.

"Do you love Daddy's cock, babydoll?"

"Yes I do, Daddy."

"Then show Daddy how much you love His cock by worshipping it with your mouth, babydoll."

"Yes, Daddy."

You begin kissing and licking along the entire length of My cock and balls. Before long, the entire eight-inch length of my throbbing manhood is glistening with your saliva. You grab my cock with both of your little hands and slowly take it inside your soft, wet mouth.

"Did I say you could use your hands, little one?"

"No, Daddy," you mumble with My cock still in your mouth.

"Well, I guess I'm going to have to do something about those hands of yours. Keep sucking, babydoll."

With My cock still in your mouth, I take your right hand and connect the D-ring of the wrist cuff to the D-ring of the right ankle cuff with a carabiner. I repeat the process with your left hand and ankle. Now, both of your hands are held immobile to your ankles and are of no use to you.

"Take Daddy's cock all the way down, babydoll."

You nod your head in the affirmative because your mouth is now too full of My cock to speak. Slowly, and with your practiced expertise, you totally engulf My cock until your nose is touching My abdomen. You begin moving up and down on My cock, sucking hard on the upstrokes and tasting the precum on your tongue as it oozes from the end of My prick. Using the wireless remote, I increase the speed of the vibrating butt plug to the medium setting.

Gradually you pick up speed; fucking My cock with your velvety-soft mouth as if it were a pussy. Many times I begin to feel My orgasm approaching, but I hold back. I want My pleasure to last and I also want you to work hard to earn My cum—Daddy's gift to His little babydoll.

When I finally feel that you have fully worshipped Daddy's rock-hard prick and are deserving of His gift, I stand up without letting My cock leave your sucking mouth. I grab a pigtail with each hand and begin to forcefully fuck your face so hard My balls slap the underside of your chin with each thrust.

Drool is running down your chin and neck and some of it covers My balls as I continue to brutally fuck your throat as if it were a cunt. I can feel My churning load of hot cum boiling in My balls as they continue to slap the underside of your chin. I can't hold back any longer.

"Here it comes, babydoll!"

I slam My cock as deeply into your throat as I can get it. I pull savagely on your pigtails until your nose is buried in My abdomen and I hold you there. My prick jerks violently as it sends spurt after spurt of Daddy's pleasure pudding down your throat and directly into your belly. You struggle to swallow it all and as you swallow, the sensations feel like your throat is milking My cock. Daddy's load of hot cum is too much for you to handle and some of it slowly oozes from your nostrils.

"That's a good girl, babydoll," I praise you as I slowly remove My cock from your mouth.

"Thank you, Daddy," you respond somewhat breathlessly while licking your sperm-streaked lips.

I free your wrists from their bonds to your ankles by removing the carabiners from the D-rings. I can see that the vibrating butt plug has been stimulating you just as I intended because your little pussy has become so wet its juices have streaked along your thighs and have formed a small puddle on the floor.

My cock is only semi-erect now so I order you to resume worshipping it with your mouth to bring it back to full hardness, but this time I allow you to use your hands. I sit back in My chair with My legs widely spread as you kneel between them.

Your small hands gently stroke My manhood as your lips and tongue lick and suck on my balls and puckered anus. You then begin fondling My heavy nuts with your hands as your mouth works on My now-throbbing prick.

"I want you to ride Me, little one," I command.

"Yes, Daddy," you cheerfully reply.

I lean back in My chair as you straddle Me. You guide My eight inches of turgid man-meat, which is still glistening with your saliva, to the entrance of your dripping shaven pussy. Even though your cunt is lubricated copiously by your flowing juices, you are having a little difficulty in getting My tumescent dick inside as you lower yourself upon My rod.

"I can tell you've been doing you Kegel exercises, babydoll. Your little cunt is so deliciously tight."

"I've been doing them faithfully at least ten times a day, Daddy, just as You've instructed me to do," you proudly report.

You finally succeed in fully impaling yourself upon My rock-hard member. Your hot little box grips My iron pole like a fist of liquid velvet. I can feel the vibrations against My cock from the vibrating butt plug buried deeply in your clutching asshole.

You slowly begin to ride My prick, wriggling your hips on the downstrokes when My full length is firmly imbedded in your hot, dripping womanhood. That's one thing Daddy has found in the many years He has been fucking many women: My little Katie has absolutely the hottest and tightest pussy of any of the women I've ever fucked. That is one of the reasons you are Daddy's favorite babydoll.

