tagGroup SexLittle Lies Ch. 04

Little Lies Ch. 04


Please take a moment to go back and read the first three parts to bring you up to date. Thanks, MV

Christy went downstairs slowly feeling his cum dribbling down her thighs and feeling pretty thoroughly fucked. She couldn’t remember the last time someone had fucked her this long and hard and she reckoned that knowing how driven Chad was she would be getting fucked again before she would be allowed to sleep.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and Chad walked out of the living room and into the kitchen. Grabbing a pair of sweats from the dryer he quickly asked her if she was expecting anyone with a chuckle. “Now who the hell . . . oh I don’t even have to look I know who it is.”

Chad went down the stairs and opened the front door, there stood Amanda with a bag from McDonald’s.

“I brought you something to eat soccer stud,” she teased, leaning toward him and giving him a light kiss on the lips.

“Hey, what was that for Amanda?” he asked a bit perplexed.

“Well all this time we have been friends and never fucked or fooled around at all while your wife has been gone and knowing you’re leaving soon I guess just prompted a little late night booty call.”

Just then Christy peered down the steps at them, “Who is it Chad?” she asked.

“You fucking stud,” Amanda teased him again, “I thought you weren’t taking that girl home, well I can go if you like, we can hook up again soon honey.”

“No need to leave on my account,” Christy said as she walked down the steps nude toward Amanda and closed the door behind her. “So far this has been a night of a few firsts and I must admit I watched you dancing with our stud here and it turned me on. How about it Amanda . . . that’s your name right? So what do you think, ever wanted to tag up on a guy the way they talk about ganging up on us?”

Chad stood there with a cheesy grin on his face, he couldn’t believe these women were having this conversation as if he weren’t even here. What was more he was shocked when Amanda responded just as quickly to Christy.

“Well I do want him, and I have explored other women once so what the hell, besides I can always blame the alcohol and it’s not like he’s going to tell anyone and brag he’s married,” she giggled.

They both took a hand and lead Chad back up the staircase and through the living room and back up to his bedroom. Christy was the first to attack him, she pushed Chad down on the bed and secured his wrists to the bed pulling a little role reversal from earlier. He just smiled and let them get him restrained and then watched as Christy began to kiss Amanda as they both stripped her. Amanda watched Chad’s cock slowly harden in front of her and breaking the kiss with Christy she slid over him and began to stroke his shaft while Christy knelt behind her and kissed her back and reached around to tease her nipples. As Amanda began to moan Christy closed her eyes and shut off her mind to the part that was trying to deny she wanted to do this and slipped her fingers between Amanda’s legs, touching the first pussy besides her own in her life. She began to rub up and down the wet slit and despite her inner protests she slipped a finger between the hot little lips and pushed her finger inside.

“Oh god that feels good Christy,” Amanda moaned pulling her lips away from Chad’s thigh.

Deciding she wanted to finally taste him Amanda lowered her mouth and began to suck the crown of his cock. It didn’t send guilt through her as she had expected as she drove here tonight, but wild pleasure of tasting another woman on this guy’s cock in her mouth. She had experimented with girls before during a few drunken nights out but nothing as severely as what she expected to do before the sun would be rising outside. She slowly began to bob her head and take Chad all the way into her throat as she rubbed his scrotum slowly tugging it and running her tongue over it ever few plunges on his cock.

Christy watched from behind as Amanda began to suck on Chad’s cock, the cock that she had already sucked and been fucked by and brought to more than a few orgasms with earlier. Her mouth began to salivate as she watched the girl go down on him, she knew that it would only be a matter of time before this current position had a few changes.

“Christy,” Chad said to drive her out of her lost thoughts, “I want you to lick Amanda as I did you earlier. Tease her good and make her want to go down on you as I fuck her.”