You have picked up speed now and are literally slamming yourself onto My cock. Your pigtails are flailing wildly as you ride Me with total abandon. I know your orgasm is soon approaching, so I pick up the wireless remote controller and increase the speed of the vibrating butt plug to its maximum setting.

"Ooh, Daddy, may I please cum?" you ask, knowing that you are forbidden to cum without My permission.

"Not yet, babydoll," I answer.

You continue to ride My rod with abandon. I can see you biting your lower lip as you try to hold back your orgasm. I can also see your forehead starting to glisten with perspiration.

Mischievously, I grab the chain that is attached to your nipple clamps and give it a few playful yanks.

"Oh, Daddy! Please may I cum?" you beg.

"Not yet, babydoll."

I begin yanking harder on the chain, pulling roughly on your aching nipples. That's all it took.

Your body begins to stiffen and then you start quivering. I can see you are starting to orgasm and, try as you may, you just cannot prevent yourself from cumming.


Your orgasm overtakes you. Your eyes roll back into your head and a huge gush of your womanly juices spew from your pulsating pussy. The deluge of fluid soaks My lap and the chair upon which I am sitting with you straddling Me. Your convulsing pussy causes My aching cock to spurt My boiling seed deep into your womb.

As you come down from the high of your intense orgasm, you realize that you came without My permission and you fear My wrath.

"I'm sorry, Daddy. I'm so very sorry," you beg my forgiveness.

"Well, little one, you realize that this blatant lack of discipline requires that I punish you for it."

"Yes, Daddy, I know," you respond with your eyes downcast in a combination of shame and fear.

I order you off My lap and command that you clean My cock with your mouth and tongue until it is completely free of all traces of My cum and your juices. You work diligently at the task at hand until I tell you that you have done a satisfactory job.

"Well, babydoll, now it is time for your punishment," I inform.

I order you to kneel on the floor with your hands behind your back and your eyes focused upon your knees. I then unhook on end of the short length of chain that connects your two nipple clamps and run it through the front D-ring of My collar that you are wearing around your neck before re-connecting it to the nipple clamp. By doing this, your nipples are now being constantly pulled upwards by the clamps connected to the short length of chain.

I then retrieve the Sybian—a very powerful vibrating machine that is constructed much like a saddle with a dildo mounted on it. The dildo that is mounted on the machine has been manufactured from a mold cast from My very own cock. It is an authentic replica, right down to every vein.

"Well, babydoll, since you seem to enjoy cumming without My permission, let's just see how much cumming you can stand before you beg for My mercy."

I order you to mount the machine. Your little pussy is still so wet from your recent orgasm and from the constant stimulation from the butt plug still vibrating madly in your hot, tight little asshole; you easily accommodate the surrogate prick into your snug little box.

I then connect your right wrist cuff to your right ankle cuff by used of a carabiner and I repeat the process for your left wrist and ankle. With your wrists and ankles bound in this fashion, coupled with the fact that you are impaled on eight inches of fake cock, your fine, little body is fairly immobilized. I pick up the control box for the Sybian and turn on the machine.

There are two controls on the controller: one controls the intensity of the vibrations and the other one controls the wriggling motion of the rubber penis. I start them both out on the lowest setting. A smile beams across your face and your body wriggles in delight.

"Ooh, Daddy, this feels sooo good."

"It's supposed to, little one."

"I thought you said I was going to be punished."

"Oh, you'll be receiving your punishment soon enough, little one," I respond while slowly increasing the vibrating and wriggling functions of the Sybian to their medium settings.

I pick up the riding crop and stroke your superbly-shaped derriere with it as you begin riding the mechanical cock in earnest. Your breathing is becoming a little ragged and quicker as your orgasm starts to build.

Suddenly, I begin to sharply smack your ass with the riding crop, alternating cheeks with every swat.

This triggers your orgasm. As soon as you start to cum, I quicken the pace and intensity of My lashes with the riding crop. Your hips are undulating and your body is thrashing about while being held somewhat in check by the bonds on your wrists and ankles.

Again your pussy explodes with a torrential gush of your womanly juices, thoroughly soaking the Sybian upon which you are impaled. I briefly stop lashing your ass with the riding crop to increase both settings on the controller to their maximum before resuming smacking your ass with the riding crop.

I continue smacking your ass as the Sybian brings you to orgasm after orgasm, causing your pussy to erupt in a deluge of liquid with each one. When I see that the cheeks of your ass are just as red as the heart tattoo on your left butt cheek that reads "Daddy's Girl," I finally put away the riding crop.

After countless orgasms, you finally begin to beg.

"Please make it stop, Daddy. I can't take it anymore."

"No, babydoll, you are being punished for cumming without My permission."

After a few more orgasms, your entire body is covered with a sheen of your perspiration and there is a huge puddle on the floor from your gushing cum. You are unable to speak coherently; nothing but babbling gibberish and screams escape from your mouth.

Seeing you in this utterly helpless condition has caused My cock to become harder than a chisel. I grab some lubricant and slather it all over My aching prick. I grab the wireless remote for the vibrating butt plug and turn it off before I slowly remove the butt plug from your tight little asshole.

I place the purple head of My manhood against your winking rosebud. I gently push until the bloated head of My cock penetrates your clutching sphincter. I keep pushing until the entire eight inches of My throbbing meat is fully imbedded in your bowels. I can feel the wriggling and the vibrations of the rubber penis upon which you are impaled against My steely prick. You are completely full of cock now—one fake and one real.

I begin thrusting into your hot, clutching ass, slowly at first, but gradually picking up the pace until I am literally pounding you from behind. I grab your pigtails and roughly pull on them as though they were reins and you are My bucking little filly while I continue My assault of your boiling bowels with My cock. The room is filled with your screams as you continue to have one gushing orgasm after another.

Finally, My invading prick erupts like a volcano, spewing My molten fuck lava deep into your churning guts. I slowly withdraw My dick from your clenching poop chute. Your body becomes limp as a dish rag and you are on the verge of passing out.

I turn off the vibrating Sybian and free the bonds of your wrists to your ankles. Even in your nearly unconscious state, your body quivers from the aftermath of the countless intense orgasms that Daddy has made you endure.

I scoop you into My arms and carry you to the bed. I then bind each of your wrists and ankles to the four posters of the bed, leaving you completely spread-eagle. I then blindfold you and place a ball gag in your mouth.

I allow you to rest and recuperate for a bit while I light up a cigarette and light a large red pillar candle. As I continue to smoke My cigarette, I admire your beautiful body as it is bound to My bed, leaving you completely vulnerable and helpless—completely at My mercy and under My control.

I pick up the riding crop and gently stroke your body with it—tracing around your breasts, up and down your legs, and around your bald little pussy, which is still dripping with your juices. I begin to lightly tap your clit with the crop, causing your body to flinch with every stroke. I then give your aching clit a few sharp swats with the crop, causing you to howl behind the ball gag, before I put away the riding crop.

I remove the nipple clamps and you feel the immediate stinging sensation of the blood returning to your nipples. I then pick up the burning candle and, holding it at the optimum distance, begin to drizzle the hot, molten wax onto your aching nipples. Again, you begin to howl, but your cries are muffled behind the ball gag in your mouth. After I have thoroughly covered your breasts with the molten wax, I admire My handiwork and can see how the red wax closely resembles blood and creates a startling contrast with your alabaster skin.

I return the red pillar candle back to the holder and can see that your little bald pussy is literally drenched with your flowing juices. I insert two fingers into your sopping cunt and work them in and out—fucking you digitally.

I then ease another finger into your pussy and begin fucking your little honey pot with three fingers. Your hips begin undulating as I introduce yet another finger into your leaking hole. I'm fucking your clutching cunt with four fingers now—driving them in and out forcefully. You begin to moan with pleasure as I carefully ease My thumb into your soaking snatch. By twisting My hand in a rotating fashion, My entire fist is now inside your tight little twat. Again, you begin to howl behind the ball gag. Whether it's in pleasure or pain, I'm not sure . . . but that doesn't matter much now.

I begin fist fucking your hot, dripping cunt in earnest now—banging against your cervix with My knuckles as I pile-drive your sex with My entire hand. Your body is thrashing about on the bed—held in place by your bonds—as I continue My brutal onslaught with My fist.

Your body is again covered with a sheen of your perspiration as you experience orgasm after orgasm—your pussy spraying your juices like Old Faithful. I continue fist fucking you until your body goes completely limp—totally spent in an orgy of pleasure.

I slowly withdraw My fist from your little over-fucked pussy and give you a gentle kiss on your forehead. Yes, you are indeed "Daddy's Girl"—My girl.


© 2009 by Songman60 Publications, all rights reserved

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