Christy smiled to him and lowered her head without thinking, earlier she had said she would attempt anything for him tonight and here she was kneeling behind the little hot coed slut sucking his cock and getting finger fucked by her getting ready to taste her first pussy. Christy stuck her tongue out and decided this was a bit like getting into a pool best to plunge than ease in. She coaxed Amanda to spread her legs a little wider and then slid her tongue up the apex of Amanda’s thighs. She found her tongue sliding along her fingers as she got the first whiff and taste of another woman. Just as quickly she found that it didn’t make her want to bolt from the room but it made her own center quiver with the thought that she might receive a return of this pleasuring. Redoubling her efforts she used her fingers to spread Amanda’s labia’s wide open and thrust her tongue inside the girl, pleased when Amanda began to moan.

Chad had seen enough, or at least enough from this advantage point, he wanted to watch the two girls enjoy each other before he fucked his coed friend. He did remember that he was going to fuck Christy’s ass but that would come later tonight if he could get it up after fucking Amanda. He knew that Christy would still be there in the morning and was sure he could convince her for a little round of play before she left.

“Girls as much as I am enjoying this, I want to see you go down on each other tonight, right now, please do it for me.”

Amanda smiled at him and went down on him once more before sliding her lips from his cock and rolling off onto her side. Patting the bed she gave a whimper as Christy’s tongue and fingers left her brewing snatch. But she reminded herself that within seconds this gorgeous girl Chad had brought home would be right back where she left off. Helping Christy lie down with her feet near Chad’s head she swung her hips over the girl and lowered her pussy to the girl’s mouth. Instantly she felt the warmth of the girl’s breath and her hair tickling her thighs as her tongue slid up between Amanda’s now open slit. Amanda lowered her own head and began to lap at the creamy cunt beneath her, she could taste Chad’s cum and the girls mingled together and it sent a little jolt of excitement through her to be so nasty and naughty tonight.

Christy began to lap away as soon as Amanda’s hips had neared her face, gone was the normal revulsion she felt at the thought of two women together. It had been replaced by the lust of the moment and as she had begun her tongue fucking of the coed she had felt the girl’s own fingers and lips and tongue on her. She would never be able to describe this fully to anyone if she would be able to discuss this night other than to tell them that she had gone with the lusts of the moment. Suddenly Chad’s big cock grazed her lips as he pressed it against Amanda’s wet hole. Christy watched and slid her tongue up to tease the girl’s clit as he pressed his cock inside her.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Amanda and Chad groaned in unison as he filled her to the hilt.

Christy lay beneath them watching Chad’s cock slide in and out of Amanda’s pussy, it was better, much better she thought than watching any up close porn, this was flesh into flesh less than an inch away from her face. She ran her tongue over his shaft as it slid in and out of Amanda’s pussy and tasting the mixtures of cum and both she and Amanda’s mixed juices sent her into an orgasm of her own as Amanda found her g-spot with her fingers as her tongue flicked Christy’s clit.

Chad watched and felt the power of the lust in the room. He could feel Amanda’s tight insides gripping and milking him as Christy ran her tongue over the underside of his shaft with each withdraw from Amanda. He watched over Amanda’s shoulder as she tongue fucked Christy and he knew that tonight was a night he would never forget. He wanted to cum inside Amanda and hoped she was on the pill as he began to thrust harder and faster inside her.

“Please Chad, please fucking don’t stop . . . I want you to cum inside me and let this hot little slut beneath me lap it out with her tongue and scoop it out with her fingers.”

Chad could take no more the hot words spurred him on and soon he was doing just as she asked filling her pussy with his hot seed as Christy’s tongue went wild licking around the tip of his cock as it slipped from inside Amanda and shoving her tongue right up inside the girl.

Chad got up and went to relieve his bladder and when he came back the girls had switched places. Amanda was now on the bottom. Her fingers he could see were coated in something slick as she continued her oral assault on Christy’s pussy her fingers were working in and out of the girl’s ass.

“Time to finish what you started earlier stud . . . ” Christy cooed as she paused from licking Amanda and looked back at him over her shoulder.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the final chapter.

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